19 comments on “The private Neil Perez

  1. Lokohin ba kami????

    Inaantok at nasa kama tapos “naka-belt at naka-trouser?”


  2. This guy has improved significantly from when he won the national title. Artista na dating. Norman, has he had any surgical procedures? Who is his dermatologist?

  3. He’s extremely good looking for me. I wish he doesn’t have a gf lol.
    and I wish I was 5 years younger and extremely beautiful 🙂

      • @ Sir Norman – His gf is one lucky girl. Neil seems to be so down to earth, shy and the kind of guy your family can be proud of. I saw his guesting stint at A&A and you could sense how coy & quiet he was while Kris was just gabbing herself away lol.
        But he’s my type of guy – soft spoken, nice and sexy.
        Puede siyang artista 🙂

  4. This guy is naturally beautiful which makes his title rightfully for him. I can tell his fellow candidates during the competition they were only good looking cuz of make up but this guy is naturally hot! 2nd pic my caption this will be: “Stroke it for me baby, stroke for me” hahaha… anyhow, Mr. International should never question their winner cuz just look at that natural beauty not to mention whats inside his heart and underneath the sheets…anyhow. thank u for sharing this photos Tito norm, I’m sure it made many bekis night a good one.

    • Sister, ginagamit ko kasi suklay that time kaya nagselfie nalang muna cya habang inaantay nya matapos ako gumamit ng suklay. Hahahahaha #harot

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