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    1. CHILE
    2. BRAZIL
    3. CHINA
    4. CANADA
    6. INDIA
    7. SPAIN
    8. SERBIA
    10. RUSSIA
    11. USA
    14. COSTA RICA
    15. MEXICO



    6. INDIA
    9. MEXICO








  3. #OMJ. Oh Dyosa!!! So glad I got to watch prelims live. Got to meet many nice Filipinos from all over the US (and some very nice pageant VIPs from the Philippines….)

    A few observations on our girl:

    1. MJ was spot on 200%. From the moments when she was coming out from backstage to going offstage there was no fear or hesitation coming from her. You all have seen her presentation. Professional talaga with fluid movements showing touches of fierce, sweet, confidence, and charm. She wasn’t afraid to look into the judges eyes or to sell herself to the audience. She was selling herself every second on stage (that winner pose in EG oh my! feel na feel mo from the audience)

    2. Many non-Filipinos cheered for her too. Yes, the Latins cheered for their girls more, but in my immediate area the Colombians and Mexicans and Venezuelans all stood up and screamed for her — especially for swimsuit where she came ALIVE.

    3. Speaking of Colombians in the audience….

    I saw two rows behind SMA and her siblings … and … Arturo Barraza (have the pics to prove it in case anyone doubts me). For what it is worth and despite all the negativity towards them…

    SMA was visibility proud of MJ. She couldn’t stop taking pictures of her and was screaming for her. I couldn’t help but feel like she is misunderstood at times.

    Barraza also cheered and stood up for MJ. He seemed very happy for her as well.

    She really owned the stage last night. You can tell she didn’t want to waste a moment of the dream she has journeying towards for almost 5 years now.

    In my slightly biased opinion, Top 5 is certain again. We shall see if her destiny calls for more Sunday night.

    • I agree with you na i think she is being misunderstood at times (SMA) but we don’t know. its really hard to judge, pinpoint and tell kun sino ang may kasalanan..

  4. From a very reliable source in Doral: There will be changes in MJ’s evening gown come finals night. You heard it here first.

  5. nakakanerybiyos si Colombia.. nyemas.. She reminded me of Ximena Navaratte. They both have an ok pasarela but you can’t not look at them kasi ang ganda talaga nila. Jusko po so nerve wracking

  6. Did I hear it right? Gabriela say what to Mauritius??? @45:00 of the full show:

    Mauritius completed the certificate level in DYOGA and she’s currently training for her diploma. She says DYOGA not only help her energy level but also it calms her mind and increases her efficiency. Give it up for Mauritius.

    Oh I see, she’s pronouncing Y as J πŸ™‚

  7. Late comments from myself, I’ve been working all day πŸ™‚

    My top 15 candidates post preliminary competition in order. MJ, Mexico and Jamaica were the best last night πŸ™‚

    Top 15 – Pre-Finals in order
    Puerto Rico
    Slovak Republic
    South Africa

    Top 15 – Evening Gowns in order
    South Africa
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico

    Top 15 – Swimsuit in order
    Costa Rica

  8. Just saw Nia Sanchez’s performance on the prelims. Had MJ worn that gown Ms. USA wore… competition is over and MJ NO DOUBT would be getting the crown.

    • I was thinking the same the moment Miss USA came out. It would look divine on MJ.

  9. Who saw Stella Araneta’s interview on TV Patrol? This woman is not really looking out for the Philippines’ best interest! She practically gave Colombia ( her country of origin) the thumbs up for the Ms. Universe Crown.

    This is evidence of her duality! Even if I agree that Colombia is MJ’s biggest threat, I think it is improper for the National Director of a national competition to practically root for another country. If she really had delicadeza, she would’ve refused to give a specific name when asked who she thinks Ms. Philippines’ biggest competitor is. Or, at the very least, she should’ve given several names. (Honestly, I think Spain is a bigger threat than Colombia).

    Don’t get me started about all of the Evening Gown and National Costume Horrors, because of her preference for her countryman, BaZzura!

    I wish somebody takes the Miss Universe franchise away from BPCI soon! How about ABS-CBN’s Charo Santos, or anyone, actually.

    Stella Arenata is not looking out for the best interest of our queens!!!!

    • I was recently informed that ABS-CBN and Kris Aquino made seperate offers to buy the franchise of Miss U and it is MissUOrg’s Paula Shugart or possibly Donald Trump himself who declined the offer… hmmm… So their happy with how SMA is running things?… Well it is MU who gains the benefit whether we’re happy or pissed…

  10. Tito norms would it be okay if mj tone down her movements? I kinda find it toooo gay. Parang hindi na bagay. Well for me sa swimsuit okay ung ganun ka lively na parang she owned that stage pero i think shes trying too much unnecessary movements. Hindi na mukhang natural! I love the way she present herself during yamamay show. From her poise all the way her struts and pose. Mas sexy n seductive sya dun not too overpowering.
    She just need to lessen that gayish movements plus the hair! It looks kinda stiff with too much spraynet na mukhang matigas. She should sport a wavy and soft curls lng parang sa yamamay.

    Her eg was okay naman but pleaseee mj lessen ur smile. U need to look classy yet endearing na ndi mukhang pilit na ngiti. Sometimes u need to pout or close lips na parang suplada effect pero at the latter part beam everyone with ur smile.i want u to win!

    I wanna see the crown in ur head!

    P.s pakisabi naman to kay mj! Just an advise.

  11. Nakita niyo ba iyong face ni Colombia before she started sashaying in evening gown? My god, bitchesa alert!!! natagalan ata dun sa cue ng host kaya parang umasim ang ngiti hahahaha! She’s just a beautiful face really. Nothing special about her performance IMHO.

      • Ganda ni Spain but please, huwag na ung curls. Iwan na yun. Si USA rin may dalang pasabog. Ganda ng gown nya ah at lumevel up ang energy! Mexico, too, is stunning!

