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  1. Ukraine just replaced adorable Serbia in my TOP 15

    Costa Rica just replaced Indonesia who had a gorgeous gown but lame pasarela…

    India acts annoyingly pageant chica on coke but yeah she’s still in my TOP 15…

    Guyana just secured her place in the TOP 15…

    Mexico just secured her TOP 15 placement despite her hairy armpits….

    Puerto Rico did well but Costa Rica was better… hmmmm???

    Russia was mediochre but her beauty and DT’s investments still wheighs more…

    Venezuela will always be memorable no matter how fat she looks… but she may have been outshined by Spain’s tatooed Vajayjay…

    I’m now including Jamaica in my TOP 5 along with USA…

    PHILIPPINES is definitely in it to win it…
    Now it’s only the gown that’s stopping her from winning that crown!

  2. MJ’s gown is actually beautiful. It just didn’t accentuate her. The red gown was a better fit

  3. Given na yan na gusto ni SMA umattend ng Hideous Evening Gown Convention ang mga Binibinis natin but still MJ did us proud! At nang maghubad na siya for the swimsuit round, she had it in the bag! She’s hot!!!!!

    Let’s hope for the best na lang. Walang kasalanan si MJ dito. Biktima lang po siya ng mga Colombians na yan ๐Ÿ˜ฆ pero may tiwala ako our homegirl will fight for the crown. I’ve never seen a Binibini this hungry for a crown.


  4. Everyone needs to relax and sit back. It’s prelims! The goal is to get into Top 15. Did she perform as expected? I am sure everyone will say yes. Forget the gown for now and the swimsuit is a no-brainer. All the girls have shown their gowns so it means the cards are on the table. Come finals night, it is up to her to decide if she wants to change the gown to the red one from the photo shoot. Don’t forget that she already has that gown and the one from national auction. I am sure Osmel’s team is doing the exact same analysis as this process (to less the number of mamon in the gown of Migbelis).

  5. i would be hopeful kaso nabasa ko sino nagpost
    buti na lang may iba naman na positive yung feedback na hindi rabid fan

  6. Swimsuit Competition:
    Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Philippines, South Africa, Ukraine.

    Evening Gown:
    Colombia, Jamaica, Spain, Thailand, USA, Venezuela

    โœ“ USA for Best in Evening Gown
    โœ“ Philippines and Colombia for Best in Swimsuit

    • Yes. When USA came out in that red gown — it was definitely mesmerizing!!! Wow!!!

  7. Na stress ako sa gown… I feel sooo depressed when I see that cheap looking gown… My bedroom curtains looks better than that tule fabric used for her skirt…. This is it! We need some divine intervention!

    • is there a possibility for us to send this message to mj before finals. change the gown!! norman, help mj. wahhhh

    • But the swimsuit portion was a huge turn around… It reminded me when Venus was in swimsuit… MJ’s sexiness was overflowing… even her swimwear can’t handle her sexy bum wow! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Balakid na naman sa corona ang evening gown. Di na natuto. The fishtail looks like very cheap fabric but with crystals? Ano yun? A sign of cutting cost. Nakakainis. Nakakapangalaite! Just depressing. Anyway, enough drama. Di ba nila pinipicture out how she will look during the top 5 final question? When you reach that point, you must look only your best. The evening gown put first in the prelimary competition will influence the judges mind on how they will score the swimsuit. They will place more attention on those who impressed them in the previous round. Dios mio! Buti na lang MJ is really doing well. She is really rockin it!

  9. i think SMA is doing a good job…
    Consistently ruining our chancing to go up the rankings and get the crown with all those cheap and hideous gowns she provides to our candidates.

    What a shame…If they dont change the gown come finals. MJ deserves better.

  10. I like miss USA red gown…ganung gown ang bagay kay MJ….syang talaga…i dont like her white gown….sa mga may connections jan sa doral sa team philippines kay MJ…paki palitan ang gown sa finals please!!!

  11. MJ’s gown doesn’t do her justice. The sheer gap made her look short and the skirt OMG, what can I say, looks like a bed skirt!

