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  1. The new Miss Universe Indonesia 2015 (Puteri Indonesia 2015 is Anindya Kusuma Putri, 23, representing Jawa Tengah. She was crowned on February 20th at the Jakarta Convention Center. Assisting in her coronation was the current Miss Universe Paulina Vega. Anindya will represent Indonesia in the 2015 Miss Universe pageant whose date and venue have yet to be confirmed.

  2. watch out for this one ….. and hold on tight Janicel’s Pia’s Hannah’s Wyn’s Cristy’s on and on and on …. she will be the spoiler and no one will never know what hit you. do you feel your heartbeat yet? dab dab, dab dab, dab dab. 🙂

    • So baka mag Ariela Arida itong si Ann Colis?
      As in dark horse?…. Pwede! She is charming in person and she’s homegrown with brains… I’m sure she’s a better rep for MU than Christie.

    • but she’s so beautiful, sexy, elegant, young and fresh… 19yo ??? are you kidding me !! daaang !

      • Yes, Janicel for me is this year’s best rep for MU….

        Let’s just see on the corronation night. 🙂

  3. Yup totally agree…If Pia wins and seriously preps well for Ms U, she’ll be the best candidate. She can really transform into a perfect candidate who most likely will stand out among other candidates esp the latinas. A long straight hair and very toned lean body, Pia looks expensive n classy esp if the evening gown is elegant. She projects herself very well and she has a unique face and charm. I just wanted her to lose a lot of weight and grow her hair long
    and straight on swimsuit competition and
    with long soft curls on evening gown comp. Pia does have that very classy elegant look esp if she loses a lot of weight. Nice to keep up with this blog while having a hot bowl of pasta patate soup on a snowy day. Brrrrrr!

  4. Cannot get over Pia’s frame. Miss Universe Material right there! Someone who knows how to play with the camera. Not just, pose smile pose. It’s all in the eyes and you can tell Pia wants it bad. She may need to shed some pounds a little, but with hard work and determination at Gold’s Gym, she will be set for sure. She deserves it. Go Pia!

    Other good ones are McGarry from what I think. McGarry is exotic. She will put up a good fight. Her dusky beauty alone and fierce eyes is somewhat mysterious.

    Those are my top 2 pics from the teasers.

    • Hi AJay, we have same bets only Pia and McGarry for MUP. But if neither of them will snatch this title would still be supportive.

  5. The candidates are pretty. But the shorts from Jag, ligwak! Sorry Jag.

  6. why janicel? kasi first round ng competition is swimsuit, at mag padala tayo ng medyo ok lang ang figure o di masyado kagaling maglakad at bye bye top 10 na. so kakainin nalang ni miss philippines talino nya kasi di naman niya nito naipanalo.

    • Well remember they have one-on-one interview during the preliminary. This is 1/3 of their scores and takes place way before the swimsuit and gown competition in the preliminaries. If a candidate doesn’t impress these judges who pick the candidates who will make the first cut during the telecast, I don’t think she will redeem herself in the other rounds. Otherwise, just pray she is a trump pick. #justsaying

      • Kahit anong talino mo tulad ni Alagao, Andam, Licaros kung hindi ka type ala rin !!!

      • I think they look at the personality more than what’s behind their ears. Remember the MU 2014-15 top 5 and how all of them flubbed the final q and a?

  7. These girls all look gorgeous ! If only all of them could get a crown for all their efforts.
    Aside from Christi, Alaiza & Janicel, Pia, Kylie, Hannah & Rogelie caught my attention 🙂

  8. Primer video , yo elegiría es # 10 como mi ganador, pero también me gusta # ‘s 7 , 11 y 2. Segundo video, yo estaba pegado en el # 14, pero también me gusta #’ s 19 y 21. En el último vídeo , la mejor chica para mí es # 24 y # 34 que son igualmente precioso pero tiene diferentes tipos de belleza. También me gusta # 28 . En general, es muy difícil elegir al ganador de acuerdo a nuestras propias estética. Pero el ganador claro para mí en esta ronda es el # 10 , Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach , subcampeones # 14 , 34 y 28 .

    • Talia, puquetas a ella venezuela yo mio candidata pia. E di sa venezuela sumali su pia.

  9. First teaser, standouts si Renee (looking young, fresh, innocent with a hint of subtle fierceness), Enrica Guieb (ang fierce niya tingnan), Pia Wurtzbach (PERFECT!!!! Grabe makaproject si Pia. Alam makipaglaro sa camera), and Janicel Lubina (kahit simple lang ang ginawa pero lutang ang beauty).

    Sa 2nd group naman, si McGarry. Sa 2rd group, si Hannah Sison. Pero in fairness, maganda sila lahat sa teaser na ito.

  10. From the videos the stand-outs are: Colis, McGarry, Wurtzbach, Sison.

    Colis has streaks of Gloria Diaz in her, sometimes she reminds me of Isabel Daza. McGarry has a very beautiful effortless smile. Pia always opts for the “seducitve” poses, would be nice to see her break free a bit. With just a bit of fire in her heart and with a more toned body I think I she deserves a good crown. Sison though not a fan is consistently pretty, either in photos or videos.

      • I do not get the hype either… But we have to admit she has a very nice body and posture.

    • Yeah! Very underwhelming! The body is a killer but can’t use it the best way possible. The performance is lagging behind marquez and colis. She’d better step-up or else goodbye MUP crown.

    • My exact sentiment. I don’t see what is so fascinating about her. She is meh. I showed my Cacasian friends who think Filipina’s are extremely attractive the 2, they opted for Pia. Not because she has lighter skin but because she translates extremely well through the lens. Janicel on the other hand, they admitted that she was pretty but not for the Westernized culture. They complimented her facial features, soft sex appeal, nice skin complexion but admitted her face looks robotic. I showed them other pictures of her and they too complimented her hair and that it is an oriental trait, however her face in pictures looks the same, very repetitive and extremely automated. They were not bagging her out or anything, it was just their critical analysis on her without any previous misconceptions. Mind you, they all have good careers in the fashion/print industry so they do know what they are talking about.

  11. Pia killed this one. That’s Miss Universe 2015 quality right there, could compete with Paulina and Kaci.

      • Yow Alex Nigga! No matter how short or long their Appearance is, it’s their PRESENCE aside from beauty that we are judging. Hence, it’s rightful to say that Pia slayed the other bitches.

      • I don’t get how your argument validates that she did not do well in it if that is what you’re insinuating. All of them were short. First impressions matter and although she was on it for less then 5 seconds, she definitely left a long lasting impression on many peoples minds.

  12. Ang lakas maka-LSS ng song na to ha! Nakaka-good vibes!

    At ang gaganda nilang lahat sa teasers na ito!

    Good job abs-cbn!

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