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  1. I prefer mc garry for MUP….tall,sexy and morena plus the communication skills…being filipino-american might help her politically since MUO is an american pageant…galingan nlng ang pr skills and hope she is brainy din….
    For MIP its either hanna or pia…
    For supra i prefer janicel…i see to her like mutya…possible for crown pa cya sa supra if ever…
    Intercon- its either versiza or wyn wyn…if wyn wyn wont make it this year sali ulit cya next year may potential talaga cya to have crowns kaya lng this year parang hindi pa…just my opinion….

    Whoever will win the titles i will support….i just hope BPCI win use filipino designers for international competition…enough of barazza gowns and natcos!! Mag tanda na si sma sa galit ng mga tao!!

  2. I was amazed sa performance ni wynwyn mist specially d pasabog spin… Shes like a pro in pasarela…super powerful ang stage poses nya, relax,graceful and natural magglide. Even facial projections & handmovements e di kalat…I thought she stands 5’10” sa posture nya.shes in minimun height requirement pala… Maganda kasi proportion ng upper shoulder & waist.

    No.11 wala n ko masabi winner ang body and graceful sa stage…inubos na siguro ng energy ng trainers sa kanya…

    Pia, im a fan of her beauty & personality pro sa body & stage projections nasasayangan ako.i felt shes lacking interms of stage performance.

  3. As always, I select and support the one who is beautiful to my eyes, music to my ears when she speaks, and pleasant to be with… 😉

  4. Without hearing the ” Sob Story” which I love and a sucker I must admit….
    I challenge all of you believers and non – believers to look on each candidate and let’s take a look closely in print and in motion, isn’t it that JANICEL LUBINA exceeds your aesthetic expectations?
    Isn’t it that she left an image in your mind that …… SHE’s the one to beat!!!
    C’mon admit it SHE HAS IT!!!
    Go Janicel🐷🎀🐷

  5. For some reason I can’t really pick a favorite this year. I can’t make up my mind. One minute I’m rooting for McGarry but then I see a gorgeous picture of Janicel and I sway towards her. But then I also start rooting for the ones who are just a little under the radar like Versoza and Colis. Last year I didn’t really have a favorite either. It took me a while to warm up to MJ but then through out her journey she ended up being one of my favorite MU Philippines winners.

  6. Ganda talaga ni Janicel! Confidence na lang ang kailangan nya sa pagsasalita. Dapat hasain na sya sa mga random questions ng mga handlers. Yung bang habang nagme-makeup may biglang tanong out of the blue and she must answer right away. Thinking on her feet ang kailangan nya para di masyadong rehearsed sa Q&A like what she showed sa MWP 2013. Ok lang ang halting English pag kausap na nya ang mga foreigners. But she must show to all of them that she can be a good communicator by believing in what comes out of her mouth. Halata pag memorized ang sagot. That will make her look less attractive in my opinion. Maganda sa mata, masama sa tenga.

    • Agree 200% sis!

      Also, for Miss U, we should start thinking about making the girls more fun and spontaneous in interviews. Not airheads, but maybe less formal.

      Trump is not looking for a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode, High School Valedictorian, or Congressional candidate.

      Trump wants a media icon. That’s where the judges have been coming from – not our Ninangs and Tatays.

      • @justgrc I get you mare. Pero have you seen Poleng lately? Waley talang spark. Kahit sa mga media appearances nya ang snoozefest. Siguro kung si Bigmelis pa nanalo mas sinubaybayan ko pa. If you take out the curls, the gunk, the glitters, the sash…iisipin mo na common na dalaga lang sya. Matangkad and fit pero yun na yun.

        MJ had a sob story. Even Ms. France had a sob story (death or her dad and Charlie Hebdo) but see? hindi sya enough. Talagang dapat engaging at likable. Hindi man sobrang talino ala Rolene pero dapat may binatbat…have we talked about Justine Felizarta? Na feature sya sa post ni Hunk I think sa BBC docu. Magaling mag salita ah. Sino ba yung sa truth or dare na sumagot na sasabihin na kay Jesus great hair? Ayos yun spontaneous. Si Mcgarry ba? Hindi naman offensive cute pa nga.

      • Immaterial ang back story pag dating sa MU. I don’t buy Janicel’s sob story but that doesn’t make her less worthy of a crown. It’s a beauty pageant for crying out loud and she is undoubtedly gorgeous. I don’t love her more just because she is a housemaid but because she has fire in winning the crown. Mutya won people over becauae she’s charming not because she was dirt poor. Janicel can charm the pants off of everyone if she keeps that freshness and youthful vibe about her – not the sob story. My unsolicited advice – stop being a pageant patty and start being fierce and pretending you are great spokesmodel for Miss Universe if that is your aim. This means being fresh, young, elegant, bubbly, witty, on the go. The MUP crown is hers to lose. I Love love Janicel but my God, give us another facet of your personality please.

      • Well, sis, all I can say is congrats to Poleng for delivering when it mattered. Para kay PacMan, William Levy, Lisa Vanderpump, Nina Garcia et. al.

        As for MUO, hindi naman sekreto na favorite nila si Poleng sa Doral. Halata naman sa lahat. So, they have what they asked for now.

        Bottom line: Poleng did a good job during her three weeks for the organization and during her three hours for the telecast judges. Alam niya yung brand at image na hinahanap ni Papa Trump at binigay niya sa kanila.

