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  1. My Top 15: Philippines, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Colombia, Russia, Spain, USA, Ukraine, France, Mexico, Thailand, Ecuador, Great Britain, South Africa & Venezuela

    Alternates: Guyana, Indonesia, Italy, Kosovo & Turks&Caicos

    Possibilities: Angola, Brazil, Malaysia, Peru, Puerto Rico & Serbia

    Long Shots: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kenya, New Zealand & Nigeria

  2. You’re list is sensible Norman. I might have the same although I haven’t really finalized. Jamaica, for me, is the dark horse in this competition. I can feel a Leila Lopes vibe about her during the finals night. With that being said MJ needs all the support she can get to win & the best support is letting her wear the most elegant gown, fit for a queen like her.

  3. I dont like jamaica to be in the tuff5. Shes articulate but not faciallybeautiful.

  4. My Final 5
    Philippines (winner)
    Jamaica 1st RU
    USA 2nd RU
    DR 3rd RU
    Ukraine 4th RU

    • We both have the same top five sir and I am definite that MJ will surely wear that MU elusive crown…..in Jesus name. Amen.

    • @Mrs_spainhour…I copied it from Sash Factor FB…somebody posted it there. I forgot to acknowledge the creator…anyway, it’s really a great job!

  5. Well come back to 63rd Miss Universe live from Doral, Miami, Florida

    They are ready for the first dramatic moment of the night. Are you ready?
    Among of these 88 fabulous women only 15 will survive on the first elimination round, they will compete for the life changing title of Miss Universe. Now, prior to our show a separate panel of judges viewed the all contestant in a preliminary competition their votes along with the Miss Universe Organization determined 15 of the women who makes tonight first cut.

    We will now reveal our top 15 in random order

    The first country in the top 15 goes to……Spain
    Who will be next? Let’s find…. Finland
    Each spot becomes more precious… please come forward…. Jamaica
    Next stop we have…. Thailand
    The next contestant who has a slot is…Ukraine
    Five down and place number six belongs to… Colombia
    There is also a place for this competition for…. Russia
    The contestant who will join our semi-finalist is… France
    We are now halfway there, 80 women remain and only 7 places left… the odds is ten to one against everyone competing those odds is….Argentina
    And the tenth spot is for…. USA
    You’ve been dreaming this for a long time come take it…. PHILIPPINES
    Only four places are left and the next one goes to… Costa Rica
    The Lucky thirteenth spot belongs to….. Serbia
    Were down to a final two places and one of them belongs to…. Venezuela
    Alright here we go only one spot to go… 73 women want it but the final spot in the top 15 goes to… Lithuania

    They might steal any of the spot.
    Puerto Rico

    The show its going to be PHILIPPINES VS South American Dog Fight

    • I love this “You’ve been dreaming this for a long time come take it…. PHILIPPINES”

  6. Based on pure merit alone, I completely agree with the Top 3! HAHA. However, since the competition is being held in the US, I can’t help but think that USA will creep in to that Top 3. I just have that gnawing feeling.

    But I have absolutely no doubt, MJ will be Miss Universe 2014/15!!!!

  7. The Philippines started the year with the Pope’s visit with his non-bulletproof Popemobile…Praying ardently that the next stop will be MJ’s Miss Universe Float Parade in Manila. Completing the Big Bang of January. Please..Lord. Thank you.

  8. Good choices. From the very start my number one is sealed for MJ.

    Jamaica surely will belong to the top five. I am dilly-dallying on Spain, but she’s a huge favourite of mine. If she gives it more spunk she’ll certainly get in.

    Colombia, again not a fan, but will probably make it to the top five too.

    Ukraine in replace of Serbia for me. The girl is fun, what she did during the swimsuit round is amusing. She broke that Miss Ukraine prototype of a merely seductive bombshell. She always finds an element of fun in the way she moves, big thanks to her ballroom dancing lol.

    The other two spots left I still am not sure…

    Let’s say it there would be another Latina, since it is in Miami. Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico. Even El Salvador. But I really like Guatemala. If there are no country labels I’ll take her.

    I can see something special in the Netherlands, Argentina, Guyana.

    Facially attractive candidates such as Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, Serbia, Kosovo, Ireland, Hungary, France, could get it only if they unleash that beauty queen spunk.

    Really sad for Kosovo, Ireland (Why does she smirk all the time?) and a couple of others too for the lack of training.

    This year no Australia. and, especially, India. From the official gown photoshoot to her awkward unnecessary Bollywood twitches, she’s a disgrace to Lara Dutta. I’d cover my face 😦

    But I really don’t know. Fate is a tricky thing. But MJ will break Gloria Diaz’s old fashioned mantra: the more hardworking you are, the luckier you get.

    God be with MJ and the Philippines!

