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  1. China will win again because it will be held in China. China never won any major international contest except when it is held in China. The only record of China winning in a major beauty pageant is 2 times in Ms. world= both were held in China. Poor Chinese, they never win in major beauty contest outside of their country.

  2. Hmmm let me post…All of you are saying that China will win since the pageant’s gonna be in China. This is nothing new in all other pageants. If ever China wins and she really deserves the crown why not. Filipinos sometimes don’t know how to see themselves first in the mirror. When we won Miss Earth this year, which was held in the Philippines, not to mention, that is a Filipino organization, did we complain???

    • So you’re complaining about your fellow Filipinos again?! Don’t worry, being “Filipino” is a nationality… Feel free to change nationalities anytime! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Basically yes, because I am sick and tired of this kind of mentality. About Nationality, it has been 10 years that I possess a dual citizenship.

      • @Van

        Why not let go of being Filipino completely?! You are obviously born among our country’s oligarchy but was educated in the exclusive schools here… It is no wonder you have no idea about the origins of the Filipino mentality…

        FYI, it’s our educational system that is limited on purpose by our government runned by the oligarchy that created the inferiority complex among Filipinos. It’s still the same ignorance and division among the classes that was amplified by our colonizers that you are hating right now. My mother was born among the masses which is why I understand the “culture” that you hate most about the Filipinos. That’s what happens when any group of individuals are opressed and it is passed on for generations. In our case, it’s been on going for centuries until today. It’s the mechanism that makes the rich become richer and poor become poorer. IMO, you should not be mad at the products of opression… you should be mad at the opressors which is the oligarchy that you are part of. But why would you be? You are right there abroad, enjoying the fruits of your ancestors and yet you complain ignorantly on this blog about the culture programed by your ancestors on the Filipino people. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Van: Please don’t over generalize by saying “ALL OF YOU…” because I for one has not said anything about China winning MU if the pageant were to be ever hosted there. And by doing so, you start to sound much like the very people you criticize.

      But let’s face it. China has a proven propensity to aggrandize itself, so what people are reasonably assuming is that China expects some form of payback when it agrees to do something — like it did when it agreed to host Miss World. Do the math.

  3. Barely a month into her reign, Paulina’s already making statements like this one that has yet to be officially confirmed by the MUO. She is SO unprofessional. If the negotiations between Trump and China are still ongoing, then Paulina’s revelations undermines Trump’s position. If China ends up refusing, then Trump will end up looking like a loser. In either case, Paulina should have just shut her big fat mouth.

  4. I won’t believe it unless MUO announces officially. Maybe this Pauletta or whatever her name is mistook Donald Trump, who really said “This Miss Universe looks made in China she should give up her crown there!”

  5. Ang ganda naman nito…

    parang nag blo-bloom sya (janicel lubina) lalo these days pansin ko lang. gaganda ng mga shots nya…

  6. Winning is always a chance kahit saan man ang venue kung talaga para sayo ay para sayo – kung mag kataon na sa China ganapin at sila ang manalo hindi na bago yan… commonly na nangyayari yan ngayon. After all that is life… kelangan din nila ibigay yan sa China dahil malaking sponsor sa MU ang Chinese Laundry surely isa sa owner noon ay Chinese. Sa atin ba sa pinas ano mapapala ng MU? website traffic dahil sa fans na halos isumpa ang ayaw nila at gawing santo ang gusto nila. Common guys its all about sustainable business ang nasa isip panigurado ni Mr. T.

    • Malapit na turn-over ng Trump Tower dito… billion ang kikitain ni Trump dun… and I heard malaki shares nila sa Century Properties dito… dapat lang sya mag crown ng Filipina…

  7. What I have heard is this year’s edition will be held in Vegas then 2016 in Colombia

  8. Finally an Asian will win the Miss Universe crown again courtesy of Miss China ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As usual pasok pa rin sa Top 5 si Miss USA.
    Alam niyo na. Pageant politics.
    Pasensya na Ms. Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia.
    Tama si Araneta in saying that she doesn’t see our Binibini doing well in Miss Universe this year.

