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  1. As I said before this is my first time to really follow a Beauty Pageant and I can say that it is also my last. I feel bad that after all Mj had done and had gone through it would end up like this. It’s unfair that she fought hard but lost because she was not given the right ammunition to win the battle. My heart also goes to all her fans who supported her on her journey. We all failed simply because of an EVIL act by a woman who really does not care for our beloved country nor it’s people. To Mj better things are coming your way. You are indeed one classy lady and I tip off my hat for you. There is nothing to be sorry nor to be ashamed of for we had seen how hard you fought. To Norman, thanks for all your blogs for they had given me something to be excited about. But as long as this EVIL woman still runs the BCPI our beloved Philippines will never win the third crown. Good bye and thank you all for the excitements and fun.

  2. Madame Stella was so very thrilled and giggled with joy when Miss Colombia won. At last, a second MU crown for HER COUNTRY. Barrazza was equally elated, of course, especially since he designed that winning evening gown that propelled Colombia into the top five. By forcing MJ to wear that hideous national costume and equally hideous evening gown, MJ to them was merely collateral damage . What mattered most to Stella and Barrazza was Colombia’s victory.

    • And let me add: MJ looked great. The fact that MJ made it to the top 10 speaks volumes. This means she beat more than 75 other candidates to make it that far. It was only after the evening gown competition that she failed to make the cut. Therefore, that evening gown was to blame for her not making it to the top 5. Unlike Colombia’s gown which added more height, MJ’s gown did the complete opposite — and both gowns from the same Colombian designer. This was not an accident. This was a well hatched sabotage, months in the making, planned by Barrazza to eliminate one of Miss Colombia’s strongest opponents to finally secure a second MU crown for his country.

      • What’s very obvious is that Marquez sacrificed MJ so that Colombia could take the crown. That fish-tail gown that MJ wore was made for her not to reach top 5.

  3. Netherlands ba yung naka yellow? If yes parang combo ng gown ni ara at janine ang sinuot nia. Color ng kay ara at gown material kay janine, pansin ko lang heheh

    • Paano nakapasok si Netherlands sa top 5? Di hamak namang mas maganda ang gown ng ating Queen MJ kesa sa kaniya 😦

  4. Naisip ko lang, sana di na lang sinuot ni mj sa rehearsal yung pink almodal gown, dapat white na lang sa rehearsal tapos booom biglang pasabog sa actual EG. At least, walang idea si sma na ganun ang gagawin nya kesa sa sinuot nya during rehearsal. Anyway, tapos na. Masakit talaga pero mukhang no choice, time to move on 🙂

  5. Look, sa Nat Cos palang ah, isa lang ang gumawa. halatang halata na ang ganda ng isa at ang panget ng isang gown.

  6. Okay, so we missed the Top 5 this year. And it hurts like hell since we really had everything going with MJ and we know she’ll do great in the Q&A… but Colombia won and we have to be graceful and still grateful in defeat. Let’s just make it clear that we did not really lose. We made it to Top 10. And that is cause for celebration! 3 Asians made it to Top 15 this year with PH, India and Indonesia. This is great news for all of us. This means that Asia has it going now and our Filipina beauties are just spectacular.

    We need to improve our game plan though based on MJ and Ara’s experience. Let’s include Bianca and Kris as well. We need to bring into the table the best of the Philippines. From National Costumes, even if this does not do anything in the overall selection of winners but our representatives should go out there and show everyone the amazing mix of cultures we have in our country. Jamie Herrel wore a Sinulog festival queen costume and it did help set the tone for us. Kris’ national costume that won in the BBP2014 was never worn by any of our representatives. Why is that? It doesn’t make sense to me really.

    Now on to the competition evening gowns. Kris wore a hideous gown (based on my opinion). Bianca wore a not so flattering gown in MI; and then MJ. That gown to me looks outdated. The gowns our representatives wore in their respective international stints are like those we see in barangay and other local beauty pageants. Not to disrespect Barraza because he did provide us with great gowns when he and BPCI entered into an arrangement giving him complete control of what our girls wear but lately, we’ve seen several so-so to no good gowns. He could very well be past his prime in the fashion industry or his focus is also on Colombia’s representatives. Philippine fashion is now mature and have really been successful internationally. Cary Santiago, Furne One, Michael Cinco, Monique Lhuillier and so much more world-class designers are available for BPCI to tap on to dress up our queens. I think most of them wouldn’t even think twice if given the opportunity to help our queens.

    This is a challenge for BPCI to overhaul their system and practices and ensure our queens get only the BEST from the Philippines.

    I salute our 2014 queens for a great job and hope that with the naming of our 2015 queens we see a brand new BPCI and an even more competitive beauties representing our country. We can’t afford to see another wasted beauty anymore – this include Parul Shah. Why do we have this dormant crown in BPCI btw?

    My mind is now shifting focus to Binibining Pilipinas 2015. 🙂

    • Yeah… we’ve all been lobbying for that for almost a decade…. We can all say that we should do this & do that….
      But will it be implimented?!… NO!!!..
      Will they listen??? NO!!!
      Will they change??? NO!!!

      We should put everything in our own hands!

      *I’m currently talking to my PR friends about this and we’re trying to come up with a bigger way to force SMA to use local designers.*

      From now on, we all should at least do our part to boycott all products and services of Araneta holdings Inc.! Spread the word!


      • I hope you can get BPCI to change its mindset. You have all my support.

        I am okay with all hash tags save for one, DairyQueen… give me a few more weeks to boycott that. lol!

      • @El Salvadorian

        Ok for now, good luck with highblood, diabetes and cancer! 😀

  7. My consolation is: In Asia, PH still got the highest placement.
    Thailand did not make it in the cut….

    I’m happy for Ms. Indonesia. baguslah!

  8. I see all of these scenarios coming…there will be a big upset..and that was MJ and Ms. Jamaica..I had all the rest of my Monday morning for meeting so I was told by my secretary that MJ didn’t make it and to make matters worst as what I always told him Paulina will be crowned…I was like “HOLY FREAKIN SH*t!!!!” Haven’t watched the pageant pa, though I’m having doubts coz I know I would be disappointed and It would ruin my somewhat productive day. I have read all the comments and posts about issues and stuffs and yes that loud BOO everyone was talking about. Why MJ failed to make it on final 5? I’m about to discover it yet, although I have this gut feeling something really fishy happened either at the backstage or somebody might have ruined her “winning” aura. After leaving my office my secretary uttered “boss Madame Stella by the way, tripped on her way out of the venue” I was like ” KARMA is a bitch!” .

    Mars Laila!!! pano na to?????

  9. Let us all move on with grace and humble acceptance. Some people need to go back to d drawing board, regroup, assess, plan & start doing what can be done immediately.

