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  1. From Arnold Joseph (Sashfactor)

    Binibini #19 Christi Lynn Landrito McGarry

    Some facts that you may not have known yet about our girl here:

    ASHLEY (that’s her nickname)
    – is the daughter of the former Victoria Alba Landrito from Bicol and former PABL Magnolia player and model Christopher McGarry
    – used to be an in-house store model and representative at Abercrombie and Fitch
    – has quite a few beauty titles to her credit, including the Miss Teen Philippines-USA 2004 (only 14 y.o. then)
    – was a New York finalist in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11.
    – graduated valedictorian from grammar school (Our Lady of Victories) in Jersey City
    – was a president of the student body
    – was captain of the girls’ basketball team
    – received a full scholarship to PACE University in Manhattan
    – is into prose & poetry
    – uncanning resemblance to 1988 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Perfida Limpin
    – wore a traditional Igorot outfit at the 2010 Miss Intercontinental pageant to honor her grandmother who is a native of the Mountain Province.
    – she also competed Top Model of the World 2010 where she ranked 6th overall.

  2. My Top 15 in groupings based on the videos below, still photos from the event, previous experience, expected politics, and of course – personal bias. In numerical order within groupings:

    Crème de la crème – #asexpected
    10. Pia Wurtzbach
    11. Janicel Lubina
    19. Christi McGarry
    28. Hannah Sison

    Girls in Waiting – on the frontrunners’ heels… #hungrygirls
    3. Ria Rabajante
    8. Kimverlyn Suiza
    26. Anabel Tia

    Solid – #strongenough
    24. Anne Colis
    30. Patricia Ejercitado

    Not my personal faves, but I know they’ll be up there – #brainpicks
    12. Kylie Versoza
    32. Teresita Marquez

    Possible upsets – #darkhorses
    21. Alaiza Malinao
    29. Nancy Leonard

    Rounding out my Top 15 – #honorablementions
    25. Rogelie Catacutan
    33. Neesha Murjani

  3. Janicel Lubina will be considered beautifull in any country in all corners of the globe. I have seen beautifull women from all over the world and I have never seen a homegrown Filipina from one of our island provinces that has all the ideal features of our people. The 1st time I saw her, her beauty won my favor. When I learned about her story, she won my heart!


    • In pure acquiescence. Lubina is for the Universe to see and appreciate.

  4. Hello Tito Norms, greetings from Wash DC!

    This is my very first time commenting, but I have been following your fabulous blog for many years now. I got 4 other sisters younger than I am who are thinking of visiting the Philippines, and who knows may try their luck in pageantry as well :). We are half Filipina and half American. Anyway your blog is truly inspiring! I couldn’t help but give my two cents on who did well at the Press presentation event.

    Wynwyn#34 really surprised me! She nailed it and had the best performance and what made her unique was how she naturally and confidently carried herself. She’s very well-poised, and she walked beautifully, with a perfect balance of facial expressions, smile and elegance. Did you notice that she’d have that elegant serious pageant look while posing then would transition into showcasing her beautiful smile? The way she perfectly turned, tossed the swimsuit cover and walked to the middle and executed perfectly with another impressive elegant turn or twirl with her body so beautifully-balanced, wow, she really did it! Funny thing was, i didn’t even have her in my top 10 before. A@Q must be doing something great in her amazing transformation and her make up was perfect, looked clean and very natural highlighting her Filipina exotic beauty.

    I love Pia but I can tell she didn’t prep well. She needs to lose tons of weight to give herself a chance to makeit there and she needs to really step up her game on the stage.
    Hannah did amazing and I can tell she really wanted the crown because she’s working it.
    Mcgarry has the best skin tone and color and very exotic. She just needs to be very consistent with her make up and styling.

    Nancy Leonard has such a great potential. Pretty face, but maybe she can tone up a little or work on her body
    Lubina, wow a standout but she needs to lose more weight on her legs. She can be a winner too.
    Kimberly must stop putting her head in a bun except during evening gown segment of the competition. She looked great in swimsuit with her hair down..
    Malinao must try out different looks, both in hair and make up.
    Lastly, I’ve noticed that A@Q trained- bb pilipinas winners ended up being top 5 in Ms Universe pageant. I think it must be also bcuz Jonas Gaffud always travels to the Ms Universe venue to personally assist and support our Ms Phil Universe maybe ? I came to notice it bcuz I’m studying both kf and a@q camps so my sisters and I could decide which camp to go to. I’m 24 and my other sisters are from 19 to 23. Thank you for hhaving me here and God bless! 🙂