  9. Since China ang host ( kuno ), magpapatayo ang China ng napaka laking coliseum sa isang probinsya nila, itong Si DT, ganuon din hotel naman ang sa kanya which will equate to = $$$ KACHING CHING, it reminds me of ORDOS, China…. So in return hometown decision ang peg…..
    Huwag naman sana, but it’s my imagination running restlessly and fiercely wild…..pasensya na naamoy ko na rigged ito…….. Kainis ๐Ÿท

    • I agree!… pero baka ina-asar AKA sinasabotaje lang tayo ni Paulina kasi nga andaming nang bash sa kanyang pinoy nung miss U…

  10. Won’t matter… ‘cuz the judges will still be mostly from the West or American.

    • Pasok nga contestant sa Top 15… bino-boo naman contestant sa stage… ano na kaya maging zcore natin… did that ever happen to a Filipino candidate? As in Booed on stage?… I remember the last MU was held in Mexico… I really felt sorry for Miss USA… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • I know… I felt sorry for Miss USA in 1993 and Miss USA in 2007 for getting booed in Mexico. Oy! I hope the pageant is not held in Mexico again if they are such sore losers. Thankfully, hindi pa bino-boo ang Filipino candidate. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ewan natin pag China ang host… joke! Wag naman… so dapat pala me lahing Chinese talaga ipadala natin… hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

      • May nag runner up yata na Filipina na sa China ginanap. Miss World ata yun. Yung gown niya ay ung halos kita na yung kepyas. Di naman siya na-boo ng audience. Pero kahit maganda ung sagot niya talo pa rin siya.

  11. It’s not official yet. Kaya huwag masyadong paniwalaan hanggat hindi MUO official statement. Knowing MUO, pabago bago kaya nga nadelay ang 2014 Miss Universe wala na kasing bansa na may gusto sa sobrang mahal!!!

    Paasa lang yang bobitang Paulina Vegang yan!!!!

    Ang pumatol sa sinabi ni Poleng ay kasing bobita nya! lol!

  12. If China really is the venue then there is possibly no TOP 5 placement again for Miss Philippines this year… I guess MU org knows that BBP is ongoing right now and the venue would be the basis of our winners this year… At ang pakiramdam ko magkakasabwat si Poleng, Mang Donald at Stella Sabotaje… hmmmm????!!! Ano kaya ang binabalak nila????!!!

    Just send Pia Wurtzbach or Hannah Sison this year… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Basta resserve nalang sila Janicel and Aliza for 2016 or 2017…

    • Anabel Tia?!… Why not?!… Chinese descent… baka mas malaki chance nya mag finalist among the rest since the Chinese people are very nationalistic.. hmmmm…

      • Mga Chinese din ba lahat ng Judges? Ganon ba ka impluwensiya kung sakali. Send the best Candidate, kung sino man ang manalo sa Bb. Pilipinas 2015 siya ang ipadala but make sure ang winner sa Bb. ay maganda talaga hindi yong retokada at need pa ng kung ano ano para gumanda. Para di siya ma ignore ng million viewers ng MU para kung sakali man matalo siya, tatatak pa rin sa madla ang performance nya at kagandahan. Wag ng ipilit si Hannah pls lang. At no no no na sa wait for 2 to 3 years, kung deserving manalo si Janicel now, go! Paano kung next year may mas maganda at matangkad at sexy na sasali. Mas bata mas ok.

      • Politics carries more weight in Miss U…. it’s the prelim judges and Miss U org who decides who will be included in the TOP15… Janicel is a very winnable candidate as long as the venue is not China… I don’t want her to end up as a waisted beauty just because of Politics… She is only 19 anyway… next year would be a different ball game but someone with the looks and background of Janicel Lubina is only once in a lifetime…

  13. well, bet lng khit sa china, kasi dko gaano bet mga binibinis ngayon, kay hannah ruth lng ako naiimpress

  14. Sinusubok ba talaga tayo ng MUO?, naalala ko nuong si Perfida Limpin ang ipinadala sa Taipei nuong 1988, waley ligwak, true wa feel ng China ang tan…..
    Anu ba iyan, feel Ko pa naman Si Janicel……
    Ayoko AYOKO ayoko talaga sa Chinaaaaaaa, siguradong rigged ang winnah….. Kainis๐Ÿท๐Ÿท๐Ÿท

  15. Tawa lang ako kung palitan nila venue at Hindi pa official. Kung ganon engot talaga tong si poleng.

  16. Oh no!!! China !!! Positive, you train your delegates well, hope politics will not play that much effect!!! Nothing impossible. I love Janicel and Ruth.

