180 comments on “Poll: MJ Lastimosa’s Finals Evening Gown

  1. She will still wear the same bridal gown as per interview i saw… Isa lang daw ang inihandang gown ni madam. Anyway good luck MJ kahit garbage bag lang isuot mo maganda pa rin. I hope her styling will be better than prelims, her hair was too curled nagiging stiff tignan.

  2. It appears like MJ is dressed to lose. That every year, our national representatives are made to wear gowns, national costumes and other clothes designed and made by an old-school foreign couturier is an assault to our sense of patriotism and decency. For one, we have a lot of world-class fashion designers who are just willing to dress our queens for free. Secondly, the foreign designer belongs to a competing country whose heart is rooting for his compatriot, not for ours. It does not take to be a fashion connoisseur to see that the designs make our queen look cheap. Thanks to MJ’s excellent projection and moves that she can still look like a million dollars in these seemingly-plucked-from-tiangge pieces. Have we not ever wondered why we are relegated to runner-up positions every year? We have excellent candidates– pulled down by the gowns and costumes made by a competing country. Now, more than ever, the downward pull becomes intense because the other frontrunner to the crown is a Colombian.

  3. hayy guysss, nakakapresure ang mga comments dito..
    I suggest we all relax, take a deep breath and let our Queen do her thing..
    I can sense na ang intense na talaga dito now that few days na lang , coronation na..
    Just remember regardless of of what she wear, she knows how to carry herself..
    She PROVED that during Prelims…
    FTW MJ!!

  4. I’m not a fan of the white gown but I don’t like the red one either. I do think red is a good colour on her but the red one she wore during the photo shoot , I feel lack a wow factor and the beading design looks odd to me. Neither gown evokes elegance and grace.

  5. Red, white, cake, flowers…listen to this message straight from her!

    She definitely got the message about the gown and national costume.

    Time to be positive and do something more productive!

    • She’s so beautiful and positive. I love you, MJ. Yes, no more bad vibes. Only good vibes for now!!! Praying for your success!!!

  6. In my opinion, the best gown ever worn by a Filipina MU candidate was Chat Silayan’s.

  7. TV Patrol News on MJ’s Horrible National Costume. I REALLY PRAY this will REACH the CONCERNED PEOPLE at SMA’s camp.

  8. From a TV production perspective, this crown will match a metallic or white or blue gown.

    It’s all about filmmaking, folks!

  9. Heard it from the grapevine na kaya pala pumunta si SMA this yr ay para mabantayan na hindi mapapalitan ang gown ni MJ sa finals dahil laking threat nya daw kay colombia. So sabotahe ito?! Crap!

    • kaso blue is for ms. world 😦

      mukang futuristic yung crown 😦

      anyway…ipatong na kay mj yan!

  10. PampaGood vibes lang. hehehe. Tawang tawa pa rin ako rito. For sure lahat sila naiyak nung nanalo si MJ nung Binibini.. Paano pa kaya pag nanalo na siya ng Miss Universe. :))) #MJAllTheWay

  11. I watched 24 oras kanina (gma 7) at least na feature nila how disgusted we were sa EG and NatCos ni MJ lol and im sure nakarating yun kay stella lol

    • ows???? good mag ingay pa tayo. mabunga na kung mabunganga pro anything to secure mj’s place in th finals. gusto ko makabawi sya ka katatawanan na pag subject sa kanya nila SMA and Barazza

    • Hay nako! kung ganyan yung rumampa natuwa pa ako! that’s a waaaaaaaay better version. ang mermaid cut kase very tricky. pwede sana yan sa taller girls. si megan naka lusot lang noon kase maganda pagkagawa eh

      • @Franco…hindi ko na nga minemention ang shoes at napaka init ng dugo ko sa stripper platform heels (naalala ko jersey girls ewan kung bakit) pero mukang lahat sila nag susuot nun so ang sakin anything to cover it na lang sana

    • much better version. And I do hope she would not wear platform. But I can access if the platform is only about half an inch.

  12. More on Phils EG comes final nite !!!

    i know something i won’t tell i won’t tell i won’t tell , i know something won’t tell la la la la ….

