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    • I just really wish umabot kay Madam Araneta lahat ng inaing ng mga pinoy…. good thing nagsasalita na mga kilalang tao. I just hope maging issue to para naman tablan si Araneta

  1. Any Pinoy parlos Beki can effortlessly make a National Costume 10x better than this!

  2. Miss World 2013
    Miss International 2013
    Miss Earth 2014

    MU 4th runner-up 2010
    MU 3rd runner-up 2011
    MU 1st runner-up 2012
    MU 3rd runner-up 2013
    The last time the Philippines won a MU crown? 1973-forty two years ago.

    Anticipation for MJ to bring home the Philippines’ third MU crown is beyond measure. So, this less than impressive national costume -though has no bearing on MJ’s inclusion in the top 15- is understandably scorned!

    What is Madame Stella thinking? I mean really?

    Go MJ Go!

  3. The last 2 cents on this topic: Everything has been said and done so there is no point to debate and argue the details. The totality of circumstances indicate a strong performance that’s enough to get into top 15. What happens after that phase is all up to her. 3 gowns (red, silver, white) are available at her disposal so no one can say that she was not given options.

    • Wait, what do you mean 3 gowns are available? She has options?! Or I guess HAD options….so you’re saying she personally chose the white gown that she wore during prelims? Hmm..interesting

  4. To say I’m disappointed is a great understatement. I understand that the NC is not considered part of the overall judging (thank God) but it’s a matter of national pride and this “costume” just shot holes through that pride. The only recent past NC that made me feel good was Janine’s and that was done by a fellow countryman. To MJ’s credit, she pulled it off and shined brightly inspite of that “costume”. I’d put this on the same par as Bianca’s blue ribbon dress. I felt like crawling under a rock when she first came out in that blue shower curtain with a bow and I was truly embarrassed. Now this… Where did I put that rock I crawled under? sigh…

    Why is it, esp. in the last four years, we send our country’s most beautiful women only to make them work extra hard to pull off the “outfits” they are given/told to wear? Why give them the added stress? Why give us the added stress? Kudos to our representatives for showing time and time again that they are wearing the outfit and not the other way around, and in spite of the ugliness of the outfit, they do well in the competition.

    I guess our cries will always fall on deaf ears because our reps. are doing so well lately. However, it’s blind confidence on BbP’s part. Our reps’. good showings are because of their determination and their beauty and not because of their outfits. I agree, it should be that way – the reps. are judged on their beauty and intelligence and not by their clothes. That said, I wonder how well the MU winners in the past would have done with the outfits BbP hands out. How far would Zuly, Oxana, Diana, et.al. have gone in these “outfits”. While styling is not to suppose to be a major criteria in judging, it does have it’s influences in judging and scoring.

    There are many things that contribute to a person being declared a winner. Clothing is perhaps a minor point getting thing. However, when the competition is close and is decided by a fraction of a point, the winner will likely be the one best styled and not the once wearing a garbage bag with pleats and a bow. Thank you God that at least MJ’s EG did not have pleats and a bow – a minor miracle which I am grateful for. However…

    God bless our MJ. God give her strength to continue. God give her your light and let her shine, shine, shine. We love you MJ. We love you dearly!!!

  5. Parang cake flower ang NC ni mj! The good side her SS kabog & EG she carry well at kita mo na confident siya wearing that barazza gown! Overall satisfied ako sa preliminary ni eMJ! Iam hoping magpalit siya ng gown sa finals yung tipong nganga lahat!

  6. I believe mj will win this 63rd edition of miss u…she has the riyo mori vibe…and riyo won in a latin country(mexico) tho doral is part of US but dominated by latin people…and riyo mori is not facially beautiful but in some aspect lumalabas ang charm same as MJ….malakas kasi talaga ang dating ng latina expected na yan pero iba pa rin ang laman ng utak and personality…yeah columbia is pretty and young but in some way may lamang pa rin si mj sa kanya…yea spain is pretty but i dotn think she will win because of her tattoo…and besides kahit maglupasay pa ang mga latino kay colombia she will not win because sunod sunod na ang mga latina…bka from 88 candidates maging 80 nlng next year ang sasali…

    Whatever other countries will say about our candidate ipagtanggol nlng natin and lets all be positive….🙏🙏🙏👑

      • Also the right time to reward Mikimoto crowns and Tadashi wear for their last year as major sponsors after several years. Japan was also ripe for the crown after several top semifinal and final finishes.