    Let us not spread hate, but let’s be firm in achieving what we want to. We can be assertive without being aggressive & we can express our thoughts & ideas without being rude & hateful. Let not this event bring us & our dignity down. We need some degree of decency to emerge out of this with respect from ourselves and from d rest of d world.


  10. I can understand if many of our Kababayans are wishing Stella ill, and even are laughing when she tripped-off. Punong-puno na kasi ang mga kababayan natin.
    We have been pleading to Stella for many years to forget about Bazura, but she won’t listen! What is more pathetic is that, with a ver winnable candidate in MJ, she allowed (or forced?) MJ to wear that Bazura Bridal gown! We can’t blame those who have been forgiving Stella for many years now, peroSobra Na, Tama Na…Pikon na Pikon na ang Madla!

  11. Huwag nyo ng awayin si Mrs_xxx Dahil hindi maganda ang asal nyan😃
    Ang demonyo kahit pangaralan mo ay walang epekto kc demonyo nga.
    Ang karma ay binigay na sa kanya😃
    Hindi tuloy nanalo si MJ dahil sa mga Bala subas na supporters nya😲
    Karma Karma lng. ..
    Pati life ni Mrs_xxx kinarma na rin.
    Mababasa mo anong klasing life meron say, puro kademonyohan😃lol. …
    #mjalltheway pa rin ako kahit wala sa top 5😃
    Move on na mga friends😃

    • All well bong…what do you expect from an uncivilized human being…nothing! Hehe
      Mrs. Spainhour’s manner is primitive like a neanderthal. He belongs to the caves no one would be able to see how disgusting of a creature she is .

  12. WHAT??? Sana daw sa mga kaibigang Pastor ni Manny nagpa-pray over si MJ bago pumuntang Doral kaysa nagpa-misa sa Baclaran? Bakit? Turn-off ba kay Manny? Ano ba yan?

  13. After the announcement of top 5 ngayon lang ako nagbasa ulet dahil I was too devastated kanina. I didn’t know it could hurt this much.

    Kanina sobrang naawa ako kay MJ dahil she deserved a higher placement and na read ko sa rumors she told one of the girls na takot siyang umuwi if she fails us pero sa mga kaganapang to I guess mas minahal pa siya ng mga Pinoy and she’ll come home like a winner pa rin.

    She’s definitely one of the most-loved queens in the history of Binibining Pilipinas and we will fondly remember how she made us very proud on the world stage. MJ, maraming salamat and we are very proud of you!

    Love, JCD.

  14. *Unpredictable Italy specially the Netherlands… Majority ng frontrunners like Venezuela, Spain and the Philippines hindi nakapasok sa Top 5. Masakit man pero HAPPY na ako sa narating ni Mary Jean kasi tanging siya lang naman ang Asian candidate nakapasok sa Top 10.
    Sayang si Jamaica I’m rooting for her noong nalaman ko kasama pala sa Top 5, kaso Q&A lang talaga tsk!

    *About kay Madame Stella and Kalbo – ugh NO WORDS! as in wala. (period)
    Kung totoo ung nababasa ko na sinigawan si MJ sa backstage? aba hindi naman tama yun nakakaapekto yan sa performance niya.

    *BPCI magisip-isip na ng game plan para sa susunod na International Pageant.

    *Congratulations to Ms. Colombia

    *I salute Mary Jean Lastimosa: Ms. Philippines

    *BB Pilipinas 2015 hmmm mababawasan na ang pressure ng mga candidates.

    *Sir Norman kailan na ba yung Mister International 2014? Update po kayo =)

    • I dont think sinigawan sya talaga as in with a high volume but instead she got reprimanded for wearing the pink gown instead of the white one, a bit of argument occured and later on she was forced to wear the white one… aside from that… her AVP and Jeanie Mais comments centered on the death of her uncle more than her amazing credentials..

      • @Closer2Fame – sana pinaglaban na lang ni MJ yung pink gown. teka balita ko rin nagpalit din ng gown si Venezuela?
        kalungkot lang ung AVP niya =(

  15. They will put back Miss Universe tuwing May na daw like before.. so ilang months lang mag reign si Paulina.. Miss Universe 2015 will be held this May in the Philippines

  16. OMJ! What happened 😲
    I have to go down from Mt. Himalayas just to know the result. 😲
    I was shocked😲
    (Back to normal…lol)
    I want to read the reactions of my co-supporters of #mjalltheway😃
    I want to watch the full video to know why?
    I can imagine the reactions of “bagtit na buang and walang breeding” na supporters of MJ 😃be a hahaha
    My MU2014 MJ didn’t make it😭
    But God blessed her already.
    My 1st RU is USA = Big check.
    My 2nd RU is Jamaica = She is 4th RU.
    My 3rd RU is Colombia = but she is the Big Winner.
    My 4th RU is Spain = not in top 5😂
    I have to go back to the mountain again and go down to watch the full video after 8hours 😃lol
    Condolence lol.

  17. Ito ang tunay na DIYOSA! NILAMON niya lahat ng kalaban. QUEEN Paulina!!!!

    Guys, binabawi ko na lahat ng adjectives at verb pati noun na ginamit niyo kay MJ, and I used it sa deserving; sa MISS UNIVERSE 2014! ❤

  18. buti pa ang MW nakawala na sa BPCI na yan, ayun wagi agad ang korona.. ang designers ay Pinoy na Pinoy..

  19. Bawi na lang sa Mister International, tignan natin kung paano tatalunin ni Mamang Pulis Neil Perez ang Mister Colombia. Sa 30th na daw ang alis niya at send off/press conference sa 267th Jan. so move on na sa MU.

  20. Hannah Ruth Sison. My eyes are on you! Get that MUP 2015 crown and bring us our 3rd crown please!!

  21. Guys, sorry i just have to post this. if this is really true, then shame on the ‘fanatic’ who did this. After all, matanda pa rin yang si Madam. kahit galit ako di ko yan gagawin sa taong matanda. haaay.

    • Nobody pushed her?!!! A friend of mine saw it in person…. she tripped!!! This post must be part of her damage control so that everyone else would feel sorry for her… I do know a lot of garbage about what’s going on with her family and all but I never mentioned it here because It’s below the belt… I just want her to give up what is rightfully ours.

    • If this is true, then this is really disturbing and inhumane. We need to stop acting like this and then showing it to the world. No matter what could’ve and would’ve, we need to continue acting as educated people and do no harm to others, no matter how much we negatively feel about them. 😦

      • Sorry Closer2Fame :)…I didn’t see your response before I posted my comment. 🙂 I understand and I know most are on the edge right now after mass ingesting all the caffeine (lucky me, I didn’t have to, I’m in the west coast lol) just to catch the finals and still we didn’t get the results that we had hoped for….but we move on and learn and make changes if we are able to. Just sharing….