    CLUE #1 – you will be “happy”, your color of joy (emphasis on “happy”)
    CLUE #2 – it is not yellow

    yeeehaaaw you gotta love MU !!!

    • WOW, this news is the latest. This is REALLY GOOD ….. I’m very sure this NEWS will really REACH the CONCERNED PEOPLE behind the HORRIBLE GOWN!!!!!

  13. Yes, it’s confirmed that the ISSUE about MJ’s gown already reached the National Media. But SADLY even the ABS-CBN Reporter doesn’t have any idea at all. And she gave a VERY SAFE ANSWER as to why Philippine Candidates should use non-Filipino designer clothes.

    It SEEMS people are AFRAID to TELL SMA that the BARAZZA gowns really SUCK.

    Watch this Video below, and Spot SMA talking about Miss Colombia. I’m not quite sure where is her loyalty? Philippines or Colombia? She sounds very respectable though, that’s maybe the reason why people don’t dare tell here about the Horrible Barazza gowns. So sad. But Someone should BREAK the News to Her.

      • The way her face lit up with so much pride whilst mentioning Miss Colombia as the one to beat… we simply cannot take away the Colombian blood in her. Promoting Colombian designer, and now rooting for Miss Colombia, scolding MJ for wearing Filipino, no doubt she sees the Philippines merely a business.

        This is depressing as hell.

      • Here are the Audience View of the Miss Universe Preliminary for Miss Philippines:

        Swim Wear:

        Evening Gown:

        It SEEMS her GOWN is JUST OKAY. It doesn’t make her look short. I think, the VIEW on VIDEO is different than in the ACTUAL sight of the the Judges.

      • Thanks for sharing the audience vids! Hindi eh. Pansinin mo mahaba ang silhouette ni Peru because of her gown. MJ’s is cut off by the flaring of the tail.

  14. Alam nyo nakaka awa na sya….tinarantado talaga sya ni Barazza.. Sa IG now pinaglalaruan na gown nya ng kung ano anong mga desserts at cakes. Guilty din ako dun I know pero yan ba gusto nila mangyari kay MJ dun?
    Di ko natiis nag comment comment lang ako sa IG ni Kim Gan…malay ko bang mag rereply. I’m sure disappointed din sila…

    @lilith1521 8 hours ago

    Hay Sana ikaw na lang nag dam it Kay mj kanina
    gakuyabykimgan on Instagram

    @gakuyabykimgan 10 hours ago

    @lilith1521 , thanks!, I know but we have no control, let’s just be positive, anyways, Mj did well and she have a good fight!!!!!

    • nasa yahoo na si MJ…malamang naka rating na yan sa kanilang lahat na di talaga tayo happy…

      • I feel u girl naawa din ako….all we have to do is pray for the finals…i want her to win too so bad….pero mag ingay pa din tay about the gown and to that stupid columbian designer….ipinagkakalat ko din sa ig ang#no to barazza for ph queens….


  15. John Lapus just tweeted Ginger Conejero to ask SMA if she gets a cut from Barraza. Let’s trend the hashtags guys.

  16. Di ako expert sa fashion, pero kitang-kita naman na hindi fit kay MJ yung gown. And it made MJ look short and wide. Paano naman ma-fit nang maayos yung gown e dinadala na lang yata yun sa venue a few days before the preliminaries, o baka mali ako. One thing I’m sure about, that white gown doesn’t complement MJ’s body. Parang may mali somewhere, sa design o cut o tela ba? Parang kulang yung tela, nakikita pa yung paa pag naglalakad, para tuloy nakabitin yung gown. Ewan. Parang may mali talaga. Maawa naman kayo sa representative natin, kasi nagpupursige sila para maipakita sa buong mundo na kayang lumaban ng mga Pinoy. Tapos yan lang ang ipasusuot! Ganun ba kamahal maningil ang mga Pinoy designers natin, at pinagpipilitan nyong padamitan ang mga representatives natin sa Colombian designer na yan! Yung national costume, maawa kayo, parang mas OK pa yung ginagamit ng mga sumasali sa Miss Gay dito sa barangay namin! Yung gold gown na lang ang ipasuot nyo kay MJ sa finals. Pwede rin yung red. Wag lang yang white gown na yan!