        Of course, kay MJ pa rin ako naniniwala. πŸ™‚ Possible runners-up lang niya yang mga yan. Hindi papasok si Colombia and Venezuela sa Top 5. Sayang si Serbia and other European girls. Ganda ng face pero ang overall packaging mahina eh. Ang tamlay nila tingnan…

  12. I watched it thru youtube; i have comments to share; servia did great surprisingly, i was underwhelmed with colombia because her EG walk did not give justice to her superb gown, her SS ramp was okay tho but there’s something off with her shoulders and arms while walking. Spain on the other hand did great on her EG but her SS was a disaster. Her body is great but her twirls and poses were a bit shaky and trying hard. SA did better than Spain imo during SS. Venezuela was hiding something during her poses and that’s her unacceptable body structure. She looked concious. She might be in for top15 but out of top5. Well Philippines intro was the best with her nodding head, “nga nga smile” and voice volume. Her EG design was okay for me. The colour suits her, but hell yeah her walk was great on that segment, her twirl, her kembot and her smile was really phenomenal. But no doubt she was the best during SS; her smile and her body really stood out. Peru made her more noticeable. Overall the crowd was great, venezuale, spain, colombia, philippines and usa got the best reactions from the crowd. But guyana and serbia plus jamaica is also a force to be reckoned with. Oh i forgot mj’s NatCos, to sound positive lemme say its better than Venezuela’s lol

  13. pathetic! even tv patrol was inquiring about the gown a while ago. accordingly, why not a filipino designer and colombian?????????????????? one more thing, i think channel 2 is one hour delayed. it shows 10. it’s supposed to be 9am, right? does anyone know the link for the live streaming? thanks.

  14. My Top 15 Picks in alphabetical order:

    Costa Rica
    Dominican Rep.
    Puerto Rico

  15. her gown is fine but it made her look shorter. if she would make it to the top 15 i hope she would changed it into something better. for now, colombia is the strongest contender for the crown in my opinion.

  16. Here’s the deal. Do you think Columbia, USA, Jamaica or Spain can full off MJ’s evening gown the same way she did in the preliminaries? That’s the true test of a front runner, wearing a not-so-elegant gown, and make it look fabulous.

    We are not doing MJ any justice here, people. She has done enough, no, she did great!. She deserves our congratulations, not our doubt.

    That’ll do, MJ. That’ll do.

  17. question ko lang ha si miss colombia bakit parang walang kabuhay buhay. ako lang ba ang nakakapansin. alam mo yung parang walang kagana gana.

  18. dapat ito ang gown na lang ni MJ, ano ba yong gown ni MJ nya parang tsupon, buti na lang magaling si MJ talaga

  19. The Philippines should not win Miss Universe while wearing a pathetic Barazza gown. That means our representative is just advertising the piece of trash he considers a gown which will only encourage him more.

    Every single freaking year, I get excited thinking that β€œThis will be the year that Miss Philippines will wear a gown by a Filipino designer!” And it doesn’t happen… Nothing will change while Madame Stella runs this.

    MJ needs to secretly bring a Filipino gown into the venue and wear it for the evening gown competition without anyone knowing. Surprise everyone. Cause controversy. Get people talking. Make a statement and give Madame Stella a f***ing wake up call! And WHEN MJ wins Miss Universe, Madame Stella can’t be mad at her! πŸ˜€

  20. The gown is a cheaper version of a Leo Almodal creation modeled by Ara Arida. MJ carried it with perfection and confidence. The opening pose is superb. It’s as if she personified the Miss U logo.

    Swimsuit, no doubt. Perfect. Her curves and the turns. OMJ!

  21. Hindi ko napanood yung preliminaries pero based on your comments, I don’t know what to feel. Reading other people’s comments from different websites, parang Colombia and Spain na lang naglalaban. Tapos reading your comments, parang humina chance ni MJ.

    Remember last time na sukatan din yung iba’t ibang appearance ng mga candidates sa ibang events? Napansin niyo ba na isa lang yung appearance ni MJ o hindi ko lang din alam. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Anyhow, palipasin na muna natin ung mga bad comments kasi kay MJ din to mag backfire. Nagdadasal na lang ako na malakas talaga fighting chances ni MJ.

    Maraming haters si MJ pero nevermind na lang sila. Let us all pray for her success.

  22. MJ’s gown is horrendous! Seriously, I like the serpentina style since it has worked wonders for many of our queens (Renee Salud’s – Melanie Marquez MI gown and Chat Silayan’s MU gown; Francis Libiran – Megan Young’s). However, the color and embellishments of this gown is completely unflattering and forgettable.

    Thankfully, MJ’s initial pose was a definite scene stealer! When she struck that pose, i knew that any limitation the gown had was completely overcome by MJ’s performance. Her walk was sublime and her turn was flawless.

    Yes, her poses seem similar to Shamcey. But didn’t MJ train Shamcey for 2011 MU?!

    Also, that swimsuit color on her and her perfect hourglass shape made her stand out in the SS competition. Colombia came close, but the SS performance definitely belonged to MJ.

  23. Impressive prelims for #OMJ but i’d like to see her style during the yamamay show, oooh the way she struts was just like “move over bitches, your queen’s here. ” hoping she could sport that hairstyle come finals night.
    Pansin ko lng medyo over the top ang ss performance nya, maybe adrenaline rush perhaps or excitement? not to mention the hair that got tangled up to her face. GOOD THING is, she look realllllly gorgeous in motion kaya nadala na din. But im hoping she could walk much sexierr n less smile pls. Kaya u cant blame if she has resemblance to shamcey’s.
    And her eg was okayish. Loving the way she carried it beaming with confidence kahit na hindi ganun kaganda ang gown. What more pa kaya kung pang oscars o vogue ang ipasuot kay mj di ba?! Hoping na sana mas maganda gown nya sa finals.

