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  1. I still believe that MJ is the most deserving to wear that skyscrapers crown and not Babalina Pauliinnayan Vega!

  2. Tito norman may napansin lang ako tuwing may miss universe coronation may something big na nangyayari sa bansa natin.. Venuj Raj tandaan niyo yung manila hostage?Janine Tugonon and Bagyong Pablo,Ara and Bagyong Yolanda and lastly Mj and Pnp Saf mamasaporo misencounter.sana next time victory na lang..wala ng sasabay sa victory ng pilipinas..

      • I was just thinking about that too. If you guys remember Maguindanao Massacre 1, it happened on MJ’s birthday many years ago in 2009 (please verify if I’m correct or not) but I do remember… And during Miss Universe whilst MJ was fighting for the crown, the Maguindanao Massacre 2 happened.

  3. even if MJ entered the top 5, i still think colombia would have gotten the crown anyway. she had the best body in the competition, coupled with a beautiful natural face, and her answer was one of the better ones. it’s not always the substance of the answer that makes a girl win (case in point: janine tugonon and olivia culpo in 2012), but her charm and overall aura in the final five.

    as for the gown, venus, janine, and ara wore horrible gowns, but they still made it to the top 5.

    maybe i’d pick MJ over netherlands, but i’d still place colombia, ukraine, and jamaica higher.

    • The point here is that MJ should’ve made it to the TOP 5… Even if she wouldn’t win… based on the answer of the other “inteligent answers” what do you think could’ve been MJ’s placement?!

  4. The info given by GMA in the poster is wrong, it should be 1952 when the Philippines first sent its representative to the Miss Universe pageant.

  5. So MJ lost by a mere fraction (0.625) of a point to Netherlands which prevented her from entering the top 5 after the evening gown competition. We all know who to thank for that!

    • I always thought Netherlands would make it to the top 5 after watching the prelims along with Jamaica. Amongst our group of friends, I was the only one betting for Netherlands. She has this quiet confidence and elegance in her, not something over powering or rehearsed. I knew that Colombia was the most qualified one because of her bearing and aura that is very regal akin to those who won in the past.

      • Lemme guess.. your another SMA’s minnion at BPCI? PR damage control ei? Well the damage has been done!

        Ok let’s assume that you are just some random spectator… hmmmm… So all through out the prelims.. you had no idea that netherlands is all boobs and no brain?!… Seriously?! :-/

      • Closer2Fame.. I am just a random spectator but I have the eyes for beauty – not the typical Filipino standard of beauty. Of course, I wanted MJ to win but I am not as biased as everyone else here. If you noticed MJ’s real personality was not shown on stage during the contest. Even her smile appeared not to be genuine and those intentional head-tilting must have turned off the judges. People always know if you are faking your personality no matter how hard you try. I do not know, but for me, MJ appeared to be “eager-beaver” to win to the extent of faking her personality just to please the judges. I did not see this thing with Venus, Shamcey, Ariella and Janine. Janine was the least liked candidate to the Miss Universe by Filipinos because of her features, some even said she looks like “katulong” (at least in Filipino standard) but during the contest, she rocked every portion. She was sporty in her swimsuit and was so elegant in her evening gown. Not to mention she had the best Q&A among them.

      • You do know that Miss Universe is 3 week long pageant right?… Do you know what happened to MJ behind the scenes before the pageant night related to the gown? Do you know the Politics between Miss Universe, SMA, BPCI, Barraza, and Miss Colombia? Have you met MJ in person like I did?

        You obviously don’t read this blog on a regular basis… I suggest that you at least read the past posts before you comment here about what you only see on the surface of pageantry?

      • Closer2Fame…I have read all the past comments here and they are all just speculations and “sour grapes”. When can we learn to accept defeat as they come without blaming others? I think this is already imbedded in the Filipino’s psyche. To tell you the truth, MJ was not the best MU representative as everyone is claiming here. If you notice her close up shots, she was not as fresh as the other candidates. The only time that i disagreed with the MUs result was during Janine Tugunon’s edition because for me Janine should have been crowned instead of Olivia. Ara Arida was not voted into the top 15 by the judges but through fan vote which I think Filipinos are good at, but she made all the way to the top 5 because she was natural on stage and did not over acted. Her gown was even worse than MJs but she carried it well. The donwfall of Ara was her overall aura when answering her final question. When she was talking, tha camera zoomed in to her face, and you can see that she was not confident enough. MJ is excellent on this skill but presentation wise, she was not natural and was overacting.




