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  1. Qualified pala si BB Gandanghari????? I think it will be a walk in the park for Pia or Hanna to clinch the title of MUP.

  2. Thank you for appreciating kapampangan beauties…. Sa mga kapampangan team muna ako I think tatlo sila…at the end sino man manalo syempre support natin sila sa international pageant nila.

    • 7. Enrica Roxiel Guieb
      18. Crissa Marie Mendiola
      24. Ann Lorraine Colis

      tsaka yong isa na pumalit si Maolin Yalung, sana isa sa kanila makapasok, yong Crissa Marie matangkad at maganda, sumali na yata sa Gandang Babae yan sa Showtime. Feeling ko naka pwesto na ang mananalo sa mga Repeaters, pero malay natin…let’s ask SMA.

      Janicel, Pia, Kim, Hannah, Ria, Patricia, Ina,

  3. “She stands a true 5’8…” -hahaha, winner statement sir norms!

    Yes and yes to 1st &2nd pic. 3rd pic, no. Pero may chance siya, bata pa naman puwede pa sumali uli pag di pumasok sa fruit salad ni madam.

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  5. Pasok siya for me, gandang Nora Aunor, Alessadra da Rosi, gandang Pinay! Good luck to you lol sabi nga ni SMA kasi makakalaban mo sila Pia, Hannah, Kim, Janicel, mga nag reyna na sa rampa!

  6. She resemble the face of Ms U 2014-Colombia and has the sexy body of MJ therefore I conclude that she is eligible to take the Miss Universe Philippines title as runner up to Janicel Lubina who should work out more to make her body more sexy at a measure at 22 or 23 waistline.

  7. She caught my eye when she first screened. Yes, she is very pretty. Not the intimidating type of pretty. Right now I noticed Miss Universe prefers their winners to be girl-next-door pretty (Ximena, Leila, Olivia, Paulina, Dayana, stefania), but with a Victoria’s Secret Angel body. Gabriela was an exception since she did look more mature when she was crowned, but her personality turned out to better than any of the girls I mentioned.

    Ann has that face – pretty and approachable. Let’s hope she works on her body!

  8. So far she is the best among the candidates posted here, at least for my personal taste.

    I can see Janicel Lubina for Supranational. She can win that pageant. While Ann Colis, I am not sure but she can be Miss Universe.

    I have noticed though that Miss Universe chooses the facially superior + effortlessly elegant. The communication skills no longer matter much, just as long as you are “universally pretty”. It’s sad like that, but exotic beauties hardly make the cut. Always ending up as mere runner-ups. For Miss Universe I think sending the one with the prettiest face and natural charm might make it.

    • Sadly though, what majority of the world deems “facially pretty” is the Caucasian-type ( wide eyes, small nose and a wide smile, prominent forehead, etc.). The likes of Megan Young, Lara Dutta, Oxana Fedorova. The proportions of their faces resemble that of Elizabeth Taylor. And almost always dark-haired.

      In the Philippines actresses like Jasmine Curtis, Liza Soberano, Iza Calzado (correct me if I spelled the name wrong) would be fit for this category, not sure with their heights. But as of now I haven’t seen candidates like this since Shamcey Supsup.

      Just my observation.

    • She can win BBP-Universe next year…
      I hope this year she gets a runner-up placement so that she could be trained further for next year’s pageant. No stone should be left unturned.. 😀

      • Somehow agree. It’s kinda risky to send delegates who do not have this “sure-win” aura. If she will be sent to Miss U, and that is “the terminal”, she’s killing more opportunities. But life is a gamble. We really do not know.

        I saw another candidate named Nancy Leonard whose face fits the Miss U prototype more. I remember a candidate, Diana Arevalo. She has a very pretty face. But her styling was not good, and needs a bit of a fiercer vibe. No problem with the fierce aura, it can be taught. What we need is a naturally beautiful face, if we really want to win.

      • Can Diana Arevalo join again? I might sound overkill, but the girl really has a pretty face. May laban talaga.

  9. She also looks pretty without makeup… Sooo exotic at the gym… reminds me of a prettier Janine Tugonon face on a more proportioned Parul Sha body…She’s also quite a charmer! Smart girl…Theres a big future ahead of her. 😀

  10. Now this is a fresh face! We need to send representatives who are representative of the way most Filipinos look. Enough with the halfbreeds! Let’s go pure filipina! Exotic and proud. Plus this girl is tall enough to be noticed. PLEASE PLEASE BPC NO MORE RECYCLED BEAUTIES!

  11. Wow, that first close-up photo mesmerized me! Caught me by surprise and didn’t even realize it is Ann. Then… I saw the second and third photos and realized the latter photos are how she looks like most of the time. If she can keep up this new look, she will do very well! One of the ones to watch.

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