  22. LOL. Ukraine talaga?? Really… Ho may gulay.. Unpredictable talaga ang MU. What about Netherlands.. omg.

  23. What is kinda irritating is that most, if not all, the commenters here are calling SMA names and even cursing her. some even wished na mamatay na siya. are you guys that immature? yeah, hindi tayo agree sa mga decision lalo na sa pinasuot niya kay MJ, pero ganyan ba talaga kayo kababa?

    she’s still human and older than us. move on. ang ibang commenters dito, mayayabang. kung makapost kala mo sure win na at hindi mo alam na may 87 din na lalaban para sa korona. pag sinabihan mo ng objective criticism, ikaw pa malilintikan..

    nangyari na ang nangyari, I know sayang to, MJ deserves a spot sa top 5 and a better gown. but please, stop all the hate towards SMA. isipin niyo na lang na siguro sa pamamagitan ng nangyari, next year babawi sila.

    humbly celebrate a victory, accept your defeat wholeheartedly.

    • @Mr. Manila

      If that is the case then we have been procrastinating for more than a decade….
      this event has happened bfore many times and the worst was this year and the time of Bianca Manalo…. This year is the worst because we are already aware of their modus operandi…
      It’s the oppression of the Filipinos all over again…

      • @C2F

        can you refresh me with what happened with Pamela Bianca Manalo in 2009? Same case with MJ?

      • She was also given an ugly gown and costume…EG looked like Christmas present made of shower curtains… Colombia had a gorgeous gown and made it to the TOP5 as well…

    • To Mr. Manila, As I have mentioned in previous posting, we live in a Democratic Country and not in a Martial Law or Dictatorial years, where freedom of speech is suppressed. Nothing personal, just my personal opinion. END OF STORY. PERIOD…. LOL… LWM…

      • MrManila – I agree with you. We might not like how MSA handled MJ’s fight but we should do all protests in a humane way. Bashing her below the belt would just show how losers people are.

      • We have been pleading to Stella for many years to forget about Bazura, but she won’t listen! What is more pathetic is that, with a ver winnable candidate in MJ, she allowed (or forced?) MJ to wear that Bazura Bridal gown! We can’t blame those who have been forgiving Stella for many years now, peroSobra Na, Tama Na…Pikon na Pikon na ang Madla!

    • Tama. Regardless if the incident with SMA is true or not, it is still important for us to be magnanimous. Backlash is expected pero wag naman po sana tayong maging OA. She is still human and this is JUST a pageant. Marami pang problema sa mundo para pagtu-onan ito ng pansin.

  24. If I may share my thoughts on what has transpired.

    Congratulations Paulina. May you have a great and productive reign as Miss Universe.

    More importantly, I would like to congratulate MJ for a job well done. True, we didn’t win but making it to the top 10 out of the 88 (is it?) is already a big achievement. As of present time, majority of the countries seem to really send physically gorgeous candidates and being in the top 10 already is an honor you have given the Philippines. I have read from a post from Ines Ligron that according to Rathi (Ms. Singapore) that MJ is really devastated right now. I’d like her to know that her supporters will always be there for her win or lose. Just let it all sink in, breathe and move on. I truly believe that there are bigger and better things coming your way.

    Now for Madame Stella, I am thankful that she has worked hard(?) all these years for BPCI. I am still giving her the benefit of the doubt just because of the years she spent as the matriarch of BPCI. Now here is were I have a problem with. Let’s talk about specifically Colombia. I don’t mind that Madame Stella remains as the head of BPCI, but I think it is a blatant and glaring conflict of interest at this point especially that Colombia is a country that really sends very beautiful and pageant worthy candidates, more noticeably in the most recent years. I think it is not right that Alfredo Barazza continues to design and provide our representative’s EG and NatCos (and whatever other services he provides) WHILE he also does the same for Madame Stella’s and his native land. They can all say that they are supportive of the Philippines, etc. blah blah blah… but who will believe that? Tonight is a very good example of a very unfortunate incident that is going to haunt BPCI until changes are made. Not only was Paulina a front runner and a direct competitor to our own, she eventually won the crown! Colombia clearly was dressed more pageant worthy compared to what was given to MJ. This is my opinion and I believe it is also a fact.

    There has been a clamor of tapping our very own talented Filipino Designers for this and I am all for that. I think IT IS TIME for BPCI to go back to the discussion table with them and come up with a solution given the previous bad blood between BPCI and a handful of local designers. It is not only LONG OVERDUE but this is the RIGHT THING to do. But if people are still going to be hard headed and stubborn about opening that door again, which is quite possible :(, then at least get a foreign designer who is not the same designer for any other candidate and also more importantly, not a Colombian (whether he/she design’s Colombia’s EG and NatCos or not) since Madame Stella, you are still Colombian by blood after all. Still not the best solution as the best one is going with Filipino designers.

    Just my 2 cents…

    • And one more thing. Madame Stella, your next move will either redeem BPCI from this unfortunate mess or will it further exacerbate the integrity of the organization. Please make the right choice for the sake of the Philippines which you have expressed to be your “home” now.

  25. Attention norm . Please note the hateful and irrelevant comments made by sw in this forum , namely ms spainhour. So much bile and bitterness has not room after this debacle. Time to move on, congratulate MJ on her hear effort. Let’s not defame MSA, let’s wait to hear MJ story, let’s convince Charmaine ELIMA to start training .

    • For Your Information (FYU) Viveka, This is a free and democratic country where we live. Everybody is entitled to a freedom of expression like in the USA where I am a US Citizen. We do not live in a Dictatorial Regime like North Korea, China, Cuba to mention a few, or during the Martial Law Years, where everything is dictated to their likeness. If you do not like the comments here, you are very welcome to go back to where you belong. Again, this is my personal opinion, nothing personal. Whether or not you agree or disagree, you are entitled to that, too. Ciao…. LWM….

  26. PUNYEMAS!!!

    If only MJ made it to the Top 5… nilampaso na niya sana lahat sa kanyang sagot sa Q&A.. huhuhuh 😦





      • OMG! Kaya siguro pansin nyo sa lumabas na video (nung naka- pink na Almodal gown si MJ) nag- eexplain si MJ kay Miss Mexico about her gown? Siguro madaming candidates ang naka- pansin na sinisigawan sya ni Stella sa backstage. Grabe!!!

    • Why are comments like this allowed here. You are defaming another human being? Shame on you! No need to speculate just wait until MJ gives her side . You know MJ will not appreciate your fanatic crazy rants! Move on !

      • Secret e… A friend of a friend…
        In time the truth will prevail soon…
        Abang lang kayo guys…

        @#$/^&!!!! Ang sama nya!!! SMA is blinded by patriotism to her motherland…

    • MJ is a classy lady… I don’t think she will say the truth unless it is really due specialy if it means she will become enemies with the Araneta matriarch..

