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  2. For me Wow!!!!!! Lubina my Miss Universe!!!!!! A complete package, an Aura of Miss Universe!!!!!!!No one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………..My Miss International, my bet Is Miss Sison, Supranational, Mc Garry……………………………………

  3. Here are the girls I’m rooting for:

    Universe – Rogelie Catacutan
    International – Christi McGarry or Nancy Leonard
    Supranational – Janicel Lubina or Alaiza Malinao
    Intercontinental – Kylie Versoza
    Tourism – Pia Wurtzbach

  4. hannah-ms universe
    alaiza-ms international
    predict only 🙂

  5. Sana wag na matanda like Mj ang ipadala. So wag na si Pia, Hannah, Toni, Liezl, and those above 25. Sorry lang.

    • Noted………Lubina is my bet…. Pia she’s to old., althou she’s pretty but im not convinced…

  6. Mars! Sayang lang si LL and LK kung a year of enslavement to Basura & Co.

    Better to move on or be with MWP!

    Still #mjalltheway

  7. I am a little shocked,,that all comments, do not include Pia, on their list of miss ph miss universe, why do sudden change from the public? i think she she would be great minus the height, but no tall girls this year. sison would also be Great for universe, however lubina is exotic,,but her communcation skills are just painful to watch and her english is questionable…however a real stunner great for international…where u only have to give a 1 min speech , i hope pia or sison get to go to miss universe therey earnt it,,,,

  8. First, congratulations ladies! It’s not easy to put yourself out there. I admire your courage and fearlessness to pursue your passion and dreams! Good luck!

    Here are my picks…

    Miss Universe – Fierce and confidently beautiful!
    (19) Christi Lynn McGarry – 5’9½”
    (21) Alaiza Flor Malinao – 5’8”

    Miss International – Girl next door type
    (10) Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach – 5’6½”
    (24) Ann Lorraine Colis – 5’7½”

    Miss Supranational – Rampadoras
    (11) Janicel Lubina – 5’7”
    (25) Rogelie Catacutan – 5’7½”

    Miss Intercontinental – I’m not sure kung ano hinahanap ng pageant na ito. Wala akong gana dahil sa ginawa nila kay Kris last year.

    Miss Tourism- I won’t put any of our ladies sa Tourism. Our ladies deserve better. I don’t want anyone to be be wasted like Parul sa halos non- existent na pageant na ito.

    Mga pwede pang sumungkit ng korona.

    Ruth Hana Sison
    Kylie Verzosa
    Renee Soraya Hassani
    Anabel Tia

  9. my top 5 – leonard, lubina, mcgarry, sison, suiza

    Universe – McGarry or Sison

    International – Lubina

    Intercontinental – Leonard or Suiza

    Tourism – any of the 5 🙂

  10. Ms.Universe- Alaiza, Ms.International- McGarry Ms.Intercontinental-Pia, Ms.Supranational- Janicel, Ms.Tourism- Sison, 1st runner-up- kimverlyn, 2nd runner-up- Colin

  11. Feeling ko laura knew na its best to step back this year since hannah ruth is going to try again. We all know what happened the last time both runners up joined the following year. 2016 would be a better year for her and new faces to join since mukhang marami sa mga repeat binibinis ang magla-last try this year.

    • Nice strategy actually. Just in case she joins again next year, she would be a repeater with a fresh new face since she will be evidently away from the limelight of BBP 2015.

  12. i think even without bps we can handpick a very suitable candidate 4 miss U provided she will wear a gown by pinoy designers. that would be stela…mind you after 50 years in training and after 2nd attemp to join.she will blow the audience and judges and will rock the stage.

  13. Bb Pilipinas 2015 will crown a Miss Universe Philippines…she will be beautiful… she will be trained and transformed to be more beautiful by December…. she will be a favorite top 5 pick in every major pageant poll… she will dazzle the public with selfies and stunning photo-shoots during preliminary activities…Then the prelim competetion to determine the top 15…Then finals night… THEN she’s forced to wear “The Gown from SMA lagoon”…then outrage…again!!

    Back to square 1 for 2016….No thank you.. my stomach can’t take it this year. Good luck to all the Bb candidates anyways…

    • So you think a fair 5’7 mestiza with a boy’s torso and lanky arms and legs is fit for Miss U? 🙂

  14. kung sumali yung ms world thailand sa miss universe thailand and wins, tapos si janicel lubina ang nanalong miss universe phils, baka maungusan si janicel. maganda at malakas stage presence nung thai

    • Janicel has a huge advantage over that girl because Janicel is more newsworthy, can speak English, and more curves at the right places… not to mention the Sash factor and huge fanbase… Gown lang ang lamang ni Santol..

      • At siyempre i-factor in na natin ang preference ng Miss Universe Thailand sa fair skinned candidates/queens. Kung hindi magbe-break from tradition ang MUT, mahihirapan manalo si Maeya.

  15. Height is not too important.miss thailand is 6 ” tall.but never got to top 15, what matters is proportion body from head to heel. MU qualifies even 5″6″ .Its the overall package.MU should have specified that no participant can join unless u are 6 foot.it aint a basketball game.its BEAUTY pgt.