        Why did MJ had to lie by saying that the gown was edited by Barraza?
        which do you think looks better, the Barraza or Almodal gown?
        Why did MJ wore the white Barraza gown instead of the pink Leo Almodal gown on the coronation night?
        What do you think is the score of Colombian Nina Garcia, the Fashion Director at Elle and Marie Claire magazines and judge of Project Runway on MJ’s white gown compaired to Ms. Netherlands and Colombia?

      • @Van

        IMO, the problem here is that there are some people who don’t care about the years of hardwork, focus and dedication of our candidates to be able to be the best that they could be. These same people act as if they are above the opression of their own kind by ranting about those who are affected instead of being part of the solution to the real problem. Guess what? For the past few years of being opressed, I was one of those people who careless but I finaly met my precipice so now I am proud to say that I am part of the solution.

        BPCI is part of a huge business…
        So KILL the business!
        Only then would they be open for CHANGE!


  6. Kuya Norman, napaouch din ako na ika-anim ang MJ natin. Sayang, walang continental Miss U winners kasi makukuha ni MJ yun as the best in Asia. Bias against Asians at towards Latin Americans talaga Kuya Norman ang Doral at ang Florida. Naeexperience ko yan bilang student dito sa Florida (yung university na may buwaya as poppets). On the bright side, I’m proud of MJ as the last one standing in Asia and we should be happy as Filipinos. Ang nangyari po kasi e mas masaya pa ang mga Indonesians na nakatop 15 si Elvira Elph nila kesa sa atin na nakatop6 si MJ at the best in Asia (dagdag pa ang Pacific).

  7. haist kailan kaya ulit tayo magkakaroon ng pinaka the best na pangbato sa MU? Once in a blue moon… lintik na gown

  8. ouch!,..nanghihinayang ako…lalo akong nasuklam kay Netherlands.. lol…
    anyway, at least nalaman natin na 6th sya overall and not lower than that….

    about BBP2015 naman, sana sumali ulit si Elima.. perfect sya for Miss Universe.. yun nga lang medyo sablay sa Q&A..kelangan nya pang mag practice…

  9. In this list, it is obvious that Judges prefer someone that embodies that true Filipina beauty the likes of Mirriam Quiambao, Janine Tugonon, Desiree Verdadero, Chat Silayan etc etc. so why do we keep sending candidates with caucasian features?

    • I agree…
      so Janicel should be the winner then…
      She has the facial features of a Filipina and her body is 100% Miss Universe.. Boom! 😀

    • Honestly the exotics always end up a runner up. It is very, very rarely that an exotic beauty wins, because Miss Universe looks for somebody who has the “Universal” beauty.

      Even Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran has a timeless beauty. Their faces in other words have this “classic proportions” that will be deemed beautiful “everywhere” they go.

      Janine Tugonon for instance, personally I do not find her facially pretty but her face is a very good canvas for makeup because of her cheekbones, but apart from that I cannot say she has a classic beauty.

      I’d have to say a good example of an exotic yet classic face is Mutya Datul. Angel Aquino as well, or Tweetie de Leon. Ara Arida too has a very classic face, but you still can see some streaks of Caucasian features in them.

      • I agree… Ariela Arida has the classic features that has a lot of iconography.. She could’ve won if she was confident and articulate enough in giving her answers and of course a gorgeous gown instead of a Bazurra.

      • I agree, Venus is also very iconographic…
        Her face actually looks like a dusky exotic version of Sophia Loren and Jessica Lange on top of Tyra Bank’s body during her Victoria’s Secret modeling days that no ill-fitting Bazurra gown could make her look bad. She could’ve won if she gave the best answer among the TOP 5 finalists.

  10. 1972’s Armi Crespo actually placed 6th. She was just a 10th of a point away from the Miss U 4th runner up, (Miss England), that she received a special trophy for her feat.