  7. The issue here is the fact that, WE AS A COUNTRY OF RICH CULTURE AND TRADITION IS MISREPRESENTED IN THE INTERNATIONAL SCENE OF PAGEANTRY, to make matters worst the biggest, grandest and the most prestigious beauty pageant on earth. over these years we’ve been longing to have a reform on how we should be represented in MU yet over these years as well we are either half convinced or devastated by the result we see on TV. Are we exaggerating? BIG NO! DO WE WANT TO REPRESENT A STAGED COSTUME JUST TO IMPRESS THE GLOBAL VIEWERS? HELL NO! truth is, we are so done with the fact that A FOREIGN DESIGNER, WHO’S CREATION BY THE WAY HAD CAUSED US DISAPPOINTMENT RATHER THAN A BURST OF PRIDE AND JOY EVERY TIME WE SEE IT.


    We are talking about the very root our being, our culture, our tradition, where we came from, who we are as a nation, what we have as a people, and yet our representative will have the burden of wearing something that is clearly is out of the context in the culture and tradition of the very country that she is representing. Maria Clara? yes! With the flowers to represent the festivities up high in the city of pines? Seriously? Haven’t been to panagbenga though yet it’s not what I saw from TV, travel magazines or a book dedicated to Philippine festivities. Correct me if I’m mistaken.

    MJ wore it with all her pride, she was very divine on it, in fact it was her who took one of loudest applause of the night. Why are we furious? Well I challenge all of you who believe that the NatCo MJ had worn was just valid and that we owe SMA and Señor Barazza the warmest felicitation for having again a marvelous job for the filipino people, to answer these questions first and lest start a good talk about the matter:

    1. What is the cultural significance of the dress MJ had worn in the MU preliminaries?
    2. How does it represent the Philippines as a nation of proud people, rich in culture and heritage in the global scene?
    3. Did it represent Philippine artistry? If so, please explain your answer.

    Very simple question, ladies and gentlemen.


    To those who says, that this outburst or emotion is useless and a complete waste of time and that pageant such as MU should not be taken seriously as a matter of national concern. Once and for all, a woman over there just wore our country’s name with our flag on it representing us in the global scene. This is us, as a nation of proud people helping each other and cheering for those who mark a name for country.

  8. I’m not feeling it.

    I did’t get that same feeling when I played Janine’s video for the first time and…wow, sure na to sa TOP 15.

    I can’t see MJ’s face, parang its blur, or she was just smilling so much ewan, and there was no emphasis, walang PAK, 1,2 PAK! ewan.

    I’m not very updated po ngayon but I watched the preliminary intrdduction just now. Who struck me the most is Spain and Mexico. Colombia, not so much. Who charmed me is New Zealand. There’s something adorable in her; like a cute girl lost in the world of pageantry, so sweet.


  9. I read Former Miss Universe Natalia Glebova’s pick: Colombia.

    Many people are rooting for Spain or Colombia, because facially, they are superior, no doubt.

    I have read some comments by people saying “Miss Philippines does not have a pretty face”, and of course that hurt me.

    MJ in my opinion is facially beautiful as well. It’s just that her makeup during the prelims… to be very frank is not her best look.

    I would be so happy if she wins and all the world will agree, and nobody questions. Like Megan Young or Mutya Datul. The type of winning you just won’t question because they are facially really pretty.

    In my opinion after browsing through MJ’s photos, this is her winning look:

    I can just dream she looks like this on the finals… hayy…

    • Gabriella is not pretty also! In fact, she looked like “Old-Maid” when she competed last year! Malakas lang ang confidence nya at dame mo ang sinceridad!

      • You have a point, it’s not always the facially pretty who wins… And yes Miss Spain looks prettier. It’s just that I pray she wins and most of the world agrees, not just Filipino fans but even those who aren’t.

        Anyway Gabriela Isler looks the most stunning during the Tony Ward runway. She was the most striking and elegant.

        Like I said no matter what makeup or gown if it’s her destiny, it’s hers. Let’s just hope whilst there is still time they can increase the chances of really winning the crown.

