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  1. Wow, this girl certainly has an X-factor. She projects well & exudes a sex appeal similar to a Venezuelan beauty queen. Don’t let her take off her high heels though, MUO like their winners tall & statuesque, like a supermodel.

  2. maiba pala ako: hindi lang pala tayo nagkakagulo sa gown ni MJ. Sa Venezuela din pala dismayado sila kay Bigmelis. Apparently nagsalita na rin sya about sa decision nya to wear that longganisa casing of a gown. Natatawa lang ako kase lahat ng excuse nya mahirap mag lakad. I think na call-out sya ng designer na ingrata at walang displina at tumaba talaga sya.

  3. Eto pwede pa WIND IN THE FACE!

    Ang exotic ni Ate, hindi ako sold sa first part ng interview nya pero yung chipmunk bumenta sakin. How tall is she? Ang sarap ayusan nito ang fierce.

  4. I also like her. But my big question is, mabuksan din kaya ang utak ni Stella na mabigyan ng chance na magkorona ng universe na Wala sa dalawang big camps? Hmmm. Mukhang di pa yata. But if this girl proves her worth, I hope they will be given a chance.

  5. kailangan nya magdagdag ng konting laman, muscles, medyo koting laman sa braso at sa legs, then work on her abs para magmukha syang malaki or matangkad. I think she is 5 7 pero mas mukha syang maliit kasi mapayat sya. She has to work on her body to achieve that of Megan Young, medyo athletic, same with the other girl na payat na dating Miss Earth ung taga Eat Bulaga. She already got the looks suited for Miss U.

  6. I just love this girl’s face! A bronze and exotic beauty that is distinctly Filipina that easily stands out in an international pageant — much like Janine’s did in 2012 MU.

  7. I’ve liked her and Charmaine Elima, they both have that distinct Pinay look. She just needs to relax and chill… undercover confidence is very attractive.

  8. Rhia is gorgeous with full make up on. She’s like an asian version of Megan Fox. However, when you remove that thick smokey eyeshadow she’s just beyond ordinary. So I dont know really. Janine surprised me in Miss Universe, great make up. Now, ive seen her Miss U photos with Ara and her video in Walmart ad, i thought she looked ordinary. So if Janine can pull that then Rhia might too. So who knows really. I’m not the judge so i’ll leave that to the actual judges. Im crossing my fingers tho that they will crown the right girl to represent us but then SMA will be another hindrance. So back to zero again. ayayay!!!

    • True, but not just full make up but good full make up. When her make up and styling is on point, she’s a sight to behold but when its amiss, it all goes wrong for her.

  9. She reminds me of Tetchie Agbayani. But I have reservations regarding her communication skills. Techie is way up smart.

    • You know, I’m still in a bit of quandary as to who will be declared winner. Only one person made a close enough prediction by getting only Colombia and USA as #1 and #2, respectively. Nobody came closer than that (I’m definitely not keen on jumbled guesses even if it included at least three correct countries), so I might need to correspond with her first. I will post the announcement soon. 😉

  10. She sounds like a bimbo in her interview… Are there no intelligent, witty and spontaneous candidate this year?!

    • but I got to give it to her those pics of her in red dress sure spells miss universe

  11. Ria has the beautiful Filipina exotic look…great potential for MU..she’s got the aura happening…gorgeous!

  12. This girl is not my favorite since ariella days because of “too pageantera appeal” but i must admit may ibubuga to maybe the styling and makeup suits her look.
    She Now could be a dark horse. May nabago sa kanya…is it her teeth? Infairness bumagay.

  13. How tall is Ria? She pretty on the face but if she’s too petite she won’t get noticed at mu. Supranational maybe

  14. Tito Norm, I hope you can feature Patricia…I am actually expecting her to perform better this time, parang syang barbie doll pero parang ang chub ni Pat ngaun.

  15. I’ve seen her performed in 2013, I really hope that she would able to bring the spunk. I love the make up now not trying to be a Miriam Quiambaoque, but hereself. Anong camp si Ria?

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