  11. BPCI should try this time a mestiza or half blood Filipina representative to MU

  12. So MJ ranked 6th? Feeling mixed emotions lang ako. I’m happy because she didn’t rank lower than that overall.. Meaning there was a huge potential of entering the Top 5. Pero I’m sad too because she was almost there, nahila lang siya ng gown pbaba.. If she would have worn that Almodal gown… she wouldn’t have had to fight Netherlands for a spot in the Top 5.. She would’ve aced the EG round like a piece of cake… And she would have wiped everyone out in the two Q&A segments…

    It took us a long time to find a very well rounded candidate. MJ is a showstopper and will definitely not be forgotten

    • I keep watching her MU performance. I haven’t completely moved on.. Pero I keep telling myself to be happy for MJ because she made us proud and she was finally able to rock the Miss Universe scene – one of her biggest dreams.

  13. ARAY ang sakit naman nito. Sabihin na nila lahat na di sya katangkaran, 27 na, may retoke, mukang bakla ek ek ek ..pero josko kung ito sana naka pasok sa top 5 nilampaso sana nya mga bobita dun sa MU! Validation na sakin sana yun maipakita lang ni MJ na kahit kaya syang lamangan ng mga Poleng likes physically pero sa utak, kilos at sense…ang layo layo ng distansya nila….HAY ARAY

  14. tito norms, based on the video – Best in Swimsuit among all our candidates Rosario Silayan 1980.

    Runners up Desiree verdadero, Shamcey and Janine.

    Sa National Costume, panalo si Maria Isabel Lopez.

  15. Angelo Reyes, ilan nalang ang brain cells mo?? Naubusan ka nanaman…mahalin mo naman sarili! PLZ take care of urselfff.

  16. I won’t complain if Hanna Ruth or Ria becomes the next MUP. With make up on, they have the most beautiful Filipina faces.
    Pia is still my top favorite. But with the bias against mestizas , I’m not very hopeful.

    • So far, Ruth is the most well-rounded candidate in this batch.. well i still have to see how the other candidates perform. Pero Hannah is at the top for me as of now.

    • Sorry… makinis talaga si Patricia… sobrang maalaga yan sa mukha at katawan… as in super healthy living… all natural ang curves nya…

    • Naku did someone slap her face with a skillet? Ang flat face sya at hindi maganda. Like ewwww. 😦

  17. Ouch. It was so hard watching the pageant in Doral after Top 5 announcement.

    Especially since we all know how much MJ worked and fought for the Philippines.

    What made it worse was that MJ would have killed it during both Interview rounds.

    Oh well, if MJ has moved on I will too. Besides, her impact will be with Filipino pageantry for years to come… And hopefully be the start of “designs” towards stronger Miss U reps.

  18. what is funny about that? some countries are still aiming for their first win and some haven’t even placed yet. cant you just be positive and proud of our numbers?

    • Troot. Kaso lang hindi naman din sila kasing crazy and kasing seryoso natin diba? sila maka pag padala lang ng candidate. tayo kase and with MJ alam mo na dugo’t pawis pinuhunan at hindi lang iisang taon na preparasyon…ilang beses sumali yan kaya gets? alam ko ang babaw kung tutuusin pero meaningful kase satin to otherwise bakit pa tayo tatambay dito sa blog na to diba?

      Ang sakin lang nanghihinayang talaga ako kase sabi nga sa isang IG account team_ph ba yun di ako sure (may photo ni MJ na naka bikini) parang kelan pa ulit tayo makaka hanap ng candidate na tulad ni MJ? The girls now sa Bb., they’re all gorgeous pero something is still missing for me. Baka may hangover pa rin nga ako sa MU. Oh well…

  19. Top 6! I think my head bloated! SAYANG!!! by the way norms very nice summary of Ms.Universe in the Philippines, congratulations great work!

  20. nakakapanghinayang talaga. but 0.625 is a big gap, i think, given that the scores are around 8.00 to 9.9… it’s MJs determination that’s making us sad (or yes, bitter) about what happened. i hope the next Miss Universe Philippines will be as determined as her. MJ may not have entered the top 5 but it opened the door to Filipino designers to showcase their talents in international pageants. Philippines has been very strong in swimsuit part but was weak in evening gown competition (based on the recent years edition of MU).

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