  17. THAT WHITE GOWN MUST BE REPLACED!!! it looks like a cheap knock-off of the superior Almoda design. 1) It makes MJ look short and also thick in the middle, 2) the fishtail part looks particularly cheap, 3) this style should be on someone much taller who has no curves – this design doesn’t complement MJ’s killer curves.

    Whilst MJ will coast thru the swimsuit round, this gown will stop her dead in her tracks from advancing to the top 5, WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!

    Please – use either that beautiful GOLD gown instead (it’s beautiful, has impact, fits her like a glove & will look really effective on stage) OR this red one that she used in the official gown portrait.

  18. Note: The following are just brief excerpts taken from an interview/consultation with a lawyer concerning the current issue of Mary Jean Lastimosa’s fight for the Miss Universe crown. Me as an ordinary citizen who doesn’t know technicalities of the law, it was a surprise to know that there is an actionable wrong in the current practice of the BPCI.

    BPCI violated the Filipino First Policy enshrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. It is a basic rule that in the grant of rights, privileges, and concessions covering the national economy and patrimony, preference shall be given to qualified Filipinos. We are well aware that beauty pageant nowadays is considered an industry which is a component of the national economy. While the BPCI is a private institution, it is important to stress that this industry at hand brings not merely an issue of national economy but also of national pride with which the State has the right to interfere and protect. It is of no doubt that there are numerous qualified Filipino designers who has the ability to produce designs that would fit and cater to this kind of industry. Nevertheless, BPCI blindly disregarded Filipino talents by granting this particular right and privilege to a Colombian national. Hence, it becomes an issue of sarcasm and insult to our subject Constitutional policy to see that a woman who wears the Philippine sash and pride is under the mercy and influence of a foreign national.

    • It’s a private institution so they can do what they want. End of story.

      If you want government intervention, nationalize BBP. End of story.

  19. Isn’t she also a muse/model of Kim Ghan and Libiran? I’m hoping a miracle would happen and someone will send her a great gown that will flatter her more and she ends up using that on the finals night instead of this unflattering white gown….mala Cinderella ang peg! lol I have nothing against this white gown, but seriously….after almost a year of preparation for Miss Universe, this is the best BPCI can come up with?

    Kudos to our candidate for carrying it well, it was all about her confidence and being proud, it truly showed and it helped her shine!

    And yes I agree….how do we come up with a petition to stop using Barraza?

    • thanks for the correction….let’s redo the hashtag please.


      If MJ gets all these noise about her gown, please be assured that it is not about her.
      You do what you have to do and WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU!
      Always remember that! And no matter what…white, red, or pink gown…you walk that runway like a true Binibining Pilipinas Universe that you are!

      • kakalito…my fault…..give na give pa naman ako. I guess my first spelling was correct! lol


      • Searching right now for the hashtags so I can retweet. Tag all networks and jessica soho since mag feature sila this Sunday just as I did.

  20. I really really hope the universe will be on MJ’s side during the Finals night.. I just want her to win so bad…. Colombia is such a threat mga teng.. If I had to compare Paulina and MJ to previous MU contestants. I would compare them to Ximena Navarrate and Yendi Phillips of MU 2010.. Paulina and Ximena are both GORGEOUS. such angelic faces.. While MJ and Yendi both have killer catwalk skills and they are overall very fierce and full of personality on stage.. I just hope Philippines wins this year. It’s been way too long!

  21. aside from her eg, many people also noticed her smiling all the time on stage. it looked genuine though, however she would look more sophisticated less smiles all the time..

  22. It’s the RED VELVET gown for MJ for me !
    I read somewhere that MJ topped the swimsuit preliminary competition. But didn’t even place in the long gown competition !
    It’s all dejavu when Ara competed in 2013 so somebody influential out there in Doral need to say something to SMA and convince her to replace her white gown with the red one in the finals.
    Madam Stella if you’re reading this – PLEASE LISTEN AND HEED OUR CALL ! ! !

  23. The gold gown (with colorful stones) she wore in one of the events at Miami is another option. I hope she drops that white gown come Finals night.

  24. This year has many beautiful candidates. I hope this white fish costume did not drop MJ from the top 15 for Sunday. I am scared for MJ now.

