17 comments on “Truth and Dare with Teresita Sen Marquez

  1. I actually like her.. She has that “beauty queen” aura. She reminds me of Joan Santos.

  2. I actually like her personality. A&Q needs to work more on her styling.
    How tall is she Sir Norman ? She may not have the height of her aunt Melanie but I believe she can pull something off in the finals with proper training and coaching.

  3. Sayang wala syang nakuhang feature ni Melanie Marquez. Sana kahit height lang .

    • She got the short end of her parent’s features. With a movie star mother and a basketball player father plus a miss international aunt…that gene pool should have produced a glamazon or someone ala kat dimaranan

    • I agree, as if something would happen to our educational system if she says something… If her Dad was a wise politician then they should know that the Cojuangcos have been growing ignorant Filipinos for decades on purpose… but at least her heart seems to be in the right place… 🙂

  4. Cool! Reallly sounded like stitch. Lol. Well, she looks ready. A little too pageantry with her 1st answer but i think she has personality and wit

  5. A lot of people may think it’s a long shot for her, but I think she’s got what it takes. Her camp just have to work on her styling. She may not make it this year but she should try again next year.

  6. Pwede na 4th runner up sa miss tondo.

    Communication skills – palakang trying hard magsalita. Trying to be glamorosa sa pagsasalita.

    Mannerisms and Body Movement – Parang balisa na d mo maintindihan. Walanh kontrol sa sarili. Parang nawawala ang pagiging “siya”. Hindi sya komportable.

    Bb Pilipinas verdict: 16th place

    • I don’t understand how she became “trying hard”?… That’s how she normaly talks to anyone and she seems alright to me…

  7. Hi Norms! Have you featured # 32 Danita Joan Ruazol? She is my brother-in- law’s first cousin from Cavinti, Laguna. I’m not very familiar with her

    • she may enter the top 15.. thats the farthest she could go…

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