    • True, galit na galit daw c kalbo kase inalter ung design niya, wala kase permission. Kaya sigaw sigawan ni lola c emj! Nakakasad talaga!

      • Siya kase designer kaya nagalit c kalbo, kaya naman niya gumawa ng eleganteng gown gaya ng kay ms.colombia! Bakit niya ginawan ng maluwag na wedding gown c mj?

  28. Ano po kaya yung Pink Leo Almodal gown? True din kaya yung story na MJ wanted to wear it pero ayaw ni MSA? I am just curious about it hmmm…

  29. How would everyone feel if Paulina visited the Philippines this coming March for BBP?

    Araneta will be very proud to have Colombian MU visit naturally.

    Think about that or is it rubbing more salt to the wound?

  30. Congratulations Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega. I hope you will come and visit my beloved country Philippines. Extend our invitations to famous Colombian Designer Alfredo Barraza. Filipinos loves you.

      • @C2F Imbitahin si Barazza para ipapakita ng mga sikat na Pinoy designers kung papaano talaga ang gumawa ng isang matinong kasuotan para sa National Costume.

  31. honestly MJ looked like she was not in her best and Jamaica really stood out for me. QA was a MESS… Meh answers… Netherlands inclusion still baffles me until now… and I’m SURE Miss Universewill lost a lot of followers after this…

    • I KNOW RIGHT!! Something was off with MJ tonight… Apparently its because of a heated argument that happened backstage with her and SMA. I;m so pissed. what the actual fuck..

    • Koreeeek! sakin okay lang sila Colombia, USA, and Jamaica… Ukraine is… okay na din. but would’ve replace her with Spain.. netherlands.. poop! it became koko krunch! bigla sumulpot!!

  32. Congrats to Colombia. A bit lacking on the answers, but her stage presence was undeniable.

    MJ, saludos! You did yourself and the PI proud.

  33. Because I was so curious as to why MJ looked really problematic tonight.. I went to sash factor since that’s the only website aside from Tito Norm’s fabulous blog, that’s actually reliable..

    One of the threads posted on there was about MJ wearing a pink Leo Almodal Gown during the rehearsal… it seemed like this was one of the choices for MJ’s final EG.. why else is she wearing this during the tech run??? Then I heard something else… MJ really wanted to wear the pink Almodal gown BUT Madam Stella, refused to let her.. She apparently yelled at MJ backstage for this… My blood is boiling right now.. IF this is true. I’m gonna be even more aggravated.. She ruined MJ’s chances by not letting her wear a fabulous gown and by yelling at her.. WTF!!1 Who does that hours before the show?!!?!?!?!?!


    this is the pink Leo Almodal gown btw… No doubt, this has so much more x-factor than the white gown.. It fits her so much better..and she wouldve fucking stood out from the rest of the candidates in the Top 10 who wore white, silver, and red gowns…. MOTHER OF GOD!!!!

    • Mrs. Araneta should be forced to retire as BPCI head ! ! !
      She doesn’t listen and she’s not open to suggestions ! ! !
      She’s old school and she sucks ! ! !

    • if this didn;t happen, MJ would’ve given such an outstanding performance… Her journey to the Top 5 would’ve been a piece of cake… BUT no… her chances was ruined hours before the finals. fuck this

    • when I saw MJ perform tonight… I was a little bothered cause she didn’t seem too confident… SO I was like ok what is happening… I knew it wasn’t the nervess… It was definitely something else.. and i guess it was the stress brought by this stupid fight that happened backstage.. SO annoying

    • Her husband doesn’t trust local designers, they have foreign consultant for architectural design that they are willing to pay huge amount of money per visit. Ganun ang mentallity nila mag-asawa!

    • Kaya pala business nila puro foreign franchise and to begin with nag asawa si Don jorge Araneta ng foreigner…

    • i doubt is MJ will end up blaming MSA knowing that Filipinos have made Madam the most hated woman of the year…i think she will take a more diplomatic and queenly response to all these drama. but for me it was enough she gave her best, everyone saw that up until finals night… sadly though at the show earlier something was really off you could sense it… and when i saw her coming out with the white wedding gown, i told myself she won’t make it to top 5. thanks MJ for making your presence felt in Miss Universe.. #OMJ

    • Trust me they’ll just ignore this issue at nagcomment na nga si SMA na hindi maganda mga designs na pinresent sa kanya ng local designers diba. Ganyan ang mentallity nila pagdating sa local talents unlike foreign talents, all praise sila.

  34. I don’t like the results.. for me kaya hindi nakapasok si MJ sa top 5 ay dahil sa gown, nagmukha siyang maliit tapos masikip pa yata… nakikipagsabayan pa sa pagluto itong si SMA sa MU. at si Jamaica na lang sana nanalo! nakakadepress talaga… :,(

  35. May nabasa ko, kaya daw matamlay c mj during EG gustong gusto raw ni emj isuot yung pink gown sinigaw sigawan daw siya ni lola sa back stage ayaw pumayag! Kalungkot lang hayyyyy

      • Kalat na yang balita na yan, imagine mo kung suot niya yung pink gown iam sure pasok siya sa top 5, sa white gown 3rd to the lowest score niya. Sa SS highest siya!

      • she would’ve made it all the way to the Top 5 kasi hindi siya magiging matalay kung hindi lang inaway-away ni SMA si MJ… and the gown overall would’ve given MJ a higher score for the EG round.. kainis.

    • ang ganda na sana kasi yun ang suot nya nung rehearsal. for sure pati other candidates, nalito sa kanya. hahaha

  36. So much bitterness in this thread. Where is ms spainhour now? She who cannot take any dissenting opinion? Always bashing anyone who says realistic if negative cements about MJ’s chances?!
    I only wish that MJ had fun, she gave it her best but clearly the other girls stood out. The national costume, ugly gown did not help. The attitude of pinoy pageant fanatics spreading rumors and innuendo about Paulina was so ugly too. Sure MJ was bashed in other forums but that does not excuse retaliating with similar behavior.

  37. I noticed also the lackluster performance of MJ in the finals. Would it be because she was stressed on the issue of the gown, whether to use the pink or white one? She really seemed like her mind is somewhere. Or someone really pushed her to use the white one. The controversy might have really affected her stance.

    As for the gown, to say that it is not important, here is something i read from miamiherald…
    One of the judges, Project Runway fashionista Nina Garcia, naturally, said she was “looking forward to seeing all the dresses.”

    There you go, a dress can really make or unmake a person.

  38. So much bitterness in this thread. Where is ms spainhour now? She who cannot take any dissenting opinion? Always bashing anyone who says realistic if negative cements about MJ’s chances?!
    I only wish that MJ had fun, she gave it her best but clearly the other girls stood out. The national costume, ugly gown did not help. The attitude of pinoy pageant fanatics spreading rumors and innuendo about Paulina was so ugly too. Sure MJ was bashed in other forums but that does not excuse retaliating with similar behavior.