  25. Red please…or anything that would highlight that classic “hour glass” of a body. Now that the cat is out of the bag the white gown was NOT a disaster. It just was not “jaw dropping” as everyone had rightfully anticipated.. It kind of made MJ look as though she added some pounds and we all know this is not true.

    Go MJ

  26. I believe MJ should wear the red gown come finals night.

    Remember Gabriela Isler’s gown in the photoshoot? That’s the one she wore during the finals when they found out that the one she had during the prelims hindered her from gliding effortlessly.

  27. MJ’s Evening Gown is for sure a level up compared to Barrazza’s previous creations. I like the mermaid cut and the color suits MJ as well. But what I find really iffy about the gown is the beading.. It just seems so thick adding weight to MJ’s body and making her appear wider… If her handlers are reading this, PLEASE go with the RED GOWN she wore for her MU eg pictorial..

    Now on to Make up and hair.. I personally think MJ looked glamorous and ravishing during the prelims! But if it’s possible to change her look for finals, I recommend toning down the curls and a much softer make up. Below are photos I found on MJ’s instagram showing the styling I think really suits her.

    I love her hair over here! It’s not flat and it’s not super volumized either. It’s a perfect balance.. I think going with this hairstyle would really benefit her ESPECIALLY if they decide to keep the white Barazza EG.. Like I said before, that gown made her look bigger and I personally don’t think having extreme volumized hair will help…

    Here is MJ with a much softer look.. I love her make up over here.. She looks so much younger and more refreshing, don’t you guys agree? Although I know stage make up is COMPLETELY different than day make up (cause with those crazy bright stage lightings, if you don’t wear enough make up, you will be completely washed out), I still think they should give this look a shot.. I mean if you had to compare MJ, to Colombia and Spain.. Colombia and Spain wore lesser make up than her BUT still looked stunning. And I STRONGLY believe MJ is just as beautiful or even MORE beautiful than them if she wore minimal make up.

    just to make it clear, I’m not a professional. These are just my sentiments. If they changed Mj’s gown, and worked with styling shown in the photos above for the Finals, that would be super awesome! But whatever look MJ will wear on the 25th, I know she will deliver and will do EVERYTHING to get that crown!

    GO GO MJ we love you! <333

  28. I can smell victory for my country! Bienvenida Colombia! Gracias Señora SMA y mi amor Barraza! Travajo bien hecho!

  29. SI ROLENE NGA NA MW, FORMER MS SA, MAGSUSUOT NG ALMODAL TAPOS ANG PINAY KANDIDADA HINDE? mj was even doing photoshoots for almodal, hence on international beauy pageant stage it seems she’s prohibited from using one? foreigner nga manghang mangha sa pinoy designer tapos gagamitin ni mj colombian? #NAPASAKLAPngGOWNniMJ

    • SI ROLENE NGA NA MW, FORMER MS SA, MAGSUSUOT NG ALMODAL TAPOS ANG PINAY KANDIDADA HINDE? mj was even doing photoshoots for almodal, hence on international beauy pageant stage. It seems she’s prohibited from using one. foreigner nga manghang mangha sa pinoy designer tapos gagamitin ni mj colombian? #NAPASAKLAPngGOWNniMJ

    • Sa mga may twitter acct. lets do and share the online petition…itag nyo na din ang mga sikat na artista na madaming fans like vice,kris aquino,boy abunda etc.

  30. Ist thing to do guys is to pray na sana makapsok sya sa top 15 and top 10, im sure pagnakapasok sya sa top 10 ibang gown ang isusuot nya, i remember barrazas sketch its also a white gown na maypagka bluish daw, ok naman ang details bakat ang kaseksihan ni mj don, im sure un ang isusuot nya, or baka may back up galing almodal, cinco o sherihills, let just be positive, pray.
    One thing im sure is Jamaica will be in top 5, apat nalang ang pinaglalabanan nila, but no doubt mj will be in top 5 too. I believe she can deliver very well in the finals, she’ll WIN MU ds year.
    By the way tito norms, i will choose the red one, ok din namn ang white gown, the color suits her, pero kung possible palitan nalang ung details sa baba ung bagsak, para mas makita din ung pag galaw ng paa nya habang nag lalakad sya.

