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  1. let us all move on, ibang bansa as in around 86 countries, no big deal ang MU. Venezuela and Pinas lang ang hayok na hayok.. marami pang mas importanteng bagay.. juicemayo

  2. I haven’t moved on completely! Almost there though. Super super close na. but every time I see MJ, nasasad ako. Kasi honestly, ang ganda ng laban niya. Since day 1, her aura was unbeatable. Kabog kung kabog. Palaban kung palaban. Tapos sa isang lecheng gown lang, nasira aura ni MJ… OK accept ko, if it really is Colombia’s destiny to take home the crown.. Pero MJ should’ve been in the Top 5. Ayoko si Ukraine. pangit nya pero she’s fierce. But jusko po, Netherlands. Nyemas, ano ginagawa nya sa Top 5.. MJ should’ve been there instead. Even the other contestants said so.. Nakakapang hinayang..

  3. MJ’s journey in Miss U ended but it is a start of a big revolution for future Pilipina Queens in-the-making & Men-behind-the-scene. Im referring to pinoy gay artists who are insanely talented & have beyond passion skills to train on makeup, pasarelas, wardrobe styling & personality devt. We keep on bringing out the best we could do to present our Filipina in international platform of pageantry.
    Its always ok to criticise & debate which one is better, at least it helps a lot . in the end we are always proud to show our binibini.

  4. Stella was conspicuously absent during the press conference !
    Your guess is as good as mine 🙂
    Sir Norman – I didn’t see Bianca at all ? I miss her. Where was she ?
    To MJ – congratulations again for a job well done. You gave it your all and we’re so proud of you 🙂
    God bless ♥♥♥

    • Your guess is as good as mine 🙂 ———————- Sana mag stay na sya doon for good.

  5. Kilala po ang talino sa buong daigdig at wala pong duda na maganda ang mga gawa ng mga Filipino designers. Sa totoo lang marami ang magaganda na sumali na hindi nanalo sa Miss Universe 2014 pero tahimik lang sila pero tayo mga Filipino ay halos walang katapusan at kapaguran na sisi dito at sisi diyan. Oras na para harapin natin ang mga timpalak sa taong 2015. Malay natin ngayon taon mas maganda para sa mga timpalak.

  6. MJ was clearly bullied by Madam Sabotage…..
    Oh well…… Pakyu madam🐷

    • I have a strong feeling na bka si Nina Garcia- marie claire creative director & project runway juror ang humila ky MJ pababa for 3 things in mind.
      First, Shes a colombian (you see her patriotic gesture on her intagram after crowning)and basically many jurors are from latin america.
      Second, this very sophisticated woman in fashion world is highly critical & influential. You will notice that miss colombia’s styling from wardrobe to hair & makeup were very polished, sleek & elegantly simple and based on watching project runway season after season, i noticed that she loves naturally demure yet elegant beauty. On the other hand, MJ’s gown is ok but too pageant-piece even her styling.

      most in the top 5 had different hairstyling & Ms.ukraine gown was made by high-end brand in haute couture. Miss netherlands has naively gorgeous.

    • Oh we’ll you’ve make your country proud mj and good luck to you in your future endeavor.

  7. Again, Thank you MJ for your determination, passion and love. I will really miss you, parang sa lahat ng sumali sa Binibini ikaw ang pinaka well loved, kahit hindi mo naiuwi ang korona ikaw ang panalo sa puso ng mga Pinoy. Tama yung comment nung isa dito parang may ka roomate na magmomoved on na, good luck talaga. Sana ito pa lang ang simula ng bonggang bonggang career. I hope that you follow your dreams, follow your heart, and I am sure na may mas malaki pang bagay ng pageant, bigger things in store for you, and with the same passion, determination and love, I bet na reynang reynang kang maa-achieve mo ang iba mo pang dreams! We love you MJ. I really hope na yung next MUP kasing galing mo. Hoping for Janicel or Hanna talaga!!! Sana mukhang pinay talaga. Si Parul sana mag Miss World Philippines naman. hahahahah

  8. Press Release ng BPCI. Parang insulto lang. Ayun, inulan ng protests sa Fan Page ng BPCI.

    Binining Pilipinas Charities Inc. has always been the showcase of Filipino beauty and excellence. The world’s great pageant stages have borne witness to the elegance and grace of the Binibini queens, where the Philippines has consistently placed high since 2010. Gaining the distinction of being among the top 10 also speaks highly of the Binibini queens since this means that they truly stood out from among so many beauties from around the world.

