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  1. I like how the gown shows off her figure. I just hope the train is about 3 inches shorter but I’m not really sure about the one sleeve. I do like the beading.

    Ukraine wore a 2015 Zuhair Murad Couture and I think Russia was wearing Elie Saab. Love the that Ukraine was not weaing a flatform shoe.

  2. If miss jamaica becomes miss universe… I wouldn’t mind it at all… Hindi masakit tanggapin…

    Camel toe alert kay miss argentina!!!

  3. TOP 15

    Philippines -Swimsuit body/ Pageantry/ Sashfactor/ TrumpTowers/ Fanbase
    Jamaica -Beauty/Pageantry/Sophistication
    Argentina – Beauty/ Pageantry/ Italian descent- Yamamay
    USA- EG/Hispanic/Host country/Sashfactor
    Colombia- Beauty/Styling/Pageantry
    Ukraine- Pageantry/Beauty/
    DT Business/Sashfactor
    Dominic Rep- Pageantry/Italian ancestry
    Russia- Beauty/DT Businness
    Guyana- Beauty/ Pageantry
    Costa Rica-Beauty/Pageantry

    • You’re forgetting that the reason why a lot of the latina’s are favoured is because of NBC’s venture with Telemundo. That has a very large baring on all latino centric aficionados.

      • WOW MissDemeanor, you want to get into gramatical errors because of typos or auto corrects, then spell your ID correctly, It is Demeanour, not Demeanor. According to Oxford University.

      • You should have read oxford dictionary carefully dear before having the guts to even argue with me on spelling. Misdemeanor or misdemeanour are both are acceptable spelling. And since our english system here in Philippines is by default using US english, misdemeanor is the more apt word to use. Clear?

        Now when it comes to saying baring instead of bearing, i don’t think this a mere case of misspelling or typo error…it is to me more a case of stupidity and ignorance. So instead of trying to argue..just take this as a learning.

      • Yeah…. I wana place Puerto Rico in the Top 15 because of Telemundo and having judges of Puerto Rican Ancestry but her beauty and pageantry skills is just not enough to propell her… so I guess DR or CR gota go to be replaced by Puerto Rico… I am a firm believer that underdogs like Guyana should be in the Top 15 based on her own merits…

      • TO Ms_Demenor

        If you want to start correcting people for their use of literacy, I suggest you learn about “correcting people” for that very matter. Calling someone stupid or ignorant has nothing to do with learning. In fact, you wanting to correct someone shamelessly over the internet WITH NO evidence that it was used from a particular medium is ignorant of you because you cannot see how this post was delivered. It is clear to me that you get some sad satisfaction and kick out of wanting to correct people over the internet which leaves me no other choice but to assume that you are probably very lonely.

        How about I correct you, Miss_Demeanor I suggest that if you are going to correct me, then correct every other person who uses this website that speaks English that makes an error or a type and withdraw your claws and your superiority complex and get over that fact that I am not writing an English essay moreover, I do not have to justify anything to you. Oh, and to add to that, your sentence has so many syntax errors and inconsistencies that it makes me laugh. But I’m not a pathetic imbecile like you that has a need for correcting people you wannabe Nazi Grammar. I am an Australian, so English is my first language. So before you try to correct anyone else, think twice before you get shamed and ridiculed for you poor attitude.


        Love you Philippines. =)

      • Oh and to correct you, if both are acceptable, then why are there two spellings from two different universities or countries? And to correct you again, In Australia, the spelling of Demenour is acceptable and the incorrect spelling is demenor. ACCORDING TO OXFORD UNIVERSITY DICTIONARY, Demenor and Demenour are emphasized as “suggested” because of the differences American English and UK or Commonwealth English is used. With that being said, it may be correct in your country, but it is incorrect in mine. Touche.

        So before you make a claim again, I can’t stress enough that you do your thorough research and really, go write an essay or two with clarity and make do without your condescending and hypocritical remarks.