  5. Who didnt reach my expectation? Malinao and kamu —– Who did great? Colis and leonard and pia, —– who exceeded my expectation? Marquez, lubina, sison and mcgarry

  6. Pia was amazing! She’s definitely MUP material. And the haters can continue to hate, it just gets us more hyped to support our queen! #PiaForMissUniverse

    • Pag si Pia ang mapili para sa MU eh siguradong ligwak nanaman tayo..mestiza nga pero wala namang ka appeal appeal..itabi mo yan sa mga latina at europeans eh hindi yan mapapansin at saka overage na sya..pagdating ng MU later this year eh 27 na sya.so si Janicel o Christi bata at sariwa..OK lang sa akin kung isa sa kanila ang manalo

  7. As I’ve said in my earlier comments in this blog, as it has evolved, Miss Universe is looking for a Spokesperson who can also be America’s Sweetheart. Miss Universe is an American Brand, and the spokesperson for an American Brand will be chosen based on CONTEMPORARY American culture. If you want your country to win in a beauty pageant, you have to know what that brand is looking for. You cannot just “be yourself,” you have to be the version of yourself that can be appreciated by the market of your brand. A spokesperson has to be witty, believable, attractive (of course), and cosmopolitan.

    What we may consider as so endearing to Filipino taste do not always get appreciated by American culture. Conversely, what we may not appreciate in the Philippines may be what Americans are looking for. For example: there’s a reason why America appreciates Lea Salonga more than Regine Velasquez, even though the latter has more fans than the former. And even though Velasquez has more “makabagdadaming” story than Salonga, that story is not enough. Surely American’s appreciates vulnerability. After all, it’s hard to fall in love with someone who doesn’t have that. But it’s not vulnerability per se that endears Americans but the charm you exude BECAUSE and not despite of your vulnerability. In other words, your personality must outshine your vulnerability.

    So stop banking on good background story which mostly mean – galing sa hirap, and then nag-pursige para maging beauty queen. This is a a cute but utterly shallow story in the West, where beauty queens are not held in as high regard (like national heros) as in the Philippines.

    Miss Universe is looking for a COSMOPOLITAN woman. She is a woman that every woman aspires to be. This woman has class, a life outside beauty pageants, someone who can charm outher people by the way they speak, so this woman must be able to hold a conversation with ANYONE. Do you guys really see Lubina having the same grace and presence of mind of Olivia Daytia when she was having that painful interview with Russia Today’s Oxana Boyko? Please be realistic. Can you really see Lubina being in the same league of Laura Dutta who has not only an enigmatic beauty but who can effortlessly answer the most difficult question in Miss Universe history (the question: Right now there is a protest going on right outside here calling the Miss Universe Pageant disrespectful of women. Convince them they are wrong)?

    Janicel’s story may be something that Filipino people can relate to. Ka-antig antig. She is, however, not Miss Universe material. I don’t see her as a SPOKESPERSON for a billion dollar industry. Those who are saying that Neil Perez’s use of translator can be easily used as a tactic in Miss Universe is forgetting that Mister International is NOTHING compared with Miss Universe in terms of being a brand and a business. Surely, Lubina can use an interpreter during the final question BUT if she cannot fulfill her duties as a spokesperson of the Miss Universe brand without an interpreter, then she can never be a Miss Universe material. No matter how incredibly stunning Janine Tugonon’s answer is, it is not realistic. A Miss Universe has to be able to communicate in English because English is the international business language, the lingua franca of the most important international organizations. No spokesperson of a global brand such as Miss Universe can be successful in conveying her message by just having a strong mind and heart to show to people because at the end of the day you should be able to speak for and ultimately SELL the Miss Universe brand.

    So in order for you to judge who is the best person to send in the Miss Universe pageant, you have to put yourself on the shoes of Miss Universe Organization, whose team answers this question:

    • Ironic considering marami ang crown ng Venezuela. Di talaga maalis ang colonial mentality sigh.

    • @Eric, Unfortunately Donald Trump looks at the buying power of the 50 million Hispanics in the U.S., and the 20 Spanish speaking countries with a combined population of 400+ million people as a lucrative international investment.