  12. If MUO will favor MJ to win, for sure, may frontrunner/s na out sa 15 just like what happened in 2010. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. She needs to replace the gown. Napagbigyan na si Araneta kaya payagan naman si MJ na pumili ng gown na bagay talaga sa kanya sa finals.

  14. Swimsuit Competition: Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Philippines, South Africa, Ukraine.
    Evening Gown:

    Colombia, Jamaica, Spain, Thailand, USA, Venezuela

    โœ“ USA for Best in Evening Gown
    โœ“ Philippines for Best in Swimsuit

  15. Nagbago Top 15 ko lololol…

    1) Philippines (Kabog! Kaw na ateng)
    2) Colombia (may gulay… she is definitely a threat… daming fans ah nyemas)
    3) USA (na amaze kA sa kanya today esp. her gown SHET)
    4) Spain (Hindi ko napansin si ate dati)
    5) Mexico (Same with her)
    6) Jamaica
    7) Lithuania
    8) Argentina
    9) Brazil
    10) Puerto Rico
    11) Thailand
    12) Guyana
    13) Australia
    14) South Africa
    15) Venezuela

    Mejo na disappoint ako kay Indonesia.. Lalo na si Slovak Republic.. She reminded me of Miss France last year..

  16. After that lackluster performance? Don’t let your bias cloud your judgment. If she doesn’t change that stupid bridal gown, she can kiss her chances goodbye! And goodbye to you too cuz I have work to do!

    • Um her performance wasn’t lackluster? Could you please emphasize? At first I hated that gown but then I kinda grew to like it because I can’t remember anyone else who had a gown the same silhouette as MJ.

    • Ikaw ano ang performance mo sa kiniclaim mong dati kang MUP rep? Hambog! Baka nga nilingaw ka nung reign mo kung may katiotohanan yang sinasabi mo!!! Hambog!

    • Lol. Ang daming bitter dito na d matanggap ang katotohanan! I won’t even bother to dignify any of their comments with a response. I don’t hate MJ. She is in my Top 20 and I think she can crack the Top 15 but not further than that if she doesn’t change her evening gown, hairstyle and make up.

    • Weh? Impoktrita! Hindi bitter yun teh. Appreciation yun na kahit sa ganung situation pinapakita pa rin ni MJ na gusto nyang magbigay ng pride sa Pinas. Sa tingin mo gusto nya rin kaya ang sinusuot nya? Eh sa kadada mo tumahimik ka na lang. Wala ka rin naman say eh, puro bash lang alam mo. Mapagmataas ka sa sarili mo wala ka namang napantunayan. Sana sumali ka ulit. BAKA IKAW ANG BITTER DAHIL SA MGA PANAHON MONG IKA SABI MO IKAW ANG MU REP NG PINAS EH WALA KANG GANITONG SUPPORTERS? KAWAWA KA NAMAN DI KA PA NAKAMOVED ON SA FORGETTABLE YEAR MO AS MU REP!!

  17. It turns out that the evening isn’t worth the wait…may mga surprise for the filipinos and the best the best pa silang nalalaman! The best! In Divisoria! Hayy what a waste…

      • yeah very disappointing gown pero iniisip ko na lang yung australia for the past few years ganun din naman ang tema ng gown nila siguro naman may chance si mj

  18. My assessment. Colombia for me is over acting that pulled her down. Spain , Guyana and Philippines the best for me. I would like to tell the handler of MJ to change the gown because the fabric made her look fat. The transition gap on the lower part made her look small. And lastly the fabric on the bottom created an illusion that she’s like a fish caught in a fish net๐ŸŽŠ wag po sana sayangin ang pagkakataon. Can someone here generate a collection fund so we can buy her a new gown.

    • The details of the gown added a layer of protruding illusion around her bodice. That is to be expected with beading unless the designer picked a thinner shaped crystal. BUT the gown registers well in pictures and on tv so it’s 50-50.

    • What matters is MJ was able to shine and gracefully astound the spectators! She looks great actually in that gown!