      • Gabriella has some resemblance with Pokwang. Even Global Beauties and Missossology did not pick Venezuela (Gabriella) in their top 5 last year. I am not criticizing Pokwang. I think she is funny, and I like the way she changes her attire. Pokwang should imitate Gabriela Isler. If she just sets aside her wacky moves, Pokwang can be a model.

    • Look at what all those makeup hide:

      Isn’t she facially pretty? Dear God, I hope after all the training the one she chooses during the finals is the best. Not okayish, but the best. Because only during the finals will everything matter.


      These are not her best:

      I don’t know, but there is still time to brood it over with her stylists. We still have three days and that’s a pretty long time.

      There is no way Colombia or any other is going to win this.


  10. Nasabotahe na naman ang Pilipinas ng dalawang Colombiana a.k.a. Stella at Alfredo.
    Pinagsuot ang kawawang kandidata ng cartoonish national costume at inexpensive looking ugly evening gown.
    Buti na lang magaling dumiskarte at mag adapt ang candidate natin.

  11. Sir Norman, is there something you could do or your friends who may influence something positive out of these things? Please let them know that we are disgusted with mj’s natcos and eg or perhaps she could change her eg come finals night.

  12. I want to share with you the National Costume Analysis from Sash Factor.

    I think, we can FIND WISDOM from this analysis.

    Original Source: http://www.sashfactor.info/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12211

    MJ’s NATIONAL COSTUME is one of the best and most sincere

    by Crovis

    What’s with the unli-hate towards MJ Lastimosa’s National Costume? Do you hate it because it’s not Filipino made? Or is it because it’s too simple or plain for you? WHAT IS YOUR CONCEPT OF A NATIONAL COSTUME?

    Something that NATIONALS actually WEAR. So there you go. The two elements are: (1) It must reflect the culture of the nation; and (2) It must be wearable.

    Lately, the concept of “national costumes” in pageants got bastardized, unfortunately–now, we see more and more “fantasy costumes” and less and less of “traditional dresses”.

    But if we stick to the true concept of a national costume, A Filipino National Costume, to be exact–it is something a Filipino or Filipina can actually wear in a real life setting, past or present. Something that has been worn/can be worn daily or during special occasions like Pista, Binyag, Kasal, Sagala, Coronation Night, and other joyous celebrations.

    No Filipina would f*cking wear a f*cking chocolate costume as a ninang to a Binyag. Aside from the risk of getting your costume consumed by hungry guests, You would start melting at the church pa lang.

    No Filipina would f*cking wear a f*cking transformers robot costume to a wedding. You are not there to celebrate a cosplay! You are there to celebrate a couple about to copulate like rabbits for the rest of their lives!

    No FIlipina would f*cking wear a f*cking tree or a f*cking mermaid or a f*cking hockey stick costume to a Fiesta or Coronation Night or Grand Ball. The hermana mayor and the lady guests would want to look in their most elegant, and not like f*cking fast-food mascots or a supernatural creatures. Can you imagine your town mayora or konsehala coming to your barangay fiesta wearing a 100 lbs. feather costume?

    So please, before you assault MJ’s costume, think about it for even just a sec.

    Is MJ’s costume wearable in all those celebratory instances mentioned above?

    YES. MJ’s filipiniana would have been very sublime. In real-life, she’d walk into a room wearing that filipiniana and all eyes would be on her. Everyone would be impressed…

    Not some of you, apparently…


    The End!

    • But this is not a pista! This is a CONTEST! It matters a lot because the country is being represented.. At the end of the day, it’s the country being bashed.. It has to be fabulous and eye catchy! This is different from the examples given above. This is mu! There are a lot of provinces in the country that may best represent us as a people! We are being visited by many foreigners because when we welcome them, we dress up in our beautiful costumes! How come on international beauty pageant stage, we can’t do it??? Wtf! This is so pathetic! This has to change!

    • I think hindi naman yung paggamit uli ng terno as the base of the costume ang issue ng karamihan but the actual design nung dress. It looks like a project runway reject. Too many disjointed elements. There’s the flower appliques, multiple colors, beadwork sa bodice, sheer butterfly sleeves plus the chunky necklace and frida kahlo-esque headpiece. Hindi nag harmonize yung mga pinagtatahi sa terno.