  9. I feel the same dyosa will be the 63rd miss universe….but still prayers can move mountains…lets pray for her and our win….tingin ko itong si paulina is no brainer ganda at katawan lng ang tigas pa ng leeg and the walk hindi graceful…gown lng talaga ang hindrance kay mj….most latin blogs and press over hype kay poleng ung iba nakiki agree nman….kitang kita nman sa prelims kung sino nag stand out….
    Wish ko lng sumblay sa q&a si poleng and spain…si spain parang puro landi lng ang alam kung di nag papakita ng dede (nip slip)nagpapakita ng keps (tattoo) di kaya escort girl ang bruha!! Lol 😂😂😂😂

    Lets all hype inday dyosa!! Pero ang gown pls. Lng palitan!!

    #no to barrazza

    • Kagandahan, it is not quite appropriate if we wish ill on others in our prayers, or wish them bad! Just spread prayers of grace and blessings on MJ that she continues to shine more astoundingly…and pray that her handlers will have enlightenment to adjust whatever needs to be ironed-out in the competition!

  10. The one who is responsible for designing the strategic actions and orchestrating the “game plan” for MJ is highly commendable.

    MJ, arriving at Doral a day early, has afforded her to do the required photoshoots without undue stress. She’s able to do things at her own pacing…she did them superbly!
    Mj, establishing rapport with other candidates, has commanded respect and admiration from her fellow candidate by the positive vibes and radiant aura MJ has been spreading!
    MJ, sharing tokens from the Philippines, has her extending goodwill to the recipients.
    MJ, wearing a variety of outfit in different styles, has shown her flexibility and adaptability and versatility.
    MJ, speaking from her heart, has shown sincerity and substance in her interviews.
    MJ, competing without losing her focus, has embodied grace, determination and passion!


  11. I’m hoping that MJ will be crown Miss Universe 2014/15. I saw the sparkles in her eyes and she is very confident and determine to win the crown. She is very humble and everyone loves her. We can pray and hopefully Jesus will stay by her side come final night. Let us support her all the way. MJ for the win. 🙂

  12. ONE FINAL QUESTION is back! Bring back the sound proof booths for top 5.

    Is this more fair and comparable to judge?

    • What makes you blush? Throwback to 2002 for the same final question to all top 5.

      • I was in grade school when I watched this. I will never forget it. I still know what Miss Russia answered because it was so brief and she was and is, up to now the most beautiful!

        Don’t you just love the spontaneity of those candidates in the past? Miss China’s so cute!

      • Alex, that is how it should be in order to have an even playing field. MU changes their format to keep things fresh but the judging becomes too unpredictable.

      • I love that year…
        It was so memorable…
        China is so cute…
        Russia did answer with confidence…

    • Wow so totoo nga, naku magkakaalaman na pero syempre luge na naman tayo sa mga lintik na may interpreter. Hmp. Go MJ u will nail q and a, your improved comm skills sa mga interviews proved that. Way to go. Tatlong araw at dlwang tulog nalang at magkakaalaman na. Mabalik ako sa gown lol nvm

    • Rejoice if this is true. I hope they bring back the interview part too, before the final question itself.
      Looks like they are taking pointers from Miss World now, lol, which is a good thing.

    • Thats great! One question for all makes it fair game to everyone. Mas maco-compare at judge sila nang mas fair. They should not have removed the single final question in the first place to be honest.

  13. You guys better be filming your reactions as the Top 15, Top 10, Top 5, and then eventually when MJ gets crowned.;) hahaha

  14. As the saying goes: SHE OWNS THE STAGE! From day one, MJ has been claiming what is rightfully hers: The Miss Universe Crown!

  15. Excellent picks! I share your sentiments about the prediction process this year. It seemed easy but the surprises made it more special. Your top 5 is exactly like mine but the placements are slightly different. I hope we get it right this year! 🙂

  16. Tito Norms, here’s my top 5:

    MU: Philippines
    1st RU: Jamaica
    2nd RU:France
    3rd RU: Colombia
    4th RU: USA

  17. Yes totally agree with you about MJ and Colombia! MJ’s performance is majestic (or MJ-estic)! Her body is to die for!

    Pero sa totoo lang di ko ma-gets ang beauty ni Miss Vega. Notice how she’s always pictured with her mouth open? Kasi haba ng baba niya pag naka-close at nags-smile lang sya.

    Costa Rica reminds me of Wonder Woman. She is much prettier, but for some reasons parang lagi syang upstaged ni Miss Vega. Maybe she’ll be this year’s Constanza Baez.

  18. Mexico for top15. As well as india or indonesia. I bet venezuela, spain, colombia, usa and of course our queen for top5. Happy saturday everyone.

  19. Bravo Norms! I totally agree with your predictions. MJ for the win!!!! The rest are immaterial.

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