      I always wondered myself of why the Latinas always place 5 to 7 reps in the semi-finals, since Trump became owner. This is not the case with Miss World and Miss International. Its truly frustrating really…

    • There is a humongous room for education, improvement and training for Lubina, SHE’S ONLY 19!!!
      I do respect your valued opinion, but Miss Universe is a beauty contest which were looking for aesthetically gifted individual, commercial appeal, lots of appeal globally and this is NOT an entrance exam for Harvard, Columbia, Oxford university for acceptance…..
      Give Janicel Lubina a break….. Pahleassseeee🐷🐷🐷

      • Like you said, Janicel is only 19 and she has lots of room for improvement to increase her interpersonal skills, life experience in public life, maturity, and confidence. She has really nothing to lose if she has to wait another year to win MUP.

        That is why I’d prefer to see her as a runner-up this year — so she can improve on her weaknesses, and fully peak.

        What I don’t want to see is sending her off to Miss Universe too early because that will be a bigger waste.

      • @Melanie
        Thank you girl for your practical analysis, let’s just wait for the grand coronation night how Lubina and your bets will perform, as for me, being an American citizen for the last 24 years and practicing medicine in Los Angeles, I kinda know how American and or western culture responds to commercial, financial and political issues, I’m not an expert but I’ve been around quite a bit…… But one thing that I would share to you which I discovered, Western peeps we’re suckers for “Cinderella Story” which I admit I’m a BIG fan……
        As what I’ve mentioned earlier and wait for the Grand Coronation night, I’m Lubina all the way and good luck to your bets, whoever get crowned MUP I’ll definitely be a believer in the end,after all we have ONE VOICE, ONE BELIE, WERE ONE…… FOR THE PHILIPPINES! 🐷🎀🐷

      • Thx Lavinia. Janicel is one of my bets but I would like her to compete in Miss Universe, and only Miss Universe. I don’t want to see her wasted in a minor pageant like Supra or Intercon. That is why I would like her to be fully prepared even if she has to wait another year, coz I really think she can be groomed to win the Philippines’ third MU crown.

      • @ Lavinia and @Melanie

        I agree with both of you… I guess we are all in agreement that Janicel is more aestheticaly superior face-wise over Christie Lyn based on international standards. The question is, would Janicel deliver on the corronation night? If she does win BBP- Universe, her BBP trainning would be more on improving her personality to become the spokesperson and brand ambassador or Miss Universe. As what I have heard from the people around her, she is extremely focused, dedicated, hard working and with out a doubt, a very fast learner. By the next edition of Miss Universe…

        Janicel Lubina will be ready to win Miss Universe!

      • Lavinia, you are living in a fantasy world and living at a time when beauty pageants are just another way of exploiting women for straight men’s delight and gay men’s fascination. Definitely this is not an entrance for an Ivy League school, or top-notch university. But what I’m saying regarding the Miss Universe Organization looking for a SPOKESPERSON is quite concisely and pointedly explained by, no other than, Lu Sierra, the Runway Coach of MUO, when she was interviewed by Ara Arida for “On the Scene.”

        Arida asked Sierra what the MUO is looking for. Sierra answered that they are ultimately looking for a SPOKESPERON. She said that they are not looking for a top model but a spokesperson who can represent well, speak for the organization.

        If you are going to look at the previous appearances of former Miss Universe winners you would see what they actually mean by SPOKESPERSON a Miss Universe. They are not only for glitz and glamour:

        – Justin Pasek worked with the Global Health Council, the Harvard AIDS Institute, AmFAR, and the Centers for Disease Control’s “Act Now” campaign
        – Amelia Vega traveled extensively working with internationally recognized HIV/AIDS organizations including the Global Health Council, Cable Positive, amfAR, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and God’s Love We Deliver. As a celebrity spokesperson, she was responsible for working with the international media to generate a better understanding and acceptance of AIDS/HIV epidemics and its prevention while helping to increase awareness, funding and resources for these key organizations
        – Episode 3, “How Much is That Celebrity in the Window?”, Dayana Mendoza was the winning project manager of her team on a task to create two themed living window displays for Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessory line, winning $20,000 for her charity, the Latino Commission on AIDS
        – Glebova attended the G8 Summit in New York City on August 11, 2005, which reflected on ending poverty in underdeveloped regions and ending gang activity and drug cartels in Colombia
        – Ximena Navarrete traveled to Panama to work with Aid for AIDS
        – Leila Lopes attended the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
        – Olivia Culpo hosted a discussion with young Indonesians for the United Nations Population Fund on HIV and youth prevention at the United States Embassy’s cultural center @america
        – Isler spoke on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. in support of amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

        Moreover, you have to KNOW the profile of the President of the organization. When Paula Shugart was appointed as President she had a vision: to break the stereotypes typically associated with beauty pageants and to boost the viewer demographics. Shugart is against pageant purists. She is changing the image of beauty queens who, because of sexism, are only expected be seen than heard, and dainty but a woman of the world. Shugart graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1981, at a time when women were expected to stay at home, be pretty and dainty. If you think that she is going to let a woman who fits every stereotype of a beauty queen to represent the organization she leads, you are gravely mistaken.

