21 comments on “The crown reserved for Binibinis below the age of 25

  1. Mybe bianca wasnt part of the first cut dhil alanganin ang age niya sa reqremnt and so that SMA can sbotage our b2b eh pnapanalo nya sya

  2. Nasa BPCI screening committee iyan!!!!!

    Limang crown ang pagaagawan! Ewan ko lang bakit kasi tumanggap ng candidate na may over age sa isang title.

    Bakit hindi ginawang lahat ng candidate na “eligible to win any of the 5 crowns”?

  3. Among the last 5 reps, Bianca was the only one who missed the cut. I suppose SMA will pick a safe bet for the crown.

    • at least nag-compete pa rin si bianca, e si parul nagarahe lang, dapat kasi i-ichipwera na yang tourism na yan! nasayang lang si parul.

    • That might be the case in the US and UK, but knowing BPCI, it will play safe and not push towards the far end of the age spectrum.

      • Norman:

        Or maybe Stella’s just confused and she’s still going by the old Miss International age requirement rules circa 1960s.

        In any case, if Miss International’s age limit is actually 26, it would be terribly unfair to those candidates who are 25-26 like Pia, Ria, Toni, Kimverlyn, or Hannah who could actually qualify to win the national title, but instead are automatically written off as “non-qualifiers” just because of BPCI’s imagined and self-imposed age limit on this title, don’t you think?

  4. Miss Serbia and Miss Sri Lanka were already 26 when they competed in November of last year. And this year’s Miss Guam International is already 26 !!

    So given these examples, it would be reasonable to assume that the age limit for Miss International is actually 26, and not 25.

  5. #PiaWurtzbachBbPilipinasTourism2015



  6. I have a hunch that this title will be passed to Alaiza Flor. I guess MSA has no problem to resolve at all. 😉

  7. Pageant Host:

    Candidate number 10 – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Pia is 25 years old stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, her vital statistics are 34, 24, 34. She is not eligible for Miss International title… candidate number 10 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach…

    Our next candidate, Candidate number 11 – Janicel Lubina, Janicel is 19 years old, she stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, her vital statistics are 34, 22, 34. She is eligible for all the titles. Candidate number 11 Janicel Lubina…

    Candidate number 28 Hannah Ruth Sison, Hannah is 26 years old and she is eligible for Miss Universe title only…etc…

  8. Sir Norms, according to Pia as relayed to fans she’s still eligible to all crowns… 🙂

  9. bakit mas maganda ang crowns ng bb pilipinas international and tourism than miss philippines universe, bb pilipinas intercon, and supra. Wala lang. Tagtipid talaga si SMA.

  10. Teresita Marquez is below 25. She is well qualified and so are most of the other candidates. Medyo mahirap Lang ang mga repeaters.

  11. Bianca should have been chosen and sent to MU instead. I know I know I may still sound bitter and not to have gotten over it yet, but, it would have been more appropriate had she been our rep to MU or MW. Anyway, moving on, we should play it safe to just adhere strictly to the age requirement of MI 🙂

  12. don’t take a risk na but with motha fucking stella, i wouldn’t be surprise she would sabotage it

  13. Ay naku po sa mga susunod na sasali sa BBP 2016 sana ibalik nalang nila yung 17-25 year old ang hirap naman nang ganyan kung ang mga ndi pwede sa MI crown ay mga magaganda at mga magagaling dahil lang sa age? tapos lahat nang below 25 pwede sa kanila kasi wala kanang pagpipilian. Or dapat mag adjust narin nang age yung MI tutal pangit at pinaka boring naman na pageant maselan pa sila MU,MW,at ME. Unfair ang judging hindi universal. kino-conider pa ang age.
    Example this is just hypothetical halos lahat nang pumasok sa TOP 15 sa binibining pilipnas 2015 mga edad nila 25-26 tapos may mga pumasok din na below 25 pero ndi sila deserving sa MI crown. SOBRANG UNFAIR SA TOTOO LANG. NAKAAWA ANG MGA CANDIDATE NA DESERVING. And THEN WHAT IF sa FINAL JUDGING NANG MGA OFFICIAL JUDGE SA BBP 2015 ANG MGA NANALO yung mga 25-26 KASI DESERVING SILA. HINDI I-AAWARD SA KANYA.

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