  19. Kakasawa mga cinco/almodal style ng gown. Wala bang simple lang ala mirriam quiambao.. Tuloy namamaga at pumapandak si…secret ๐Ÿ˜€

    • A gown by Leo wouldn’t look like that messy gown we saw on stage…. Leo has great understanding when it comes to a woman’s proportion which is why his creations has great precision when executed..

    • They are taping the introduction of candidates in their national costume and it will be inserted/edited with the live telecast on Sunday. No more live stream of this portion apparently.

  20. wow! ang ganda ni mj! i’m so proud of her! i feel happy for her. she deserves it! more than physically, she deserves it because she worked hard for it and she’s more than beautiful on the inside. after the preliminaries, my top 5 are colombia, spain, philippines, venezuela and dominican republic. bubbling up are serbia, malaysia, ukraine, usa, thailand and aruba. kudos!

  21. Kung sa prelims pasok siya, sa swimsuit nya dapat lumalatina siya ng konti…venezuela magalung kahit medyo mataba pero binawi sa charm at aura…kay mj ung sash nya sa swimsuit dapat igilid nya ng kunte like kay columbia para ma emphasize lalo ung katawan niya…tapos sa bohok nya minsan nawawala siya sa.focus.dahil dun

  22. Ok tapos na yun? wala pa rin yung elusive natcos…fine mag usap usap na tayo ng matino….

    MJ did really well…but..they have got to do something with that gown. I’ve been very diplomatic about my opinions but now I will say it…the gown cuts her in the wrong place making her look short at a bit chunky. good save l;ang yung face nya and the way she carried the hideous almodal copycat….The photo of her wearing Almodal made her look even more svelte. I hope they have a plan B ….

    I’m dropping Russia, Indonesia and sadly Serbia as well as Australia

    I’m seeing some promise from Lithuania (but her legs are too thin) and I’d like to include Ukraine. I’m dropping the kapitbahays…although I think India still has a spot

    you guys?

    • You are correct, Laila… most especially on your assessment of her MJ’s gown. Like you said, it cut her in the wrong area and it made her look short. Thankfully, she was graceful and gorgeous and still managed to carry it well.

      I was also pleasantly surprised with Ukraine and Costa Rica! They are both in for me. I had high hopes for Serbia but she just did not cut it… hopefully, her face will save her. Guyana did well and I hope she makes it. Italy was another pleasant surprise — that girl can move. She totally reminds me of Gisele Bundchen.

    • Hideous gown, frankly speaking… It looked like from a catalogue for bridal gowns. (You know ‘catalogue’ in Tyra’s reputation) Thank God MJ was able to pull it off. Can somebody create a Facebook page that would force Madam to stop a non Filipino designer from designing our rep’s gown because it’s a blatant insult to the Filipino talent.

  23. So….Migbelis looks good in a swuimsuit but she’s thicker than the rest of the girls. Just saying…


    Nag hang ang livestream ko kay Philippines!!!

    *Si Ara ba yung ka alternate ni Juliana?….
    Ang tigas ng dila LOL… I love Ara…. hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Hourglass talaga figure nya! Ang liit ng waist!!!!! I love her..happy sexy walk!…stupid stage!

  26. Indonesia is now out of my Top 15…
    Her swimsuit pasarela killed her chances…

    If she’s still in then it’s only for the purpose of DT’s business literally speaking.

    • At least if she wins, you would not feel that MJ was robbed because she is deserving. Given two or more worthy candidates, appreciation na lang talaga ng judges will make the difference. Still, go MJ fight nang fight!

  27. LOL! ang puti ng mukha ni Colombia pero ang katawan negra! why the fake tan ba mga teh?

  28. Binabawi ko na. Ang pangit ng gown ni MJ! Juskopo. Bakit kailangang may gap yung palda?!

    • I know…the gown made her look bigger…I would like mj to win…but I have a feeling the winner will be from Asia but not mj:(…

  29. If we follow the color trend,
    A Red gown is possible to win this year. However, itโ€™s already 2015.:)
    2011-white (silvery)
    2014-red (should be worn based on trend)

  30. Awwww i got teary eyed during Gabriella’s looking back video. Aww I love her.

  31. I like the gowns & catwalks of:

    Puerto Rico

    MJ’s gown made her look fat. What fabric is that?