  24. EG round: Spain (winner); Philippines (runner-up)

    SS round: Colombia (winner); Philippines (runner-up)

    In terms of physicality, Spain and Colombia have the advantage since they’re statuesque and have the leaner body type. However, Philippines is the more consistent performer and can work the stage like nobody’s business.

    It’s evident that our rep is in full fighting mode and her strong determination to win may be her biggest asset.

    Good luck MJ. Fight for the title, fight for the crown, fight for the Philippines!

  25. With all due respect MJ was in her best element in her preliminary presentation.
    She was able to maximize the limited resources that were given to her. And for that we should salute her !
    She pretty much owned that stage tonight. She sashayed in her evening gown like a queen, strut her sexy body in a bikini that elicited ohs and ahs from the audience.
    I believe she deserves the title of Miss Universe 2014 for all its worth.
    MJ – you’re doing evehthing right and we are so proud of you β™₯β™₯β™₯

    MJ all the way … for the win … πŸ™‚

  26. Swimsuit looks good. Love the walk. As for the gown – I like the top. The bodice I think looks good but the sheer in the middle and the bottom I feel was a disaster. The sheer part cuts her body and the skirt part looks like its made of cheap materials. I do love how the gown moves as she walks.

  27. I have no complaints on the gown. it was surprisingly good. lalo na nung naglakad siya, sumusunod sa bawat galaw ng katawan ni MJ. come on guys, if ariella did it with that color of joy gown, mj can do it din with this gown. i am not saying na mali kayo sa pagrereklamo na we have a lot of pinoy designers na pwedeng magdamit ng mas maganda sa binibinis natin, pero iba kasi e. hindi naman tayo ang may hawak. kung pwede lang na voting ang gown dba, why not. look at the bigger picture. look at the positive sides/benefits na naidulot ng gown na to kay MJ, and focus on those things. dedma na sa gown design or sa designer. andiyan na e. ano man ang gawin natin, sila pa rin ang masusunod. unless bilhin natin ang franchise. let’s just trust them.. anyway naka pag produce naman na sila ng ilang placements e.

    I’m not saying na okay na ako jan sa kung anu na lang ibigay ng BPCI eh okay na ako doon. Nope. I’m just saying na, may raason naman siguro (dapat) sila kaya yan ang pinasuot. we just have to look at this sa positive side. πŸ™‚

    • We’ve been looking at the bright side for more than 4 yrs, mr manila ! We are the fans, we buy the tickets we consume what bbcpi produces if we get frustrated by the products we patronize we stop buying! So maybe it’s time to start supporting mwp more

      • right. cory quirino is the best for mwp! sma should do justice to filipinos. after all, she was born colombian and needs to prove herself worthy as naturalized filipino. make the girl wear a filipino designed gown. at the end of the day, you’re already naturalized fil and set aside your roots for the moment. please madam. please!

  28. An aggregate score for all the criteria in their presentation and performances, MJ has secured her place on TOP! No debate on that! As to who is next to her, that’s where lots of debates are expected!


  30. MJ had a waaaay better preliminary competition performance than Ara and so I think mission accomplished for today. She will make it to the Top 15 and will make the necessary adjustments come finals night.

  31. Man, that white gown cut off her height vertically and visually added pounds. WTF! If she makes it to Top 15 then she better have a backup dress. Excellent presence onstage, but mediocre gown to work with. Congrats, Mme Stella, you did it again.

  32. #OMJ shes just impressive. Head to head talaga sila ni colombia. though i like her hairstyle during the yamamay fashion show. I think mas sexy sya dun sa look na un but nonetheless flawless ang pasarella nya!

    My gut tells me shell wear the red gown come finals night.

  33. Nothing we can do for now except we ask His divine intervention and let us hope for the best on January 25.

    • Right Miss Gloria. If it’s MJ’s destiny, no matter what evening gown or no matter what hairstyle, it is hers.

      I just fancy the idea that she would look her best meeting her destiny. And that she is radiating as herself, not as a replica of Shamcey or anybody, while being crowned.

  34. And it all came to past. During EG segment, MJ carried it well. The gown’s white ruffles cascading along the steps looks amazing! It flowed effortlessly and hugged her curves, BUT it made her look short as the see through portion was above her knees. Sana sa sides na lang para mas sexy! Comapared to Ara’s EG last year which was horrible, today was splendid though not perfect. Sana wala na lang see through. SS round was superb! Nothing less! Still we could have Almodal dress her gown

  35. Gabriela Isler’s gown on the preliminaries was uber gorgeous, but when molly was walking it showed that it was kinda heavy and she couldn’t execute or carry the gown really well…..
    Finals night came, she wore a different evening gown, the rest is history……
    MJ….. Isuot mo sana ang baon mong “red” gown….. Makinig sa mga atche mo, txt ka Na namin🐷🐷🐷

    • Korek! Sayang ang hard work at ganda mo te kung white gold fish dahil sa gown mo. At ang natl cos parang sasagala lang sa labasan. Ate, saludo na q sa yo dahil nadadala mo. Kung aq yan kukuha na lng aq ng mga palm leaves at voila, MJ Lastimosa from d tropical paradise of d orient! Felipins!

  36. Anybody has the link to replay the preliminary competition? I wanna watch over and over again. Or I’m gonna watch Ara do her spin again. Hahaha eons ago.

    On another note, please accept my deepest apologies for my replies to your comments Franco and Thomas. I’m sorry that my emotions got over me. I know we are all decent people here who just love pageantry and should rather not put down each other. ❀️❀️❀️

    • No anger or hate here, Adrian! I know you are a true fan more than me. MJ only convinced me after her web interviews were released. I had tremendous doubts but I am giving credit where it is due. Peace.

    • It’s ok Adrian. Not offended at all. And kudos to your humility.

