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  1. Rolene is beautiful, elegant and more importantly, she is a WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE. You can immediately sense this about her. Miss World is lucky to have her, as it was with Megan the year before.

    Paulina, on the other hand, seems so ordinary. There is no mystery about her. She is just pretty and plain. There have been far better candidates from Colombia in the recent past. The Miss Universe brand sank to a new low this year courtesy of Paulina.

  2. The standards of Miss Universe have gotten cheaper year after year. Integrity questionable, even their stage production. Supranational is even better, considering it’s just an emerging pageant.

    I salute Miss World for being consistent and goal-oriented.

    I hope whoever wins as Miss Philippines in either pageants already have in them a clear goal in mind (which is not just winning, but what they will be doing once crowned). That is to say, the trainings will be only secondary. We better pick delegates who innately fit the titles from the very start (i.e. For Miss U, somebody who’s already facially pretty and charming; For Miss World, somebody with ongoing charity projects, impressive educational background and overall talented).

    After being owned by Donald Trumpy I feel really sorry for Miss U.

  3. last year, gabriela and megan are similar because both exuded elegance. more so, both showed sincerity in their advocacies. really.

    this year, paulina and rolene are different. one embodies confidence while the other on elegance. it’s okay, just that i only feel sincerity from rolene. paulina seems like a self entitled diva. not bashing, and her impressions may not even be true (baka bubbly at sweet talaga siya in real life). then again PR check and MU ought to be aware: theres something wrong when a lot think paulina is a real bitch.

  4. In their interview, we see what kind of winner each brand, as it has now evolved, is looking for. The key to understanding this is the culture of the home country of the organization. Miss Universe is an American brand, while Miss World is a British one. The British prizes subtlety, refinement, elegance, and reachable equisiteness – a lady of the world: The prototype is Princess Diana. It’s no wonder that Miss World can just remove the swimsuit competition just like that – Princess Diana didn’t have to be in a swimsuit to mesmerize the world, The Americans delight in extroversion, nerve, superstar charm, effortless presence – a cosmopolitan woman: The prototype is any Hollywood celebrity who has been considered America’s sweetheart. Judges are selected not out of whim but based on how their collective taste would produce the woman the organization is looking for.

    Both organizations require a SPOKESPERSON. However, Miss World seems to require its hired spokesperson (i.e. its winner) as someone who can SPEAK with grace and passion: they are looking for a diplomat who happens to be beautiful. They are looking for a repsentative of their cause. Miss Universe requires its spokesperson to be able to hold a normal conversation. That doesn’t require intelligence but sweetness and warmth. Whatever you say, whether it’s right or wrong, you must be able to express it with charm, not just in the way you speak but with the rest of your body language. They are looking for a brand celebrity. If you really want to get a real taste of how Americans choose a brand celebrity, watch RuPaul Drag Race.

    Megan Young and Rolene Strauss won because they have this diplomatic air in them. They give this Princess Diana aura. They are not too much. Valerie is exquisite but in a high-fashion way. She doesn’t speak with grace, but rather feels hesitant. Paulina Vega is like Sophia Vergara (I’ve read somewhere that she looks up to her). Jamaica lacks nerve when she was speaking; more importantly, her body language and facial expression betrays her hesitation. Netherlands landed the top 5 because she has this effortless presence. I can see her being on the cover of Cosmopolitan. MJ is full of sex appeal, but that’s not what America’s sweetheart is. Her evening gown performance is lucklustre, not just because of her ugly evening gown, but also because her overall aura didn’t make us forget that her gown is ugly! Compare how Ara and Janine carried their ugly evening gowns. Janine’s performance was the most phenomenal. She made us forget about her gown and focused on her.

    Among our last five representatives, Janine came closest to the crown because she had all the qualities they were looking for. Janine may not be that superpretty, but she can pass off as America’s sweetheart. But Olivia was slightly higher in three aspects: superstar charm, sweetness, and ability to hold normal conversations. Janine may be more intelligent, but she didn’t have Olivia’s gift of gab. This has been demonstrated in their later interviews. Just consider that painful interview conducted by Russia Today’s Oksana Boyko with Olivia. Olivia may not sound of as intelligent, but she was very sweet; thus, even though, at an intellectual level, Boyko is doing good, she just came off as vile (it was like Selma Blair vs Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde).

    So, before we send someone to Miss Universe and Miss World or to any beauty pageant, we must train our candidate to master the type of winner the contest is looking for. If they want to become Miss Universe they have to be America’s sweetheart. If Miss World, they have to be Princess Diana.

  5. Rolene is divine and will serve a successful year as Miss World. I truly believe both are going to do well in their respective roles, but something is quite special about Paulina. Don’t get me wrong, I would have much preferred MJ or Kaci to win the crown, but here’s an interesting observation:

    Paulina wins the crown after her predecessor, Lucia Aldana, puts Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization on blast on the radio, citing politics, favoritism, and corruption. Lucia even went as far to say that Colombia should not invest interest in Miss Universe. Paulina enters the competition as an early favorite, dominates virtually every aspect of the competition, and takes the crown handedly.

    Next she dances her way on to Kelly & Michael Live and pokes sarcastic fun at Donald Trump. When she says “of course, of course” and addresses the audience, I couldn’t help but start laughing. NEVER would Gabriela, Olivia, Leila, Ximena, etc. say something like this on live TV. I doubt Rolene, Megan, MJ, Ara, or anybody else would do this either. So I have to give it to Paulina, I may be Team MJ, but at least Paulina is bold, daring, and no bullshit. Its something that you can’t deny people already find refreshing and something Miss Universe needed. We already had witty and intellectual with Olivia and the sweet optimism of Gabriela. Paulina is bold and I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald and the MUO hate her. But I personally love it and I hope Paulina doesn’t shy away from the rebel inside her. She took the crown for her country after years of feeling neglected by the MUO, so she’s going to make her point.

    If this is the direction MU is going, Philippines needs to send a girl with drive, a story to tell, a face with sharp features, with talent and a little bit of edge. In my opinion, Pia is the clear cut front runner for this years batch.

  6. If these were two contestants for the same crown, who would be a better role model for the world’s youth? Both are beautiful, but Rolene exudes sincerity and depth. It shows from the content and choice of words that she is a very intelligent person, yet very approachable. Paulina is gregarious and sounding street-smart but somehow still has that aura of smugness. Beauty with a purpose? Rolene’s personality easily projects that everyone’s inner beauty can be a powerful force for change. Confidently beautiful? Paulina’s bubbly character may be short of inspiring confidence among the world’s youth that they can do something to get rid of all forms of life’s ugliness.

  7. I was never a big fan of Miss Colombia, whereas I have been an avid fan of Miss South Africa. Two gorgeous ladies with two different personalities. Rolene exudes a woman with a more mature, sophisticated and queenly bearing, while Paulina has a childish, very annoying demeanor especially when she starts talking. And this is very evident in her guesting stint via Live with Kelly & Michael. I’m so glad she only has less than a year in her MU reign ! I just couldn’t stand her prima donna attitude 😦 She’s all body without brains. Just my honest opinion 🙂

    • And let me add this: Miss World 2014 embodies the the true essence of a woman with substance while Miss Universe 2014 embodies the true essence of a girl just getting out of the puberty stage 🙂

  8. That personality of Paulina Vega really made her win. I thought she was cool. She fits the bill.


    Si Valerie at MJ sana ang naka post for this…….🐷🐷🐷

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