24 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: The Consolation of a Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism Crown

  1. Siguro mas maganda kung isang winner lang koronahan tapos apat na runners up na lang.
    Ang BPCI magconcentrate na lang sa Miss International. Yung Miss Universe Philippines i-give up na lang nya at ibigay na lang kay Sir Norman ang franchise.

    Magkakaroon ng BIG FOUR National pageants.
    Miss Universe Philippines – Norman
    Miss World Philippines – Cory Quirino
    Miss Earth Philippines – Carousel
    Bb Pilipinas International – BPCI/SMA

    Bawat isa sa Big Four ay mayroon second tier na international pageant franchise. Yung first runner up ang ipadala nila bilang representative. Mawawala na ang Mutya ng Pilipinas at iba pang maliliit na national pageants.


  2. Sir Norman, meron bang bagong pageant franchise na nakuha ang BBP gaya ng napabalita noong mga nakaraang buwan? How about yung Coffee Queen International, nakuha kaya ng BBP?

  3. In retrospect, Parul and Katrina would have preferred to not win a BB Tourism and have a chance to repeat to compete.

    I agree with the reader BOM. There are too many crowns handed out. The national titles that really matter are Miss Universe Philippines, Miss World Philippines, Bb Pilipinas International and Miss Philippines Earth.

    Reps for 2nd tier pageants like Supranational, Intercontinental and the rest really should be “appointed” with runners-up from BPCI, MWP or MPE.

    What a waste!

  4. That dreaded Tourism crown needs to be burned and buried. Holding on to that useless franchise is yet another symptom of Stella Araneta’s stubborness and her unwillingness to listen, or her lack of empathy to even consider the awful consequence for the poor girl who gets the title.

    That title has wasted the likes of Dimaranan and Shah, both of whom are worthy to represent the Philippines internationally but were never given the chance since winning that sash precluded them from ever competing in Bb Pilipinas ever again. EVER!

    I pity the candidate who’ll win this cursed title this year.

  5. I hope Katrina Dimaranan will join again in beauty pageant before it is too late.

  6. I am one of the very few who scratches his head over too many crowns that are veing handed by Bb. Pilipinas. Sa totoo lang naman po, Universe at International lang naman ang tunay na bigatin. The Supranational, Tourism, and Intercontinental titles are no match to the Universe or (sige na nga) International. So why give 5 crowns instead of just 2 or 1 only?

    This also eliminates strong contestants who could very well compete at Miss Universe but are now eliminated because they won a minor crown. Sayang tuloy sila.

    For example, no one would now know how Kris Janson or Yvethe Santiago would fare at Miss Universe should they decide to join the local pageant again? Lara Dutta was Ms. Intercontinental 1997 before she won Miss U in 2000. Per dahil nanalo sila ng Bb. Supra or Intercon whatever eh wala na silang pag asang sumabak EVER at Miss U. Buti pang natalo sila dati gaya ni MJ Lastimosa or even Pia Wurtzbach this year.

    My suggestion is for BPCI to declare only one winner – Miss Universe Philippines.

    1st runner up gets to compete at Ms. International, 2nd RU gets to compete at Intercontinental and 3rd runner up gets to compete at Supranational.

    And the runners up may join again up to a maximum of 3 times.

    Ang dami kasing what ifs. Kris Janson garahe na ang pageant career dahil lang nag compete siya sa Intercontinental. Ganun rin si Yvethe dahil nag Supra na siya. Let’s admit it. These girls want the Universe crown, and so does everyone who joins Binibini.

    So why don’t we focus on that crown instead?

    • It will jeopardize their chances of winning since it’s bad for the branding of Miss Universe if they crown a recent loser of a 2nd or 3rd tier International Pageant.

      • Natalie Glebova, MU 2005, is 2nd runner up in Miss Maja Mundial 2004 where our very own Maan Bayot won a notch higher than Natalie. So its not a bad thing after all.

      • Ok let me rephrase my statement:

        It will jeopardize their chances of winning since it’s bad for the branding of Miss Universe if they crown a recent CLAPPER of a 2nd or 3rd tier International Pageant.

      • Natalie Glebova who’s Canadian of Russian descent won with a bit of Political motivation since the publicity of the end of USSR was still fresh and as a consolation to the Russians since Oxana Federova of Russia was dethroned the year prior.

  7. My Options:

    1. Find another tourism pageant na puwede pagdalhan ng winner ng curse este title na ito
    2. Itigil na ang pagbibigay sa title na ito at focus na muna sa present titles
    3. Itigil na ang pagbibigay sa title na ito at maghanap ng ibang pageant franchise
    4. Ituloy lang ang pagbibigay sa BbP Tourism title PERO kapag walang international pageant na napagdalhan sa nanalo, eligible pa siya na sumali uli sa BbP like the runners up.

  8. kuya norman and lahat ng mga kabeki bakit di nlang po ifield c ate parul sa Miss Grand? Sure po ako na malakas ung magiging laban natin dun. Sana un nlang ifranchise nila 😦

    • The Miss Grand Philippines franchise is with John dela Vega. And even if Parul is interested, she still needs to serve her Bb. Pilipinas contract until the end of September. ;-/

  9. bakit d nlang c ate parul ang ifield ng KF para sa Miss Grand? Im sure malakas laban natin pag xa ung representative

  10. Well well well….. Do I have to comment, everyone knows this Tourism shit title is all about, GET RID OF IT🐷🐷🐷

  11. #PiaWurtzbachBbPilipinas2015Tourism



  12. Here’s how i see it

    2005 – Aguilar – top 15
    2006 – Igpit – Didnt place
    2007 – Wilson – Didnt place
    2008 – San Miguel resigned, Castaño – Didnt place
    2009 – Umali – Didnt place
    2010 – Gatbonton – Didnt place

    Fastforward 2011 – Manjon – Didnt place
    2012 – Dimaranan – pageant was cancelled
    2013 – Miranda – forced to dance in swimsuit
    2014 – Shah – pageant cancelled

    The current Bb Pilipinas Tourism crown used to be the Bb Pilipinas World crown, right? I am not a superstitious kind of gal but i firmly believe that that crown is cursed. SMA should get rid of it or better yet get rid of the franchise for good. the title is just a sad waste of beauty and talent.

  13. What a waste of beauties, why not join MEP or MWP instead.!!!! Is it still possible admin..???

  14. Kung pwede pa si Parul sa Miss World, go, push na yan! Koya Norman, di ba nahilo na ako sa dami ng mga international pageants na pinost nyo bakit di sila ipadala don like sa Miss Tourism World sa Brazil, sa Miss Peace and Humanity iba pa ba yong Universal Peace, yong isa pa na idinaos sa Nepal basta dami ahihi di ko na matandaan. Si Pia at Hannah para makarating sa Miss U gawin na lang silang Interpreter or sa Miss International sila na lang mga Interpreter pati si Kimverlyn hahahha char!

    Eh ang mga Otoko na itetch kamusta naman kailan sila lalaban Koya Norman, si Adam at Neil ay tagumpay sa laban.

    Mr. Global Philippines 2014 Joseph Doruelo

    Mister of the Philippines – Tourism International 2014 Judah Cohen

  15. Who knows this year might have a MTQI edition… I think the producer of Manhunt Intl is also the producer of MTQI and they are Singapore-based. Read in the forum that the reason Manhunt didn’t push through is because the main man is sick.

  16. Sayang ang mga mujeres na itey, si Parul at si Kath ay mga dilag na may MISS U caliber.
    Sayang nga lang at ginawa lang silang tagapagpag ng peluka at tagagkula ng pasador ng matandang si Stella

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