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  1. Paulina is your textbook beauty queen: tall, gorgeous & goddess like. But this is the new millennium, it’s about time the MUO explore other types of beauty that we haven’t seen in the past Miss Universe winners. Someone who is edgy, spunky & fashion forward, like Kaci Fennel.

  2. The crown looks like french fries. LOL. I still prefer the classic MU crown, the one with the silhouette of a woman in the middle.

  3. Kaya sana ikaw din eh maging positive din…ilang buwan mo kaming tinorture sa pagka rabid fan mo dito ng mga offensive at rude comments…matuto ko sa idol mo.

  4. Go ako for janicel sa MU, no offense to her pero kung beauty lang talaga edi sya na padala. Saka dapat mga 5’9 or 5’10 na ipadala natin. C colombia, mtngkad at sexy lang pero boba imo.

  5. As the old saying says, class can be determined when someone is graceful in defeat and humble in victory… get some class!

  6. It’s been what? More than 30 hours since the crowning of this wicked bitch and I still haven’t gotten over the fact that MJ was robbed of her much deserved top 5 placement. I may have said unpleasant comments about MJ as well her devoted fans but the truth was, I was just trying to get into the nerves of those loyal fanatics (trip lang). I am still reeling from extreme disappointment. I wasn’t expecting her to win but her presentation was close to perfection. And there was nothing wrong with her EG. Ukaraine’s and Netherlands’ were not any better. Anyway, I just wanted to let this outta chest. MJ said in her IG posts that’s she’s happy in spite of it all. Well, I’m not cuz she didn’t get was due her. But then again, some of the favorites didn’t even make it to the first cut (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Puerto Rico and Russia). India didn’t advance to Top 10 while Venezuela and Spain (along with MJ) were halted to move forward from their top 10 placements. Gone were the days when the likes of Brook Lee would define and represent the essence of being a true Miss Universe. As long as Donald Trump is around, Miss Universe will remain a natural habitat of Latinas and as long as Stella Araneta de las Sabotahe controls BBPCI, our 3rd MU crown will continue to elude us.

    Now, it’s time to move on. Peace out.

  7. But with the many howls of protest from across the globe that Miss Jamaica should have won, that the contest is stacked in favor of the Latinas, etc, etc, can she still face the world as the most “confidently beautiful” woman? The much delayed holding of the 2014 MU contest is an indication of MUO’s inability to get venue sponsors, a harbinger of the contest’s slipping credibility and worldwide appeal. Its recent tie-up with Cordaid to acquire an advocacy that may add value to its brand appears too constrained, and a bit off tangent to its “confidently beautiful” tagline. Can this beautiful face and body pull it up for an organization yet in search of corporate identity while warding off the slow descent in popularity?

    • That’s sad. She could have easily entered top 5 them if not only for that divisoria quality gown. She looks old na nga binigyan pa sya ng 80’s gown. Wala na! Kawawa talaga ang mga pilipino ginagagawang tanga ng mga dayuhan sa sarili nating bayan.

    • If it was a Filipino who made this, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Trying to be funny at the expense of a fellow Filipino who did you no wrong is not funny at all. It’s rude.

      • Ako, shinare ko lang dito sa NB para mang asar. Ang dami mo nang paratang! Basta, di ako may gawa niyan. 😀

    • If this were true, then it corroborates the allegation that indeed there was attempt to block MJ’s entry into the Top 5. Entry into the Top 5 an articulate person like MJ of victory because the only criteria there is how one answers an impromptu question. Barranza cannot do anything about the swimsuit because MJ is naturally physically gifted (as attested to by the very high score in swimsuit competition). So where can he pull her down and pull up his compatriot? The gown– what else! Make MJ wear a trashy gown and her compatriot a ravishing gown. And the rest is what we saw on TV. No amount of queenly moves can hide the fact that the gown is atrocious. Miles and miles down under the gown of Miss Colombia who scored highest in the EG category.

    • Its true. Thats why MJ didnt make it to the final 5. Her score in the EG was what pulled her down.

      So many consuelo de bobo opinions were written on how a gown doesnt define a person, nor how it affects one’s standing in a competition. Well, the proof is there. Humans as we are, we are drawn first to the physical appearance before we go for the substance. Judges with very limited time to see the contestants on the stage will ony rely on the physical appearance, more than anything.

      To sum it up: limited to judge a person = physical look first, substance/total package later.

      So how important is it to have a visually captivating gown in a competition? EXTREMELY!!!

  8. well, mas maganda siya jan sa photos nia na yan kesa sa finals night. LOL no, not bitter.. i find her beautiful pero wala akong ma feel na iba sakanya. mas may dating pa sa akin si ukraine and si Spain. pero siyempre mas bet ko manalo si Jamaica.

    the crown looks awful.. akal ko noon like the diamond nexus lab crown, mas maganda siya pag nakasuot.. mas pumangit pa ata . too big or too tall or too plain? idk. or siguro pag tumagal magugustuhan ko din siya.. haha as if i have a choice.

    well, there’s really something missing na sa MUO. idk.. ibang iba siya sa noon. parang may kulang na talaga. or should i say… hindi na siya sing pretigious kagaya noon?

    hindi ako bitter pero napaisip din ako na baka nga ginagamit na lang tayo ngMU para ma solid fanbase sila.. gets niyo? lol

  9. Maiba ako; I need serious answers. May narining ba kayong promo sa Miss U prior to the pageant using their tagline, “the most beautiful day in the universe”? Diba ginamit nila yun dati, bat di ko narinig this year?