  32. Ayoko na sana mag comment but the gown, she’s not that tall para sa ganong design, I mean yung lower part, hindi maganda.

  33. Just a “constructive criticism” guys… Don’t you think it would be better if she walks more slowly? I like Ukraine’s pace, but not entirely the walk itself.

    MJ’s pasarela is perfect, just slow down the pace a bit since the stage is small. It would look even more elegant when she walks a second slowly.

    Jamie Herrell’s pace for instance, which also caused a louder cheer from the audience.

    • beh the space is really limited eh. the music is also nakakadala. her gown shape is different. I’m not too happy with the gown but I’m not too upset either kase pare pareho yung itsura nung mga kalaban. happy lang ako na for a while hindi gown ang tiningnan ko…yung mukha ni mj ang yung smile na gustong gusto nila…..

  34. Iba ang pakiramdam ko kay Thailand. Miss Universe. Medyo naawa ako kay Migbelis. Naniniwala na akong mataba siya; yung sa balikat niya, gusto niyang itago ang taba.

  35. Same metallic silver/gold/white gown

    Venezuela — she looked huge!

    Surprise Looks


    And of course, MJ’s gown was rich in details! I actually liked it but I’d prefer a different color.

    Now let’s see Philippines and its typhoon victims!

  36. Parang di ko nagustuhan ang gown at kung pano nya dalhin yung gown. Ang laki nya tingnan. #sorrynotsorry

    Coron na.
    Exposure for Philippines to.

      • Exactly Laila. I hope some of her advisors tell her to walk slowly. Since the stage is small you have to walk like a queen as if you own time and you demand it to stop just for you.

        Even say, if the gown isn’t that beautiful, pag nadala mo nang bongga bongga na rin.

  37. Ganda ng gown ni USA! Yung gown ni Migbelis parang yung gown na sinuot ni Gabriella during prelimenary last year.

  38. Ukraine’s gown is couture. I was looking at that gown somewhere…naisip ko bagay pagka pula kay MJ…hay…..

  39. Nag double purpose amg gown ni Ukraine! Nawalis nya ang kalat sa stage. Noticed the “tissue” yata?


    I really love Thailand’s gown but looks same same with India and Indonesia….

  41. Who f*cking cares. Her smile is like the brightest out of all those girls. MJ could be wearing a kulambo and would still look better than half those girls.

    • So who made the gown anyway? Is it Basura? Does anyone even know? And POOR Serbia! Her gown looked like it came from the 90’s.

  42. Nice white gown from mj…best projections n pasarela…super graceful…medyo di ko kng bet yung sa lower part ng gown….para mtgo cguro yung superhigh heels nya…

  43. The stage is sooo small… They only get to walk not even for more than 10 seconds…

    The gown looks like exactly what is is…

    A cheap almodal knock off… It just made MJ look shorter!

    • Spain hands down, if were not Filipino I’d go for Spain really.

      Nakakaawa lang ang ibang candidatang magaganda hindi na-train nang maayos…

  44. OMG MJ’s turn! Ethereal and very confident!

    I was hoping for a slower pace but still she’s lovely!

  45. I love the spirit of MJ! Even wearing that poor white gown. Kinaya pa rin niyang dalhin.

  46. Totally agree with him.

    A back to back for Venezuela has a very low probability unless Migbelis renders a “perfect” and beyond stellar perfomance (wala talagang kapintasan in every aspect). But that is not the case. As I see it, even Migbelis herself is just enjoying the pageant, as compared to her amazing performance during the local contest.

    Colombia, from the very start I am never a fan of. I do not fancy the way she presents herself, and she isn’t versatile to me. Her face is sweet and angelic, but I cannot imagine her as pretty if she were to be styled in a variety of looks. And for a Miss Universe, you have to be a chameleon.

