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  1. After watching the presentation, I will still chose either Samson or Lubina for BBPU. I do have to admit that Lubina have the edge. I really like that way she walks …. reminds me of VS model Karlie Kloss.

    • I don’t understand the national costume but the evening gown is gorgeous!!! 😀

  2. McGarry or Lubina for MUP.

    Since madami ng alam na facts ang mga tao kay Janicel. I’ll post facts about McGarry. These are from Arnold Joseph of Sashfactor…

    Binibini #19 Christi Lynn Landrito McGarry

    Some facts that you may not have known yet about our girl here:

    ASHLEY (that’s her nickname)

    – is the daughter of the former Victoria Alba Landrito from Bicol and former PABL Magnolia player and model Christopher McGarry
    – used to be an in-house store model and representative at Abercrombie and Fitch
    – has quite a few beauty titles to her credit, including the Miss Teen Philippines-USA 2004 (only 14 y.o. then)
    – was a New York finalist in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11.
    – graduated valedictorian from grammar school (Our Lady of Victories) in Jersey City
    – was a president of the student body
    – was captain of the girls’ basketball team
    – received a full scholarship to PACE University in Manhattan
    – is into prose & poetry
    – uncanning resemblance to 1988 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Perfida Limpin
    – wore a traditional Igorot outfit at the 2010 Miss Intercontinental pageant to honor her grandmother who is a native of the Mountain Province.
    – she also compete Top Model of the World 2010 where she ranked 6th overall.

    • I love the all the details…

      But this one says it all:

      – uncanny resemblance to 1988 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Perfida Limpin

      In conclusion, Christie Lyn McGarry would be perfect for Miss International or Supranational.

      • See that’s the thing…I like her for Miss Universe. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  3. the repeaters look great. however, i think the Philippines should be represented by someone with a fresh face. i may have issues with her english skills, but i would like to bet my bottom dollar on lubina for Miss Universe 2015.

  4. Lubina and Marquez are my choices for Ms Universe and International. About time we send younger candidates. I prefer the morena candidates over the tisays.
    Ms. Universe and International also aren’t seem to be fond of Filipina candidates with Western surnames.

      • You are nitpicking. Of course we have Spanish surnames but it has been the case since we were still under Spanish rule, but it does not make us less Filipino. But I still agree with most of your comments in this blog so peace Closer

    • Yeah, they are not too keen on tisay Pinay reps with Western surnames lalo na pag American masyado ang tunog.

  5. I love Janicel’s straight hair… the iconography is so perfect.. It’s so Anna Bayle, Ariella Arida, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Oxana Federova, Kurara Chibana & Paulina Vega.

  6. I am now sold on Janicel Lubina! FTW na talaga! She doesn’t just want to win the top prize. You can really feel her passion project every single moment.

    I’ve been Pia’s ardent supporter but she disappointed moi. She just wants to win and that’s it. Tamad much?

  7. t’s a race between Marquez and Lubina for MU for me. Marquez just transformed into something. Her aunt Melanie might have given her some pointers to stand out. I was one of the early believer in Marquez anyway when everyone was doubting her.

  8. I’m surprised with Wyn Marquez ha, noong una, nasabi ko “ansabe at sumali tong si wynwyn.. ano naisip ng A&Q??” pero now i know, impressed ako sakanya, she’s one of my faves na.

    My top 3 are Janicel Pia and Hannah.. pero ngayon mas lumalamang si Janicel.. she just need to bring back her old physique and want to see her with curls.. panay straight hurr e. Lakas niya maka Miriam Quiambao sa kanyang red 2pc. ganon ang aura niya sakin.

    si Hannah beterana na ang dating.. pero may something lacking. idk if may kulang or mas naungusan lang siya ni Janicel.

    with Pia, she’s beautiful.. pero may something talaga na kulang e. andun na ung ganda and all.. but tignan na lang natin sa pag tagal.

    with Wynwyn naman, she has this beautiful body and exotic face, i’m still waiting for her to sport a different hairstyle, na babagay sa shape ng face niya. medyo hinahanay ko na siya sa mga fave ko to win MUP.

  9. im confused. there is no clear cut winner in this batch ( unlike nung time ni shamcey and venus). i originally wanted alaiza malinao for MUP but sa recent pic parang shes not ok mashado. maybe the styling is wrong? janicel seems to be the most logical choice except of her questinable communication skills and shes from KF. dont get me wrong and bash me all you want, but i prefer aces and queens styling dahil hindi baduy or mashadong pageant patty. mcgarry is foo foreign looking, and not in a good way. she will fade away with the rest of the latinas.

    • janicel is ok, so what kung KF, pero sa isang banda may point ka sa pageant patty na OA dapat iwasan yong hindi na natural.

      mcgarry, yes true ka kapatid, di yan papansinin sa Universe, oo dito sa pinas at kasama mga Bb. natin standout siya pero sa international wala na, di nga naka top 5 sa intercontinental.

      for me talaga si janicel, colis at wynwyn. si malinao kasi parang myanmar lang minsan ang ganda nya medyo malapad kasi ang mukha nya at noo.

      • Teh, alam naman natin na ang Miss Intercontinental eh meron hokus pokus. Just look at the last year’s winner. Hehehe.

  10. Ganda ni Janicel dito, Megan Young and aura at fez nya dito, siguro it’s about time na Pinay naman wag na Wutzbach, weigmann char hirap pa spell names nila, or si Colis kung sakali or si Marquez pwede na, height lang naman nagkatalo pero juice kong apple, she can rock doral sa pasarela nya at tindig.

    • Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this shot shows some obvious areas of improvement that can be made still (roll on side torso under arm, tightening of core and glutes). Don’t get me wrong, this is still a front runner we’re looking at, and the figure is good enough for BBP. Yamamay, not quiet yet.