        So, in my book, she did her job. She gave Colombia’s its 2nd Miss U crown. If she wants to be pa-easy easy na lang, so be it. MUO can take it up with her as her boss now.
        Viva Poleng, Viva Barraza, Viva Colombia!!

        Sorry for my Tagalog, it’s not my daily tongue anymore.

      • Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble… People kept compairing her with Mutya who’s sad because she can’t pay for her mother’s hospitalization while working as a vendor in their public market.
        Yes they were both poor but thats about it. Janicel’s story is different from Mutya…


        It is actually a STORY OF SUCCESS despite all the adversity. She was not sad because she’s taller than the bamboo platform she sleeps on or for eating vegetables 3x a day. She was happy that she became a housemaid because it is wHat exposed her to all the possibilities. It is the time that she became AMBITIOUS and wanted more for her family and herself. And now she already succeeded from hustling as a housemaid into this glamour girl who helped her mom become a domestic helper in Hongkong while they both pay for the studies of her 4 younger brothers in the Province. To most of us, it is nothing but to her it is leaps and bounds because it takes a lot of possitivity and confidence to take risks to achieve one’s dreams. You guys should check her old interviews on how positive she is. She is a perfect example of confidently beautiful.


  7. Hi Norman hindi ka ba kasama sa panel of judges sa finals? Sana Oo 🙂


    So far so good. Sofitel is posh and their glam shots are nice. I hope mag tuloy tuloy tong pag up ng level ng BPCI. Too early pa to tell pero sana may impact man lang outcry natin sa nangyari kay MJ. At least satin satin na tambay dito medyo nararamdaman ko na change. Hindi na tayo ganoon ka emotionally charged or attached. It gives us a clearer perspective on what they are looking for. At first I felt thathat this batch isn’t as strong but now I can see even tayo tayo nakukulangan ng slots sa mga manok natin. Mas gusto ko to may element ng surprise hindi yung may clear standout. Para bang everyweek may pwedeng umariba.

    • I too hope MJ’s legacy begins change THIS YEAR for BPCI. Nothing personal against SMA and Barraza, but the whole handling of the national costume and EG issue is something that needs change.

      Barraza can obviously create winner designs, but not under the circumstances our MUPs find themselves in.

      Gowns and natcos conceived and realized 10,000 miles away? Only to be worn for the first time days before prelims?? Little or no opportunity for tailoring or alterations??? These things are not secret, especially in the days of social media. What other countries treat Miss U wardrobe this way? Even non-sash countries do more for their delegates in this regard.

      Don’t tell me we don’t have the talent able, willing, and generous enough to wardrobe our ladies in the Philippines. Does BPCI think we are fools?????

      I hope their FB posting enjoining Filipino designers was not some token gesture of damage control.

      Philippines is so close to realizing its potential at Miss U. However, we are throwing it away by having the last look the judges see of our ladies onstage handled in this current manner. Medyo sayang lang ang efforts of the queens, camps, and even BPCI itself.

      Whatever the origins of the decision to go Barraza, it’s 2015 now not 2001. Time to move on. #timeforchange

      • @justgrc

        so true. as much as I was really pissed off the last time, wala naman akong napakintinding galit kay SMA at Barraza. Tama yang sinabi mo na kaya ni Barraza gumawa ng gowns pang winner…mali lang talaga handling nila the last time. Masyadong mainit yung issue with MJ. I really hope that as much as wake up call sa atin ito…maging wake up call din sa kanila tong nangyari recently. I know may inclusions naman before ng Filipino designers sa various press presentations like the Cary Santiago Terno work by Kris but this time I hope they say goodbye to Barraza na sa International pageants. After Colombia’s win na pumetiks ng husto sa stint nya sa Doral, mas klaro na nagka talo talaga sa gown. Klaro rin na namangka sila sa dalang ilog at talgang conflict of interest ang nangyari.

        Medyo nag quiet down na tayo but if they pull another stunt like the one they did in Doral…baka maging end na ng BPCI yun. I hope they take this opportunity as another chance to redeem themselves.

      • @Laila

        It has always been a conflict of interest. Barraza will never give his best designs to a Filipina… He may even be giving us the worst. I think the best design he gave us was Shamcey’s sphagetti strap gown which wasn’t ideal for her because she’s not that gifted in the bust area and that same gown was already worn by a clapper at Ms. Colombia pageant prior.

    • Langawin sana ang Bb. Pilipinas sa Araneta at manood nalang sa TV ang buong bansa. Ibili na lang ninyo ng snacks ang pambili ng ticket.

  8. Hindi man nanalo si MJ but she left a legacy! I feel there will be a huge chnage with the pangeant this year especially sa gown, costume and the production.

    SMA is aware all yes on her–she snooze she will feel the power of the people against her!

  9. Hi Norms, I have my top 15 po, base lang sa photos na nkita ko during the presentation. If I am one of the judges, I will based my top 15 on facial beauty and the figure alone, base din sa observation ko on previous years top 15. Ok here they are, numbers lang ang iba kasi I diko gaano kabisado. 4, 9, 10 Pia, 11 Janicel, 12 Kylie, 14 Princess,19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28 Hannah for Top 5, 29, 34 . Kung may malalaglag man 2 or 3 lang.. Top 10 – 34, 29, 28, 24, 20 , 12, 11, 10, 19, 4 . Mahirap pumili ng top 5, yung top 10 pwdeng koronahan lahat, dapat may QnA ang top 10 para mapili ang top 5

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