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  1. The new crown does not look good on the head of the winner – Miss Colombia. Mr. Norman, would you please make a poll for your website fans – among the crowns of Miss Universe in the last 63 years, which one is the best?

    I do not like the current crown, but perhaps many people like it (?). I also did not like the Diamond Nexus crown, as well as the crown in 2008 that was used only for that particular year in Vietnam. The Mikimoto pearl crown (2002 – 2007) was elegant and sophisticated, but the crown that I personally like the most – was the crown from the 70s up to 2001.

    How about the other readers? Which crown do you like the most?

    • I prefer that ” chandelier crown ” that was last crown to Miss. Universe 2001 simply because the design best signifies Miss.Universe ( A woman standing on the sun in the middle of the solar system )

  2. I have to say, Norman, that I’m quite disappointed in the quality/level of research and preparedness of this post. I love your blog, and check it almost daily! This is of course your blog and you’re free to post however you like and to what extent of detail you like, but I had hoped that at least you would go and chronicle some of the past crowns like one of the commenters did since this IS a Senti Sunday special. As much as I like getting a whole lot of blog items each day, I’d say that I appreciate one well-rounded, really informative and “meaty” post than a lot which are half-baked. For breaking updates, I can forgive brevity. But in your words, this is one of the “specials” and I was simply hoping for more. Just my two cents, and regardless of them I’m still a loyal reader and will look forward to your coverage of tomorrow’s events.

  3. Posting a link/photo of the various Miss Universe crowns (1973-present)

    Each one was worn by a Miss Venezuela. While no Venezuelan won with the Mikimoto crown, Dayana Mendoza wore it in her farewell, as was already mentioned here.

    • News Update:

      Is it true… Young Filipino fashion designer Veejay Floresca is at Doral Florida right now and he allegedly helped edit MJ’s Bazura gown???

      • Its true! She’s in Miami with her friends from California ! they altered the dress! Its going to be tapered to her shape more!

      • Kung totoo ito, ito na sana ang start ng pagbabalik uli ng trust at confidence ni madam sa pinoy designers.

    • Boom cleavage…paak!!!
      Boom beywang…paak!!!
      Boom figure…paak!!!

      Hindi lang ako sure dun sa mga dinagdag sa sheer panel at flowers sa tulle…

      • Can you just ask one of her fans to accidentally spill a large cup of coffee on the dress? New gown coming up. Problem solved!

  4. The classic “Miss” crown will always be the best, most loved and iconic for us MU fans, lalo na yung mga batang 70’s 80’s at 90’s.

    Second best sa akin yung Mikimoto…magandang design rin naman talaga kaya lang mas tiara ang feel/look niya kesa crown para sa akin. I always wished na sana meron din feather and pearl design hanggang sa gilid para mas mukhang crown.

    The DNC crown…it never really did anything for me…lalo na that CAO 2008 crown…

    The DIC crown…let’s see…like ko naman so far…waiting for the moment i’ll love it.

  5. Kudos and a large beer to the designer of this crown. I love it! It’s futuristic and shows the NY skyline which I find really cool. Very queen of the concrete jungle ang feel. I also love that it’s not too feminine compared to the flourishes and swirl extravaganza *coughs* *cough 2008* *gimme a cough syrup* of the previous crowns.

    Sabi nga ni Tyra “The future looks fierce.”

  6. my fave crowns are the Miss (classic) and the Mikimoto crown. at first, i didn’t like the Diamond Nexus crown but it actually looks good pag nakasuot na.

    naisip ko if they really want to maintain the status of women empowerment, they should’ve redesigned the Miss crown or sana ito yung pina bago nila sa DIC, same design, but different stones.. parang make over ba. but anyway, after 10 years, MU will be having a new crown.. bago nanaman. i don’t know if this is good since ever decade, they evolve, they have a new MU crown to show.. or Bad since every 10 years nagpapalit sila, parang di masustain kung anong image talaga ng MU ang gusto nila i portray.. unlike MW. but then again, to each his own. hehe

  7. The classic, the mikimoto and the one worn by gabriela are the best. the ugliest so far is the new DIC crown, followed by the one in 2008. Nawala ang pag ka classy ng miss universe dahil sa korona

  8. That crown worn by Dayana Mendoza was the most hideous crown I’ve ever seen in a pageant. So cheap looking!!!

  9. If you will zoom in the new crown it looks like cluster of high rise buildings…I guess it represents all the trump towers in the world and the soon to be constructed towers in different parts of the world…

  10. Does anyone know what happened to the gold crown that Dayana Mendoza first wore in Vietnam? It was never used again after 2008.

    • As the pageant was held in Vietnam that year, Vietnamese Designers CAO FIne Jewelry got a one-year only edition crown contract. That was part of the local sponsorship agreement they have from the MU Org.

      A new crown design was created and unveiled the following year.

    • That crown was just designed specifically for that year for the sake of Vietnam’s hosting the event because it represent the country’s healthy economy.. that is why Dayana Mendoza actually worn 2 crowns during her reign: that crown and the Mikimoto crown which she had on her head during her farewell walk in Miss Universe 2008..

  11. As the saying goes, “the only permanent thing in this world is change”.
    Having said that, not all ‘change’ is good and for the better. Regardless of what kind of change anyone embraces, there will always be 2 or more ways of looking at it. Bad or good, change is a change thats bound to happen.

    Now to the Miss Universe crown: personally, i LIKE the new design…….but i LOVE the classic one.

    • So true, Jay! I like the new crown… but the classic one will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

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