        Lubina is absolutely pretty. No question about that. But does she have a life outside beauty pageants? Does she represent a break in the stereotypical image associated with a beauty queen? Do you really think Lubina can do the WORK a Miss Universe is required to do, like what the previous winners have done? These are questions not only for Lubina. These are questions for every woman we are thinking of sending to compete in MUO. Yes, Lubina is only 19 yo. Give her a break indeed. She should be studying, expanding her horizons, the people around her made beauty pageants her be all and end all.

      • @keenpageantobserver
        Yes…. I might be living in a fantasy world for you, being a medical doctor here in Los Angeles for the last 24 years entails grueling decision making and saving lives of an individual and the adults in a daily basis, by participating in this healthy blog which entails beauty pageants and in particular selecting a rep for Miss Universe gives me temporary excitement and break from my daily profession which I love……
        I’ll make it simple, I do appreciate your research and input, pretty detailed, thank you, BUT ILL GO FOR LUBINA GIRL…..
        End of the story, ILL GIVE IT TO JANICEL LUBINA

      • @Keenpageantobserver

        Well you should get to know Janicel more then before you judge her… Janicel may not be a valedictorian or a diploma for a bachelor’s degree course but she tried to change her life with very limited resources and she used pageantry to do that. Back in the island of Palawan, she was just a housemaid but here in Manila aside from being a pageant girl, she became a ramp, commercial and even a fitness model. When Janicel won Miss Bikini Philippines, she simply said in her speech “Makakapag-aral na ako!” (” I can finaly study!”). It was only a scholarship for a short course at AMA computer college that some people would snub but she said it with so much enthusiasm, gusto and humility because those small opportunities are already life changing for her. All the achievements she had wasn’t just handed to her on a silver platter, she really started from the bottom and worked her way to the top. All the opportunities she had is based on having a gasoline boy father and a lavandera mother while living in a small hut in a barrio within an island province of our country. She represents the millions of Filipinos who were born and raised in the Philippines who are suffering from all kinds of adversity. The only difference is that she was able to change her life and that makes her an inspiration. I don’t even care if she’s not as eligible to win Miss Universe, I just want her to win the Top crown at BBP.

      • @Closer2Fame:
        Great great great….. There is something with Lubina that makes me admire her even more, it’s her humble beginnings, it’s NOT A FANTASY WORLD BUT THE REAL WORLD, nakarerelate AKO SA kamiya kasi…. I used to sell Sampaguita and everlasting flowers in Quiapo church, applied secondary and collegiate scholarships, my father is a karpintero and mother is a hairdresser, and the rest is history, enough of me, ayan baka masabihan pa akong papansin…..
        Keep us updated on Janicel C2F, my ardent admiration for this lass , she’s indeed for me THE FACE THAT LAUNCHES A BILLION BEAUTY INDUSTRY🐷🐷🐷

      • Wow, you are also an inspiration din pala Ms. Lavinia. Congratulations for your hard earned success.! 😀 According to someone who knows Janicel in person… The money she earned from modeling and pageantry here in Manila enabled her to help her mother to become a domestic helper at Hongkong. Even though they are both far from home, she and her mother are working together to pay for the studies of her 4 younger brothers at Palawan. At first, I also wanted Janicel to wait another year but now I realized that we have to hammer while the iron is hot. We can’t wait another year because we have to send the best before our sashfactor and political advantage expire. I know Christie will not make it to the TOP 5 but Janicel will definitely will. If she wins BBP, BPCI has more than enough time to train her to become Miss Universe worthy. She will be ready!

    • Saan ba nagcompete si Lea Salonga at Regine Velasquez?
      Nakapagperform na ba si Regine sa US tulad ni Lea?

    • Sure is an excellent assessment… I said it before that christi by par suitable Philippines delegate to MU. Hope she’ll win

    • With much regret and respect with keenpageantobserver, I am in full disagreement. Let me just state plainly, Lubina is worthy of being crowned Binibining Pilipinas-Universe.

      Miss Universe is an American brand. Miss Universe needs a spokesperson. Miss Universe requires that cosmopolitan look.

