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    • Hello Laila…kinakabahan na ako sa excitememt for MJ…i really believe in her…Yun nga pala yung gown ng mga kalaban na kapitbahay ang gaganda noh. Yung kay MJ malamang yun na yung white gown na nag cicirculate sa net.

      Anyway…ewan ko noh pero lagi ko nakikita si MJ na nakalugay ang buhok….there was one time ata na nakataas ang buhok nya…nagandahan ako for a change…tapos naisip ko lang a serpentina cut ng gown like thatvof Megan will work for her…feeling ko lang she can wear super high heels. Kaya pag iniimagine ko si MJ is like barbie doll na nakataas buhok in a serpentina cut dress.
      Yun ay sa akin lang…kaya di ako gaano upset sa looks nya sa preliminaries…gaya nung mga nakapost sa ibaba ng thread kung sya nga yun.

      Regards..excited lang…dont worry kabugera si MJ…like si Janine Tugonon..actually ang panget ng gownm.pero nilampaso halos lahat…and besides Olivia Culpo’s gown hmmmm…not the best during that time but she won…I guess alam na nila kung sino ang kokoronahan nila.

      • Hola Alex! Inaantok na ako. KAya ko pa to. Sana lampasuhin talaga ni mj sa performance at talong talo talaga tayo sa mesh at swarovski! Inaantok ako di naman ako makatulog. Na miss ko tuloy mama ko. Last year sya kasigawan ko sa live streaming. Gusto ko yung ayos nga nung nag white Leo almodal cocktail dress sya. So I don’t mind kung white tong gown nya. Wag lang Sana I’ll fitting. Kim Gan should have made her gown’s foundation. SWAK na SWAK sa katawan nya yun e

  1. I know ang kulit but links guys links please! natabunan na ng sang damakmak na posts natin yung links

    • Dinner break of staff and crew. It’s already 5pm in Miami. Quiet time for the girls.

  2. I am having fun reading the comments here just as I am excited awaiting for the MU prelims and finals. You guys/gays/gals rock!!!

    Paalala lang…if we have nothing nice to say about anybody, let’s just keep our mouth shut, ok? Baka kasi mag boomerang!

    MJ is doing great…hope she keeps the momentum.

    • They had her hair up!

      I don’t know with you guys but her weakness has always been her neck. She does not have the swanlike neck and also the shoulders, this should not be emphasised :(((

      Plus the sash, the same colour as her gown. Oh my. Do something to help MJ please. Who on earth did this. I’m crying like a child

      • Or am i just overreacting… is this the real preliminary or just the rehearsals for the preliminary with all the rollers in her hair

        i hope those are just rollers

        my gosh if this is real my heart is broke

      • @alex…beh…kain muna tayo ng pancit…naka pin lang yan…let’s hope she’ll wear red sa finals. Oh my I hope the cut of the dress doesn’t make her look short. I hope the dress fits her perfectly!

      • Eh kasi naman laila ayaw ko na binabash siya ng iba. I know thos is just the prelim but photos and videos will circulate quickly online, and then insensitive people will make fun of it.

        I hope she wears red. Her smile is super white, the focus must be on her smile. If she wears that on the finals it is going to compete with her megawatt smile di ba

        We know mj can do it but we want her to win looking her best!

        Thank u for the pancit! I have lumpias here let us share

    • Ok, let’s not panic. Ara had hers up during the prelims and they changed if for the finals. Let’s hope the judges get past the updo and judge MJ fairly seeing that she is a worthy top contender.

      I agree though, why does BbP always shoot itself (our candidates) in the foot when it comes to clothing and styling? Sigh…

      • Still you see, they know very well that it won’t work, why embarrass our candidates? After all the styling theyve gone through, by now we all know what looks good and what doesnt on her, what looks mediocre and which will make her stand out.

        I dont get the logic of preparing for a very long time and then just doing something else that blatantly wont work. Where is the logic in that really infuriating

    • The sash, gown, and facial structure lead me to conclude it is her. BUT!

      Panic time is not yet here if I may say so. This is only a rehearsal. She might be testing the waters to assess what look will work. I am sure many pictures will be taken from this rehearsal and feedback will be swift. TV producers will also be quick to identify the girls who stood out from rehearsal and can give pointers to the make up artist and hairstylists backstage.

      • I am soooooooo hoping may nasa Miami o galamay ng BPCI na naka tutok dito sa blog ni Norman! I think highly of ourselves haha kahit may mga bashers dito hindi kasing taklesa at walang kwenta kesa sa ibang blogs.

  3. After the frenzy about the Oscars’ nomination dominated exclusively by Caucasians you’d somehow feel the pageant will root for Le Exotiques hehehe

    Philippines, Jamaica, Spain for me

      • haha hindi naman vajayjay sa upper thigh lang lol
        bakit kasi hindi siya gumamit ng kryolan or makeup forever or estee lauder maximum camouflage
        pwede naman takpan yun
        or may rule ba na inks arent allowed?