      So can we three group hug now? Lol.

    • Humility speaks it all. Wow after all majority sa aten ang gusto at maiuwe ni MJ ang crown. πŸ‘

    • Awww you guys! Group hug! I hope she really wins. She worked hard for it. And it’s about time. I want to witness Philippines crowned as Miss Universe!

  37. MJ is my overall winner! She looked the most elegant in her evening gown and she came in very close to being best in swimsuit! She had this electricity that I even felt shocks on Guam! Her energy on stage seemed very much like Venus Raj, one of the best parasellas of our Filipino Representatives. I have to disagree with everyone with her gown. Although I love her red gown more than her white, she looked very elegant and her gown is so far the best barraza gown any Filipina wore on stage! I applaud BPCI for not choosing trash! However, I noticed that a lot of girls wore white gowns. Understood it is the most common color to win a pageant, but BPCI was right to choose a gown that would make her stand out. The gown she wore was actually very beautiful. Is it the best gown for MJ? Probably not. MJ has a short frame. If she wore a gown that hugged her body down, unlike a mermaid gown, maybe like Zuleyka’s gown, she would appear more taller. Her red gown made her look like a Sky Scraper. Hopefully, BPCI and KF will surprise us come final’s night.

  38. Trying to be as impartial as I can, these girls stood out during the swimsuit round:

    1. Philippines

    Even say, I am not Filipino, the way she glides and moves her hips is distinctive and really outstanding.

    I am not saying this is negative, but almost everything had been very “Shamcey Supsup”. Even the hair, the chin up gesture… I would like her to make her own trademark as MJ Lastimosa. Of course, not saying that it isn’t working, or that she isn’t original, but I hope she adds something unique. Maybe the twirl. But I don’t know…

    Change her hair a bit. Even if it looks nice don’t make it look like Shamcey. She has to have her own hair. This is going down to history.

    2. Spain

    Enthralling it’s insane.

    3. Colombia

    Body proportion, those long legs and defined shoulders.

    4. Jamaica


    5. Venezuela

    Free-spirited and confident talaga.

    For the evening gown I haven’t seen all of them, but I have to say Colombia looks elegant and effortless, Spain as well. You can see Ukraine’s dancer in her coming out, India making a fool of herself. I have to see Jamaica’s evening gown.

    As for MJ’s evening gown portion, I do not want to comment on the obvious things. We all know that she deserves a better gown but I will just focus on the way she presented the gown.

    First of all you can see she’s enjoying it. Confidence is not a problem. It’s just that in my opinion an evening gown should be worn in the context of “elegance”. Walk like the most esteemed queen, not a catwalk model. I know Dayana Mendoza or Tyra Banks would do their own stuff, but for a Miss Universe it would be nice to show a bit of versatility by showing off confidence and a free spirit during the swimsuit round, and utter elegance for the evening gown.

    Don’t you think it would be nice if she slows down? Remember Ara’s preliminary walk? She toned it down during the finals because I think she finally got the idea that evening gowns must be walked with careful grace.

    For instance, Miss Angola Leila Lopes makes a perfect example.

    Also with the face… there is a certain subtle art of making a woman’s face both elegant and seductive, not just smiling ear to ear all the time. Nothing wrong beaming forever, just make it womanly of some sort. Closing and pouting your lips from time to time and then beaming like a a queen.

    Swimsuit, she won that round.
    For the evening gown, to seal the deal, she has to spell ELEGANCE and not merely confidence.
    Even during her Binibini days she’d win the swimsuit, but not the evening gown. Recall how Bianca Guidotti walked during that time.

    I don’t want to sound know-it-all or anything like that. This is just my thorough, levelheaded observation.

  39. 1. Philippines
    2. Colombia
    3. Venezuela
    4. USA
    5. Jamaica
    6. Spain
    7. Brazil
    8. Puerto Rico
    9. Ecuador
    10. South Africa
    11. Ukraine
    12. Russia
    13. Dominican Republic
    14. Serbia
    15. Thailand

  40. I am very satisfied with MJ’s performance. She’s very very elegant in that gown and was super hot in that swimsuit. I can’t ask for more. OA lang yung ibang puro reklamo, yan lang siguro ang alam nyong gawin sa buhay. Oh well, korona na lang ang kulang at ready na ang taon para sa bagong reyna, si Mary Jean Lastimosa!

  41. Kahit anong gown pa isuot ngPhilippines, kayang kayang dalhin yan ng ating mga pambato. From Venus, Shamcey, Janine to Ara and now MJ… πŸ™‚

      • Indeed, too Shamcey Supsup. It looks good indeed but she has to make her own memorable unique style. She’d win doing this, but in my opinion I am not liking the idea. Let MJ Lastimosa be seen more as herself.

  42. 1. SCENE STEALER – Phils opening in the EG, caught everyone’s attention. smart move.
    2. CHRISTMAS GARLAND on steroids – USA and Singapore red gowns. Holy smokes!
    3. QUARTERBACK with a small waistline – Colombia’s shoulder is so wide. Sexy Touchdown!
    4. STIFF NECK beauty – India couldn’t flip her hair.
    5. PILLSBURY DOUGHgirl – Venezuela is chunky but sexy!

    you gotta love MU !! yeeeehaaaw!

    • at first akala ko Michael cinco ang gown ni Singapore. inspiration lang pala πŸ™‚ maganda naman kaso parang hindi bagay sakanya pang runway ang beauty ni Singapore. kulang pa sa attitude

  43. Didn’t Miss Venezuela a few years ago change her gown from the prelims to the finals? She work that green gown in the finals that looked like a Christmas tree. It’s not unheard of, it can happen. I prefer MJ wear that red gown in her official shots, to be honest.

