8 comments on “Happy Birthday, Miss World 2013 Megan Young!

  1. sabi ko nga tatalbugan nya si kate, kung pr lang paguusapan lahat ng pinoy magiging ambassador nya. katulad ng asawa ng hari ng spania may dugong pinoy ang lola nya. si mj i reto natin sa anak ng hari ng saudi kasi tatalbugan din nya yung asawa ni al waleed bin talal..

  2. punta ka sa laban ni manny pupunta si prince harry…ehehehe u will be the best assets of the royal family…britains known for their consolidating and making new alliance around the world. from the tudors until now, they are the best royal ever existed on the face of the planet..

    • Happy birthday Megan! I have to agree with this comment. She’ll definitely be an amazing asset if she’ll be part of the British royal family. Unfortunately, she seems to be more based now in the Philippines and it’s highly unlikely that she and Prince Harry will ever get to have an encounter. I hope she expand her horizon. As for her rumored love life, well I’ve never been a supporter of the rumored guy but I do hope so that she’s happy but hopefully, find someone better… ahem better if it’s the prince harry. 🙂

      I also hope that she stays with abs-cbn/star magic. It’s true that lauren has several projects but her career has not truly taken off the ground. In abs-cbn/starmagic, Megan really grew and had several exposures outside the country. No it’s not the big projects but it surely honed her and helped her balance her career and her studies. It’s better for her to stay with starmagic management and ask for an open (or at least some bit of space to wriggle in opportunities like international/indie filsms) contract that would allow her to hone her talent further and venture towards making Hollywood and international movies. I can definitely see Megan playing different ethnicities – filipino, indian, spanish/latina and even a caucasian. She has this beautiful yet transformable face and her skin is an asset as well. I’ve always noticed that she’s not really that morena skinned but a bit lighter or fairer than most morenas. She can go from be very tanned to fair (a bit more than morenas) skinned and still have that presence.

      More blessings for her and a better guy hopefully! 🙂

    • Yeah Right! She will make a beautiful Princess Megan. Her composed aura will tame the wild charm of Prince Harry… Sooooo kilig much

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