    BPCI, led by its Chairperson Stella Araneta continues to believe in Filipino genius and this has been emphasized in several instances in the past including the fashion accolades to the creations of Pitoy Moreno, the designs of young couturiers worn by its candidates in the annual National Costume competition, and the pictorials and fashion shows of local designers featuring Binibini queens. She also understands the passion of Filipino designers to clothe the Binibining Pilipinas queens for the international pageant stage and is open to the creations and designs of these brilliant Filipino talents. Mrs. Araneta enjoins Filipino designers to collaborate with BPCI in presenting the Binibini queens in the best designs that will enhance her innate grace and beauty.

    • Sinong taga BPCI ang nagsulat ng kasinungalingang ito?!!! Aalamin ko nga!!!

      Warning ko sa kanya… iprivate na nya ang profile nya dahil dun sya pauulanan ng protesta… Wala din syang ligtas dahil sa mga common friends… magsimula ka na magdelete ng mga hindi mapagkakatiwalaan! Goodluck na lang at sana walang manghack ng profile mo!

  9. Mga bakla, mag-move on ka’yo.
    Si Miss Spain nga ng nuknukan ng ganda, tangkad at yaman, e tinanggap ng maluwag sa pukelia nya na hindi sya pasok sa Taft5, e kayo bakit di nyo matanggpa ng maluwag sa chest nyo na talo si Jacko.
    Ano yan, dapat every year Taft5, buwaya lang,?
    Pag di pumasok sa Taft 5 ay sisisihin si GOWN.
    Kung nakakapagsalita lang GOWN na yan, tinalakan na kayo nyan.
    Manahimik na kayo.
    Naiirita na ko sa kuda nyo.
    Ako lang ang pwedeng kumuda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have been watching the mu video several times now and noticed that mj is really not 100% during the pagent, shes not that bubbly in all her performances and really very noticeable expression. Whatever happens prior to the event she did not recover quickly to the finals and that cost her the crown.

    • It’s supposed to be a management contract where she gets a fixed monthly allowance, plus salary from personal appearances and endorsements. Exact figures are never discussed, but it could rack up to hundreds of thousands for an entire year if the titleholder is hardworking and all, just like Molly.


    I don’t know if this is true, I hope it’s not… A staff of MU org heard how SMA reprimanded MJ about the white gown… When MJ requested in a very nice manner for her to wear the pink Leo Almodal gown… SMA insisted for her to wear the white gown so that people would blame the gown if she doesn’t win while implying vividly that MJ will not win!…

    If it is true… is this how SMA gives our candidates a PEP talk before the pageant night?

  12. taray ni miss russia, talo nya si la greta sa “i own the bank” and ann curtis ba sa “i can buy you and your friends” lol

    Julia Alipova (@LaRusaCostosa) | Twitter


    The latest Tweets from Julia Alipova (@LaRusaCostosa). … ¡I’m rich and I don’t need you Mister Trump! XOXO.

    An Elie Saab haute couture gown rumored to have a USD 175,000 price tag, as worn by Miss Russia, Yulia Alipova, in the 63rd Miss Universe pageant.

  13. Diusmio, e di lumabas ri ang totoo na mudra na si Jacko,,ayan at kinalong pa nya ang kanyang dowter!
    Haaaaay, blessing in disguise na rin na hindi nanalo dahil ma-dethrone rin eventually dahil bawal nga ang babaitang nagluwal na ng supling!

    • Dako kang yawa nga bayota ka. Lami kang bitayon o isugnod sa dapog. Maayo pa kung maghikog ka kay daghan pang malipay sa imoha.

      • Sumpakeni de negra malahud.
        Sabogera kara janamu ula vida makanaki nanup.
        Iyutera shutangels lima panama, Jamaica de Edsa funta dela Vega.

  14. Ang taong may “bad taste” parang cancer, mahirap gamutin yan! Ganyan si Stella Araneta. Kapal ng mukha na sabihing Filipino designers are not good! Bumalik ka na nga sa Colombia Stella!

  15. So parang wala si Madam Stella ah? tsk nagtatago na ba?
    anyway welcome back MJ =)

    • Baka pupunta muna si madam sa mother land niya, sasali sa celebration ng bagong queen nila.

      • Napanood ko sa tv patrol parang sabi ni mj yung muo staff ang tumulong sa kanya mag-alter ng gown nya? Tapos sa sash factor nabasa ko may picture si gio flores na inaalter yung gown ni mj nila veejay at isa girl. Hmmm???

