18 comments on “Wish Janine Tugonon was here

  1. I think Aces & Queens has the magic touch for Miss U. Especially styling. They just know what registers better for the American beauty market. I’m hoping one of their girls takes Universe and restores our presence in Top 5.

    MJ’s styling at times in Doral was questionable, including finals night. Glimpses of looking dated, including when MJ was smacked between two high fashion models during finals (Argentina & Spain).

    Shamcey’s look now is definitely not Miss U level, but A & Q got the young, sexy, and free out of her. Easy breeze, just like Ara. As for Venus & Janine, their exotic features were highlighted and not downplayed.

    • Ang gandang matrona naman kung magkagayun!

      Konting respeto naman jan HUNK5525.

      Remember nagbigay ng karangalan sa inang bayan ang binibining binabastos mo!

      Pumili ka naman ng salitang naaangkop sa binibining katulad ni Ms. Shamcey.

    • I think their wearing clothes from Cumbia so it’s no surprise that they don’t look as fabulous as expected… Shamcey is so rich, those are the kind of clothes she donates to homeless people…

  2. The BIG IF for 2015…..
    Will Aces & Queens continue the top 5 placement in MU if MUP will be given to their camp?
    I dare you Sir Jonas….🐷

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