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  1. Hindi na ako maglilista ng positives at negatives sa performance ni ara as host dali madami na ang nagbigay ng opinion nila at marami pang dadagdag for sure.

    Sasagutin ko na lang ang bottomline questions…

    Was she able to do the job she went there for? Yes.
    Are her videos delivering the number of views/traffic? Yes.
    Are netizens talking about it? Yes.
    Will MUO be happy? I think Yes.

    So guys, whether you like or loathe Ara, her comm skills or the videos, just continue to click, watch and share. Kasi queens pa rin naman natin ang nagbe-benefit sa support. Let’s show MUO how great fans pinoys are or can be.

  2. Good job Sis Ara ! There will always be the Ara critics (lol) but who cares ?
    You were MU 2013 3rd runner-up and you did us proud ! That’s all that matters πŸ™‚

  3. jusko. mas mahal ko na si ara ngayon lalo. hahaha kaloka, baklang bakla pa rin siya. haha! love it. well, hindi siya mukhang tensed. mukhang normal kwentuhan lang.

    guys, alam nio naman kailangan pa rin niyang itanong ang who made your dress to MJ. hahaha pero parang sabi nga ni Ara “who made your dress.. si barraza no????” hahahahahha tas mukha ni MJ “oo teh, meron pa bang iba??” hahaha but anyway. way to go ara! πŸ˜€

  4. Ara is very sweet and lovable in handling the casual interviews of the candidates as web presenter..very natural with all its forgivable flaws..

  5. Ara is enjoying Miami tremendously. So gorgeous and those eyes are really mesmerizing with or without makeup. At 25, she’s traveling the world. Good for her. Met her twice in Miami and she couldn’t be gracious enough to pose with her Filipino fans. She has nice accent – accent that foreigners will love. Or roughly the 5 billion people or so minus the 100 million Filipinos who seem to find their accent unacceptable. #unapologeticbitch. Or she told me she ain’t doing the red carpet interview during the final night. Her job for MUO is done and over with so now she has all the time to enjoy Miami while others can just watch her YouTube videos. #unapologeticbitch

  6. Great Job Ara! Thank you for making us Filipinos proud once again!!

    Can I just say that red dress she wore in this video looks FABULOUS on her… I also noticed she sounds and looks so much more comfortable/confident in this vid compared to her On The Scene Rehearsal segment! Bravaaaa ❀

  7. Who from last year’s top 5 was given this -behind the scenes- assignment? Venezuela? Spain? Ecuador? Brazil? NOPE, it was Ari Arida from the Philippines. How’s that for an ironic twist. HA-HA to all her linguistic critics.

    Compared to the other four ladies Ari is fluent WITHOUT an American or British accent which is appropriate at this “international” festivity. Show your swagger girl!

    Great job πŸ™‚

  8. Great job Ara. Some people are peanut butter and jealous to you. Mga pilipino din naman akala mo eh May mga masteral sa public speaking kung maka lait wagas. Ni Hindi nga sila makapag emcee kahit sa barangay nila. I’m proud of you.

  9. Tama ba na si MU runway coach ung girl dun sa alleged evening gown pic ni MJ? na lumabas before the preliminaries? Ung nag-assist while MJ was fitting her EG?

  10. Yeah, Venus, Shamcey and Janine was better but Ara is the most remarkable and memorable among them… Guys, just check out the number of views… MUorg did makr the right choice of picking her for this! πŸ˜€

    ARA is the best #FORTHEPHILIPPINES! πŸ˜€

  11. I love Ariela’s speaking voice… Her regional accent makes her so endearing… She has greatly improved! πŸ˜€

    And did you guys hear what the MUorg staff said….

    “I don’t need a Top Model… We need a SPOKESPERSON!… Who happens to be beautifull….”

    – I think her whole statement sums up this year’s criteria for Miss Universe… 10% beauty 10% pageantry 80% MJ Lastimosa! πŸ˜€

    I can’t wait for the corronation night! πŸ˜€

    • Same observation here about the statement of MUorg staff! So much “in-between-the-lines” that points out to “Crowning MJ as the 63rd Miss Universe”…So many factors are aligning towards that direction. More than I confidently felt during the time Megan was competing, more than the “sureness” I felt that Rolene would succeed Megan, both these confidence and “sureness” I have been feeling these days twice as intense!