      • HahAHAHah BOOM! Nakaktuwa si AJay, 2too naman eh! Ms_Demenor ang yabang mo mgsalita! Bakit hindi ka nalang mag turo! You just got served jejejeje

  4. @mrs_spainhour, I don’t mean to deem your credibility and please don’t take this personal, however, how reliable is your source on Madame Stella changing MJ’s gown? I honestly doubt Madame will want this. She is Bias like that. I think Madame has a little issue with “keeping up with modernity”. She is a very renaissance like that. Unfortunately for us, her stubbornness is something which we all have to witness. MJ is the perfect candidate to represent all Filipino’s around the world and this is something which “the Madame” is unable to comprehend, Hence.

    If MJ is supposed to represent us Filipino’s or the Philippines per-say, then why not listen to our opinions as it is just as valid as Stella’s, considering our thoughts and opinions outweigh your singular form of judgment as opposed to the majority of our thoughts which relay as a consensus? (referring to Madame).

    Madame needs to steer away from her conventional understandings of beauty pageants and move forward with society tailoring to what the MUO wants in a winner. It’s like writing a resume or a Curriculum Vitae, you tailor it to the job you want. In this instance, Madame needs to tailor MJ as the perfect and ideal representation of a Miss Universe. It’s either that, or Madame really is trying to Sabotage Philippines from winning.

    Something needs to be done.

    • Mrs_Spainhour

      I acknowledge your sentiment about the video! It is quite concerning hey? She looks so emotionless. Then again, she could be overwhelmed with everything that is going on. We really don’t know. I honestly hope Stella isn’t trying to sabotage us from winning and I can only pray that our dreams of MJ winning is just as much as it is hers. If in the case that Colombia does win, she will have to understand that she might have to reap the wrath of the Filipino community. Let[s keep hoping that Stella is doing this with the purest of integrity for now and give her the benefit of the doubt. MJ Is doing the best she can. MJ herself has said that it is out of our hands and that she had no choice etc from the ABS-CBN report so I do think that MJ too is not happy with her gown as well however she will do her best to carry it. =)

  5. The Latin forums are also debating the gown of Migbelis. Everyone is not happy with the chubby silhouette she wore. The designer said Osmel has not yet decided if they will change the gown. At this point, Araneta is not showing her card just like Osmel.

  6. Jamaica is too edgy to be MU and i bet MU is not yet ready to break out from the stereotype, yes jamaica can place sa top15 pero top5 medyo alanganin pa. And i bet judges can differentiate a model material to a beauty queen material. Spain and Colomobia plus Mexico and USA kasama ni philippines sa top5; pero guyana or gabon yung dark horse for me.

    • Not too mention that CHI is a huge sponsor! How do they fix a short hair? Add a weave or extensions?

  7. 63rd MISS UNIVERSE is – ?????
    Spain – 1st runner up
    Ukraine – 2nd runner up
    Costa Rica – 3rd runner up
    Jamaica – 4th runner up

  8. @Mrs_spainhour: kala ko sure na tubg red Almodal gown? Bakit may mga nagsasabi din na firm daw si Madam to stick with the white Bazzura Gown?

  9. Sorry guys as of this moment of time, still the white gown. Walang lakas ng loob yung handler at yung mga nakapilid Kay Stella. There were a lot of attempts but to no avail. Si MJ nalang din ang dapat magdesisyon. She has the option to say NO also.

  10. Tito Norm may twitter account ba si Madam or si Papa Jorge Araneta, kaya dapat full force tayong mag message kay Madam! I say YES to RED Almodal gown, may laban talaga with that gown

  11. Top 5

    Philippines (change the EG & focus on your Q&A dear MJ)

    • There are more contestants with white/cream gowns than red. Venezuela, Spain, Colombia (who will enter the semis for sure!), Indonesia, Thailand, India, Brazil, etc.

      At least with the red gown, there’s only USA, Jamaica, Russia and Ukraine. I doubt Singapore will enter the semis even though her red gown is ravishing.

