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  1. Nilakasan ang music… at sinabi ng host na madaming nag checheer eh… puro nagbooboo ang mga tao!!!

  2. The links aren’t workin for me. Guess I hv to wait for the hr delayed telecast here b in mountain zone…. ugggh…. ill just hv to stick with Normans blog for updates til then..

  3. @Mrs_spainhour…. ano link pinuntahan mo? Nahihirapan ako… im using laptop and mobile. Pls help

  4. Even the hair and make-up… Dear God thank you for making a way for everything. Keep praying for the Philippines and MJ, may the Lord grant her wisdom during the two rounds of question-and-answer, the charm and confidence, above all divine favour. May the judges and the people all over the world see in her the Universal Beauty. Keep praying guys

  5. Ngayon pa lang naluluha na ako looking back on how hard MJ had to hurdle challenges to reach for her dreams and to make the dream of many Filipinos come true! Di madali ang pinagdaanan ni MJ: with all those criticisms, bashings, bringing her down…but she has shown us determination and passion…A CLEAR WINNER!

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  7. Let me post my top 15 picks. πŸ™‚

    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic

    Other girls i also want to be in the top 15

    Czech Rep.

    Sooo eggzoited!!

  8. I knew it here are the 3 front runner na ligwak based on EG blocking:

    Puerto Rico- sure na ligwak… sa likod nya si Spain… tapos 1 girl lang pagitan nila ni MJ

    Australia- Asa harap ni MJ sa left side…

    South Africa- isa pang malaking ligwak! Gitna sya ni MJ and Spain….

  9. Is it really confirmed that the pink gown is what she’ll don tonight? I read that she was wearing the pink in lieu of continued alterations on the Barraza gown. Can anyone confirm?

    • di na din ako mapakali kanina pa… can anyone confirm pls if final na yung Pink Almodal Gown….
      Tito Norman?


  11. Start na ba?? Ayaw gumana ng livestream.com saang site kayo nanunuod? Help please.

  12. Oh wait huli na pala ako… suot na pala nya… So this is the pink Almodal gown… good choice of color since majority wore red and silver/white… now she’s a standout! Ano kaya reaction ni SMA?!… Buti nga sinikipan lang ni Veejay yung white… kung ako yun baka sinindihan ko pa…

  13. The regular posters are here, did you guys sleep at all? haha. I won’t be surprised if half of the Philippines will be snoozing tomorrow. Go MJ!

  14. Philippines, PR, Russia, Venezuela confirmed change gown mukhang bakbakan ang laban na to.

  15. With our prayers, Madaam, hopefully, will be enlightened on what is right and proper!
    With our prayers, MJ can hurdle all challenges facing hers ways with flying colors.
    With our prayers, the judges may see rightly who deserves to win the crown…MJ deserves it the most!

  16. MJ’s seen wearing pink on a video! I am so excited! I could not believe what Madame Araneta just said about Filipino designers being “not good enough” during an interview! That is indeed insulting! Hope you really would wear the pink gown and show what we Filipinos can do, God being at our side!

      • Damang dama ko girl yung pink ang isusuot nyang gown! Her gown was pink when she won Bb. Pilipinas Universe! It’s MJ’s color! OMG! I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

      • Sana aksidente mabuhusan ng kape Yung white gown. Or magupit ng husto at wala ng way para maayos. Praying hard. Go for the Pink Almodal Gown. Showcase the talent, creativity and details of Pinoy Fashion Designers.. Through that gown, let the universe know what a Filipino Designer can come up to…

      • I am applauding the one who fixed MJs Barraza white gown. He made it too tight so that MJ can wear an alternative. nyhahahahahahaha!

      • grabe kung kagagawan ni veejay ang galing!!! added drama to! may makakasagot ba? dala ba nya almodal? o smuggled? or pinadala talaga? i’m kinda hoping the white one is too tight even if veejay workd on it! syeeeet!!!!!

      • Confirmed from a reliable source… me dalang magandang back-up gown ang KF galing ata kay Leo… hindi ko lang sure kung ipapasuot ni Madame…

      • Oh wait… late reaction na pala ako…sana yan na yun… wag sana umapila si Bazurra… baka ma assasinate sya bigla… andami pa namang hardcore fanatics dyan from South Cotabato…

  17. Darla thank you sa pina Fedex mong gown. Hopefully she will wear the pink gown . Baka kasi mag revolution si Madame at magwala. Barazza was mad according to my resource because the gown was altered.

    • Candidly speaking, seeing her in the pink gown live was faboluous. If i am the people around her i will choose to wear it during the finals.

