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  1. Janicel is pretty but seems to have below average intellegence and does not appear be elegant. Pia is pretty and had plenty of experience but her body is not proportion… she’s too heavy on the top.
    Ann Lorraine Colis has the face of a Miss Universe. She’s elegant with a killer smile and beautiful eyes. If she has the brain to match her looks then she’s a very strong contender for Bb Pilipinas Universe.

  2. I still see the big potential of bb 23.. She maybe unnoticeable by alot now….. But im sure that she will be make waves and peak at the right time….

  3. Tito Norms,

    Your choices are pretty much the same as mine. If this were to be the top 10 I would be really happy.

    No offence to any of Janicel’s fans but I have tried to like her and even more so, tried to look at the characteristics you all so greatly appreciate and hype. The truth is I really do not see it. She is very pretty. If I were to give her a crown, I would honestly give her Supranational or even Intercontinental. She doesn’t look very Universally appealing.

    Please don’t take this personally. It is my opinion and in the end, it is each to their own. Preference. So don’t hate. =)

  4. Ang dapat koronahan para sa akin ay si Janicel at si Ann Lorraine Colis kung gusto natin mag place sa Miss Universe. Lessons learned!

    • #24 Ann Lorraine Colis… her face and aura has a commend that will surely turn heads and will amaze of her true filipina, and best personality,,, Her facial beauty complements her tantalizing eyes ,killer smile with that skin complexion that surely make her more stand out among others….Her will proportion body . 5’8″is enough.Plus her edge is that she is a fashion model and already been known popularly with other past beauty queens…and what I heard shes more dedicated in mercator particularly her training and preparations in aces and queens is a huge surprise at finals night.plus shes the favorite of jonas to win the coveted crown. Her qualities of being wacky, demure and sweet is her tool to win this pageant… This is what the Miss Universe Org.is Looking for Ann Lorraine Colis, she’s a newbie with.potential 100% to do well in the said pageant .Even in photos she’s the lady with the most appealing personality… shes almost shine in the photos. I love her face she has this similarities to Isabel daza and other celebrities including Hollywood …… I am sure she will be next inline with the past winners like ara arida, shamcey supsup…. who was also my favorite that time and underrated but at the end they outshine the over rated candidates of binibini…. I am rest assured she will continue the winning streak if given a chance to grab the major title

  5. BBP-U: Janicel/ Pia/ Hannah
    BBP- I: Teresita/ Christie
    Intercon: Pia/ Hannah
    Supra: Hannah/ Patricia
    MTQI: Ria/ Patricia/ Anabelle/ Kym
    1st R-up: Janicel/ Alaiza/ Teresita
    2nd R-up: Alaiza/ Anne/ Kylie

    • I really like your choices.

      I have Pia as my top and Leonard as my second. McGarry and Sison are as followed. πŸ™‚

    • I go for lorraine shes a total silent killer, What i love most she has oozing sex appeal, wacky personalityand the best qualities suits her to be our next Miss Universe Diva… aces and quens can handle it and more surprised for this lady…… Mr. Jonas loves her persona for sure she has what it takes to be the next MUP 2015…

    • Kung hindi sana sila nagpa Veneers likewise with Felizarta, pumapangit kasi sila sa Veneers!

  6. Mga may K manalo sa kahit anong Bb. crown or RU pwera Tourism:

    Ann Lorraine
    Crissa Marie

    Sa Miss Tourism


  7. My current TOP SEVEN picks:

    Christi Lynn or Alaiza

    Alaiza or Christi Lynn

    Anabel Christine


    Teresita Sen

    Ann Lorraine and Crissa Marie

  8. #34 is a big surprise for everyone sa darating ng coronation night, Ms. Lubina napaka fragile ng looks…

  9. janicel has below average inteligence!facial n physically she has. beauty isnt based on these factors alone,

  10. Ako din na amaze kay Anabel… May mas magaganda but she deserves a crown for sheer dedication and hardwork… Kahit kanya na ang MTQI… Goodluck! πŸ˜€

  11. Sir Norman, Yung glam shots ba ng mga candidates isang beses lang ang shot or maraming shots tapos pinipili nila yung magandang kuha? Yun na ba talaga ang pinakamagandang shot nila? Kung hindi maganda bakit di nila inulit ang mga shots para makakuha sila ng mas maganda?

  12. Kuya norman, magaling po kayong pumili ng magandang larawan. Sa mga napili niyo po, nandiyan malamang ang mga mananalo sa Binibining Pilipinas 2015.

    • Lubina’s pic does not do her justice in person. I know she needs to learn more when it comes to projecting on camera at alam ko na gagaling pa sya.Madami pa kailangang matutunan si ineng pero still I am rooting for her for Miss Universe Philippines title.

      • Tito Norms meron ba silang profile interview aside from truth and dare segment? From interview kasi makikita at malalaman natin yung peronality nila at same time how they register to camera ? how they delivered? and who are really very good in interview?

  13. Bb.33 Neesha Murjani from Aces and Queen is another one to beat. She will win the Universe crown this year

  14. Mine is:
    1. Leonard
    2. Marquez
    3. Sison
    4. Hassani
    5. Tia
    6. Camu
    7. Colis
    8. Mc. Garry

    Hmmm I think Marquez is the dark horse in this years BB.

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