      (Very similar to Janine’s body when she won. Like Janine, Janicel can very much improve upon herself for the international stage. Easy fixes that are well within her reach. Everything else is already there.)

      • Janine was fat when she won, but if she was able to transform into her competitive form for Miss U, there’s no reason why Janicel wont be able to do the same or even surpass it, since she already has an enviable figure at this time. Janicel should concentrate on personality development, and to be more knowledgeable about world affairs, even if she has to express her thoughts in Flipino. Fluency in English will come with practice; it’s more important to know what to say.

  11. Lucian REALLY stood out for me… holy smokes, I have transformed from a non-believer to a believer… This girl is on fire.. Her body has gotten so MUCH better since bbp screening days.. ang bilis bumalik sa vavavoom body na pinakita nya during miss world. Pero honestly speaking, she has so much potential. She has the best runway out of everyone, and her face wow. GORGEOUS!! I noticed her overall styling has changed (for the better of course). Please keep working with that same style. Especially the straight hair, I love it!! Reminds me of Ariella during MU 2013.!!

  12. No offense po sa supporters ni Pia, pero d nyo b nakita ung pagrampa nya sa red bikini?her butt is moving like jelly, which is very awkward at her body is not firm, it looks sag, shes beautiful but nothing special about her,IMHO

  13. Go go go Pia!

    Makuha na ng lahat ang ibang title, wag lang ang Bb. Pilipinas Tourism – NAKARESERBA NA YAN SA PINAKAMAMAHAL KONG SI PIA WURTZBACH! She will do wonders with this title!





  14. My choices still the same!!!!! Lubina for Miss Universe Philippines!!!!!! Mc Garry for Miss International or Supranational!!!!!!! Hope these 2 and it will be done!!!!!!!!Ciao!!!! heheheheheheheheheehehhehehehe

  15. Bumababa na sa ranking ko c Alaiza. Her facial beauty might not get noticed in the international pageant.

    I got wowed by 11. I even searched kung sino c 11. I did not recognize Janicel becuse I’m a non believer. Top choice ko cia for this round. She’s an Ariella Prototype kaya pwede MU. Pero with interpreter.

    Pero I still opt na A&Q sana.

    Janicel for MUP na muna ko.

    • Janicel Lubina’s physique is like the combined and improved version of our past queens.. She is the most facialy attractive among our past 5 queens and yet she is the most undoubtfully Filipina.

      •Exotic Filipina features – Check!
      • Facial symetry and proportion – Check!
      • Voluptuous breasts – Check!
      • Small waist and lean tummy- Check!
      • Sexy tapered hips – Check!
      • Lean long legs that tapers to her hips – Check!

      • C2F, agree… kso if Janicel for MU, need nya gumamit ng interpreter. para ma express nya ng maayos sagot nya. Magaling cya, at my pinaghuhugutan mga sagot nya sa mga interviews. Kso di ata nya ma express ng maayos pag english. And keri lang mag interpreter. Si mamang pulis nga, winner. So keri

  16. Christi Lynn for MUP
    Janicel for 1st Runner up

    Janicel for MUP
    Christi Lynn for BbP International

  17. Janicel Lubina- Her face has always been gorgeous while her body is getting more and more toned like before… I can see that she will rock the swimsuit competition on the coronation night.

    Christie Lyn McGarry – The high pony looks really good on her maybe because it balances the shape of her face. I love that she’s also getting more photogenic. She knows her angles and the quarter angle is definitely her best friend.

    Teresita Sen Marquez- Nice high pony as well and contouring of her cheecks.

    Anne Colis- looks like Nina Ricci Alagao.

  18. who exceeded my expectations? mcgarry, lubina, sison and marquez ////////// who are at par with my expectations? pia and colis ///// who disappointed me? malinao, suiza and verzosa

  19. My faves for now, in random order:

    Janicel Lubina
    Alaiza Malinao
    Christi Lynn McGarry
    Pia Wurtzbach
    Ann Colis
    Wyn Marquez
    Kylie Versoza

  20. Pia looks old and haggard. Chisti for MU. Janicel for Supra. Colin for international. Mark my word if we send anyone other than MCGARY to MU they will not place.

    • Pia should be crowned this time, either Miss International or Intercontinental. I believe it is her time already, kumbaga hinog na hinog na sya, wag nang hintayin pang sumobra sa hinog.

  21. Pia, Janicel and Christi Lynn are the best choices for MUP for me. All three have what it takes to compete at Miss Universe. International would be great for Hannah. I am one of the growing number of people who could care less who BPCI sends to Supranational, International or Tourism (in any shape or form).

    The field is very strong that I dare say that WHOEVER is crowned MUP, she will DEFINITELY and IMMEDIETELY be a favorite at Miss Universe. Hopefully Madame Stella has learned her lesson this year.

    • I agree for Pia she can place one of the title, she is confident how to answer for Q&A portion, Hanna Ruth Sison she is my bet also & Patricia Ejercitado….

  22. Base on their looks & performance sa “Press Presentation”, the following are the best for me:

    Ann Lorraine

  23. Til now, naguguluhan pa din ako, kung sino mananalo. I dont know, kung ako lang to pero hirap, i match kung sino mananalo sa bawat title.

    For MUP, i like, Alaiza, Hannah, Pia, Janicel, Kylie
    For Interntl: Christi, Wyn,Nancy, Kylie
    For Intercon: Wyn, Kylie, Pia, Alaiza,
    For Supra: Hannah, kylie. Christi, Janicel,

    Hay ewan. Gulo gulo hehehe. Tito Norm, possible po ba post nyo, mga tunay na Height ng mga Candidates? . Kse sa BBPilipinas website. Parang mali mali.

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