    • @Themba

      I agree! :-)… Does South Africa have good relations with China? I guess you guys have a greater chance of winning this year if that’s the case… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes Closer. Remember BRICS – brazil,russia,india,china,and south africa. Google pls.

      • Ohh checked it… Nice! And all members are consistent in pageants. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • China doesn’t play a fair game!!! It DEMANDS. It wants 3/4 of slice in the cake. That’s my view.

      • That’s no surprise…. they’ve been trying to invade our country for decades… they already built oil rigs on some of our islands and their whole government supports it… What more for pageants… winning Miss Universe would be a huge boost for their economy… At least you guys have a chance on making it to the TOP 15 or even the TOP 5… for sure they won’t even throw us a bone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  17. Aaaaand Vega will be crowning China’s first Miss Universe. We are done for i am telling you. Whoever wins on March will be sent into a suicide mission. too much of a nega nancy i know sorry but i cant help it when both of China’s Miss World were crowned where? In China.

  18. Send the winners of Miss Chinatown Philippines

    Randy See Cailles and Rolini Lim Pineda topped Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2013

    • Kurt Joshua Ong (right) and Nicole Cordoves are the winners of Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2014

    • Great Idea! Nicole Cordoves is tall…
      Sayang hindi sya sumali sa BBP this year…

  19. Habang wala pang sinasabi ng Miss Universe Organization kung saan gaganapin ang patimpalak sa taon 2015. Tayo po ay kalmado lang dahil alam natin ang pag-iisip ng Miss Universe Organization pabago-bago. Ang mahalaga piliin natin ang karapat dapat na kandidata ng Pilipinas para sa Miss Universe 2015. Dapat bang suportahan natin ang mga pambato ng Aces and Queens , ang grupo na nagdala ng tagumpay noong taon 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, o ang mga pambato ng Kagandahan Flores sa kasamaang palad hindi nasungkit ang tagumpay noong 2009 at 2014?

  20. Send the winners of Miss Chinatown Philippines

    Randy See Cailles and Rolini Lim Pineda topped Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2013

    Kurt Joshua Ong (right) and Nicole Cordoves are the winners of Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2014

  21. It seems that the stars are aligining for Pia! Chinese people are really fond of fair-skinned people.

  22. China is so “f-ing” sensitive and controversial. Sino sino ba kaaway nito? Gudlak naman. Japan Vietnam Philippines sus…at marami pang iba. Maghuhuramentado yan ang dami nila. Sabagay 2 lang naman choice dyan. Crown a Chinese ala Wenxia Yu or another Latina …so why bother really?

    Naisip ko na lang ba ka mad maganda prod. Madaming mapupuntahan di tulad nung fake doral na parang joke venue lang.

  23. Janice is super sexy but if it will be in China I hope she waits it out. Ba ka maging polarizing presence nya dun. If Maeya Tuliling represents Santolan go! Gusto ko sila nagkita mag sabong.

  24. China? Oh great… might as well not send anyone… it’s China and DT won’t want to up$et them by placing a Filipina anywhere as a finalist. It will shove the China/Philippines conflict in their face. It’$ China for the win$$$! Oh well… there’s always 2016. Sayang… sigh…

  25. Ewan kung ine-echos lang ako ng nga studyante ko pero bet nila nga delegates natin Pag pinapadala ko photos. In fact inggit na inggit sila sa katawan ni MJ. Sa face benta sa kanila si Megan. So ba ka mixed race na sweet and sultry. Kaso lang…still they may have a preference pero na ka base pa rin sa set of judges. Like what happened the last time. Frankly I really don’t care who they send. I’ll just follow and watch as usual but I don’t have buwis buhay bets this year and I kinda lost interest knowing na din naman na walang pagbabago. Unless…may visible change ha sa part ng BPCI ba ka ma engganyo ulit ako…if that is the case…send alaiza. She has sex appeal. Yan medyo kulang Ang asians. Lalo na sa nga Chinese matatangkad Oo pero waley sex appeal. Ba ka umubra

  26. Pia Wurzsback and Christi Lynn Ashley McGarry are the two ladies with the Universal appeal. Philippines need to experiment. We need another Lalaine Bennett or Margarita Moran and definitely the Megan Young type.

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