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  1. Retokada po ang ilong. I have nothing against it. It actually enhaced her beauty at ung veeners nya mganda pgkagawa

  2. Ninag, the last time you posted an article with almost the same title, ” who’s afraid of paulina vega?”, Paulina won, will it happen too to Rogelie?
    I’m excited…

  3. the way she talks is so cute! Aha! I’m seeing potential in this girl! She’ll definitely put on a good show sa finals! Can’t wait.

  4. Shes pretty but i have yet to see more of this girl in the press presentation and prelims. Shes chanelling Mj lastimosa on her truth or dare video i noticed. The shoulder shrugs, clasped hands and the head leaning on the side seem like a KF routine’. Im still in the fence for this girl since Kris tiffany set the bar high for the ladies from cebu. Yes, she can be a contender knowing cebu does not send half prepared ladies to beauty pageants. However, she reminds me of Denise Cornejo. Dont know if its good or bad. Surely i have this girl in my ‘must watch’ list because ,shes starting to grow on me. One thing though, please jonas Borces and wenwen Zaspa, tone down the very obvious NOSELINE in her pictures. Shes naturally pretty but her nose kinda gave her away because it looked manufactured with the harsh make up.

  5. MU na to…veneer, so what..?catacutan nyo ang veneer kasi yan ang tumataob sa mga di kilalang bet ninyo, backstage kasi ang pick…sino ba ang hindi nag veneer? Eh d un talunan….hahahaha…talo inggit d afford ang veneer…

    • Trivia for you Closer2Fame…

      Tweety is a cartoon character, oh and a bird too, so yun….”it”.

      • @Captain Peewee

        Wow, so you think birds are asexual objects?
        …. good job! You’re getting smarter by the minute
        … LOL…. now, you’re making Rogelie sound like a clapper…. 😀

    • Haha. True! And another trivia for her.. it’s pronounced Tweeeeety, not ‘Twitty’. Also, carTOOON, not ‘carton’. She’s trying too hard to sound as if she has an American accent.

  6. ROBOT?



  7. I have no problems with the veneers. Why are some people so judgemental about this cosmetic procedure? Gosh, it’s 2015. Grow up people! Most if not all contestants sa beauty pageants ay naka- veneers. Nobody wants to see a beauty queen na dilaw ang ngipin. The current Miss Universe title holder Paulina Vega todo ang veneers.

    KF just needs to find a great cosmetic dentist na hindi obvious gumawa. There are tons of female Hollywood celebrities na naka- veneers. DEMI MOORE, KATY PERRY, MILEY CYRUS, JENNIFER GARNER, MEGAN FOX, EMILY BLUNT, VICTORIA BECKHAM, KATIE HOLMES, CATHERINE ZETA JONES, KATE BECKINSALE….at madaming madami pang iba so bakit until now issue pa din sa iba ang veneers? Kung wala kayong pang- gastos sa ngipin nyo wag nyo ka-inggitan ang mga kayang gumastos alang alang sa ganda nila.

    • Para sa akin ok lang din pero masyado kasi halata lalo na yong kay Kris Tiffany. Veneers pala ang kay Paulina pinagmamasdan ko akala ko nga pustiso siya. In fairness ganun din kinalabasan ang kay Neil Perez magkapareha sila bibig kaya sana Winner din si Neil Perez sa Mr. International.

    • Wala naman akong problema sa veneers per se. Kapag hindi maganda or hindi mukhang natural ang pagkakagawa, dun ako mejo naa-unsettle. But I agree with you na KF needs to find a better cosmetic dentist.

      • I agree mare. Dapat talaga magaling humanap ng magaling na cosmetic dentist ang KF.

  8. The world would be a better, more tolerable place if EVERYONE had veneers. You can say something horrible and no one would mind because you look fab- with veneers. Anyways, she needs more training pa. She needs to get rid of a lot of affectations and find a more natural way of speaking and presenting herself.

  9. She’s actually very pretty, a semifinalist contender, but her make-up in those photos by Zaspa is a bit harsh.

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