      • Korek ….. mas maganda ata eh may bitbit siyang buhay na tilapia dahil kahit anong ipasuot sa kanya ni Sisa este Stella eh magaling parin si MJ magdala. Di ba yung nang-aasar lagi ang talo. Viva MJ !!!

    • Consuelo de bobo!!!

      Filipino is a blend of such many rich and beautiful cultures. Hence, lo and behold, an ample selection of Natcos that can speak highly of us – a representation of ‘Philippines the beautiful’.

      Is the Philippines known for its flowers? Hmmm, maybe to some extent, but not whats drowning on MJs dress.

      Forgive my 2 cents rant. Guess like many others, i wanna unload some heaviness on my chest too. Nevertheless, im still inspired on MJ. Shes a fighter, and i’ll fight with her to the very end.

    • I don’t quite understand where this wearable in any occasion type of analysis is coming from. Isn’t a “costume” by definition not everyday wear? Isn’t a costume supposed to be fancier than that?

      But even more than that, I don’t think the author understood exactly the critiques lie. People aren’t upset because the costume wasn’t outrageous. They’re upset because, well, it’s ugly. And it doesn’t do the country justice.

    • Ganito lang kasi yun naging powerhouse of beauty ang Pilipinas at tayo pa lang sa Asia at pangatlo sa mundo na nakakuha ng Big Four at ang formula lang dyan para maging competitive pa lalo sa beauty pageant (LEVEL UP!). Tandaan niyo “all eyes” ngayon ang taga Latin at Asian at mga pageant fanatic sa atin kasi sa husay makipag-rampahan at makipagsabayan ang pinapadala nating candidates. Kaya nga lang kung hindi “eye catching” at “walang WOW FACTOR” ang dala ng candidates natin like Evening Gown at Nat.Co. diba parang sasabihin ng mga ibang lahi: “ay beauty and brains si Ms. Philippines kaso anu yan disaster ang gown?” o kaya “ay may laban si Ms. Philippines pang TOP 5 kaso bakit ganun ang suot niya parang mas deserving ung iba sa top 5.

      Kung sa gyera dapat handa ka at may dala kang ULTIMATE WEAPON mo para patay ang kalaban mo. Sana ganun din sa future candidates natin lalo na sa Bb. Pilipinas org or anu man beauty pageant org ng Pilipinas. So nag-eexpect hindi lamang tayo mga Pilipino kundi ang ibang lahi na mas bongga si Ms. Philippines from head to toe. Beyond the expectations, Surprise us! –
      Kung yung iba sasabihin “nasa nagdadala lang yan”, sige may point kayo pero hanggang doon na lang ba? Okay lang kung galing sa “Mahiwagang Baul” pero “sana” bonggahin na yung recycled gowns hindi pa yung lalong pumanget.
      Agree ako kay @jj and @DivaDivahan sa mga sinabi nila =)
      Patawarin pero reality check nandyan na ei anu na magagawa natin, tapos na ang preliminary competition. So manood na lang sa Jan. 26 at baka may milagro. #MJfortheWinMU

      • agree! pero hanggang kelan tayo ganito. di nagbabago. ano ba naman kasi yan. pasuotin kasi yan ng pinoy na damit at hindi colombian. colombian ba tayo? miss u to. di naman to runway na magsusuot ka lang ng damit ng kahit sinong designer na foreign. dapat best representation ng pinoy sa eg at natcos. kawawa ang kandidata. kawawa si mj. ang laki ng chance manalo, masasabotahe lang sa damit. di pa rin ba tayo natututo o HINDI PA RIN BA SILA NATUTUTO????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Has the writer been to a Sinulog or Aliwan Festival?!…

      Did he not know the pre-colonial history of Sulu, Cebu and Manila?!

      Has he attended the courting ritual of the Tiboli princess?

      Has he attended the presentation of the Maranao muslim princess that includes the performance of “Singkil” which by the way is originaly a dance interpretation of the Ramayana?!

      Did he not watch Super Sireyna?!!!

    • Sabihin na nating ang NC ngayon ay wearable in all occasion stipulated,,,, sino ba naman ang lokoloko ang mag suot nyan sa binyag,kasal, special gathering at iba pa… baka mapagkamalan kang flower base o bka dekorasyon sa mga okasyon na nabangit. Marami pong option a simple but elegant filipiniana will work or even kimona…. tpos iti contest ito hindi basta lang kasal o bigyan.