      Fortunately, Lubina has all the reasons and requirements needed. Res ipsa loquitur. Look at her, Lubina speaks for herself.

      One more thing: Miss Universe is capable of evolution. The brand also symbolizes change. Lubina means change and evolution. Lubina should be crowned Miss Philippines and eventually, Miss Universe 2015.

      • Isn’t it Ironic that Janicel Lubina’s lastname actually means the same thing….

        Lubina: Someone who is flexible, resilient and/or very adaptable to change.

  8. Crissa Marie Mendiola is the darkhouse for me and my personal favorite. She’s the tallest, youthful, fresh, and with the right make-up, can have one of the prettiest faces. I’d like her for Universe but I honestly see

    Universe – Janicel Lubina
    International – Nancy Leonard
    Tourism – Christi McGarry
    Intercontinental – Suison or Suiza
    Supranational – Crissa Mendiola

    Pia’s face has improved year by year for me, but her body the exact opposite.
    WynWyn was a standout, but I can’t see someone that short winning a crown.

  9. Marquez for Bb Pilipinas International!!!!!!! i cant stress enough how much i want this to happen.

  10. Pia would be amongst the top 10 only again this year. This girl should have given up a long time ago. Janicel is a shoo-in for MU, Marquez for Supra, Garry for International, Leonard for Intercon

  11. Edi Wow…oo wow ha level up sa sofitel. pati mga katawan nila nag level up. Classy ito kahit na ang lakas maka pokpok ng red bikini.

    Janicel looked stunning. Like I’ve said before, malaking babae sya pero hindi manly yung features nya.
    WynWyn, ang ganda ng tindig.
    Colis…whoa…toned and fierce!
    Hannah…love her face pero wala syang curves
    Christi …ok styling nya! love her color, her stance

    Anyare kay Alaiza? Bad styling. Pia? Anyare dear?

  12. Mag-aala Melissa Gurgel (MU Brazil 2014) ‘tong si Wynwyn! Patataubin ang mga higante sa rampahan at emotan!

  13. tito norms, pansin ko lang wala ang #18 si crissa marie, palaging absent sa mga activities, anyare, anong reason kaya, student ba siya at di siya makapag absent? sayang naman, so no chance na siya sa mga preliminary activities nila.

  14. Grabe! Ang competitive ng batch na to. Karamihan, flat ang tummys. Parang Ara lang ang peg nung MU 2013. Lol

  15. Tito norms akala ko ba boycott. Eh mukhang buhay na buhay na nmn ang dugo ng pageant fans. Hay.

  16. saw lubina’s catwalk and I must say I was impressed. she did it just right no fuss no frills. her statuesque beauty stood out because she didn’t over do her walk over sway or over project. which is what every delegate should do. A real beauty never tries hard! so for me even with an abundance of beauties I’m still sticking with janicel.

  17. Wasn’t really a fan of Wynwyn Marquez nor Christi Lynn McGarry but wow in the press presentation pictures, they looked amazing. Ann Colis was also a standout stunner. Not Alaiza Malinao’s best in terms of styling though, although she might just win the best in swimsuit award. Looking for pictures of Justine Felizarta because she’s my particular favorite (although not my top pick) and I see a lot of potential in her.

    • saw lubina’s catwalk and I must say I was impressed. she did it just right no fuss no frills. her statuesque beauty stood out because she didn’t over do her walk over sway or over project. which is what every delegate should do. A real beauty never tries hard! so for me even with an abundance of beauties I’m still sticking with janicel.

      • Ang nag dislike po bulag, o sadyang fanatic lang ni Hanna, its very frustrating and disappointin ng kailangan lang i contour para sabihing sexy, cguro dito sa atin sa national pageant makakalusot pwd xa manalo pero pag pinadala na xa sa international MU ligwak

  18. Kuya norm, I’m not sure how you did not include No. 25 Catacutan. She was a standout for me, oozing class and sexiness in the press presentation!

    I’m not liking Malinao’s look at the moment… bet ko pa naman sya…

  19. ang una kung napansin agad sa group photo is #24 anne Lorraine Colis at sa iba pang pictures she’s blooming.palaban, mukhang hindi papatalo ng buhay. 🙂

  20. In the photos, even from afar, the candidate who caught my attention instantly is Nancy Leonard. Next is Ann Colis.

  21. By this early, ” Darling of the press” si Lubina……
    Stand out and I bet very photogenic din, go go go!
    Janicel indeed rocks🐷🎀🐷

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