  39. I was thinking, baka they were avoiding Em-Jey to win the pageant is because Phil might be the next venue of the 64th MU. Ayaw lang nila na maintriga.

    Poor Em-Jay as she had to be the sacrificial lamb, whether it may be an eye opener to have a better gown next time, or be our country the next host of the MU pageant.

    Above all, maraming salamat Em-Jay. Binigay mo lahat. Proud na proud kaming lahat sa iyo. Things happen for a reason. God bless you, God bless the Philippines.

    • hmm i don’t think they’ll have the same support from the filipinos after this. hehe

  40. nyeta. di ko kinaya. i have yet to read comments sa posts ni Tito Norms. hindi ko matanggap. pero matatanggap ko din. syempre shocked pa rin. if hindi si MJ ang mananalo, i would’ve wanted Jamaica to win.

  41. Telemundo rules !!!!
    Money money money !!!!
    I’m through with this BS.

    WORST Top 5 ever
    WORST Q&A ever
    WORST MU ever

      • Jamaica messed up her first Q&A big time and it was really obvious she didnt understand the question. She came up with some canned answer but sadly didnt work for her. True she is beautiful but she really missed the mark.

      • Beautiful no doubt. Performance wise? Ughhhh !!!
        Netherlands and USA can’t walk…they were all over the place.
        Colombia was so uncertain of her answers…smirking. Questions too big for her to answer…and for God’s sake..2x.
        Jamaica should have won, i believe you, but DT is milking dough from Telemundo. So whatesle is new?
        Not watching MU ever again.

        BTW. Bought a 17 inch back up flatscreen TV last night so as not to miss this crap. My bigger TV is having trouble lately…Mom was laughing so hard when i informed her about the TV.

        Goodbye Miss Universe for good.

      • Jamaica could have won..if only she tried to understand the question before answering. Her answer to the first question made her look stupid. That ruined her chance. Unfortunately no amount of bob marley songs can fix that.

    • I second that!..what a disappointment…
      I felt that the better candidates were left in the top 10 aside from Jamaica who I thought deserved to be in top 5. I think MUO just did that joke of a top 5 so to make Colombia stand out to be the winner…it’s so effing obvious!..Lol
      I reiterate the audience and candidates of the 63rd MU…..”BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……….!!!
      What a joke!! Lol

  42. In a previous post i said if mj wont win , ok lang jamaica coz maganda naman sya at shes my next favorite at half pinay pa, wag lang latina dahil kakasawa na. Latina nanalo so kakasawa na. Ill never watch miss u again bcoz parang rigged naman. Donald trump tweeted and retweeted that she hoped a latina wins. His order was granted. Also, unless filipinos ang gagawa ng gowns at costume. I feel well never hav a winner. A runner up maybe but i feel hangang di nagpago ang tauhan sa bpci, walang mananalong pinoy. Not that it will matter to anyone, basta hindi na ko manonood ever ng maski anong pageant where bpci is involved.

    • Colombia is undeniably gorgeous! But Jamaica just had so much more charisma than her…

  43. The fate of JAMAICA reminds me of Venus Raj — favorite to win but fumbled in QA, thus relegated to 4th Runner-Up!

  44. Here are the reasons why Colombia won and the top 5 was a surprise.

    1) Doral-Miami is 80% Latino. Foreign born persons is 79% and language spoken other than English is 90%.
    2) Nia Sanchez is Ms. USA but she is still Latina.
    3) Ukraine and Netherlands were weak in Q&A but rocked in swimsuit and gown.
    4) Jamaica was smart but would have been too edgy for MU mold and its sponsors.
    5) Eliminating the strong candidates like Spain, Philippines, and Venezuela in top 5 made the selection of Colombia a no-brainer.
    6) This MU edition was decided by MW. Rolene would have been a favorite but she’d still face the same hurdle as Spain, Philippines, and Venezuela.

    It was not the gown or national costume or the candidate. Most of these decisions are already in the works.

    • I beg to disagree. fate is what you make it. We’re lost because of the lackluster performance of MJ in the finals. This is a competition where the weakest is eliminated. She was one of the weakest in the top 10. Lets admit it.

      • If fate is entirely what you make it, as it is a general proposition, then explain how one has “made” or “decided” who one’s parents are going to be, the country one comes from, or even the flux of the stock prices Bloomberg monitors, as even stocks are being encompassed by what you claim “fate is what you make it”.

        There are things beyond one’s control. Spare the woman, she did her best. You did nothing.

      • and that’s my problem. i find her walk better than colombia in both segments. it’s lackluster compared nong prelims, but still great tonight. i keep replaying the vids and i don’t see your point.

      • She could have been the best performer in the top 10 but if not favored to win then it’s moot. Would you say Spain was also lackluster compared to USA or Netherlands? Probably not. I know what you mean about the weakest being eliminated but that is in an ideal world. Beauty pageants are not decided by numerical scores alone.

      • Dont forget that not just about the walk. Its the total package. Colombia lets admit it stunning matched with an uber fab evening gown. MJ fell short in those areas.

      • I agree that there’s some element of subjectivity when selecting the winners. Beauty is subjective. But i wouldn’t resort to conclusions that this edition’s fixed just because MJ did not win.


        Please, you have no substance in what you say you twat! As I have mentioned before, keep your opinions to yourself because your proposition of FATE being the objectifying result of MJ’s performance is a subjective interpretation of your illogical way of thinking.

        The CHOICES you make in life propels and determines your fate. In this case, Stella Marquez, (not dissing her because I already feel bad for her) made a poor choice on the gown. We don’t know why, and we probably will never know why, but needless to say. Your example of fate is a pathetic excuse for covering up what could have been a “win” for the Philippines.

        Go do some reading. You truly are pathetic MissDemeanor. What you lack is substance and fluidity. In YOUR vernacular (directly at you) it means you are a very sad sad bully. The best way to deal with people like you is to ignore you. Which you are probably used to already. =P

        Stop hating on MJ. she did nothing wrong to you!

        Philippines, I think it’s time we write a petition to BPCI to stop ignoring our thoughts because we above everything else, are what makes the Philippines.

        YES MJ Lost. But what we gained is a better understanding of what we can do next. =)

      • seemed like it. I mean Paulina was on a roll since day 1. getting invited to all these exclusive events, getting featured constantly on the MU Facebook page, youtube page, and instragram page..

      • I dont think it was fixed. Colombia had it because of her extraordinary beauty since day 1. People are just too fixated with MJ so they can’t see that.

      • “fix” is not the right word. I admit Colombia is a stunner, and that could’ve been the reason why the MU organization wanted her to win from the start..