  13. Brazil’s EG walk is painful to watch! Kahit maganda gown niya nahirapan siyang dalhin

      • Actually if you think about it, parang nice concepts ang sorbetes at halo-halo for a NatCos if designed and executed properly…

        Imagine a miss philippines rep pushing a modified sorbetes cart sa stage ng MU… Tumbling di ba?!?

      • @ DivaDivahan – correct tapos may FREE sorbetes sa audience kasi mainit sa Doral. Winner.

    • gagong barrazo to hahaha..di bale…nag mamatter si MJ lang

      syet gusto ko tuloy nyan

  14. I’m so sorry MJ but they made you wear this costume inspired by those old school goldilocks birthday cakes we used to have as kids:

      • True! Yan ang perfect way to describe it…Baklang-bakla and we are all loving and lapping it up! Iba talaga kapag sadyang kabogera ang candidate!

    • Sabi ni MJ dyan sa picture: “Isa akong Sorbetes Espesyal maraming flavors (Ube, Keso, Manga, Melon, Strawberry, Macapuno, Halo-Halo)” only at Doral, Miami.

  15. Wala ba dito kakilala taga ABS CBN na reporter? Sana mabasa nya ang blog na to kung pano ang ginagawang pagmamalasakit ang mga pinoy sa mga kandidata ng bansa. Lalung lalo na ang hinaing natin tungkul sa wardrobe nila.

    Idaan na natin sa media kung hindi tayo papakinggan ni Madam SMA.

  16. I like mj’s ‘storm surge walk’ during yamamay’s fashion show than her SS prelims performance kung saan ang hairlalu nya ang umaura.

  17. I habitually read your blog and rarely made a comment but today when I open your site and saw this Miss Philippines Universe National Costume. I can’t stop my emotion not to write something, I want to shout bad words in front of BPCI Officers. If I had a power to block all sponsors and people helping BPCI Organization 1M percent I will do. If I am one of current Binibini vying the local crown, I will certainly withdraw my candidacy.
    It is really substandard – yong tipong basta lang meron ipasout ….

  18. “Is this really the worst national costume ever made for a Philippine rep to Miss Universe?”

    – masaklap ginawang katatawanan yung Nat.Co pati si MJ. nagmukhang Halo-Halo, flower icing, sugar flower etc.

    Kapag BB. Piipinas 2015 coronation night at tinawag ang pangalan ni Madam Stella. Isigaw niyo ng BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! agad!

  19. Akala ko pa naman pag gising ko naka T’boli cotume na si MJ or goldy gold gold singkil costume. Na sad ako dito. Playing the video made me conclude na ginagawa talaga tayong gago ng mga to. OO we have latin roots andun nako…pero we are still asians! kung maka pag fiests colors para namang pinabayaan sa factory ng crayola designer na to. Ang Maria Clara, subdued, sana sinimplehan na lang nya design kung tinatamad na sya. Mas ok na sakin ang simple kase katawa tawa. Hay…bakit naman si Jaime sa Ms. Earth nakaka mangha, bakit naman mga girls sa Ms. World Philippines puno ng pride sa suot nila? Pota naman kahit Colombian si Madam…malasakit naman. Nagpapayaman kayo sa Pinas eh…

    Nakakapagod magreklamo. Pageant watcher lang ako. Yung mga makapangyarihan dyan sana kayo na gumawa ng moves. Pag etong si MJ with all her amazing efforts hindi maka pasok dahil sa busurang pinapasuot nyo…wag na kayong magpa Bb. Pilipinas kung sasabotahe-hin nyo rin lang naman chances nila…nagpagod pa kayo!

    Kawawang MJ! Pero go lang ng go! Laki naman ng puntos mo sa PAK mong pose at PAK mong katawan PAK mong parasela PAK mong smile at PAK NA PAK MONG STAR POWER!

    Ok moving on….