  44. 63rd Miss U is very competitive kasi they dont have a fan vote this year and i think the prelim judges – their looking for a tall, modelesque, Freshlooking, Miss U (justmytake) that can be at par peg to MW #colombia #jamaica #india #lithuania #italy #russia #costarica #domrepublic #venezuela #argentina #netherlands #ukraine #serbia #puertorico #spain #argentina-possible #brazil #phils #kosovo #guyana

    • Uhmmmm… NO?!…

      Miss Universe is looking for someone to endorse Yamamay… Asia is the biggest market… do your math… πŸ˜€

  45. Let’s debrief MJ after the preliminaries:

    1. Perfect pasarela than Shamcey? Check
    2. Less-tacky evening gown than Janine? Check
    3. Sexier body than Venus? Check
    4. Cringe-less communication skills than Ara? Check
    5. Stronger determination and will power? Check
    6. Pinoy fans support and prayers? Check
    7. Numerology Reading (1/25/2015=7, MJ’s lucky number): Check

    She will be Miss Universe 2014. Period.


    This “tissue paper” was actually dragged by Miss Russia from backstage. It was trapped under her long gown and it was finally dislodged from underneath when it landed on the first step as she was going down the stairs. A “glass slipper”, it was not. Then, it was caught under Miss Singapore’s lovely train and dragged a further down two steps where it landed on the second to the bottom row… before Spain’s gown finally dropped it down to the main stage floor. This is where Ukraine thankfully swept it away off the stage with her fabulous gown.

    Just as annoying, though not as distracting, is that purple feather. Plucked from Miss Canada’s gown, it practically stayed on stage for almost the entirety of the evening gown segment until Miss USA’s uber-sexy-gorgeous gown’s train finally swept it off!

  47. I still think MJ is going to win… I think the beautiful gowns and clothes posted on this site, worn by MJ, spoiled me to think that her gown would be “out of this world!”… oh well.

    Thank goodness MJ’s body is so sexy that she could wear a tent and she still would make it rock.

    Is it written in blood to where MJ HAS to wear the same gown at the finals that she wore here in the prelims?

    GO MJ!

    • I preferred her in that red gown… but… she still looks mighty sexy in white…

  48. Her gown hmm looks like bridal for me. Kulang lang sa accessories para lumutang pa lalo si MJ, pati na rin diamond decor sa gown niya. “The Girl on Swarovski”
    Naalala ko tuloy yung palabasa sa TLC “Something New, Something Borrowed”. That’s life move on.
    The swimsuit pre. ugh gorgeous WINNER talaga.
    Good Job MJ! and good luck
    Di ko pa nakikita yung NatCo. anyone sana may mag post.

  49. the dress looks cheap and does not compliment her body well! sigh…. the one she used during the parade will have a better effect!!!

  50. Basing on the pix, I love the gown. Seems MJ carried it well. She’s so divine to look at. For sure, she’s in.

  51. OMG!!! I forgot Serbia! Anyway, bahala na si MJ diyan. It seems to be what people are saying especially those who are not affected by the gown. This is the last time I am going to mention that word. I really wish for MJ to win. She is simply the best and deserving.

  52. TBH, I think MJ did an awesome job. I don’t care abt her dress anymore, it’s enough that she gave her best. I see a lot of the Shamcey influence in the way she swayed her arms and hips, head tilt and mega watt smile. I’m sure she caught the judges attention to secure a place in Top 15.

  53. My top 15

    Puerto rico
    South africa

  54. Some people say it is not the gown, but the girl. But it’s an evening gown segment. Anyway, Puerto Rico could be up there. Since USA will make it to the top 5, I hope and I know MJ will nail it and USA will be her runner-up along with Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Venezuela.


    White terno style with pink and yellow flowers at the hem.

    Topped with pink and yellow flowers on her head.

      • πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

      • Lage nalang Terno? Sana ung suot nalang ni Nancy sa SONA ang hiniram at pinasuot ke MJ…Malinis pa ung tela nun. Madumi lang talaga si Nancy kaya mukha syang dugyutin.

      • Chakado masyado… tinamad ang designer or wala lang talanga imagination. Impaktah lang kung sino ang nagdecide na damitan siya nitong national costume na ito.

      • Ano itong ginawa sa kanya? BInaboy sya dito. Mabuti nalang walang points ito. Inalis nalang sana yung bulaklak sa ulo. Nakuh…..Ipatawag si Stella para nakuh…………I dont know bakit nangyayari ito sa candidata natin. Bakit yung mga nakapaligid sa BPCI o kaya yung handler ni MJ eh hindi nagrereklamo/ Mga alipin sa sariling bayan. EWAN.

      • Ano ba yan! Pati yung kulay. Parang bulaklak sa patay! Crepe paper. kalowkah!!!!!!

      • ANO TO?!!!!

        @&#*$!!!! Umiinit nanaman ang ulo ko…

        What the H*LL is the effff***n inspiration of this gown???…. MY white vase with fake flowers looks better than this EEEFFFFIN Terno!!! Grrrrr!!! My grandmother’s bridesmade dress in a 60’s summer wedding looks way better than this mess!!!

  56. Honestly if I am not a Filipino, I will not put MJ on my rank 1 due to that small version of Blanca’s gown; but I am a Filipino… so I should…lol. Alam mo ung andun na ung opportunity para manalo dapat ung pinaka da best, itodo na.

    Paano ba magptotesta sa BPCI lalo na sa amoy lupang si Stella? Sana mamatay na yang si Stella at si Barraza para wala ng balakid sa ating mga candidata. Patawarin nyo po ako Lord Jesus! Amen.

  57. My Top 15:
    Costa Rica/Dominican Republic
    South Africa

    Top 3 Spot

  58. I missed the prelim live streaming guys ! As I was @ work (sigh) but based on the photos above , MJ looks ravishing ! Her aura is so fresh and it invites attention. The gown ain’t too bad but could have been a lot better to showcase her vavaboom body. MJ in her swimsuit is oh la la ! Need I say more ?
    Ok I need to get a hold of video clips of the just concluded prelims so I can see more of how they all did especially our beloved MJ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  59. Girls and gays…kalma lang kayo. As someone very sensible commented below : Naisuot na, na rampa na, na iskoran na…. all you arm chair critics, shut up already! It is easy to be wise while watching in the comforts of our living rooms.

