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  1. I guess Mr Poland will win. He’s got everything.

    But good luck Mr Indonesia! Saya cinta kamu! You’re so adorable. Winning d title is gonna be a long shot, but you’ve already won me over. Tsuuuuuuuuppps…

  2. Dapat magkaroon narin ang Pilipinas ng MR. EARTH para dalawa na ang galing sa atin.. Calling carousel productions sana bumuo rin kayo ng Mr. Earth para makilala na ng husto ang Pinas sa pageant world…

    • Alam ko meron na matagal na, national at international meron din sa mga bulilit na miss earth at teens.

  3. It doesn’t matter who wins as long as I see some of these men star in future Corbin Fisher or Randy Blue movies. Hehe 🙂

  4. Grabe, andaming issue ng Mister International this year! Na-resched, may mga di nag-join, may nag withdraw, may mga nagagalit na ND! Sana naman this is not the start of the decline of Mr. International.

    Kung ganun man, chance na nating bumuo ng legitimate, prestigious at world-class na male pageant. Calling the attention of the rich gays ng pilipinas!!! Hahaha!!!

    Baka puwede ka na mag-organize ng new male pageant sir norms?!? Hehehe

    Wala na si Mr Argentina, top three ko pa naman siya…kainis dinn a-late si Mr Slovenia

    So top 5 ko…

    Czech Republic

    • Hindi naman siguro factor kung maaga o late dumating ngayong edition na to.Walang masyado activities.Tour lang.Saka hindi organized ngayon..Daming hindi dumating at nag back out dahil pabago bago ng date.Kelan ba talaga to?Kahit anong mangyari ikaw pa rin ang MISTER INTERNATIONAL Ko,Papa Mitja.

  5. My top 3, i normally don’t do this prediction stuff but I just love MEN so much that i have to haha. my guess would be Poland Philippines Argentina. Im sorry Mr. India-receding hairline, doesn’t do anything, cuz of his hairline he registers quite oldie, very old brother vibe for me. I hardly see him smile. I’ll replace Argentina over India. They looked alike but Argentina looks suave, has that sleek vibe in him.Having said that, i wanna disagree with the guy who thinks Niel doesn’t have what it takes. I think he can be top 3 for one, as we all know, he actually stand taller than the rest of the real tall guys. Two, as far as “firm” body is concerned, he’s actually firm its just not all firm are the same. I think he tends to have a shorter torso. Three, he actually have a “dating” the man has charisma, he’s a man’s man. Remember this isn’t a “FEmale beauty pageant or Mr. Gay world.” I think the pageant is looking for a guy’s guy, where it only takes few mins of them to get ready and still look hot and Neil has that and every time there’s a group pic i don’t look at the sash and i pick which one that caught my eye and it goes to him. He smizes and in a very seductive way. Four, he has a story, fifth, he oozes with sex appeal if you’ve notice many bekis here make comments to our Pinoy male candidates as “kargador” look, “bobo” look but to be honest, that look is very sellable outside the Philippine market. Remember the guy last year, i remember one forum bashed about his looks he looked like a “totoy” a “kargador”, even a call boy. Then guess what happened he made a runner up. I was confident that he’d placed and he did. I don’t think he will win because one, medyo mahina sa communication skills si hottie Niel and two, I’m not sure if Pinoys are really supporting him. Tito Norms, do we have enough population to populate the venue in Sokor?This is a business, if we have enough “screamers” then judges will take a 2nd look at him. Im not even sure if Tito Norms has called out the bekis in Sokor, baka the bekis in sokor busy-busihan sa Koreanovela. Last words? i think he will place in the top 3.

  6. I am sad that Mister Argentina withdrew from the competition at the last minute. I think Mister Brazil will win not unless there is hocus pocus.

    • what really? omg! my heart breaks…feel ko yung Beki naman kasalanan nito! Kung di ka mag pahada wala ka sa runner up! Ugh! that beki dapat bitayin!

  7. maiba lang… baka makalimot na tayo… filipino designers should dress our queens and kingshttp://mobile.abs-cbnnews.com/global-filipino/02/11/15/look-beyonce-wears-pinoy-designed-cape-grammys/

    • Mitja arrived so very late that I didn’t include him in my analysis anymore. In fact, this post was already completed right before his plane landed in Seoul. I just thought it would be fair if I focus on the other candidates.

  8. TBT , handa na ba si SAM AJDANI?

    Mr. World 2014

    2nd Runner-up Jose Pablo Minor of Mexico,
    Mr. World 2014 Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark
    1st Runner-up Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikebese of Nigeria.

    Fast-track Winners:
    Extreme Challenge – Moldova, Valeriu Gutu
    Talent – Curacao, Zuemerik Clementino Richard Veeris
    Multimedia – Netherlands, Demian Overduijn
    Sports – Denmark, Nicklas Pedersen
    Style – Nigeria, Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikubese

    The Remaining Five:
    Ukraine, Bogdan Iusypchuk
    Puerto Rico, Alberto Martinez
    England, Jordan Williams
    Mexico, Jose Pablo Minor
    India, Prateek Jain

  9. Wala bang live streaming. Anyway, my tough 5 are

    Czech Republic

    Big Dark Horses


  10. I will go for Mr. CZECH REPUBLIC. The guy is oozing with sex appeal.For Neil, nah, i dont think he will advance to Top 5. 1st he is short, 2nd yung body nya hindi ganun ka firm, parang katawan ng Tatay… 3rd medyo hindi marunong mag project. Walang “angst” dapat may pagka swagger ang dating. Para kasing “bobo” at cheap yung projection nya. Sorry. Just my opinion.

  11. Ninang, ano ang sukatan mo sa pagpili ng sampu, at anong panukat ang ginamit mo?

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