11 comments on “Kris Tiffany Janson: How does it feel to have your reign end in less than three weeks?

  1. Just reviewing the previous posts and got to read this…then uminit na naman ang ulo ko seeing the pix of tikbalang, and remembering how one tortoise cheated the nation of our crown.

    This time, the tortoise would be properly advised na hwag siyang makikisawsaw ulit sa outcome ng intercon and supra at talagang masasabunutan na talaga siya ng mga pinoy pageant fans.

    This time around righteous indignation will no longer be enough. The salarin, if the tortoise chooses to so become again, MUST be made to pay for his transgressions to the nation.

  2. sana sumali siya sa mw o me, nasayang lang siya sa intercontinental, dinaya pa… kakapanghinayang..

  3. Kris is obviously the winner of Miss Intercontinental despite her cheap looking gown… tsk tsk

  4. It was obvious to her thousands fans that she was cheated at the pageant with help of some greedy leech but no matter what they say, Kris is the real winner of Miss Intercontinental 2014 not the one that was appointed . I just hope that whoever will be the successor of Kris will never experience the horrible nightmare at the pageant. Hoping that greedy leech will be not be involve again at the pageant.

  5. Forgive me for being mean tita Norms, pero pagbigyan mo na ako today:
    Ano ba yan nakakasuka ang itsura ng katabi ni Kris =X

    • Bumanat ka na naman sheena wag mo ng ipaalala ang bangongot ng nakaraan! Tito norms matalinhaga ang sinabi mo unseen forces !sa ganda ni kris janson itabi sa Ha Ewan ko! Teka teka may tikbalang sa tabi!?

    • Vhaks…may karapatan kang wag itago ang sungay mo..hala…sugurin mo si cristy fermin!

  6. Im not sure if I remember correctly but she was my bet for Ms U’14, I was a fan of MJ for Intercon or Supra and grew to like her more and more as the competition of MU got closer. Anyhow, as much as I can say I’m proud of our candidates for 2014 batch this batch wasn’t as strong as the 2013. I really hope motha fucking stella needs to step up her A-game. Otherwise, BBP will be overshadow by the very consistent/persistent Madam Quirino. Anyhow, Congrats, Kris Janson, at least in your batch there’s a runner up.

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