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  1. Using Tyra’s lingo:

    Enrica is too hoochy
    Kim and Kylie are modelling H2T
    Pia is giving me nothing but face, resting too much on what mommy and daddy gave. Dear you are way better than that I know you are.
    Paula is totally giving off the Paricia Yureyna vibe.
    Marvi ann, modelling 101?
    Brenna are you expecting someone to put a champagne glass on your behind?
    Christi Lynn thought this was a sports illustrated photoshoot.
    Alaiza darling, really? Please prove you’re worth the hype
    Justine, meh. Forgettable.
    Ann Lorraine looks like she smells something bad.
    Neesha? I kind like this shot of Neesha. Love how the light touches the skin.
    Wynwyn for the wyn. But puns aside, she looks like a little girl who wantd to be a beauty queen.

    I love A&Q but with only 5 (Kylie, Hassani, Kim, Pia and Paula) decent shots out of 13, KF wins this round.

  2. Pia
    Christi Lynn
    Ann Lorraine

    Gusto ko din si Kimverlyn and Paula Rich!

  3. Kuya Norman, malakas po ang mga pambatong kandidata ng A&Q. Sa tingin ko po, mapupunta po muli sa kanila ang titulo ng MUP. At maibabalik muli sa Top 5 ang Philippines sa MU.

  4. When the first photos came out from BBP, I thought KF had more beautiful faces, but lately it seems like A&Q girls are standing out more.

    Aside from Ann Colis, I’d be happy if Justine Felizarta won the MUP crown. I think her face has a universal appeal and she still looks very Filipina. McGarry has been getting a lot of supporters, and while I find her pretty and edgy, I don’t think she’s the kind of beauty that will get noticed in Miss Universe. She looks “exotic” and dusky and she has the height, but her features individually just don’t seem to make for a Miss Universe queen.

    Alaiza Malinao also seems to have a lot of potential, but her photos have been inconsistent. Sometimes she’s a scene stealer but sometimes she also looks quite plain.

    • For me, mas lamang pa rin ang mga matatangkad. Big NO for candidates below 5’7″ for Miss Universe Philippines.

      • mas lamang kapag maganda yong napapa wow ang makakita may second look agad, head turner, sasabihin agad ng mga lalaki wow tang#### ganda pare, sexy ng bebot, di naman nila sasabihin na ang tangkad. mas maganda matangkad pero maganda pa at sexy, yong tetelag pati titi ni donald ahihihi

      • All the candidates are possible winners kaya nga napasama sila sa BBP official candidates diba? Kahit ano pa ang hitsura o height nila if they will perform well pwede sila koronahan ng mga judges.
        Kaya lang for me, a Miss Universe Philippines should be 5’7″ and up. And she will be any of the ffg girls: Janicel, Pia, Ann Lorraine, Christi Lynn and Malinao.

  5. Pwede naman sila lahat pero sila Enrica, Pia, Christi Lynn, Alaiza, Justine, Ann Lorraine, Wynwyn ang may idge lol

  6. Sentimental faves ko sina Pia at Wyn Wyn. The other 3 could be Christi, Alaiza and Ann Lorraine.

  7. Maibalik kaya ng Aces & Queens ang top 5 finish sa Miss Universe?
    Mc Garry and Wurtzbach are my choices for MUP, kung sa China ang venue🐷
    At Si Janicel ang dapat ipadala kung sa Hungary Kiyeme ang pageant🐷
    for Aces & Queens
    Mc Garry
    and Janicel Lang ang bet ko sa KF🐷

  8. Marvi-Ann’s swimsuit photo makes her “vajayjay” appear to be very large. Looks as though she’s hiding a Victory Liner up there! I’m sorry, it’s huge! 🙂

    • Hindi maganda ang pose nya, she should have just crossed her legs and turned 45 degrees.
      Pwede pa ba palitan ang photo na yan????

  9. Aces and Queens is indeed quality over quantity. I can say na mas maraming kudaera at rampadora sa group na to. 1 or 2 from KF will be crowned and the rest will be A and Q na.

  10. Christi Lynn McGarry
    Alaiza Malinao
    Ann Lorraine Colis
    Kylie Versoza
    Pia Wurtzbach

    Anyone of them can be crowned MUP.
    But Janicel Lubina is still my number 1 for MUP, number 2 is McGarry, number 3 Malinao.