      • Naisip ko lang about DT’s retweet. It’s more of more of maintaining business interest since MU will be crowning a non-Latina delagate this year.

        I was surprised to see a more improved Ara in the OTS. Great job!:)

  12. Ara is endearing, made even moreso by her accent. Beautiful styling, beautiful outfits. What a priviledge for our country, yet again. And yet again Ara has made me proud of our country.

  13. Ok lang.
    Her accent makes her more exotic. Boring kapag too perfect ang English speaking skill niya.

  14. They edited the girls’ voices and that’s okay pero yung kay Ariella, ka level ng pag a autotune sa mga pop stars. Tapos, ang awkward ng usaping gown nila ni MJ. HAHA. Sobrang defensive ni MJ. Meron silang nalalaman na hindi shinare sa audience. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  15. Not bad, you can tell she came prepared. I do not want to compare her with anyone coz being on camera is not easy as it may seem. Even the best speaker still gets the nerve. I’m just proud that another Filipina was again invited to do this segment.

  16. Yung gown b ni ara kay Francis Libiran ba yun? Parang nausot na ni Janine yan nung BBP2014 tapos Miss earth 2014 C ginger . Bakit puro red suot ni ara? Ok naman sya so far.

  17. I love you Ara…O, ayan, bumabawi na ako sa yo! Just count yourself blessed…that despite some flaws, still the MUO has entrusted to you a job that many abled beauty queens could do very well but were not offered to do it! O ayan ha, away kung mag-bash this time for MJ’s sake! LOL!

      • Hindi naman pagpaplastic ang sabihin ang totoo…although I could bash her for whatever flaws I see in her, I have the choice and option not to do it this time just for the sake of the call of MJ to spread positivity instead. Hindi kaplastikan ang i-set aside muna ang di magandang nakikita at sabihin openly ang magandang insights. It is your judgment Jessica that makes you appear as sour-grapping, scorned woman and shouldering so much frustrations and disappointments in your heart! I pity you!

      • Wag kang mag-alala, pagkatapos ng Coronation bukas, babalikan ko si ARA para magpakatotoo ako kung yan ang gusto nyong makita! Meanwhile, I choose to spread positivity. I have this freedom to enjoy it!

  18. Matigas lang talaga dila nito ni Ara e. Iniisip ko na lang parang Latina ang English niya. Sarap lang i-fabric con ng dila e.

    Anyway, 3 Filipinas for On The Scene is not bad. Shamcey though is the best so far.

    • I like the fact that Ara is confident in who she is and totally unapologetic of her Pinoy accent. And she really is one gorgeous Filipina.

  19. For a non-english speaking host, she did pretty good actually. One neeeds to stop comparing a non-english speaking person to a real american, like what filipinos do most of the time. USA is such a diverse culture that grammatically spoken english is not a big deal here.

    So instead of being (hyper)critical and bash (leave that to jealous people of other nationalities) Ariella’s hosting, let us just be proud of her and of the Philippine in general, for being well represented to this year’s MU.

    ε’ŒεΉ³οΌŒδΈθ¦ζˆ°ηˆ­ πŸ‘Ό

    • i think Ara is considered an english speaking host. she’s just not as conversant as a natural english born speaker but she can speak english.

  20. Tapos mga tagalog or taga luzon mahilig manlait sa mga bisaya. Sa totoo lang mad magaling mag english ang mga bisaya. Si ara parang di inabutan ang public speaking subject nong highschool. Masyadong pinush naman masyado ang pinoy dito but anyway, basta panalo si MJ okay lang

    • @Charorot

      Regionalisms are originaly based on rumors spread by our Spanish colonizers to create division and chauvinism among our fellow countrymen….

      Ever heard of “divide and conquer”? That’s how they were able to colonize almost half of the globe… More controversy creates more hatred against each other thus less uprising against the opressor. πŸ˜€

      • With over 7,000+ islands, there was no need to divide and conquer. Each region had its own dialect way before the Spaniards came. They imposed Spanish to attempt unification and that’s why you have Spanish words all over the 7,000+ islands.