  16. I am going to miss MJ so much. I have watched her go through this journey the last year or so — watched her progression, training, everything… from Bb. Pilipinas towards the MU crown. She has been a part of my life it seems for the past year and more… and now with her journey over and Bb. Pilipinas coming up, I feel like a roommate is moving out. A friend that will be gone. This blog has made her so accessible to me… but after the new queens our crowned in March, MJ will be no more. 😦 I will miss you, MJ. Good luck with whatever you do. You are truly beautiful inside and out!

  17. Migbellis Castellanos Has Finally Spoken

    “When one wins, definitely it’s not because of her gown but it’s her destiny”.

    Many Venezuelan pageant fans were furious at MIgbellis Castellanos for wearing a not-so-fitting gown during the top 10 competition. They blamed her for pulling off a stunt and asked why she didn’t wear the other three Alejandro Fajardo gowns she had. They believed that she could have placed higher is she wore a better gown.

    Here’s Migbellis’ official statement:
    “I wanna tell you everything about what happened with my clothes. But please allow me to thank Team Alejandro Fajardo for the great support. The gown I used during the preliminary competition was fine but it was not comfortable for me to wear especially when I walk. That’s why I didn’t use it. The other Fajardo dress, I also had the same sentiment. The bottom of the gown makes me feel awkward in walking. And I thought it might not be safe for me since there were stairs. There’s this one dress that I wore in the auction party (created by Zuliana Nidal) that I can use, but I didn’t because I didn’t like it. I also did not choose the other gown, the gold one because a lot of the girls were wearing gold. And besides, Osmel Sousa told me two things the night before the finals: use the red gown, and have your hair down—no ponytails.

    She also stressed that when one wins, definitely it’s not because of her gown but it’s her destiny.
    Meanwhile, the alleged Alejandro Fajardo IG account @alejandrofajardovzla posted a photo of Migbellis during the fitting and said something offensive against Migbellis like she’s an “undisciplined and ungrateful girl” and blaming her for her wight.

    • I think she didn’t watch her diet because she knew it was extremely unlikely that Venezuela would win again, so she just wanted to enjoy the competition while it lasted.

      • Bute pa si venenzuela, nakakapamile ng dress kung ano comfortable sa kanya, samantalang si mj, pinagkaitan sa kung ano ang gusto nya, sa kung saan sya comfortable, letse talaga yang stella na yan, mj should have rights to choose what she wants to wear which makes her comfortable, alam ni mj na may chance sya makakapsok sya sa top 5 if stella allow her to wear the almodal gown. even stella alam nya din yon pero ayaw nyang ma top 5 di mj, dahil kay columbia sya nag che cheer,

  18. Yvethe when she won Best in National Costume in the 22nd Miss World University 2010

  19. The truth will set her free in due time. I’m flabbergasted of Stella Marquez remark that Filipino designers were no good. Her credibility in the line of fashion is such a bigotry among filipinos over her Colombian compatriot. Mockery of deceit.

  20. Gandara ng tunay na diyosa. Welcome back MJ. Job well done. Ikaw pa rin ang Miss Universe ko.

  21. We can only move on in international competitions if Filipino designers will prepare the gowns for our representatives. #ForThePhilippines
    Thank you MJ, take everything as a learning experience and as a challenge to effect a change in the near future for Philippine pageantry: beauty with a purpose.

  22. Even though we send the best there is…even though how great a sacrifice the candidate can offer, if on the last stage of competition she is still dressed with Colombian Garbage, our candidate cannot and will not win it!

  23. Tito Norms, during the presscon, may nagtanong ba kay madam about her remark? at nag apologized na ba si Madam regarding sa remark nya about Filipino Designers?

  24. Actions speak louder than words.. kitang kita sa mga mata ni MJ sa video na may tinatago siya. We love you MJ, maraming salamat.

    • I agree. If you saw her interview on Umagang Kay Ganda this morning, she was asked if Stella really raised her voice at Mj before the pageant started.

      “Kung ano nalang po ang napanood nila (on stage), yun nalang.” – If it weren’t true, a simple “No that’s not true” would have suffice. Instead, she chose to direct the conversation about the pageant itself. So kind of Mj to tell on Stella.

      • Mas gusto kase ni Stella na ang colombian candidate ang manalo kesa sa Pilipinas! Yan ang totoo!

      • Even sa tv patrol parang sinabi ni mj muo staff ang tumulong sa kanya magalter ng gown nya pero sa sash factor may picture si gio flores na sila veejay at isa girl ang gumagawa ng gown nya. Mukha nabrief na ang mj bago bumalik ng pinas.

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