11 comments on “Binibini Face-Off #14: Samantha VS Rogelie

  1. I have to admit that Rogelie is growing on me. The more I see her the more I’m becoming a fan and I’m a diehard Pia fan.

  2. well sa katatapus lang na fashionshow bulabog ang buong araneta sa hiyawan para ay janicel halos sumabog ag mga ngala mgala ng mga suportes nya pati c wynwyn daming dalang pala lol one forth ata ng crowd cla ang sinisigaw … aside kay janicel pia wynwyn .. rogelie ane colis at nacy kabogera rumampa…d ako fa ni rogelie pro d mo pwding balewalain cya nangangabog mukhang namgangamoy korona… oh c kimverly magaling in cya i font knw kung bet cya ng mga judges para sakin gustong gusto din nya manalo at namgagabog din cya … basta sa nakita ko kanina its still anybodys game…pia bka sure ng may korona cya din c janicel the rest yet.. malalaman natin sa finals yan..c mc garyy d cya pinoy na pinoy na todo ang smile nakulangan ako sa kanya.. mas gusto ko c colis at namcy kesa sa kanya… ang dry nya rumampa…

  3. congrats rogelie catacutan named as one of the top 5 best in national costume in their fashionshow lastnight.. she stood out along with wynwyn, pia, nancy,ina guerero the winer will be anounced on the finals night.. my other fave who didnt make it yo the top five in their natcos… 11..24..28 and 8… they look good in the fashion show but there a criterea that should be folowed one is the originality.. janicel didnt shine much in the natcos seem she found jar carrying the dress she almost cant walk ut he stil managed to have an elegan pose.. stil she didnt ake it to the top 5 wynwyn is a great surprise she ca,e very prepared with a vry nie gown by frederick peralta of course with the presence of her om and no less than hr tita mlanie who were both inerviewed by the host… yes whynwyn may not as tall as the other adidate but shes like a pro on the ramp… i have to be honest amd would say that pia realy stood lastnyt event tho im ot a fan of her bus shes stunning .. i must admit she deserved a title now.. mcgary well she disapoint me in her pasarela shes not good in it yes shs beautiful but nt as good as the othes..number 4 was also sttunning i thot 33 made itbut the tp 5 realy stood out oh…ane colis look very polished if she wis amy title i wouldnt mind… in the jag fashionshow no dout its janicel wins the crowds votes.. hannah also great along with pia… yes mc garry nailed the jag fashionshow… over all i like pia now… gowww

  4. Rogelie is superior in beauty, wit, catwalk skills and experience. She definitely wins this face-off.

    Any news sa fashion night kuya norms?

    • Tama CaptainPeewee!!! Akala mo naman dyosa si Janicel kung makapag- malaki ang mga baklang yan sa alaga at bet nilang kamukha naman ni Kiray nuon!

      Salamat sa cheek implants, chin implant, boob job, nose job, veneers at lahat na ng klase ng jobs at implants sa wakas mukha na syang tao ngayon.

  5. I’m with you here Tito Norm, not even close. One of my top bets si Catacutan, along with Sison and Leonard. Won’t be surprised if she gets a title.

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