  31. Ist thing to do guys is to pray na sana makapsok sya sa top 15 and top 10, im sure pagnakapasok sya sa top 10 ibang gown ang isusuot nya, i remember barrazas sketch its also a white gown na maypagka bluish daw, ok naman ang details bakat ang kaseksihan ni mj don, im sure un ang isusuot nya, or baka may back up galing almodal, cinco o sherihills, let just be positive, pray.
    One thing im sure is Jamaica will be in top 5, apat nalang ang pinaglalabanan nila, but no doubt mj will be in top 5 too. I believe she can deliver very well in the finals, she’ll WIN MU ds year.

    • Kailangan mamayagpag sa social media….

      Change that gown!!!!

      Gawa kayo FB page please… me work kasi ako busy e..

      • Mamaya pa ako matapos kasi dito…

        Tito Norms… pagawa naman sa isa sa staff mo… busy po e… pasensya na…

        we only have 2 days left.. para majapag practice ng lakad si mj..

  32. Guys!!! GOOD NEWS!!! LOL….

    Meron nga na smuggle na gown ang KF!!!!! 😀 yey

    Problem is nakabantay si madame!!!! @#$/!&*!

    Kailangan ata natin gumawa ng fb page petition!?!
    Para mapilitan si Madame palitan ang gown!!! 😀

    Sana gawa ni Leo ang na smuggle… any of his pieces would look good on MJ…

    Sino gawa ng page?.. papost dito… ikalat natin!!

    • Pili kayo ng mga hashtags

      #NOBarraza #NOBazzura

      CHANGE THAT GOWN!!! (Repeat 100×)

      • c2f gawa ka petition sa fb tas ikalat sa twitter.. please. kawawa naman si mj. sayang ang chance. may chance talaga syang manalo.

      • Ill post one in twitter #not to barraza gown for ph queens…yan ang ipatrend natin!! Mag ingay na tyo mga kapatid hanggat may araw pa before finals

    • ateng @c2f, icredit mo naman aketch for suggesting this idea — creating a Facebook page and a petition!

  33. Mag ingay na tau sa press and congress about this wardrobes and natcos for international pagants….lalo na ang natcos…kasi it represents our country and its people…magtulong tulong na tyo with the help of pinoy fans, pinoy designers,lgbt etc…lapitan na natun ang congresso lalo na ang mga babaeng senador..pia cayetano, grace poe, madam merriam santiago etc…. Di na owede tong ginagawa ni sma and company….and para na rin may guidelines sa mga namumuno ng mga national pageants hindi nlng basta gawa ng gawa…

    Di ko na masikmura ang ginagawa ng bpci

    • Pagawa ng FB page for that please…

      Para ma repost narin sa twitter and instagram..

  34. I love that Kenya was a surprise during the prelims… So it is true that MJ was teaching her “the moves”… LOL… I knew it! Those turns ands sachés looked familliar… Hahaha 😀

  35. If MJ doesn’t change her EG on Sundsy, mark my word, 3RU or 4RU uli Tayo. Walang sisihan. The final look will really matter no matter how MJ aces her final q and a. Tapos itatabi mo pa Siya. Kay Colombia, Spain, USA and Jamaica sa top5. Patay na!!!

  36. Tito norms, does rodgil and his team is in doral?? Hope they will replace the gown!!! Halos buong pilipinas na ang nag sasabi at nanggagalaiti sa mga warddrobe nya….i hope mkarating sa team na nsa doral ang hinaing ng buong bayan…para matuwa nman!! Columbia yang katapat nya sma is columbian and the designer…hope they will break the rule of sma kasehodang sumama pa loob nyan!!🙏🙏🙏

      • Ahahaha…am pucha!! Columbia pictures…lol nasanay ako sa supplier ko!! 😂😂😂 pasensya na mali….

