9 comments on “Binibini Face-Off #4: Teresita Sen VS Crissa Marie

  1. Wyn Wyn for the win! Such quiet confidence. Height is might all right but you can’t deny her star quality. She may be unappreciated in the Philippines because let’s face it her exotic beauty is not something us Filipinos would want to die for i.e. Janine Tugonon but she will be a sensation in the international stage in my opinion. Her celebrity connection aside, her drive to win a crown and A&Q training will propel her to clinch one of the crowns – either International or Intercontinental. Good luck Teresita!

  2. I have a feeling she’ll end up following the same route as that De Leon daughter and Bianca Manalo’s sister; impeccable credentials aside, you’d still be judged basically on physicality. I can’t get past the fact that when she smiles, you see a cute siopao face and cute siopao face just won’t cut it for MU. But ive seen her talent portion and she’s sooooo pretty and put-together with a model body to die for so maybe she’ll be a good fit for the other ‘minor’ crowns

  3. I see Sen bagging a major crown pending QA but could see her in a traditional Filipiniana for NC. She is Exotic,Fresh and Striking reminiscent of Venus Raj.

  4. All of their heights have been subtracted an inch or two as an excuse of BPCI to not include Ali Forbes as one of the official candidates due to the huge conflict of interest.

  5. My faves as of now:

    Lubina, Wurtzbach, Verzosa, Colis, Bartolome, Rabajante, McGarry….

  6. Pak! I have a feeling that she’ll get one of the crowns along with Pia, Janicel, Kimverlyn and Alaiza.

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