24 comments on “Sunday Specials: From Paolo Ballesteros to MJ Lastimosa

  1. Bading ba talaga si Paolo? In fairness ang galing ng transformation nya…although mas gusto ko sya as Megan Young.

  2. Pao, gayahin mo naman si Nancy Binay.
    Ayan ha, ang dali lang nyan, turn off the lights, and all is done!

  3. Guys nakita nyo na to? Ok pahabol lang…medyo nakaka move on na naman ako…

    The details are amazing up close. OO nandun na ako. In fact this was probably the best Barraza creation. The point is….the cut did not suit MJ. More importantly, enough na…it is time to let our fabulous Filipino designers showcase their own handiwork. Ok I’m done. Thank you.

    • bet ko talaga ung top ng gown in all honesty. the mermaid tail was just a no no for me..

    • Barraza should have done the beading from top to bottom. no fish tail or awkward see through gaps. just those fine beads lang. it would’ve been such a classy, elegant dress.

      • may nakita akong photo may nag photoshop same dress pero buo hindi mermaid cut…ang ganda sana. hindi ko lang makita yung photo eh

      • Speculation ko lang naman…feeling ko sa budget na nagkatalo…BPCI’s allocated budget for the gown might not have been enough for a fully beaded version of this gown hence the sheer panel and mermaid tail.

    • Uhmmmm… NO! This is another PR damage control of BPCI… That Bazzura gown is nothing compaired to Leo Almodal’s gowns which takes months to create…. It’s not like he’s slackin but it’s because most of the beading and embroidery from top to bottom of Leo’s pieces are hand sewn day and night by himself… and the proportions of that Bazzura gown is way off and does not enhance or show-off the beauty of our candidate..

      Take that BPCI!

  4. For a second there, I actually thought that was MJ’s photo until I read the heading. LOL! This guy Paolo’s good.

    • epal naman ni jennifer.. hahahahha. gurl huwag masyadong kumain ng bittermelon. haaist.

    • Hindi naman pala sya nag post eh…mas grabe pa nga mga sinabi ng mga kaaway ni mrs. spainhour dito haha…yaan na nanahimik na yung tao.

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