        Mag ingay na tau sa press and congress about this wardrobes and natcos for international pagants….lalo na ang natcos…kasi it represents our country and its people…magtulong tulong na tyo with the help of pinoy fans, pinoy designers,lgbt etc…lapitan na natun ang congresso lalo na ang mga babaeng senador..pia cayetano, grace poe, madam merriam santiago etc…. Di na owede tong ginagawa ni sma and company

    • They are here. But unfortunately they don’t have the guts to nullify Madame Stella. Even those people around the BPCI they are afraid. How many times that the Philippines are howling and weeping to change the evening gowns of our candidates but to no avail. The Filipino group from California are trying to come up with a money and will certainly buy an expensive and fabulous gown for MJ but the
      organization said no. AS in NO !

  37. Yang white gown ni Bazurra, sana lang di na lang nya nilagyan ng fish tail tulle. Dineretso na lang sana nya hanggang baba kung ano ang tela sa taas kahit pa may see-through sa bandang legs.

    • Yung pes ni MJ sa pic niya wearing the NatCos.. HAHAHAHAHA! Parang asiwang-asiwa at napipilitan lang ngumiti.

      She’s probably sick and embarrassed to wear that things as well!!

      • I agree, Georgina Sparks. Miss Colombia’s NatCos is not any better than MJ’s. LOL.

  38. I prefer a gown for her na malambot ang texture, parang yung kay Miriam Quiambao. Di na sila nagtanda sa inabot na pintas sa gown ni Ara last year. Tapos halos ganun pa rin ang style ang pinasuot kay Mj. Anu ba lola Stella???

  39. No brainer, it’s red. BUT it is up to her. She has 2 others – silver long sleeve from National Gift auction and white mermaid from last night’s preliminary.

    You can lead the horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink. All comments and feedback are moot if she herself who will put on the gown will not be daring and bold to go with her gut instinct on what works best for her. No one else is backstage to check on her gown so she has the freedom to choose.

  40. pero ang pinaka bet ko na look niya eh ung introduction niya. love the hair. naiba kasi nung evening gown. pero maganda pa rin naman! 🙂

  41. Tito Norms,

    Sana may makapagsabi nito sa handler ni Mj. Credible website na to at rank 1 pa din si Mj kahit para sa kanila mismo eh hindi ok ang EG ni Mj. How much more siguro kung mas natuwa pa sila sa gown. Sana may makapagsabi na ibahin na lang gown sa finals if ever (sana talaga) makapasok sya sa top 15.


    Her performance in the preliminary competition was sublime. It goes to show that she really is more than prepared for the deathmatch. We’re not digging the style of her gown as it didn’t accentuate her figure, but sure did in the swimsuit round! She’s our top bet in swimsuit. Whew! Her body figure is what we are envious of.

    • WOW! Excellent comments, and I agree with Colombia! The evening gown performance was forgettable in that so-so Basura creation.

  42. i want to vote for the yes. go for the red velvet gown. surely mas malaki ang impact at mas maganda ito sakanya. or should there be another gown reserved for the finals better than this white gown. i am okay with the white gown. not superb not tacky at all. well, comparison ko kasi is Ara’s gown. I just wish na if may gown pa siya na mas okay, i hope it’s color white, silver, gold, champagne or shimmering red. why? na observe ko kasi that the stage and lightings are quite dark, so the contrast of colors will work. siguro kaya ko bet yung gown niya ngayon eh di siya lumubog sa stage, see costa rica (tama ba?) wearing black gown? for me nalunod siya. thanks for the silver beading/details on her gown.

  43. GOSH— so many complaining girls here!!!

    Ms Malaysia once wore a gown worth MILLIONS, Ms Japan is still wearing the latest Collection of the Most Prestigious Fashion Houses– Prada, Armani, Channel etc, this years Ms Russia is wearing the most expensive gowns from world famous designers….

    And then we have winners from Norway, and recently Canada wearing dresses by nobody that can even be considered cocktail dresses or a simple wedding gown.

    Ms Philippines (Jewel) once disobeyed Stella to wear a Filipino Designer’s gown- a famous one and everybody went crazy happy and look what where it brought her!

    POINT OF THE MATTER: Choosing a winner is not about the dress that this wearing!

    • Alam nyo man o hindi, mj and colombia are competing neck to neck. Kpag nagmukhang cheap sa stage ung isa, obviously malaglag. Gusto nila ung classy. Kpag gnyan pa rin gown ni mj, she will carry it according to how it looks. She cant just carry something fun to classy, it wouldn’t match. In addition, di mn alam nang judges kung ano tlaga ugali ng isang contestant. Of course by presentation yan.