    USA , if she wins people will start questioning the integrity of the pageant. So clearly no.

    Jamaica for me can win due to her own merit alone.

    Spain as well. When I first saw her I was already mesmerised. With or without makeup, very impressive bone structure. Can be styled in many ways and still look undeniably beautiful. Effortless as well.

    But of course, The Philippines still makes it above all. She is a combination of everything you could ask for. And I agree when he mentioned about the tragic events that happened to her last year. Remember Lara Quigaman’s father dying only a few months before she won? And I recall I think Melanie Marquez experienced a lot of hardships too before winning. And as you know in this life, you lose some, but expect with all your heart and trust in the good Lord that you will win some.

    And MJ is going to win this. If she doesn’t, that’s like breaking the laws of the universe!

  47. Eto lang ha…so far iisa silhouette ng gowns…baka naman dito mag stand out si mj

  48. Jamaica is definitely a MAJOR MAJOR threat!

    No surprise that most of the frontrunners are wearing metallic colored or white like copying Molly last year.

    • Exactly. I do not know if Mr. Barazza is doing it on purpose, of all the colours. Now all of them would look the same, even Thailand’s colour is silvery white.

      MJ go get the red gown. No matter what happens go get the red gown and let your megawhite smile outshine them all!

      • If we follow the color trend,
        A Red gown is possible to win this year. However, it’s already 2015.:)
        2011-white (silvery)
        2014-red (should be worn based on trend)

  49. colombia lost so much weight…her armpits are marvelous! hahaha…love her gown but ii was so f-ing bored with her!

  50. OMG! MJ is the best among all the best.
    Pero anyare evening gown agad. Ang liit pa nang stage.

  51. Can someone with a golden heart be kind enough to screengrab MJ’s performance now? Can’t access MUO website now. I think the whole world is tuned in to their website for the prelims/ thanks

  52. pahingi naman po ng link please. ayaw po gumana ang youtube u streaming. hindi rin po ako makapasok sa mu.com.please please

  53. Fans of MJ were screaming with full energy but the fans of Venezuela and USA are more louder and crazy. Watching the Miss Universe Prelim.

  54. I think we all blew up MUO’s website! I can’t get in to watch the live streaming no matter which computer or phone I try. Go MJ!!!

    • Me too. Nahanap ko na ang charger then pagkabalik ko, waley na ang website. Muntik na akong malasin

  55. Bakit ngayon pa??? Di ko mahanap ang charger!! Nakakainis! Namatay na ang laptop kay ghana. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  56. nyemas! Ready na ako sa prelims! Andito ako sa kuwarto ko with my laptop! Super comfy in my PJ’s. may snacks din aketch sa aking tabi at coke in can na red pampa good luck ahahah! At nakapatay na din ang ilaw! Parang sinehan lang nyemas! HAHAHAHA

    ANYWAY, GO GO MY QUEEN MJ! IKAW NA AT WALA NG IBA! <333 Pakita mo ang ganda ng Filipinas!!

    • bukas na pc ko…may milo ako, tubig at adobong mani! saan ka nanunuod mare? ms. u official site?

      anyone? alternatives?

      • sa official MU website ateng Laila!! Naman sarappp! Commercial mode na ang Live Stream for Prelims! Bilis punta ka na!!!

      • Ok ok thanks mare! i’m on the right site!!! yahoo!!!! naka socks na ako…naka balot sa pink ko na marie na kumot hihihihi…deadma mode!