      • wait guys? am i the only one here who doesn’t see that “whole package,” “great stage presence,” “x factor,” “elegance” kay miss colombia? parang lifeless sya for me. and the faces she makes at times. parang weird lang. i’m still bitter that mj didnt make it to the top 5, pero this comment is not because of that. mj could have hold her poses a lil longer but other than that, i was so confident na makakapasok sya kasi sabi nila lagi sa pagdadala naman ng gown ang eg. again lackluster compared nong prelims pero sobrang nagandahan pa din ako compared sa iba.

    • MUO wanted Vega to get the crown and the thing is, that’s all said and done & we can’t really do anything about that now. And in the coming days as this has all sunk in it will become that much more obvious.
      I wouldn’t say that Paulina is gorgeous or even beautiful, she’s pretty in a plain natural way. It’s not the kind of pretty that’s memorable either. I don’t even think she has an ounce of spark in her. I get the vibe that she’s stand-offish, cold and probably hard to approach so I’m putting this ahead now that Paula Shutgard(i hope I’ve spelled her name right) and all her handlers at MUO will probably have their hands loaded aside from doing all the said charity work, they would have to get alot of coaching done with her probably alot more than Molly, but anyhooo whatever, right?
      MJ, did her best and more than what was expected. I don’t think she even faultered one bit even at the finals. Her gown fit her better thanks to the alterations bc it looked better on her. If she had lackluster, I’d say it may be due to controversies of wardrobe that seems to be the case year after year. Her gown was ok-ish but it was not really current. So yeah that affected her projected image on the judges of course…she stood out but not in a good way. But it wasn’t MJ’s fault either. The fault goes to BPCI & Stella Arenata & Barazza.
      There needs to be changes done to BPCI and the question is will that change become this year?

    • OMG *deej…all that drama!..I can’t wait to read them all in the coming hours/days! Russia and PR walking out and PR passing out?!!..wow I think this must be the most drama filled MU to date?..in my time anyways?..Lol 😉

  45. omg Im so happy #netherlands made it to the top 5 kasi during prelim i really loved her look and personality and i just said to myself sana hindi to sha ee snub ng MUO and the judges khit weak sash…but there she is. For me MJ is really pageant patty as in bihasang bihasa na kaya i expected her in top 15 but top 5 no – because maraming fresh, young and tall girls na their look represented their country talaga and performance level din. I wish BPCI ang papanalunin nila this 2015 is yung pinay na look or khit half sha basta pinay na look kasi yung ang mag-standalone ang beauty nya from the rest or cguro if Mj is taller she should have penetrated top 5 #mytakeLang

  46. Now that the competition is over, let me say I enjoyed your blog Mr. Norman and I look forward to watching your interview. 🙂

    Congratulations to Colombia–Shakira and the whole Barranquilla is in raptures.

    From this I have learned that time and chance really do happen to each of us, but hard work and determination makes one the true victor and earns one the respect.

    I was not a fan of Miss MJ Lastimosa before, in fact whilst watching her interviews during her Bb. Pilipinas days I told myself, “It’s already the third time. Let it go.” But I was impressed with the character she showed. Her determination was worth every praise and cheer.

    During the preliminary competition you could see how she went beyond merely “doing her best”–she gave her all. That look-up-dream-far pose she made during the evening gown, the most confident spin during the swimsuit round, even her introduction as she opened her mouth the widest and proudest, “Philippines!” — she won me over with her winner-character.

    I find it very strange that suddenly I cared so much about beauty pageants, which before I found to be very shallow. Probably because it was a personal frustration I did not join one, because I always am insecure about my insufficient height xD. That no matter how much praise and encouragement you get from people, you still carry this fear inside, and the anxiety of being judged based on a very debatable criterion such as physical beauty.

    But there is so much more looking through the surface than merely looking “at” it. Even the prettiest girls at times would not win, nor the smartest, nor the most talented. In the end what will matter is the lives you have touched, using God’s gift of beauty to glorify His excellence, and not to feed one’s own ego.

    Sometimes being at the right place at the right time really do work. Let us not forget though, being with the “right people” also matters.

    No more blame games this time, as it won’t amount to anything. I am just very grateful for the things I have learned, “grace under pressure” is something I’ve always been working for :D, and MJ just inspired me to keep on.

    Congratulations Miss Colombia, and of course, to MJ, for being an inspiration! 🙂

    (sorry for the typos in case :D)

  47. we all know that Paulina doenst deserve the crown. I was rooting for Kaci and was really thinking that she will win. i think the loud boos coming from the audience when she was named 4th ru goes to show that she was the favorite to win during the coronation night.
    As for MJ, well, lets admit it. The moment she stepped on the stage during the evening gown portion, her chances to win started to fade. She was outshone by most of the top 5 finalist except, of course, from Netherlands. And I already knew that she will not place in top 5 (sorry about this) because I thinks her gown took away her elegance, in which, i think most of the top 5 finalists have with their gown.

  48. My prediction
    Philippines – winner
    Colombia – first runners up
    Jamaica-2nd runners up
    Ukraine-3rd runners up
    USA-fourth runners up
    Almost close to real top 5 except Philippines is missing!

  49. Tito Norms, there are 3 rumors (coz i heared this from a friend who claimed to have a reliable person/informant in Doral) which i hope you can shed some lights into, from your contacts too.

    1. There’s 1 judge who clearly favored colombia. That to make sure she will win, he gave a very low score to Jamaica. That the score was apparently too low compared from other judges.

    2. SMA scolded MJ and her handlers earlier coz of the gown alteration move.

    3. Several other candidates joined the audience in boooing the result.

  50. I got 4 out of 5, though in rumbled manner


    Unfortunately, Philippines didn’t make to the final spot. Netherlands was indeed a dark horse.

  51. For my final message here. The handlers , the candidates should not be timid. Stick to your guns.. Say no if you’re given a lousy gown. For cow sake, say NO. If you observe the handlers didn’t even say anything at all. Why they are afraid because they still have candidates that will be competing in the local pageants. They don’t want Stella be mad on them. Retallation ?For MJ kudos to you ! You made us proud. Out of 88 gorgeous ladies. wow.. thank you. I will certainly will not support BInibining Pilipinas until such time that it will be given to another owner. Stella go home.

    • Indeed its time to comeout wag silang makakot ….fire the in hands to Stella Araneta so the people will know kung ano tagala ang pinag gagawa nya…

  52. I think mj’s lacking of a swan like neck was one of the culprit to her losing aside from the lack luster gown. it didn’t made her look more regal and sophisticated as compared to the tall and long delegates she’s competing against even though she was a smashing beauty. that’s why it is a must that evening wear must be intelligently meticulously chosen so all problems are addressed early on. But still Congrats mj she showed us what really a beauty queen is all about. heart and perseverance above beauty

    • Yeah i think her beauty was really smashed during the finals and then eventually got swallowed by the stage…(awkward cricket sound in the background)

  53. Hindi naman yata ganoon ka atat ang lahat nung panahon ni Venus, Shamcey, Janine at Ariella. Nagulat na lang tayo at napasaya nang naging Top 5 sila. Too much expectation yata this time.

