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  1. IIf you just TALK and not ACT , then it is just a waste of time..
    1. Make a PETITION, gather (at least) a hundred thousand SIGNATURES.
    2. Once you are done, COPY-FURNISH every agencies concerned :
    A. The Dept of the Philippine Cultural Heritage
    B. Filipino members of BPIC (forget Stella- she is as dumb as Bazura )
    C. Association of the Philippine Fashion Industry
    D. Even the Board Members of the Philippine Cultural Center
    E. You’re local members of the congress
    F. The senators – the likes of Sen. Loren Legarda, Sen. Foe, the very Outspoken and savvy Sen. Miriam Defensor, and other young dynamic male senators.
    G. All the GLBT organizations in the Philippines.
    I bet these people don’t even know how Stella INSULT and OFFEND our National values and heritage.
    Depriving us of our Philippine culture
    is nothing but a slap in all our faces!!

  2. I really don’t think changing the evening gown of MJ will happen this Sunday. It’s possible but the probability is very low not unless they resort to re-using that heartshape red velvet gown she wore during the photoshoot. But i dont think her handlers aren’t in their right minds to even consider it as gowns like these are difficult to maneuver on stage. It’s so tight not to mention the tail…she might end up stepping on it the minute she walks down the stage. It’s just too risky of a gown to use.

    On the other hand, changing to entirely new gown takes time..first you need the gown to reach doral at least 2 days before the finals so MJ can get accustomed to it.
    Second, i don ‘t think madame stella is even open to buying s fabulous gown in the US (if she wants it delivered ASAP). This will be very expensive. Kaya nga sya nagpapagawa ng gowns kay barazza eh kasi nakakatipid sya. If you would look at the quality of the fabric…magtipid talaga ang peg. 🙂

    So, don’t keep your hopes high with this possibility.
    I just hope that this is all part of their strategy…who knows Madame Stella is actually saving the best (gown) for last…

    Keeping my fingers and my toes crossed.

  3. Give ko na ang vote ko kay Miss Argentina. Wala ako sa mood magpasaya ng kapitbahay…hehehe.

    Naiinis ako wala sa top 5 natcos yung favorite kong costume…yung kay Miss BVI…nakaka-BV!!! Char!!!

    • Wow Genie in the Lamp. Tell me your 3 wishes?
      1. Ms. Philippines will be the next Miss Universe
      2. No to Basura Gowns and Nat. Co
      3. World Peace =)

    • For me, Russia gets my nod for the national costume. Very intricate, meticulously done for sure…at the same time not over the top…not trying hard. russians may be known to be very mechanical but they sure do execute well.

      Oh I miss that miss U stage last year when Russia hosted it. It was grand and really made to impress. This year’s stage was probably one of the worst stages Miss U ever put up. It’s boring, cliche, and too small for an event as big as Miss U.

      • @MissDemeanor – Sayang din I love her National Costume. Ang chismax expensive daw to.

    • Yung nag thumbs down… GAGA! anu ineexpect mo yung Nat Co. natin? tsk basa -basa din pag may time. Malinaw sa salamin kung sino sa limang yang maguuwi ng Best in National Costume. Walang basagan ng trip si Indonesia gusto ko manalo sa National Costume. =P

      • Dama ko nga din in the bag na to ni mars elvira kaya argentina na ang iboboto ko…

  4. Uso ata ang mga nka tangga sa nat cos!! Lol kulang nlng mag pakita ng mga hiwa ang mga hitad!!! Si mj lng ang nakita kong conservative na parang diwata sa bulaklak…ahahahaha gubat ata ang nirepresent ni MJ hindi pilipinas….naiinis ako pag nakikita ko yang kalbo na yAn!!!

    Sana totoo lng yang mga chika na yan sa EG ni dyosa finals!! Naiiyak na ako sa bad trip sa kalbo na yan!!

    • It’s their list but there’s some truth to that list more or less. Those mentioned are the front-runners and outstanding bellas.

  5. More on Phils EG comes final nite !!!

    i know something i won’t tell i won’t tell i won’t tell , i know something i won’t tell la la la la ….

    CLUE #1 – you will be “happy”, your color of joy (emphasis on “happy”)
    CLUE #2 – it is not yellow , not white

    yeeehaaaw you gotta love MU !!!

      • Do you really think this information will be revealed before Sunday? Think about that.

        You’re stooping to attention-seeking behavior.

    • Ikwento mo na please . I’m dying to read it kahit obvious na yan ᕙ( ^ₒ^ ᕙ)

    • so color of joy is RED. Lhuillier, Almodal, Libiran, Cinco and other talented, world class renowned Filipino designers…
      pwera lang Barazza, isa siyang capital S.A.M.P.I.D at I.M.P.A.K.T.A che!

  6. Kudos to Cary Santiago and Ruffa. May lakas ng loob. How about yung mga handler? Nasan kayo? Lulunukin nyo nalang ba yung isusubo sa inyo? How about yung mga Beki na nakapaligid sa BPCI? Yung mga previous candidates wala pa Rin ba kayong lakas ng Loob. Alipin sa sariling bayan. Sad to say this but this is true. Enough is enough.

  7. nabalita na sa gma at abs yung punyetang barazza, siguro naman dito na magsisimula ang pagbabago


  8. ganda ng natcos ng russia at spain, sayang di sila kasama top 5. love canada and germany’s natcos!

  9. Di ko masyado napansin, sino yung ininterview sa GMA 7? MAGALING!!!
    Kahit papaano may nakapagsalita na tungkol sa mga kasuotan ng ating mga kandidata. Dapat daw ay gawang pinoy lalu na ang natcos!

    • sa abs cbn din binalita, pati si ruffa, sinabi na dapat filipino designers ang gagawa ng gown at natcos! 🙂

  10. Still as of this time, Stella still firm about the gown. If she make it on top 5 she just have to excel in The Q and A. Now I know the reason why the BPCI dnt want to show the gown ahead of time.

  11. Oh yeah baby! Nasa local news na rin ang sentiments nating mga fans at ang pagkagalit natin sa mga Bazzura creations na pinasuot kay MJ. Even Ruffa voiced her concern na rin sa issue na to. I have a feeling our voices will penetrate SMA’s skull at baka pakinggan na niya tayo guys!

    (^◡^ )

      • I really like this costume! I don’t know why this didn’t get much attention. It reminds me of Kurara Chibana’s Japan Costume back in 2006. It wasn’t as loud as the others but it stood out because it captured the true spirit of the country, and I feel like this did the same.

    • This is actually good! Better than Miss Canada’s hockey-inspired costume. Even my male and non-pageant fans friends laughed at Miss Canada’s weird NC. May scoreboard pa talaga!

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