    Some thoughts:

    1) We just have to trust our National Director. She’s been doing this for years and produced respectable finishes for our country. Kung ayaw nyo palakad nya, bilhin nyo ang Franchise ng Ms. Universe at kayo magpa takbo. Meanwhile, habang wala pa kayong pera, just support our team.

    2) All, and I mean all the gowns are beautiful. For a ten second exposure and in the eyes of six (?) judges, baka hilong hilo na sila by this time with all the SSS gowns (Shining, Shimmering, Splendid).

    The total package and carrying of the gown is what will differentiate one candidate from another. MJ did well. So did about 15 others…

    This is a case of “damage you do, and damage you don’t ” (to quote ate Vi). Kahit anong gown ang isuot ni MJ… may pintas. (note : Valerie’s gown or the gown by one of our Ms. World reps [before Ruais] were praised in high heavens….. but…..).

    3) Swimsuit. MJ did well. A lot of beautiful, and I mean heavenly bodies….but yung kay MJ lang ang may indayog.


    > India’s exorcist / linda blair swimsuit walk. Panalo!!
    > Guam and another African candidate’s “Head And Shoulders” look…(meaning, WALANG NECK!)… panalo.
    > Ukraine’s gown na nagwalis ng tissue paper sa stage: Panalo
    > Please research kung kaninong “tissue paper” ang nahulog prior to Ukraine. Was it a breast pad? Vajajay pad? Lol.

    Unfortunately since Ukraine was among the last to be called, almost all contestants from A-U are suspects…Lol.

    > I almost got aneurysm with some of the trivia: “she likes changing car oils”, “she eats chocolates before the pageant”, “she has six toes” (dagdag ko na lang to).

    > The spraynet hair of china and Myanmar….: so 80’s


    • Oh, Thomas! I totally laughed out loud on your remarks for Miss Ukraine and that wayward tissue paper. So hilarious. Thank you so much — it was a welcome relief for quite a stressful prelim competition. Hugs! πŸ™‚

    • What a defeatist point of view. Not all can be SMAs. We don’t have to be all leaders for change to happen. Kung ayaw ba natin palakad ng Presidente, tatakbo tayo lahat bilang presidente? Poor argument. Tsk tsk tsk.

      • Dear Adrian,

        What a stupid point of view comparing running a country (elected post) vs. national director of a franchise (bought, bidded out).

        Next time, think before displaying your ignorance.

        I thank you.

    • St. Lucia yung tissue. Friend ata sya ni MJ. Akala ko she did it on purpose para may madulas sa mga susonod sa kanya: USA, Thailand and Venezuela in particular.

    • I think the issue paper was dropped by Miss Sweden…I could still vividly see how it dropped from waist below of a “certain” candidate — suspectedly Miss Sweden…(I could be wrong though wit the Country)

    • I think you are the one who is stupid. Bumagsak ka ata sa logic or philosophy class mo. Pati rin sa Enlish ata. Ever heard of analogy? Hahaha


    The point is to get into TOP 15. Forget the gown and the designer.

    She executed her strategy well and performed as expected. That is all that matters. Everyone has shown their gowns so it is up to her if she wants to change hers. It is only her who will be backstage during the finals. Whatever feedback she gets is moot.

    Don’t forge that in filmmaking, it’s not about the tiny details but the big picture. Let that sink in!

    • Can you picture the next Miss Universe in that gown? Please. Alipores ka ba ni Barraza at SMA?! Grrr! Ikaw yata ang tulog. WE ALL KNOW SHE DID HER BEST. THIS TIME WE ARE HOPING AND PRAYING THAT A TYPHOON WILL BLOW AWAY HER GOWN, FIRE WILL BURN IT DOWN, OR AN EARTHQUAKE WILL DESTROY IT. Nothing is impossible to a bright mind. We can’t always take things sitting down. This is just too much injustice! Anway, this is just a beauty pageant. No need to waste more energy. But good heavens I’m a fanactic! Live and let live te!

    • I’ve never served anyone since I own my business. I’m the boss in everything I do. Not SMA or Barraza.

      Step back and think for a second: What is the big picture? Get into Top 15.

      Who will put on the final gown on Sunday? MJ.

      She has the tools already so it is up to her how to execute the final look.

    • I don’t have so much qualms about MJ’s gown because she really flaunted it well. But she can elevate how she can market herself to Miss U org so they will give the crown to her. I agree, a stunning red down will steal the night come Jan. 25. A red Almodal gown that she wore in her pictorial will be better.

  61. Guys and Gals hindi nakakabuti kay MJ at sa atin lahat kung pagtatalunan natin yung gown ni MJ. OVERALL SHE DELIVERED VERY WELL. MARAMING MAGAGANDANG GOWN PERO NDI SILA NAKORAHAN. For me sya parin ang mananalo sa finals. What did you feel after watching MJ diba kakaiba talaga?. Unlike sa mga previous rep natin. Although they did very well too. But for MJ iba ang dating MU 2015 talaga

  62. First and foremost, MJ did great and had a winner’s aura about her and her presentation. Go MJ! For The Philippines!!!

    About that gown… at least it didn’t have pleats and/or a bow. Sigh…

  63. Hindi pa kayo nag sawa sa kaka reklamo…. wala na kayong magagawa jan… otherwise one of this days hindi na magising ang franchise holder ng MU. itaga nyo sa bato yan pa din ang susoutin da final if makapasok siya sa top 10… at alanganin sa top 5 otherwise the history repeat highest score sa SS.