        Still i like her haha

  4. my god I guess I’m really excited because I just had a dream that I lost mj’s gown and there was a frantic search for it haha now I can’t go back to sleep. Suspense is killing me

  5. While waiting for the Preliminary competition to commenced, you show your thoughts and support to MJ as you watch this video, it contains her stunning photos in Doral , showcasing her stand out performance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Universe and All its Stars are with her on this journey….They’re all rooting for Mary Jean Ramirez Lastimosa. She radiates wherever she goes!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sana bilhin nalang ni Manny Pangilinan ang franchise ng Miss Universe-Philippines at mag-assign siya ng tunay na mga Pinoy na magmamanage sa Miss Universe-Philippines.
    Bb. Pilipinas is run by dinosaurs.
    Young blood ang kailangan. Pinoys from the fashion industry. Pinoy pageant experts.
    He can afford to buy the franchise at kikita din naman siya knowing how Filipinos appreciate pageants.

  7. Don’t know what to say about the famous gown . Just dissapointed seeing it in live. She’s like a fish caught in a lousy net. Still praying for her. Darla paki fedex nga yung mamahaling gown at ipadala sa Doral.

    • I hope she has a backup gown. Remember last year si Gabriella during the prelim she was wearing this off shoulder swavorski crystal studded gown that looked like it weighed at least 20 kilos? Hirap na hirap syang maglakad. She then ended up wearing a different gown for the finals. ANYWAY my point here is, if the general public ended up hating her gown (MJ), can we somehow convince them to change her evening gown?

      • Sorry to say she will stick to this gown. Looking at her using this gown , it added some bulkiness to her body. It shortened her because of the transition effect on the lower extremities. Plus the cheap fabric on the bottom doesn’t do any drama effect at all. I am just tired of this Stella Araneta Magic of dissapointment.

      • WHITE ANG GOWN NYA. This was probably the same gown that was circulating the blogs a few days ago. Eto na ba talaga?! Idk how to feel, I like the gown but a part of me wishes it was something else. Maganda naman diba guys?

      • I agree that it looks like the fishtail gown we saw a few days ago. My hunch tells me that she will pull off a Megan Young hidden super tall shoes. Prelims is always the most difficult part of any competition.

      • The gown is ok not disappointing but compared to some it is lol but I know mj will do whatever she can with the card she was dealt

    • Hmmm…it looks pretty small. The seats look cheap as sh*t. Why does the production this year look so cheap!? Wala na bang budget si Donald? Where are the sponsors? Was this the best they could really do?

  8. It’s 2 am na and I’m wired on caffeine. Thinking about the preliminaries is keeping me awake! Ugh. I’ll just fake being sick so I don’t have to drive my sibs to school later.

    Go MJ!!! (ใฃโ—•โ€ฟโ—•)ใฃ

  9. MJ na talaga to! Pwede nila ibigay sa iba pero ayaw ko kay India, Colombia even Venezuela…siguro naman sa publicity ek ek ang dami nang naibigay ni Mj for them kaya please….bigyan sana si MJ ng lakas ng loob at unlimited supply ng fighting spirit! Wag nya muna isipin at ma pressure na ma disappoint tayo (kase nakakatakot tayo ma disappoint) chaka na lang natin problemahin yan pag tapos na…for now..POSITIVITY, ENERGY, GOOD VIBES lang! GO GO GO MJ!

      • @Basil Valdez Mars! Kape kape! Bumili nako ng malunggay pan de sal as early as now…walang iistorbo walang kakatok sa gate at walang lalabas! haha

      • @elibells paki sabi kay bakla HI din! Good luck sa kanya..in fact sabihan mo silang lahat para ma feel naman nila ang LOVE!

      • laila: i want to sleep pero i’m kinda excited i have to be up till maybe 11am

        bf: grabe 11am kana tulog gago ka ba

        WENK na gago pa tuloy ako..bakit ko pa kase ineengage ko pa mga taong di nagegets na ito ay equivalent ng FIBA, Worldcup at boxing match ni MannyP?

      • @franco may shift sya ngayon kahit naman na gago ako in fair..pinapadalhan nya ako nga mga one liners ng opinion nya kay ms. colombia, venezuela (na manok nya) and sya kaya nagbalita sakin nung kay lebanon at israel hehe…pano uwian nyan 7am…by 9 nasa house na yan. ilang beses na ako nahuli nyan na nasa pc pa ren kung pano nya ako iniwan ng gabi hahaha

  10. Geez, ang gaganda at sesexy nila lahat!!! I wouldn’t want to be in d prelim judges’ shoes!

  11. Top 20 according to the numbers I’ve collected ๐Ÿ™‚ Who will remain on top and who will sink to the bottom?

    Slovak Republic
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa
    Great Britain
    Dominican Republic

    • The title of the vid is so misleading…the bets are in favor of Philippines apparently. wow!

    • 2 thumbs ….. way way up for this video ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you guys โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

      • nung una natatawa pako sa guy kase muka talaga syang dude…weird na may input sya on beauty pageants pero infair ha…nasakto nya talaga! GO DUDE!

  12. Sometimes I hate to think about this MU. Andami kasi halos lahat potential winner. But for Philippines Go sa Go! Excited to watch the preliminary later as well as reading some comments here kakatuwa lang.

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