  16. saka na ako mamili kung sino nararapat sa MU, MI, Supra, Intercon.

    As of now:

    1. Christi
    2. Janicel
    3. Alaiza
    4. Ann Lorraine


  17. Personally, I feel that this batch has the “face” but lacks the height to be truly competitive. We need at least 5’9″ to have a greater chance of winning.

    • I understand but this is not a “Top model contest or Who is the Tallest lady in the Universe”. I think 5’7″ is matangkad naman na for beauty pageants.

  18. Alaisa Malinao for MUP. She the only one who turns me on. Or maybe its the association with John Spainhour.

  19. I go for kylie verzosa fresh face could be an MU material with the right mentoring and training both physical and mental she could be the third MU from philippines.FACE 10 BODY 8 needs to work out on abs.inteligence the fact that shes from Ateneo and currently a teacher for kids a score of 8. personality,well she love kids that makes her young at heart. height of 5 “7. well she could pull up,she looks tall given the right gown.,olivia culpo look even shorter.Overall a score of 9, very miss universe aura. best of luck!


      • RIGHT?! she’s so BORING!!! Ganda nga ng fec, wala namang ibubuga… haayyy. bittermelon si ateng, feel niya cguro mas deserving sya for the taf 10 kaysa kay diyosa. Ewzz

  20. I wist to hear my Princess speaks. Didn’t see her truth & dare video yet. Camukha ko kasi cya 🙂 !

    My sentimental fav is Anabel Tia. Nakita ko sa kanya ang determinasyon na wala sa iba. Mas majubis pa nga cya kay Pia last year but look at her now…vava-booommm!!! 😉

  21. Janicel Lubina is best fit for Miss Universe Philippines. I love her exotic beauty. R

  22. Alaiza malinao, tito norms is my top choice for now. For First impression. Have to see her comm skills.
    close 2nd Mcgarry. If she wins, I hope she gets the trasformstion kagaya kay janine t. – ung na highlight ung cheekbone nung finals.

    Any of the 2 for MUP.

    Lower title for pia and sison. But give them title bj mag 4th sali pa, kawawa na.

  23. Janice – my bet for MUP but I think 2015 is too early for her. Two years more she can be perfect for MUP. Have a lot of training in communication skills and the most important thing is to gain more knowledge.
    For now runner up sana muna.

    Whoever wins sana she will also be trained sa hosting in tvshows.

    McGarry for Miss Universe Philippines 2015

    • I think Janicel is the best rep for MU this year. Here distinct feautures whuch is very Pinay will never left unnoticed. Plus her great skin complexion. Her mighty height is big bonus plus her explosive figure. Give her 5 months and she can bring back her old statistics (22 inch waistline). And since shes very tall, no matter what type of gown SMA will force to wear she can easily pull it off. But still hoping that boci will let our candidates this yr to wear original Filipino design gowns…
      only set back would be her communication skills, bu nyeh its a skill so anyone can coach her how to be an affective one.
      Shes a complete package for MU. If they will not give her the Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown then i just hope she end up getting the runner ups placement so she can join again next year.
      Im rooting for Janicel this year. Go Janicel get that Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown. U

  24. Christi.. someone to watch…let’s see how she developes as the days pass. I really wouldn’t mind her as BbPU. We’ll see…

  25. Janicel Lubina – Supra
    Hannah Ruth Sison – International/Universe
    Christi McGarry – Universe/Supra
    Ann Colis – Universe/Intercontinental
    Nancy Leonard – Universe/Intercontinental

  26. Colis vs McGary for MU. Pleas enough of Pia so tired of her endless quest . Sige na Ms Tourism Pia Wurtsbach!!!

    • Ikaw na @Viveka kung maka endless quest hahaha..

      MU – Pia
      MI – Viveka
      MS – Viveka
      MIntercon – Viveka
      MT – Viveka

      Welcome to youe endless quest Viveka! Tahaha..


  27. Hi Norman!
    You have all of my 12 early picks with the exception of Wyn Marquez, Ria Rabajante, and Enrica Guieb.

    Sison, Ramos, or Colis for Universe- if not, Intercon
    McGarry for International
    Lubina for Supra
    Rabajante, Marquez Runners-Up
    No more Tourism?

    Only top 5 for this year or 6? Or 7 like last year?

    By the way, whatever happened to the Prediction Contest, Norman? Did anybody win at all?

  28. Oh well. Here we go again supporting Bb. Pilipinas only for our hopes to be ruined at the end. I don’t want to lift a finger. I would better look at MEP and MWP.

      • The candidates and talent handlers should boycott this year’s pageant and make a noise barrage to let witch Stella to step down even during the show to make a big boo boo and ruin the proceedings!

        BB = BIG BOOBOO!


        I hope the audience who bought tickets will show at the show to let Stella Marquez step down!

        I am giving this as a suggestion to make a drastic move for a major shakeup in Bb. Pilipinas!