    • Laila, Mars kanina pa kita hinihintay. Marami ng ganap ditto, antagal mo LOL

      • mag gap ako ng 1 hour kaya more comment more fun ako dito…maganda yung face nya…tatakpan ko lang yung suot nyang halo halo i sweat parang tall glass of milky white shaved ice na may fruits at colored nata sa baba. ano va??????????????????????

        mabuti na lang walang score to kaso…pa biktima na naman si MJ. Akala ko makaka lusot na sya….they’ve been doing so well with her wardrobe. sana ganito na lang pinasuot sa kanya natuwa pa ako sa humor:

  20. MUP needs a new franchise holder, let Stella manage MI since she’s MI herself… But MUP really has to go to someone else, to a Filipino/Filipina who can truly help us and our candidates to showcase what Filipinos can offer to the world. We have so many talented designers here who for sure are very much willing to dress our queens. If this happens, the victory of our queens’ will truly be the victory of the country! 🙂 #ForThePhilippines!

  21. Maybe this looks good if you really get to see this for real. There are so many beautiful costumes available in the country, why this?

    The Sinulog festival queen costumes are way better than this.

  22. napadpad ako sa isang fan page. isang fan ei may pinost na “preliminary competition tabulation” from anonymous judge.
    2nd place si MJ. Yung evening gown pinaka highest. Presentation and Swimsuit (2nd place)

    ito yung ranking (total sa gown, presentation, swimsuit)

    TOP 3

    Colombia – 9.292
    Philippines – 9.192
    Ukraine – 9.008

    followed by:

    Costa Rica
    Dominican Rep.
    South Africa

    ligwak si Venezuela =)

    • Kung totoo man o hoax lang yan, masaya na ako sa performance ni MJ. Well ako ayaw ko talaga yung evening gown pati ung Nat.Co pero kung sa pagdadala na lang ginawa ni MJ para mag stand out siya well she’s doing great. #goodluck

  23. An ordinary malong and turban would’ve been better than this abomination our dear MJ was forced to wear. I felt a horrible sense of cheapness how Barazza bastardized our identity when I saw it. It’s an abomination with the essence of Jekyll and Hyde plus Beavis and Butthead extracts. Ganyan.

  24. Evening gowns I get why Araneta keeps on choosing Barraza. I can live with that. But National Costume made by a foreigner for a Filipina? I don’t get. It’s absurd. No one understands Philippine culture better than our home grown designers.

  25. Gawa tayo ng fanpage sa FB. “NO TO BAZURRA FOR FILIPINA BEAUTY QUEENS” or kahit anong name na pwede nating ipahayag ang damdamin natin tungkol sa mga sinusuot ng kandidata natin. Haaaaay. Pero I believe that this is MJ’s destiny. To be the 63rd Miss Universe. Nung nagreRetweet pa lang siya ng mga tweets dati na maraming nagpapasali ulit sa kanya sa Binibini naniniwala akong siya na ang itinakda! Go MJ! God Bless! 🙂 #MJ63rdMissUniverse #MJAllTheWay

  26. Perfect MJ!
    With all her performances in the preliminaries; Philippines will have the 3rd crown for #MissUniverse2014
    I see the gown as perfect representation of the Filipina: graceful and feminine.
    MJ adapts to the challenges and she is doing very well.

    • Sa National Costume lang ako nalaglag sa upuan ko nung nakita ko.

      Sa evening gown…Im ok…it looks like Megan Young yung flow ng gown nya…thumbs up ako dun.

      Mas lalo na sa swimsuit….no doubt.

      Kasali ba sa scoring ang National Costume for top 15? Sana hindi.

  27. A Filipiniana creation is actually not all that bad and tired looking if designed with obvious inspiration, passion and nationalistic engagement. Jamie Herrel’s national costume in Miss Earth 2014 is proof positive.

  28. Guys and gurls, all this ranting about MJ’s sorry excuse of a national costume is an exercise in futility already. Just let it go… Let it go…

    As in pakawalan na ang mga bala at pana at tirador at poisoned sumpit para kay Stella Marquez Araneta Dela Savotaje Las Filipinas!!! Now. Na.

    Nyemas much! All these atrocities and travesties by SMA and company in disrespecting the richly diverse culture of our country as well as their obviously hidden agenda in bypassing the far superior world class talent of our local couturiers when and where it matters HAVE GOT TO STOP ALREADY! Sobra na! Tama na!