  64. If I will base my Top5 on my what I have seen after the prelims. They are:


    Dominican Republic

  65. I think you people have expectations fixated on a dress that doesn’t exist. This was the dress. It’s not a Saab, but it ACTUALLY fit MJ’s curvier proportions perfectly, unless you’re inclined to choose the longganisa casing that Venezuela was sewn into. People probably looked at the dress for a millisecond before shifting on what is perhaps the most radiant, most calm, happiest face in the universe. She was happy, this was her dream, she made it finally and nothing will take that away, least of all your stupid, ignorant opinions. The end.

    • I know that you are more than this message. I don’t want to stoop into your level. Next time don’t you dare say stupid and ignorant opinions. You don’t have the dignity of lambasting us.

    • I’d have to second that Andrew Espino.!!….there is nothing that could tarnish MJ’s glow. Even my Mom when she watched it, all she would say was “her face and smile, she’s just glowing!”

    • Hi Andrew. You are correct… and your message made me rethink my thoughts on this dress. Instead of focusing on the dress, I need to focus on the woman. MJ’s glow was undeniable and absolutely showed. I suppose that we just wanted every single thing about her presentation to be perfect (like the gown) to increase her chances of getting in the semis. Having said that, I am confident that she’s done everything she could and to the best of her abilities. She has made all of us proud and I am proud to have her carry our country’s sash. The prelims are over and it is now a waiting game until this Sunday evening when we’ll know MJ’s fate. Fingers crossed!

    • I agree, MJ was radiant! The criticisms are not directed at her, it’s directed at Stella Marquez-Araneta who insists on dressing our beautiful candidates in god-awful gowns. Yes, it was awful for several reasons:

      (1) The embellishments added weight to MJ’s svelt figure. It created the illusion of additional weight.
      (2) The material used for the serpentina part, looks cheap. Compare it to the beautiful tulle serpetina gown Renee Salud designed for Melanie and Chat Silayan, or Francis Libiran’s gown for Megan Young. Likewise, the embellishments for those gowns were sewn in a way that didn’t give the illusion of added weight
      (3) Although not directly related to the actual dress itself, but many Filipinos would like to see our candidates wear a gown proudly designed by a Filipino. I miss the days when Renee Salud, Louie Mamengo or Pitoy Moreno would dress our MU candidates. MWP, though Cory Quirino, has dressed our MWP candidates amazingly! Michael Cinco dressed Queenie and Valerie (both were stunning gowns), Francis Libiran was donned by our first MW. I’d also like to note that after Cory Quirino took over the MW franchise, all our candidates have done splendidly in MW.

      And no, I do not prefer Venezuela’s gown.

  66. Oh my God look at that face β€’ she looks like the next Miss U.


  67. They changed Ara’s hair after we made such a big deal out of it. Fanatic na kung fanatic pero we need to do something to make them listen to us about the gown. So far medyo open minded pa nga tayo eh but after the prelims…masasabi ko na it was an improvement Oo pero it was just all wrong for mj. Handlers…anyone???? Please get our message across. That gown will ruin her chances. If she wins that gown will be her image forever! Please! One shot lang sa ms. U. Ayusin na nila. I would rather see a longer version of her blush pink gown without any sparkles than stick with this. Nilagyan ng beads pera lang masabing maraming heads pero it made her look wide sa hips and short. Mj is not the tallest girl. We need something to make some daya. Di ko alam kung bilib na bilib sila sa gawa nila or nananadya na lang. Jonas? Ara? May na smuggle ba kayo? Please ipasuot nyo na sa kanya sa finals!

    Goodnight girls and boys!

    • Ara’s hair last year was easily changed because it’s just hair.. thats it.. The gown however is another story.. Hindi siguro basta basta na lang napapalitan ang gown. who knows, maybe there’s a contract/agreement between Barrazza and SMA.. at the end of the day, don’t rely too much on the gown. It’s not that bad of a design. MJ carried it well. Kung si Olivia nanalo sa dambuhalang gown nya, I’m sure may chance in si MJ manalo with her gown!

    • kaya kalma lang mga teh.. hindi lang gown ang pinagbabasehan.. ang daming factors.. sa swimsuit, sa close door interview, q&a, overall performance.. MJ is doing well and will do well in those areas! Huwag kayong masyadong high blood

  68. Hi Norman,

    Bigla ko lang naalala and hinanap ko yung pinost mo before regarding sa Predictions of Mang Jose.”

    This was dated August 10, 2014
    Sunday Special: Do you know the way to “Mang Jose”?

    Isa sa mga predictions niya is…

    “I see an international beauty pageant crown being taken home to the Philippines very soon. This lady (beauty queen) is firm and unshakeable. Very focused in life. She will become controversial. What she will wear in the pageants will become a subject of dabate. I see many bashers around.”

    Hmmm, ayoko ko po mag assume, pero parang si MJ ata ito…

  69. Super galing ng performance nya after Venus ang lakas ng dateng nya sa stage. Kya lng yng gown nya ang maging dahilan ng pag baba nya ng points sa prelim. Kinakabahan ako

  70. Ok naman. Could be better (the gown). Hindi pa kinumpleto yung panloob, me iniwan pa sa thigh. She looks very beautiful. Para shampcy supsupish.

  71. Ninag, what is your comment on her gown?
    I think it makes her shorter.
    And again, Nick Verreos will surely notice the platform shoes.
    This gown also makes her look fat.
    Just my cents.
    Gusto ko lang kumuda.

  72. Personally, I am not wowed by it nor hating it too much. Nadala naman niya ng Maganda. Wala na Akong mahihiling pa.
    Guys dont be too pessimistic abt the gown. Remember tarra conner, miss USA 2006? She was also short and wore the same type of gown but looked she still made it to top5. And in my opinion, MJ’s gown is way better than Ara and Janine’s. So wag na Tayo lungkot at galit. Wala na sa powers ni MJ Ang magpalit ng gown. Ipaubaya na
    Lang natin sa Diyos Ang kapalaran ni MJ. Ginawa na ni MJ Lahat Lahat. Bahala na Ang Diyos Kung iluluklok niya si MJ ng korona sa lunes.