      • And we never said that she should wear an expensive dress. It may be a cheap labor, but there are dresses that look like millions with a cheap price.

    • I agree, winning Ms. Universe is not JUST about the dress, it’s about the whole package. But if a beautiful present is wrapped in garbage, you lose the total impact of a beautiful gift.

      Yes, it is not about how EXPENSIVE the dress it. No one ever said we have to dress her up in an expensive dress. What everyone has been clamoring for are (1) a dress made by a Filipino designer; and (2) a dress that doesn’t look like crap. The dress we want MJ to wear can be from a “nobody,” it doesn’t have to be a Marchesa or a Valentino, it just has to complement the beautiful curves of MJ!

      The white dress she wore was wrong on so many levels. First, the embellishments from the bodice to just above the knee looked cheap and gave the illusion of added weight. It was not tastefully done, and frankly, it looked like a dress made by a first year design student. Second, while I am a fan of the serpentina style (Melanie, Chat and Megan all wore beautiful serpentina dresses), the lower portion of MJ’s gown looks like a cheap material. It doesn’t have the same classy and regal vibe of the expensive tulle Renee Salud and Francis Libiran used on those gowns I mentioned.

      No one is saying should do a Lobaton. All we’re saying is, Stella Araneta, wake up!

      YES TO MJ! No to Bazzura!

    • Also, if I may add. Nina Ricci Alagao was frontrunner, but lost because most pundits agreed it was her ill-fitting, forgettable gown.

      “One candidate that most pageant fanatics revered and still now showed their frustration is on the evening gown albeit including the national costume is that of Nina Ricci Alagao. The gown was uninspired, ill-fitting and simply lacks class. Many pageant pundits theorize why Miss Philippines lost in that edition of the Miss Universe pageant but everything seems to point out to her poorly looking evening gown.”


  44. God only help Madam SMA and Barazza if Miss Colombia wins the Miss Universe crown.this year and Philippines does.not make the top 5 or 10. The news and social media along with the world’s most passionate pageant fans, will have a field day and can make her life unbearable. It may be the only way to boot out Madam SMA once and for all. This is getting ridiculous.

  45. all points were valid. the gown may not be the best one in the pageant and did not fit MJ well. but I still believed that candidates were scored on how they carry the gown and not the gown. instead of whining let us come up with ideas on how to upgrade the look of MJ if gown cannot be replaced. instead of letting her hair down, set it on a bun that will show her neck and will make her look taller. another problem is the tulle, I think it is shorter by an inch or 2 cause when MJ walks we can see her shoes. I suggest she should glide istead of walking fast so that the fabric will stay in place and look longer. that’s it.

  46. MJ looked like a royalty in this picture. The evening gown made her look cheap. They can’t just give anything to a candidate. Yes they can work it but the gown changes how a person wants to work it. If it’s a gown of hip, then she presents it in a fun and young way. Then if its of class, MJ knows it. She has done it behind cameras. Let her portray something she is, and that’s CLASS AND REGALITY!

  47. Yes to the red gown. It may have a bit of a 90’s vibe to it but MJ does look good in it.
    Aside from the already stated criticisms, the white gown registers too bridal onstage.

    • With the makeup I know not a lot will agree, and think her look is just okay or that there is nothing faulty. But take a really long pause and study her face during the prelims. There is a way better look than that. Praying for a big miracle indeed

  48. How much trouble would she get in if she were to bring a back up gown for the finals without Barraza’s and Madame Stella’s permission? I think this would create a LOT of buzz!

    I really wish someone would show Madame Stella this blog and these comments so she can realise how much she’s embarrassing the Philippines with these cheap gowns and costumes. I bet all the no votes came from SMA and Barraza. Tsk tsk!

  49. This quality kind of beading will make MJ a goddess! I want to see her on a detailed beaded gown. Or a slitted gown. Something that looks soft and queenly. Just like the white cocktail she wore in one event.