    Tito Norms, can’t we have once and for all a concerted effort by Filipinos to make our long quelled voices heard by SMA and company? Perhaps headed by the FDAP or even the Pitoy Moreno himself? That would be highly possible given all these years of putting up with SMA’s outright affront to us Pinoys, right?

    Just making gigil out loud. #sorrynotsorry

  29. Till now di ako mka move on….naiinis ako tignan!!! Sana pinag suot nlng ng darna costume…mas ok pa kesa jan!!😭😭👊👊👊👊👊

  30. Since 1999, my two most favorite NatCos were those worn by Miriam in 1999 and by Janine in 2012. Love the simplicity and elegant lines — which really complemented the beauty of the wearer.

  31. Very apt to title this post Throwback Thursday. Let us all throw back these creations at Barraza. Lol.


  32. Pitoy is very close to Stella Araneta. Why can’t she just let him design the National Costume, at least? I know Pitoy is old and his designs are a bit outdated, but at least, his national costumes are still better than anything this untalented Colombian designer can muster.

    Charlene’s and Janine’s were designed by Pitoy, I think those were the best national costumes ever worn by Filipina in MU.

  33. She was like dressed to lose. An affront to our sense of nationalism and creativity! How can we have allowed ourselves to be debased? In a country where world-class designers abound, why should a Colombian designer have the exclusivity for the gowns and national costumes of our MU representative? I am a non-connoisseur on fashion but I certainly know a bad design when I see one. And this one is successful in making MJ look like a sagala, or a bridesmaid. And the national costume— more like a carnival costume in some Carribean countries– no nuance at all of our culture and history, nor even a slightest ascription to our beautiful natural fabrics!

    We may say that it is the wearer, not the clothes, that can make for a beautiful presentation. I beg to disagree. In a close contest like this where even the smallest factor matters, the design of the gown can make or unmake one’s chance of winning the crown.

    Is this a matter for a congressional inquiry?

  34. Stella Araneta is a disgrace to Philippine pageantry.
    Cosplayers can do a better job in making a costume.
    The gown didn’t compliment how fit her body is and also made her look shorter.

    • How hiyang hiya naman si SMA sayo. Ikaw na lang kaya maging chairman ng BPCI.

      SMA headed BPCI for 50 years, and maraming achievement ang candidates naming in the international arena. Sa tingin mo madali ang trabaho nya? Instead of showing gratitude, you’re calling her a disgrace. Kung meron kang di gusto sa pamamalakd nya, sabihin mo in a nice way, wag ganyan.

      Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
      ~Jean Baptiste Massieu

      • Maraming achievements? Really? Big words you can’t handle.

        Explain the Philippine drought in Miss Universe from 2000 to 2009.

      • We cant win all the time. And as what the previous Queens has been saying, its all a matter of Destiny.

      • The reasons why our candidates have been recently doing well are because of their own hard work, the work of their training camps, and because of the fact that Pinoy fans cannot be ignored by pageant organizations.
        Stella’s role? She merely hands them their plane tickets along with her recycled outfits, laughable costumes, and homely evening gowns courtesy of her bestfriend.

    • I hope you realize that BBP is not just about winning international titles. Charity works are more important than winning. Kaya nga BPCI eh, BB Pilipinas Charities International.

      Check out the charity projects of BPCI and let me know if she is not doing her job well.

      Of course winning international titles is important as well, but check the winners of the pageants where we lose, mas may dating naman talaga candidate nila. Be realistic. I support all our Queens but I am objective and realistic as well.

      • I think marami din previous candidates natin na may potential. However they were not properly trained. Pinapadala pa nga yata sa Colombia ang mga candidate noon para sa training. Example is Joyce Burton malaki ang chnce sana kaya lang kulang sa training. Yung mga nag runner up from 2010 sino nagtrain? Kundi pa pinoy ang humawak sa kanila di pa gagaling anv mga candidate naten.
        Bitawan man ni SMA ang BBP siguradong may sasalo niyan at siguradong mas mapapaganda ito at malay natin mas maraming matutulungan sa charities.

  35. Norman I was informed that the costume is reported to be inspired by the Panabenga festival. Oh well. 😦

    • LOL! It’s pretty obvious that the designer has never been to a Panagbenga before. Siguro nag- google lang si lolo mo at nakita “Ay puro flowers itey sige lagyan ng flowers ang walang kamatayang National dress”. Ugh!

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