17 comments on “Who will survive among the R-L Angels 2?

  1. I’m quite impressed by R-L’s entries.

    Rabajante has an exotic look that is still girl-next-door, nice for Universe.

    Hassani fits the International prototype to a T.

    Good job with both these ladies and best of luck to them.

  2. I love both of them. Kaya lang both only stands 5’5 1/2″. I wish they were 3 inches taller pa. Ganda ng fez nilang dalawa.

  3. I hope this team will be given a break this time to prove their worth. I like both of them because they are a total opposite but if I have to choose I give it to Ria. I see so much improvement from her last stint. I see the hunger for the crown from her face. Too bad she is being overlooked right now. Hope she does good this time and prove her bashers wrong.

  4. I’ll give it to Ria….
    Mukhang kabogera ito pag pinapasok sa semi, kakaiba ang hugis ng fez…..
    Walang katulad ang dating nya, I do like her during 2013 batch with Charmaine Elima of course….
    good luck Ria🐷

  5. They are both stunning.
    No MJ prototype pls. No Mcgarry pls.
    select those with beautiful faces like the two above.

    Last yr, the only one among the crowns who had a unanimous vote on facial beauty was Kris. The rest were 50-50 at best.

  6. Between the two, Ria. She just has to pray to the beauty and fashion gods that her make-up and styling be on point on coronation night

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