      • If you watch closely it looks like MJ is telling Miss Mexico something about the upper portion of her (MJ’s) gown. Not sure if MJ is saying it’s too tight or exposes too much. Watch MJ’s hand gestures as she talks with Miss Mexico.

      • nang-iintriga si mexico. hahahahaha! worried na siya kasi nagpalit ng mas magandang gown si MJ. nyahahahahahaha!

      • I am applauding the one who fixed MJs Barraza white gown. He made it too tight so that MJ can wear an alternative. nyhahahahahahaha!

      • tsismis, napa sobra daw yung alteration . kaya lumalabas nasa taas. kaya nag change sya kaagad.

      • I think Mexico is asking why she changed gown and Mj is telling her the alterations did not work…

  18. I cant believe it Prayers lang talaga…Suddened change of Gown…. Yahoohhhhhhhhhhh. More prayers for MJ and for our country PHILIPPINES…This is it.. I cant sleep na. watching rehearsal videos. MJ is one of the candidate for the opening . MUO loves MJ and PHILIPPINES

    • I have never prayed for a beauty pageant before, but I did before I slept for Mj and the Philippines! Saw Mr. Flores and Mr. Gaffud together in a photo as best buds, Veejay Floresca flying just to fix the dress, fans using the power of social media supporting MJ in every manner– this is so People Power, the bayanihan spirit our great ancestors left and kept alive in each of us! It gives me chills!

      • OMG to ang people power!!! ano ba nangyari? may 2 oras lang ako nawala (nag movie muna ako) tapos pag bukas ko may pink almodal na!!!??? update please…so it was too tight? i don’t care!!!! saan nanggaling yung almodal? dala ba nila yun or smuggled???????????????? josko ninenerbyos ako sa mga nangyayari…hindi ako madasalin i admit pero lakas ng pananalangin ko ngayon! OO PILIPINO AKO NA ADIK SA PAGEANTS! There I said it! Para dun sa mga taong nag cri criticize na grabe tayong mga Pinoy pag dating sa beauty pageant! SO WHAT KUNG GUILTY AKO!???????????

        Leche!!! Super excited nako!

  19. how can it be 7am in the phils if in miami its 8pm?? its 4 hours early, think it should be 11 or 12 noon in the phils..

  20. Allow me to post this..
    My top 5 faves are:

    1. Philippines
    2, Colombia
    3. Serbia
    4. Jamaica
    5. Brazil

    However, after watching the prelims, I scored the candidates based on EG,SS, & Over all impression like what I did last year. Here are my top 15 (based on my scores) in order:

    1. Colombia- though rumor says that she has an “attitude” but, you cannot ignore her beauty
    2. Philippines- she rocked the Swimsuit! (#MJalltheway)
    3. Dominican Rep. – I didnt like her but her performance in the prelims was commendable
    4. Jamaica- a silent killer
    5. Ukraine- she may be a replacement to the original winner but she proved that she can be on top
    6. Brazil- she reminds me of my classmate in grade school (lol)
    7. Czech Rep. – one of the prettiest faces in the competition
    8. Thailand- I didnt like her actually but she did a good job on both segments
    9. Indonesia- she may not be the best Asian rep but she may pull a surprise (I like her more than her predecessor)
    10. Lithuania- Oh! so pretty! I didnt notice her until the preliminaries
    11. Spain- facially, her predecessor looks more stunning to me but she can never be ignored
    12. South Africa- she reminds me of Leila Lopes
    13. Ecuador- she could go as far as top 10 but we’ll see…
    14. India- she’s like the Indian version of Ximena Navarette
    15. USA- for me, she’s just typical but, hey! she’s Miss USA!

    *********16th -25th (in order) ***********
    Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Guyana, Serbia, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica

    Best in Evening Gown- Colombia
    Worst- Finland
    Best in Swimsuit- Philippines
    Worst- British Virgin Islands

    Top 10 (based on SS scores) in order:

    1. Philippines
    2. Colombia
    2. Dominican Rep.
    4. Jamaica
    5. South Africa
    6. Brazil
    7. Indonesia
    8. Thailand
    9. Ukraine
    10. Spain

    Top 5 (combined scores for SS & EG) in order:

    1. Colombia
    2. Dominican Rep.
    3. Philippines
    4. Thailand
    5. Ukraine

    My final verdict:

    63rd Miss Universe- Philippines
    1st RU- Colombia
    2nd RU- Dominican Rep.
    3rd RU- Ukraine
    4th RU- Thailand

    (note: Im not a pageant expert…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ )

    • Thanks chrome for all the wonderful and good vives pictures. Your love of pageants is truly visible in all your posting and comments. Aside from Tito Norms, you’re one of the guys here whom i always look forward to see and have a glimpse of your sharp mind put into words 😊

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