      • i don’t want to sound nega BUT these beauty camps would never boycott BPP.. why do you ask? Cause they are handling a BUNCH of girls who only share the same dream, and that is to represent the country in an international pageant.. At this point, they don’t really care about the wardrobe BPCI will provide them with in the future, if they were to win… Sa ngayon, they are very hungry for a national title…

    • Haha. I’m finally getting over my Miss U 2014/15 hangover and have to agree. No matter who we send, she will be destined to fall short due to reasons we all know about. Sad for the girl, their families, and the camps that prepare them so hard.

      I pick all of them so they can all get the experience of dreaming, working, sacrificing… Just to 👏👏👏. Then they get to come back and do BTS the next year.

      Ok, next week I will move on. Today I am still #mjalltheway 😿😿😿.

    • After ng miss u parang nawalan ako ng gana ng slight. Pero until now bet ko si hannah for MUP.

  29. The caliber of Bb. Pilipinas candidate just getting better and better…
    i hope the wardrobe for the winners will greatly improve also… hope SMA learned her lesson well

    • SMA will never, ever learn her lessons. She will never admit that she have done horrible decision about the evening gowns, it is what it is with her, an ungrateful selfish person whose undeniably patriotism to her home country is as obvious as my dislikes to miss universe final results. A very simple way for all of us to teach SMA some lessons is to not patronize her source of living. Boycott the araneta coliseum, stop watching any events, for all performers stop using the coliseum for your concerts, there are other great places for events not just the araneta coliseum. SMA is making her millions from our country and yet her countrymen are the ones to benefit from these. Such a shame. Mrs. Araneta I do hope that you believe that SOMEONE is watching all of us with our actions, im sure HE will forgive you however there is what we called KARMA….think about it. And please do not underestimate Filipinos…we are as smart as any geniuses out there.

      • Christi Lynn “Ashley” Landrito McGarry. She is 24, she stands 5’ 11”. The daughter of the former Victoria Alba Landrito from Bicol, former Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific 2010, former Mutya ng Pilipina-East Coast-USA, and former PABL Magnolia player and model Christopher McGarry, Ashley graduated VALEDICTORIAN from the grammar school Our Lady of Victories in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was president of the student body and captain of the girls’ basketball team; She attended the Dr. Ronald McNair Academic High School, the No. 1 academically ranked high school in the State of New Jersey and the 27th in the whole country, where she was a four-year varsity starter and MVP for her high school girl’s volleyball and basketball teams, Ashley was also Miss Teen Philippines-USA sponsored by Nena Kaufman’s Philippine Hearts and Hopes Society. In 2006, she served as an ambassadress from the US to help needy children in Bohol.

      • @Hunk

        Matagal ko na sya napansin…. but I did not know that she’s a pageant legacy…

        She might get BBP-International or Intercontinental…

        The only thing that prevents her from winning Bbp-Universe is that she did not grow up here.

        If she does not get a crown from BBP, She can become our next Miss World.

      • MY Top 10


      • @Hunk

        After the year of Mirriam who replaced the original bbp- universe because of residency issues which happened before in the year of Anjanete Abayari, BPCI never sent a candidate who’s not born and raised in the Philippines for MU.

    • OO yes to! Tamang styling pa…valedictorian naman pala eh. Hindi masyado maputi medyo dusky pa sya. 5’11 go go go… parang hybrid Latina/Asian

      @Hunk…sariawa talaga? parang isda lang haha

      I love Janicel too pero parang may bet ko sya sa Supra…we’ll see

      Eh sila Pat? Si Ria?

    • [[Philippines|Filipino]]-American beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific 2010 representing the Filipino community of East Coast, USA. She competed at the Miss Intercontinental 2010 pageant in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on Nov. 7th where she placed Top 15.http://www.pageantopolis.com/international/Intcl_2009-.htm In the World Ketchup Eating Competition, Christi placed 2nd.

    • Sa tingin ayaw nila yata gumastos para sa chaperone.Gown nga recycled na eh pamasahe pa kaya ng chaperone Di ba may nanalo din na deaf kaso di nakapagcompete internationally kasi nga sa gastos sa chaperone.

  30. For Miss Universe: #19 mcgarry, #21 Malinao, #26 Tia, #11 Lubina ///// For Miss InterCon #24 Colis, #10 Pia W. ///// For Miss Supra #25 Catacutan, #30 Ejercitado, #15 Bartolome //// Miss International #28 Sison, #8 Suiza /// For Runner Up #34 Marquez, #14 Camu //////

  31. I cant wait to watch Pia for the next MU pageant wearing creations from Phil designers THAT if matauhan ang BPCI sa dami dami ba naman ng negative comments of what happened to MJ’s EG & NatCos. Anyway, even if a lot of people wanted our next MU rep to be more more Pinay/Pinoy feez but this Pia has a lot to showcase if given a chance to represent our country for that big pageant. Mestiza much hindi patalo yan im sure sa mga Latina! Well thats my opinion. 🙂 #PiaAllTheWay yes!

  32. Di pa nag sign up si Janicel all out na ko para sakanya! Janicel For Universe!!!!

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