  10. I am having a feeling guys that this is the end of Miss Universe!! The credibility is gone, no longer legit and without class like Miss World.

    I feel that MUO is using us Filipinos for branding and promoting the brand. It’s out choice whether to be used or walk away.

    After last night, I realized there’s no significance being MU anymore, in a way I am happy MJ didn’t win because I would not want her to just another girl. Back in the day yes awesome, great, wonderful and what a title tio be Miss Universe, but now ehhhhhh

    • I get your point, may something na nawala sa MU or probably bata ka noon. But, I think, mawawala tayo, pero magsusurvive ang MU. This is the epitome of our braggadocian selves.

      • Baks you’re a typical bandwagon fake shit fan. I bet you whoever won you go and be a fan. Typical bitch in a cheap corner that will settle of anything–you wanna disagree with whatever it is on here para mapag-usapan at mapansin ka.

        Sorry Manong Norms I vowed not to be all ghetto again in your site but this bitch ass mofo got me heated!!

      • Eh di i-unlike naman ng mga pinoy ang MU website…trip trip lang. Tingnan natin kung anung number lalabas…char!

  11. Have you guys verify the significance of triangular beaded diamonds?

    Isn’t ILUMINATI crown!

    • Wrong spelling wrong. Pero nice observation ha, if ever ikaw talaga nakapansin niyan.

  12. Uuughhh… I’ve had my fill of “Latinas” for now. I was hoping MU would have a different, new look this year but it turned out to be more of the same. They should just call this pageant LATINA UNIVERSE.

    At least Miss World has a different and diverse look each year…

  13. parang french fries talaga ang crown…. magaganda pa yung crown sa mga santa cruzan….

    • the miss world crown looks so regal. the miss earth crown is more significant. the miss international crown has the longest record. I agree with most the miss universe crown has lost it’s regal and significance because they change almost every 5 years. and it does look like French fries rather than the new york skyline

  14. Pag pangit ang ugali…pangit na para sa akin kahit anung ganda ng physical na katawan nya.

    • The judges chose someone they just met in 2 days or more…so di talaga nila kilala…based on physical beauty lang at short interview.

  15. Congratulations Paulina. Congratulations to her country and countrymen.

    Enough said.

  16. I’m not excited to cheer up for Ms. Colombia. Well, just another latina beauty…nothing exceptional.

  17. I dunno but her face reminds me so much of that Kristine Stewart of the Twilight films. She’s as plain-jane-as-they-come.
    Is she beautiful & stunning?…like hell no,…is there substance?..from what i saw and heard last night…Nada!…Will she be successful like the previous MU queen?..That, we’ll all have to wait and see…..Right about now as i look at her pic, i’m shaking my head bc i seem to be having an oxana-deja-view…;p

    • Personal opinion it is. But a lot of pageant experts were impressed by her and noticed her beauty! Her win is unquestionable. She fits the MU prototype. lol

    • That’s fine because it’s your personal opinion, but please don’t tell me you think MJ is any better. Is MJ not a plain jane? Is MJ beautiful and stunning to you? rolls eyes.

  18. Ok this is my first time to say something . I was there watching live and I was shocked when MJ was not called for the top 5 announcement. Ok I’m here just to say my first and last thought. Oh my gosh those top 5 are beautiful buttttttttt. Not brainy. That’s it . Based on their answers to the questions. And I am moving on.

  19. Enough with the MJ thing, I’m starting to move on and accept the fact that the pageant is over and a crowned lady is there, ready to accept her duties and responsibilities as the MU…but seriously, I did not find her winning reaction exciting or at least a zest of happiness when she was announced as the new MU,.Molly last year was all fun and exciting, though it was a late reaction and so with other winners. Been watching the pageant every year, yet yesterday was different. It’s not that I’m stereotyping how a MU when crowned should react yet after she was crowned there was an air or awkwardness with exception of course from her fans and countrymen in the arena last yesterday.

    Was she just confident or did just I saw an air of “Mija Maldita” on her? Who am I to judge, but anyways, my opinion only. Felicidades Paulina!

    If you happen to question the validity of my point here,.youtube is free and you watch the different reactions from the winners in their crowning moment.

  20. Huwag bitter, stunning si Lola Paulina. Congrats to her for finally brining home their second MU crown! Though her Q&A was Mediore, that’s not enough to define her intelligence. I’m sure she’s got some wit in her. I wish her a successful reign! Sana nga Haka haka lang ang pagka Bratinela in Lola lol.

  21. Big influence ang TELEMUNDO TV NETWORK…….
    I heard that Mommy Dionisia would like to judge instead of Manny Pacquiao….
    and Manny Pacquiao is looking for a “Jinky Pacquiao” or Mommy Dionisia type of appeal……LOL

  22. @RJohnnieWalker: DATO: Miss World 1958: South Africa; 2014: South Africa; Miss Universe 1958: Colombia; 2014: Colombia

  23. Beautiful, but no brain.
    Not the rightful winner.
    Sarcasm? Could be……but i can back it up with facts. Oh, no wait, i dont have to…….was already visible to many last night.

    Oh, well, at least i said she’s beautiful. That’s compliment enough.

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