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  1. eto mareng Mrs_spainhour, medyo nag momoved on na sa pangyayari after ng miss U,huhuhu…sana may mag iimproved kandidata natin. hinahanap ko pa din ang MJ caliber mare..alam kung mahirap hanapin yun kasi bawat isa ay unique. Mare ingatz always…

  2. I actually think she looks pretty. The skills mentioned by other people are easily learned. However, she registers really well on camera. She can be molded into the type of Binibini BPCI wants.

    I think we should really all stop expecting the perfect candidate. Everyone has flaws. The more readily candidates may show but at the end of the day, we shouldn’t judge based on what we see now. Give it some time to get to know the Binibini’s. To early in the competition to determine a winner.

    Goodluck Nancy! You have that Miss Universe Aura and if you do win, I hope you train at your best and stay true to who you are. You have a very humanistic approach and that is your personality! It is very personable and people will be able to relate to you easily.


  3. Rent.Rice.Pasta Noodles. Century Tuna.Catfood.Toiletries.Load. Chocolates.Pambayad Utang. A nice pair of flat sparkly sandals. YEY.

    Nancy, beautiful face (Shamcey vibe). From the South (which is a go for me) but girl…you need to spend it more on vitamins (more energy mas happy) and a few lessons on personality enhancement (quick thinking…to much na kung hilingin ko pa sayo maging witty ka). I readlly like you but I was sooooo f*ing bored!

    Nasan na ba mga girls na tipo bang pag hindi naka pasok sa semis ng Miss U kakasama natin ng loob? I need to feel that high again. Yung tipo ng girls na passionately pag aawayan natin? SAAN????

  4. mareng Mrs_spainhour, pang miss U nga ang peg ng Lola, palaban, hope mag improved ang Com skills pero anyway she’s gorgeous!!! anu sa tingin mo mare?pasado na ba sya sa taste mo?

  5. Based on the video, she isn’t charming at all. But she registers really well in photographs. Looks like it’s hard to find the “whole package” the past consecutive years gave us.

    • @alex…ikaw yung nag comment na inaantay mo sya diba? sabi ko ako rin inaantok ko rin to. pero…WENK. yun lang.

      • Yes, because when I first compared the photos of all the candidates she’s the best for Miss U. But her personality is bland. I know she can be trained pero iba pa rin yung natural charm, dapat umpisa pa lang nandoon na. But who knows, even MJ improved a huge lot. Basta may potential. Good luck.

  6. Ganda ng mukha… sexy naman…
    parang nasa loob ang kulo…
    Yung itsura na tipong papakasalan mo dahil hindi mukhang pakalat kalat sa pageant tapos wild pala…

      • hindi ako maka comment kay manay nancy but i was not bored by your “I’m bored” pahabol. You crack me up @Closer2Fame

    • Have mercy on the girl. No need for veneers. Mag invisalign na lang or braces for a few months. Not liking what they did to MJ and Kris to be honest.

  7. Intercon or mtqi. Kailangan lang ng konting voice modulation saka konting practice sa delivery ng sagot.

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