    • Mas maganda naman English accent ni ara ! May kasamahan ako sa work na visaya hindi siya maintindihan ng mga client naming americano! Sabi niya kase dis es tek it! Can u pless cluse da dur!

      • eh bakit naman yung kaibigan ko.. ust grumaduate.. mali mali ang grammar tapos trying hard mag english.. depende yan sa tao. tignan mo si shamcey, pia, MJ atbp na mga bisaya magaling sa intonation at diction. Remember Charice? when she was interviewed by Ellen? compared to these 2 boys from Gen. Santos City na ang galing mag-english at diction. nilampaso si charice. depende lang yan.

      • Wag na nating kalimutan pang idag-dag si “Tough 10” Janina San Miguel laking maynila siya if im not mistaken.

    • Kasi di lahat ng taga luzon tagalog ang native language. Sa bicol 3 language ang matutunan mo. Bikol sa bahay. Tagalog at english sa skul. Pero walang accent. Mayroon akong mga bisayang teacher sa FEU wala silang accent. Kung sila kaya ma-neutralize yung accent baket yung iba pa kaya. Sige nga pumunta ka ng Manila try mo mag apply sa call center. Tingnan natin kung makapasa ka.

      • Sain ka nag-istar sa Bicol asin nag-adal? Magsurat ka kung mahunawaan ninda kung ano ang pinaguulayan ta. Iyan ang bentahe kan taga duman ta mas madali makanuod ang mga tawo nin ibang tataramon. Marhay na banggi saimo hali digdi sa Miami!


      • wala nga daw magandang designs na gawa ng pinoy sabi ni SMA. at gagastos na naman siya pag binihisan pa niya si ara.

      • Eh gandang ganda c lola stella sa mga design ni barazza! kaya walang walang tiwala ang lola nyo sa mga pinoy designer kaya paninindigan niya c bazurra!! At wag ka depensa ni lola sa NC ni mj! Its about creativity not authenticity wahhhh taray talagaa! Parang mataray na espanyola nung panahon ni rizal na mababa ang trato sa mga indio!

      • Hahaha! I just wake up and I I was reading all the comments and this one made LOL in my bed! Oo nga naman, parang tanga lang to si ara!

      • Yea that was an awkward question. Hahaha! Natuwa lang ako sa pagsabi ni Ara ng ‘determine.’ Stress on the first syllable talaga. That was so Pinoy. πŸ™‚

        Congratulations Ara. Job well done. You make us Filipinos proud.

      • Tanga agad?! lol..ara is asking questions for an audience which is presumed to be not in the know ..she’s not there to elicit info for her own..while she could have acknowledged outright barazza as the designer of mj’s dress, ara’s sticking to the scripted question of “who made your dress” cannot be faulted as katangahan..wake up jessica!

    • For non Filipinos, Ara’s accent is very charming…That’s why the MUO always asks a Filipina to co-host at least in the background scene. Filipinas are both beautiful and charming! πŸ™‚

    • Did I just hear some witty sarcasm from Ara and MJ on this video?! Oh wait, I was just dreamin… At 1st all I heard was “Bazura” and then I winded it back and I can’t believe she really said something nice… pffft!!! If I was her, I’d be like… “Oh, this is a recycled gown made of Bazura like the shitty circus tent you wore last year!” And then I would stare into the camera with big crazy eyes with a smile from ear to ear… πŸ˜€ (sound effects from “Bride of Chucky” before END SCENE)

      • C2F…all you wanted to see were there on the first take…what you saw on the Video is already there 3rd and edited take! LOL

  21. She’s nowhere near great…. But she did much better than i expected… She just needed more personality.

    Shamcey’s on the scene was the best so far.

  22. Love it! Only Ara (except Manny Pacquiao) can say “Siow as yor pierce walk Miss Jamica? How do you preper Miss Aruba?”

    I watched the video for the second time on mute mode and viola! Beautiful video. Bery Pierce indeed. Lol.

  23. Eh, she is ok but still bland and boring like last year. Yes, I know that she was 3rd RU.

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