      I say go with the red gown! This is MJ’s color! And besides, the red Almodal looks better than any of the other red gowns that the other contestants are wearing (except maybe Russia’s which is Elie Saab Couture).

    • Sana dala nya tung red almodal gown na to…. mukha syang matangkad sa gown na to…..

  12. D red almodal number is gorgeous, but if ukraine, usa & jamaica enter d semis & top5, tapos naka-red din si MJ. Oh geez, pulang pula ang stage! At kawawa nman si Jeannie Mai, mauubusan ng description for red. 😀

    • Oo nga no? Isipin mo, pag Lahat Pasok sa Top10 si Jamaica, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Singapore and MJ in red, good luck talaga sa commentary ni Jeannie Mai. Babaha ng dugo sa stage hahaha
      Pero seriously, if MJ decides to wear the red gown in her EG portrait, sa tingin nyo May Laban din ng Malakas yung gown na yon? Remember, Grear Britain also wore the same red Jessica rabbit gown last year yet she failed
      To make it to top 5 last year? What do u think?

      • I think her pink BB pilipinas gown will be better. Or d white almodal piece she’s wearing in one almodal catalogue photo with other BBs. Or d gold one she used in 1 of d earlier presentation of candidates. Basta wag lng yung ginawa ni barazza.

        On a side note, i like your handle. Very close to mine, haha

  13. The damage has been done. Mahirap na makabawi sa pagsabotahe ng Araneta Barazza tandem kay Miss Philippines.

      • She was one of the most hyped candidates and she deserved to be at least included in the semi finals but with that white “wedding gown”, her chances became slim.

  14. I will say this again. Mj and kc will be the last 2 (wo)men standing. Promise. Either would be the next miss u. I hope and pray it would be mj, but if kc wins, tanggap ko. Shes half filipino anyway. Wag lang latina ang manalo. Nakakaumay na.

  15. Ok, let’s just say na magpapalit si MJ ng Red na EG sa finals (possible na choice ay yong red sa snoot niya), sure it will make her look more elegant (compared don sa white) and the chance of getting a higher score eh malaki naman pero the heart thing looks cliché (pero magiging iconic if she will win) kung itatabi mo yon with the 2 red EG sa taas, matatabonan pa rin yon. So, best pick– yong red na almodal. Can we have it?

    Nakakairita sigurong pakinggan/basahin ang mga complaints pero if you will just listen to it at gagawan ng paraan habang may oras pa eh magbubunga naman ng magandang bagay. Anyway, lahat naman ng ito ay para sa mas ikabubuti ni MJ. Ibigay na natin ang pinaka the best para kay MJ, at least kung matalo man tayo alam natin na ginawa natin ang lahat para sa kanya at wala tayong pagsisisihan.


  16. I’m not gonna be surprised if Jamaica wins d crown. She’s been very consistent & has proven herself deserving. MJ has been as formidable & consistent, but her gown & natl costume were a 1-2 punch that knocked down her chances, much as i hate to say it. Somebody in Colombia really needs sampling from Pacquiao. Grrrrr!!!!

  17. judge parin ba si Tyra sa finals? well if she is, patay tayo dyan pag pumasok si Jamica sa top 15.. betsinang betsina pa naman nya ang mga modelesque type.

    i checked MUO’s website and 5 lang nakita kong telecast judges. any info about the others judges madame N?

    • Nina Garcia from project runway will be a judge and some other athletes were added to the judging panel! Walang tyra banks! Importante ang styling with Nina around

  18. KACI..Oh my Oh my her stage presence is so strong.I’ve been observing this sweet girl since she won her national pageants(winner Jamaica’s next top model)She might be the one stealing our thunder?OMJ!

  19. I also like Jamaica during the prelims, but still I can not accept a candidate with short hair will be crowned! Bakit ba pinagupit nya ng ganyan ang buhok nya? ang ganda ganda pa naman ng face nya.

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