  11. I wanna see Christi Lynn battle it out head to head, hips to hips, face to face, heels to heels with Janicel for the MUP title and nothing, and no one, else. Both are tall, dusky, and has freshness overload. Gusto ng MU mga fresh beauties at di bilasa or mga pageant patties. Christi Lynn has edge because she has the brains to go with her exotic beauty. Janicel, on the other hand, has charm ala Mutya Datul. Siguro magtatalo sila sa styling – which in my opinion has been perfected by A&Q when it comes to MU. KF has tendency to rely on the 80’s-90’s idea of beauty queens – either big curls or high bun. And please no big smile. Di yan pang MU. As for the rest of A&Q, i’m looking at Wyn Wyn to win a crown, possibly International. She’s not your typical pretty queen but I think she has that quiet confidence.

  12. Not in particular order, McGarry, Malinao,Verzosa,Wurtzbach,Colis. Just an afterthought, surprised by the subtle quietness this year for Aces and Queens. There is nay of a doubt that they have some sort of strategy change with their bets this year. Unlike in past years where they would hype or overload pageant aficionados senses promoting their bets , they preferred to be more low key this year. Honestly, I think that is a good thing as the girls get to work on their own merits and enjoy the pageant experience and not pressured to the over bloated hype their camp spin masters used to spill.

    This year, I bravely predict, it’s 3 crowns for A&Q, 2 for KF, runner up positions a split for both camps. Hoping for the best (and not the hyped) girls to win!

  13. Alaiza, Christy Lynn, Kylie, Justine, Ann Lorraine. Ok na runner ups sina Pia at Kimverlyn. Actually. Pede rin sina Neesha at Paula.

    Quality over quantity yata ang motto Ng A&Q

    • Natural na maamo kasi ang mata and kilay ni Kim so kailangan talaga idrawing ng mataas ang arc para fierce… her face is too commercial… mas bagay syang mag-artista… pang sampaguita pictures ang peg.

    • She looks older in this picture. Pero she’s more beautiful now compared to last year BBP.

    • Kailangan kasi pa injectan ng fillers yung crease under her eye bags which is natural for her as a mestiza.. and pakulot sya kay Patricia Ejercitado sa kabilang campo… at least kamukha na nya si Ernie.. last year parang si Bert lang…

    • Depende sa venue pero so far lamang parin si Janicel basta hindi China ang Venue…
      Gusto ko sana sa International si Pia kaya lang over-aged na sya… ok na ang Intercon for her.
      Pero pag sa China nga ang venue then we should send Pia since she’s mestiza and her mom has Spanish-Chinese ancestry. Tapos resserved si Janicel for next year as 1st runner-up. In conclusion, Janicel Lubina is my ultimate bet! 😀

      • Naku handang-handa na si Janicel…
        Gusto ko nga sana magprisinta maging interpreter nya pero wag nalang kasi baka maiyak ako on stage habang nag translate… Parang nung sumagot sya sa Miss Bikini Philippines… mas maganda sumagot in English yung 1st runner-up pero nung sinabi ni Janicel na “makakapag-aral na ako!”.. Simula nun, gustong gusto ko na sya manalo… Para syang more impoverished version ni Venus with out the Cum Laude… Sabi nga ni Donald Trump kay Venus, “you are very queenly”… kaya mas ibash nila si Janicel, mas dadami ang kanyang suporters… Mga ganyan ang type ni Mang Donald.

      • Tarus ng back story ni Janicel tinalo si Ate Guy. Ha ha. Keber na sa ingles ni Janicel. smile na Lang sya mala MuTya sa Q and A and I’m sure Pasok na sya sa top five. Sana turuan sya ni Mutya paano maging confident Kahit di fluent sa Ingles. Si Venus, si Mutya, si Janicel – they know how to use their life experience as a stepping stone to achieve greater heights.

      • Si Pia naman ang tono parang nagmamarunong mag English based on International standards… which is quite un apealing… Wala naman paki mga foreigners kung parang bakla magsalita… Yun nga type nila e.. Hello, Venus Raj… Mirriam din… Kung si Janine nga mas bakla magsalita in English e baka sya pa nanalo…

    • Janicel Lubina for MUP, not International, not Supra, not Intercon or Tourism ek ek.
      Miss Universe Philippines 2015 or Runner-up. No more no less.

      Pia Wurtzbach for Miss Intercontinental. If she will be crowned MUP, no problem with me as long as Janicel is a runner up.

  14. i like A&Q line up more. better than KF.

    Alaiza, mcgarry

    second tier: PIA and teresita

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