  54. There is nothing wrong with what Bea said. She’s been there. She won. So do not ever forget that. You could interpret it in ways you want. But one thing is for sure MJ failed.

    Tough luck…now let’s move on and contribute to the economy.

    • Did she win the crown? Did she continue our top5 finish?
      There goes your answer…

      If you’re still not satisfied..read all the rants in these forum. Was the posts about her winning? I dont think so.

      • that’s such a shallow answer… Just cause she didn’t make it to the Top 5, and didn’t clinch the crown, you consider her a failure? I don’t know man but being chosen to be in the Top 10 out of 88 DELEGATES, that’s not a failure.. clearly she’s one of the standouts in this batch… That’s already an achievement…

        I don’t really know how your mind works but damn you seem a little fucked in the head.. ;/

  55. Muka nga talagang naapektohan si MJ sa mga issues naganap. puro away kasi… Baka nga napagalitan rin siya hours before the pageant because of the whole altered gown issue. Kung totoo man na hindi alam ni SMA ung alterations na naganap, for sure kumulo dugo non!

  56. i think if had stayed with our camp she could have made it the top 5, Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Ariella.. proud A&Q.. charot lang..

  57. i guess people just got really too optimistic about MJ.
    MJ on the other hand succumbed to pressure when it mattered most. That’s where you actually see who is confidently beautiful…MJ didn’t fit the mold at that point in time.

    Miss universe is and always will be a mental game.

    • I agree.. as in nawala yung million dollar smile niya tonight.. Jusmiyo, Part of me wished na wala sanang naganap na away about her gown and costume para hindi na sira momentum niya. but if this didn’t happen, hindi mapapansin ito ng media and celebrities. Im hoping this buzz will lead to great changes in the future..

    • I can imagine. It was extra tough for her because of all those uneducated unreasonable fans always wanting the best to be given to her to the extent of putting others down. They didnt know this was going to boomerang directly and indirectly to MJ’s performance…and it did! So who’s to blame now??? Mrs. Spainhour?

    • People are optimistic because the have seen from the preliminaries that MJ was brightly shinning through! She nailed every event…she was smart in many interviews. It was only when she wore that horrible gown that too much negativity has flooded many forums in social media. The pressure now came how to alter the gown, etc..etc..Fast forward to the Final Night. During Swimwear competition, MJ was seen bilking fast because of the apparent discomfort on her eyes…could it be another sabotage that the make-up just messed-up her eyes? Both the tightness of her EG and the discomfort coming from her make-up sapped MJ of her energy to shine! She was not in her usual effervescent self. You could sense something is bothering her all along. You could even see how she how unsmiling she was as she always hurried back to the exit as if she would like to fix on something!

      People are optimistic because we have valid reason to be so. What we too are worried on the moment that we are smelling “sabotage” in Stella insisting on dressing our candidate with a Basura outfit…”sabotage” by a latina make-up artist messing on the eye of MJ!

      • Well said Benji! MJ’s game throughout this journey was strong the moment she landed in Doral. She nailed every interview, every event, and her preliminary performance was out of this world.. Thats why when I saw her perform tonight, I felt like something was off. I feel like all the chaos we, the fans, created took a toll on her. There were so many last minute changes, her gown, her make up and hair, and just all these negativity surrounding her.. I can’t help but blame this on us for being too demanding.. But then this wouldn’t have happened, if MJ was just given a better gown and natcos.. No fight would’ve started…

      • ugh just looking at her still photos from the pageant. She honestly looked so stunning! But her in motion tonight, you can tell something was off… I just wished the pressure didn’t get to her. She would’ve aced every round in the finals! And omg… MJ would’ve rocked that red gown like nobody’s business.

  58. That was the loudest boo ever that I’ve ever heard on a MU telecast after Columbia was announced and given the crown. It was so embarrassingly loud that they had to put the music up! And also the other ladies really took their time to approach Vega to congratulate her!…It wasn’t like “OMG you won!..I’m sooo happy for you!”…that win was a joke!
    She must really be that cold and unliked amoung the contestants…and her Q&A did not make any sense!…Lol

  59. I am sorry to bring this up, but what Bea Santiago just commented about the delegates clothes disheartened me so much.

    “It’s never about the clothes, it’s always about the woman behind the dress,” Bea said.

    Bea said that compared to her national costume, MJ had it better. She said that what mattered most was that MJ carried the dress well. “If you’ve seen my national costume in orange, it was worse than MJ’s but I carried it well, because no matter what happens, it’s actually you,” she said.

    Yes it is true, that what matters most is how you carry it well, but for her to say such a thing is full of braggadocio. This is implying that MJ did not do well whilst she did. Just because she won.

    You see, not all the winners are role models to look up to.

    • Naku yang Bea “PREPARATING” Santiago nanaman na yan! Feeling siya ang pinaka magaling lagi! I hate to say this pero pasalamat siya dahil sumabay siya sa bagyong Yolanda. Wag siya magmagaling!

      • She could have just said, “MJ did well. She gave her best.” Without always having to add “how good she is”. That was what she also said about Miss Bianca Guidotti.

        I do not wish to speak ill of others as well but I hope this woman gets a slice of humble pie.

      • Retokadang beang yan. Masama talaga ugali. Di bale tapos na reign nya. Wala ng papansin dyan.

    • There is no score for the National Costume at MU but if you compaire the red evening gown of Bea at MI to the white bridal mess worn by MJ… who do you think had it better?!!!

      • #StellaMarquezTraitor



    • From the time Bea gave her comments on Bianca’s non placement in MI 2014, I noticed how self centered she is and sobra taas ng tingin sa sarili. She is not really supporting the other Queens but just wants the limelight for herself.

      Her comments are no longer necessary.

    • Which is somehow true. I didn’t feel her presence during the final. It felt like she vanished in thin air. She wasn’t making the connection…lets admit it. And of course the gown was oh well for lack of better words…Divisoria quality.

    • Bea is such a joke.. what a narcissistic bitch… Can you not answer a question without relating it back to yourself?!! Holy damn, she won last year.. She has passed on the crown. MOVE ON! We get it. You made us all proud. but damn that attitude is not something to be proud of.

      • she already earned our appreciation and we were proud she won. because of this, she lost our admiration. is she thinking now of what she’s doing. move on.

    • Yes I do agree with you that Bea Santiago IMO is full of it. Because she was a winner she has to defend Arenata and put the blame on MJ for not(in her opinion) do better and win a higher placement.
      No, i don’t see Bea as a good role model, not at all whatsoever!