    • ano ung bitbit ni mama J? Dress ba ni Ara un para sa kanyang kabogerang On the Scene segment! Stay hot and fierce ARA! Go lang ng go! We love you <33

  58. MU web live screen countdown is up. 40 minutes and 25 seconds. Good luck to all the girls!

  59. Omg maNorman, it really is a clear sign though that MJ will win…for some reasons…
    aside from she has a killer body & relatable face (hybrid of east & west)…, she had a 3 years of preparations (2x by aces&queens who mastered the game in miss Universe, KF who always mastered the art of pasarelas & projections on stage & got intensive training from bpci twice) are indications that she is more than ready…
    There is something in my diablo thoughts that somehow, gossips saying that miss U org indirectly influenced bbp judges to picked MJ which is ravishing for americans’ taste thats why the organisation bosses flew last year…
    I think there are american business tycoons (whether in sports or casino industry)who are backing up or should i say arranging this scenario leading to miss USA and miss Phil in finale & so there will be a second part of game which is manny-maywether.

  60. Madame N! Wala po bang smuggled gown para kay manay mj? Si Mr. Gio waley bang bitbit o kaya si Majons? di naman ako napapangitan sa gown nya, but i wish she’ll wear something na mas maganda. Sana kulay red.

  61. Wow! MJ is the candidate most tipped to win! And very good words thrown in about the influence of Ara’s performance last year as the highest placing fan vote-winning candidate of all time. Our representatives have truly made an exemplary impression even on the hordes of bettors – so proud of our beauty queens of the past half decade!

  62. again again again…huhuhuhu too late na bang mangarap na ganito itsura nya mamaya?

  63. ano kaya kulay ng opening segment dress ni mareng MJ… I hope it’s either pink, red or orange!! Tapos the skirt sana, parang pencil cut… hindi yung skirt na gagamitin ni Migbels.. lawlaw. hindi makikita yung shape ni MJ pag ganun

  64. I saw her prelim gown, mala ariela arida nga ang peg, tsk tsk, d talaga nag iisip si SMA. Komo maganda si mj, MU material sure na sure sila na makakapasok sa top 15 si MJ sa gown na yon i dont think so, alam ko nasa pagdadala yon, pero baket namn ganun pa ang pinasuot, sa prelim kukunin ang top 15 eh, grrrrrrrr, pwede na kayo magrally sa bakuran ni SMA. Tsk tsk

    • be positive na lang!!! At least level up yung gown compera sa mga dating gowns ni Barrazza! Kung yung mga baduy na gowns nina Venus, Janine at Ariella nakalusot sa Top 5.. eh ano pa kaya tong gown ni MJ! hindi naman siya ganun ka pangit! OK naman na!

      • Yung interpretation ni Jeff sa mga bagay bagay. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, nagagandahan ako sa gown ni MJ. Ano bang problema don? Ang daming nagsasabi na pangit pero wala naman akong mabasang rason kung bakit? Wala namang makapagrelate ng ‘pangit’ na gown na yun sa magiging judges score. Ang bilis kasi maimpluwnsiyahan ng ibang tao. #bandwagon

      • tama!! Si Olivia nga nung 2012. nyemas anong nangyari sa gown niya? Parang malaking kamatis lang lol. PERO aminin, nanalo si ateng! Oh divaaaa.

        Kaya keribels na ang design ng gown ni MJ. choks naman eh.. siguradong she will make it work!

      • Actually, kahit yung kay Venus at Janine, gandang ganda ako sa gown nila. Yung kay Ariella, pwede na rin pero pangit yung material na ginamit; kulay yellow pa. Yung kay Olivia naman, di ko kayang ipagtanggol yun, maliit kasi siya kaya tinakpan ng pagkalaki-laking kumot yung paa niya para makapagsuot siya ng apat na heels. Di pa nakntento, nilagyan pa ng bun ang ulo niya. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Hahahah! apat na heels! at may bun pa sa ulo pero di pa rin umabot sa tangkad ni Janine.

      • Natapilok pa nga sa EG segment si Olivia na mediocre ang catwalk in the first place pero pasok na pasok pa rin sa banga. Kaya let go na lang sa mga critique about MJ’s gown, friends – it’s already futile at this point. Just trust that MJ will deliver as expected then hope and pray for the best.

      • Excuse me T-rex, hindi po mediocre ang catwalk ni Olivia. HORRIBLE. Naiyak ako nung pinanood ko siya. Naalala ko sa kanya si kampanernag kuba.

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