  50. From the blog Miss Universe Pageant:

    “Her performance in the preliminary competition was sublime. It goes to show that she really is more than prepared for the deathmatch. WE’RE NOT DIGGING THE STYLE OF HER GOWN AS IT DIDN’T ACCENTUATE HER FIGURE, but sure did in the swimsuit round! She’s our top bet in swimsuit. Whew! Her body figure is what we are envious of.”


  51. Opt for the red gown.

    In case she really could not change the gown, focus on what can be improved.

    I was studying MJ’s makeup and her competitors.

    We have to be painfully honest, the makeup aged her. The goal of makeup is to enhance, not necessarily to completely change or hide one’s true beauty.

    If Bobbi Brown and Lisa Eldridge sees this on MJ, they will be furious.

    Let go of the contact lenses. I think she is using one so you almost cannot see her sclera (white part of the eyes around the pupil). Apart from that, they put on really thick black liner. This is hiding her real Filipina-Arab eyes. It is not very flattering.

    The colour of her lips too, the nude tone does not compliment her beautiful wide smile. It would be nicer to choose a shade that is blue-tone red or pink. Of course that the neon ones, or the orange ones. The orange-tone reds do not suit her.

    The curls I found way too much and also it resembles Shamcey’s. Tone it down a bit.

    This is just perfect for her:

    Less is more. Elegance, elegance. Do not worry about the lights onstage. She already has a pretty face and the lights will strike at all the right places with the right seamless contouring. Use Guerlain meteorites. I love that stuff.

    Again let go of the contact lenses. The pupils should be seen conspicuously where the white parts are clearly visible.

    The theme I suggest she goes for is freshness with a dash of elegance, because really, if the gown cannot be changed, then change her unflattering makeup.

    • Lots of typos there sorry, I mean *complement, not compliment, and *not, not that blue-based red hues…

    • I agree… The hair and make up should be toned down a bit… Her hair with too much curl look stiff… I like her make up here she look fresh and young

  52. Definitely! THAT RED GOWN in her portrait is a mile better than the white one she wore on semis.

    Paulina wore a better gown than MJ,.as expected Barazza wouldn’t let his country down. Have you guys notice as well how SMA comments about Paulina?

  53. I can say this is the year where we have the strongest bet to Miss Universe Crown.. We seldom see a representative like Mj, so i pray we don’t just let the white gown ruin her performance and din’t give her the chance of making the cut after swimsuit competition. So please, if people with connection to Mj or to Stella Araneta, please let this be known by them.. Malapit na tayo sa korona e, all we need is to fix things to make a assurance if the crown. Change the GOWN. Be replaced by the gown she wore during gown photoshoots (Red Almodal Creation)

  54. Tito Norms, im sure you have a direct contact with MJs handlers in Doral……if not, maybe you can do your magic touch and make them defy Madam SMA this one time and let MJ wear another gown……a filipino creation i should say……and at this point, i dont even care who, but please no more mermaid inspired one – not this time, and definitely not for MJ.

    Please Tito Norms, do it for the love of pageantry (for lack of a better word). Please let us not waste MJs very strong chance for the crown.

  55. My main objection is that the white gown makes her look short. If she were a foot taller, the gown would look ok. As “sexy” as that gown is SUPPOSED” to be, it just isn’t. Perhaps part of the reason this gown has a negative vibe about it is that we know it’s a knockoff, a cheap looking one at that.

  56. The red gown will surely make her stature tall. She will definitely look her best in that red gown because it looks more elegant.

  57. I am so disappointed with her evening gown! The visual continuity of the design made her look short not to mention the mundane design. The red gown during her photoshoot was A LOT MORE BETTER than the Barraza gown. Hideous!

  58. Dear Norman, how about putting it side-by-side Colomobia’s gown. That will show Bazzara’s bias. Imagine if they traded gowns. They’ll roast him in Colombia.

  59. The NatCos and her evening gown were indicative of a burned out designer. The overall looks were lazy and dated, absolutely no redeeming value. I’ve seen better wedding gowns on sale, and the NatCos is a reject from Party City.

    • A burned out designer, or a designer who deliberately tries to give the Philippine reps mediocre to subpar to downright cheap and tacky gowns, just because deep inside, he views our reps as “competition”?

      Barraza es Basura!

  60. Sir Norms., wish KO Lang….. Wish Ko lang na ibasura Si Barraza,

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