    • i always didn’t like her. epal sya. tingin ko kaya di nakapasok si bianca para di sya matabunan. kung di sya nanalo, would she say that? i doubt. she should be happy she won but to say that, i lost my appreciation of her victory. it was a bit harsh.

    • The woman behind the dress is SMA.
      The woman wearing the dress is MJ.
      So, it is always SMA.

  60. Miss Jamaica was lifted by her fellow contestants while chanting JAMAICA. Wow.

    Anyone in the venue can you validate this?

  61. I followed beauty pageant because of MJ. Ang sakit. Gusto kong umiyak pero di ko magawa dahil nasa office ako. Nakakapanghinayang yung determination niya, marami siyang pinagdaanan para makaapak sa stage ng MU. She deserved more. Kaso ganun talaga ehh, hintay nlang din ako ng candidate na katulad ni MJ saka ulit ako mgfofollow sa pageant. . .I can say, she’s the best MUP we ever had. Siya lang ang natatanging MUP na may laan sa puso ko.

  62. Colombia might have won but it’s an EMPTY VICTORY. I love the Colombian people but I have to say this: the way the selection has been done is very insulting to the intelligence of the viewers and fans worldwide. Jamaica is obviously the winner for her stunning beauty and being a great speaker. Miss Ukraine, likewise, is convincingly better than the US and Colombia as well. They eliminated the deserving candidates to make it easier for Colombia to win but Colombia still failed to sparkle in the Q and A and the final walk, The organizers turned the whole show into a kabuki play. The Miss U Organization has to do a great deal of damage control after this fiasco.

  63. Filipinos are good sport, and I know we can move on from this in no time.

    MJ did her best, and even if she did not make it to the top 5, Miss Philippines will always ring a bell in the 2014 Miss Universe given her performances in the SS and EG. I bet she is the only candidate that is not included in the top 5 but left an impact to the viewers. Great job MJ.

    Let’s shift to BB Pilipinas 2015, no more blaming, just apply the lessons learned!

    Thank you MJ!! I am proud of you!

  64. Unity brings change…force of many and the power of ONE!!


    Not because MJ didn’t win but wrongful winner!! Same same lagi. And the top 5 wheres the substance?! TIME OUR VOICES TO BE HEARD. We are the Miss Universe–we make them stay standing and without is especially Filipinos they will not survive!!

    Bye MUO

  65. Honestly if Philippines made it to the Top 5.. No doubt she would give the most impressive answer… Pero it’s not her destiny and that’s ok! She did us proud!!

    Hannah Ruth Sison! Step your game up and bring us the MU crown next year please <33

  66. Congratulations Miss Colombia for the win !
    Ditto to MJ for doing such a great job in representing our country in the recently concluded MU pageant.
    And to Stella Marquez Araneta could we have your attention please ?
    If you do not heed the call of the Filipino beauty pageant supporters, for you to reassess and change the way you dress up our Binibini title holders,
    we suggest that you give up the MU franchise and the rest and just pack your things and go back to your native Colombia and support it instead. We do appreciate you running BPCI for quite a while now, but we need some new blood blood who can run it a lot better than you do. Thanks but no thanks Madam Stella 😦

  67. Oh well…out of the 5, i wanted Jamaica to win. Congrats to Colombia.

    Now, back to Binibining Pilipinas and the drawing board.

  68. Si Colombia, USA, Ukraine and Jamaica lang pasok sa prediction ko, may chance kaya ko manalo? 🙂

  69. If MJ is there Im sure she will nailed the QandA. I cannot eat when Miss Philippines is not there.

  70. I obviously wanted MJ to win… it’s been too long talaga since we won the title… But if you had to compare our country to Colombia and Jamaica.. Colombia has only gotten 1 crown before Paulina… While Jamaica hasn’t gotten one at all… So I guess. share na lang.. Maganda naman talaga si Colombia.. It’s hard not to notice her! Ewan ko lang kong bitch nga talaga sya. I wanted Jamaica to win though… She was a showstopper tonight! and it would’ve been nice to see her win thee first MU crown for her country Pero hayaan na natin. Let’s congratulate Colombia na lang.. She really did work hard for this journey. And its been too long na rin since they got a crown.

    • Congratulations Colombia for winning the crown you do not desserve! 🙂 I guess you can really be confidently beautiful without a brain… 😀 I’m sure the drug cartels would be booming this year. 😀

      • Lets not blame Paulina. She has nothing to do with the gown.. we can blame Barraza and SMA. Just to be fair with Paulina she is extremely gorgeous and the final answer for the final question…. i would say she nailed it.

      • i know I know.. MJ would’ve whipped everyone in the Q&A portion.. pero it is what it is.. I feel like MU went all sentimental with this and looked at the history of the pageant. Last time Colombia won it was 1958. and that was their crown. Meanwhile, Philippines won their second crown in 1973.. Baka nga they just wanted to share LOL…

        Colombia may not have been the smartest but she played her cards well. She got everyone’s attention before she landed in Doral.. Front runner talaga. Though I agree this Top 5, was awful. The answers were so bland and weak… Especially Ukraine are you fucking kidding me…

  71. Osmel Sousa said it over a week ago. To him the best candidate was Paulina. Gorgeous and with a Queen attitude. Kissy, kissy girls, no matter how gorgeous they are NEVER win. And as for MJ Ramirez, she was absolutely beautiful and gracious. She definitely deserved higher placement. Jamaica should have been second and Mary Jane third.

  72. I wanted Jamaica to win. Vega not so much…..she’s colder than the Canadian weather! Lol
    Good luck to MUO, I hope they have a good year with her!

  73. Parang back to 50’s 60’s o 80’s ang peg ni columbia. D ko talaga kinaya na wala sa top 5 si mj, kainis talaga si madamm, tito norms may picture ka ba na malapitan dun sa pink gown na isinuot ni mj during rehearsal?


    It’s funny to say this but… I can finally rest and sleep! My gawd… this has been quite a stressful couple of weeks. I really felt like I was there and competing with MJ. This blog is the best… and every single one of you fans here and fellow posters really made this such an engaging adventure that it even though it was stressful, it certainly enriched my MU fan experience. You guys are the best! MJ, we love you! On to the next pageant, folks!


  75. I was like. What happened to Jamaica? RiP Miss universe.pangkabig c Netherlands. Unexpected ng bonggelia.

      • Ang ingay talaga ng audience. Gusto talaga nila kay Jamaica… I think lahat ng fans ng ibang contestants na wala sa Top 5 ay nag cheer kay Jamaica… including daw yung mga fans ni MJ. Kaloka!

    • That was so embarassing when I heard the loud boos from the audience !
      It did prove how the audience and the contestants themselves did not approve of Jamaica’s 4th runner up finish.
      Shame shame shame !!!

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