16 comments on “The Binibinis for Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen

  1. Ejercitado is surprisingly becoming prettier imho. Look at that waist from winwyn…darn! Pia, lubina and suiza is striking on the group shots also sison

  2. I wonder how those “repeaters” feel posing for Pizza hut and Dairy Quen for the nth time 🙂

  3. Wishing bbp international bianca or bbp supranational yvette allow them to represent ph in MU, kahit sino sa kanila. For miss world i like janine gutierrez to represent ph in MW.

    • Bianca will do, but Yvette?hindi maganda ang structure ng katawan maxadong manipis, parang Jessica sanchez lang.ang pangit nya tingnan sa swim suit.IMHO.

  4. If they don’t want to wear a Barraza gown then….


  5. Sorry to say this pero nakakawalang gana and Bb Pilipinas right now. They lost credibility after the scandal plus Miss Universe lost credibility too–end of the road for MU in my opinions also no quality girls this year–and they’re all short!!! Nakakaloka

    • @Pageant Fanativ

      Their not really short…

      The subtraction of the few inches is for the purpose of discrediting Ali Forbes from becoming an official candidate of this year Binibining Pilipinas without anouncing the real reason which is the conflict of interest since Ali is under contract with Pinay Beauty Queen which is a affiliated with a rival franchise- Ms. Grand and rival network- GMA.

      @Miss Tisa

      I think PG is reffering to SMA reprimanding and forcing MJ to wear the fugly Barraza gown instead of the beautiful Almodal gown right after the final rehearsal before the coronation night to make sure that MJ will not make it to the TOP 5 Q&A and give way for Miss Colombia to win Miss Universe.

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