    All the red gowns though stood out for me: so Jamaica, Singapore, Ukraine, USA and Russia almost looked perfect with their EGs. Spain, Argentina, Thailand, Guyana and Colombia also looked divine. Venezuela just repeated Gabriela’s number last year.

    My pre-prelim faves Serbia, Indonesia, Slovak republic and India also disappointed me.

    I think based on the gown presentation and sash factor, both USA and Colombia emerged as the clear frontrunners. Venezuela and Php follow next.

  73. Most of the gown silhouette is pareho pareho and i’m happy MJ had something different which made her stand out. Not to mention she rocked it ng super bongga!! Effortless on stage parang tubig!! Wagi winner super swack!

    Swimsuit she’s another level of sex appeal. She can win the crown guys! In Jesus Name MJ as Miss Universe 2015

  74. She did good, gown is good and the walk. I watched it in big screen on my Smart TV. sexy but cellulites shows.. I was surprise for Jamaica totally gorgeous and elegant, the walk so graceful.. Colombia is topping the leaderboard. Miss philipines will be included in top 15. and top 10 hopefully.

  75. Hayss, ma fashion talaga ang designer nyo guys! Pero wala ng magagawa nasuot na, narampa na, na scoran na, waiting nalang sa result. All we have to do is to pray, think positive!
    Mj alltheway

  76. Seeing her live in here was fascinating. Unfortunately the gown for me is constructed without knowing the science on it. Oh my Oh my. If I am the handler of MJ i will surely not use that gown again. The fabric made her fat like a milkfish caught in a net. This time BPCI should listen to the people. Change the gown now. NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I will pay for the shipping cost one day express package. Listen mga tuod ………….

  77. Lol this needs to stop with Barazza. He’s unoriginal and unprofessional. Madame Stella, why get someone to create a cheaper version of a gown originally made by a Filipino designer when you could just get the upgraded, more expensive-looking, gorgeous original gown from the Filipino designer who would be more than happy to give MJ the gown? I don’t get it. Despite the ugly and plagiarised Barazza gown, MJ still did amazing. If MJ doesn’t win… Then the Miss Universe Org. is missing out on the perfect spokesperson for their brand. Go MJ!

  78. Hello Norman, I am an avid follower of your blog and this is my first comment πŸ™‚

    I think I’m sold with your choices except that I have Ukraine battling it out with Colombia at the top. Jamaica and Philippines are not far behind. These girls really showed the rest of the candidates how to do it. We all know what I mean πŸ™‚

    Good day!

  79. Ok nasa gown but the details really disappointed me, panira za gown nya, sana bagsak nalang ung dulo ng gown nya, pero overall ok namn ang performance nya i like the way she performed, magaling trainor nya, ang pinakproblem lang talaga palagi ay ang gowns ng reps naten. Her gown may pagkaresemblance sa gown ni bianca. But mj delivered it well. Lets pray guys na makapasok sya sa top 15, top 10 and sana may iba syang gown susuutin a gown na magdadala sa kanya sa success na makuha ang MU crown this year.
    Good luck MJ
    Still be positive

    • Ok nasa gown but the details really disappointed me, panira za gown nya, sana bagsak nalang ung dulo ng gown nya, pero overall ok namn ang performance nya i like the way she performed, magaling trainor nya, ang pinakproblem lang talaga palagi ay ang gowns ng reps naten. Her gown may pagkaresemblance sa gown ni bianca. But mj delivered it well. Lets pray guys na makapasok sya sa top 15, top 10, top 5 and sana may iba syang gown susuutin a gown na magdadala sa kanya sa success na makuha ang MU crown this year.
      Good luck MJ
      Still be positive

      • Jeff your actually right. Binaba lang young ballroom gown look. Nagmukha tuloy sya na isda.

  80. Hi Norman,

    May i ask , if this will be the gown that she will be wearing during the final night? ( If ever she make it to the top 10)

    What i observe yearly during the prelims, this is also they wore like Ara Arida? same gown during prelims and finals?

    Any idea if she will wear another for finals? (if she will make it to the top 10)

    Thank you

    • For now, it will still be the gown. But if something can be done between now and Sunday morning, it should hopefully be changed.

  81. I just watched the Pre-liminary Competition and these three are gonna be holding hands waiting to be called Miss Universe 2014 and, they are: Argentina, Colombia and Spain…Another one that will be on the top five are Jamaica and Venezuela…

    • I agree with you luiskie, the bottom part looks cheap, like the fabric gown of Bianca Guidoti during her Miss International pageant in Japan.

  82. Hi Norman.
    I agree with your Top 10 — except I will replace Serbia with… maybe Ukraine or even Costa Rica. I believe these two did a lot better than Serbia, who did not have her game on. Hopefully, her heavenly face will save her enough to get her into the semis. I will miss that gorgeous face of hers.

  83. I didn’t know japanese papers can be used to create evening gowns for Miss Universe.
    Feeling christmasy pa siguro si Barazza when he was designing MJ’s gown. Definitely not working for me.
    Good luck to MJ. She needs it because of this Amateurish gown.

    • Her red evening gown during the photo shoot is far superior than this one. MUO should revoke BBPCI’s right to choose our candidates ASAP. They should give the franchise to a natural born Filipino who will not sabotage our candidates’ winning chances. Madami ng competent contestants before who would’ve made it sa semi finals had it not been for the mismanagement of the Colombian wicked witch!

    • The gown is way too distracting; it’s supposed to complement. Why in the heck they keep on using this Colombian designer for crying out loud.

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