16 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Underrated Gowns and Candidates of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant

  1. Honduras-too short
    Greece – yes! I love the fit
    Guyana – wtf are those bubbles for?
    Egypt – love! lakas maka cleopatra. i love her too! adorably hairy
    Lebanon – Downgrade from the national pageant where she wore an amazing zuhair murad creation
    El Salvador – bleh

    • I also dnt get El Salvador’s gown. So sorry but i find it quite garish. I actually want to use d words “loud” & “busy” because of d incoherent details. Ahhhh, basta mahirap maintindihan ang gown na yan. Parang pngkontrabida sa disney or pixar movies. Yun na yun. Lol

  2. I’m pretty sure Greece will be in d top15, along with Jamaica, USA, Philippines, Serbia, Russia & Mexico.

  3. Miss Egypt’s gown is really classy. Nice taste! The only thing that I can comment to improve this gown is to slightly alter the pattern somewhere in the middle to create the illusion of a slimmer waist.

    Onstage though it wouldn’t stand out as much as the other bold and colourful ones, unless Miss Egypt sways it better than Cleopatra haha

    Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that MJ seems to embrace the “fresh makeup” and “less curls” that some of us here suggested… What do you guys think?

    Don’t you just love her face like this? Her hair is fine, just a bit of problem at the ends, would look nicer with loose curls/rounded ends.

    Well whatever now really, she is gorgeous and she is doing her best and as a Filipino fan that’s more than enough to feel proud.

    I wish she maintains this makeup during the interview since it’s quite a close encounter she doesn’t need that much makeup. I am sure the judges will be more impressed to see a woman comfortable in her own skin and that probably would also be a refreshing sight to behold amidst a legion of girls with heavily painted faces.

    Also, I am liking Miss Jamaica more by the day!

    • Kahawig ni aruba si holly robinson pete.
      Ang ganda rin talaga ni miss jamaica.

  4. Yung gown sana ni Almodal na Zen/Brittany ang bagay kay MJ. Sorry di ko alam i-post ang pic.

  5. Oh Norman, I so agree with you on Greece’s evening gown! This is my absolute favorite as well. The design, the fit, the material, the look! I’m not too keen on Honduras’ and Egypt’s gowns… but Guyana’s gown is second. BTW, I have a corset that I can lend you — we’ll strap you in it so tight and turn that size 4 body of yours into a size 2 — perfect for when you borrow Egypt’s gown! 🙂

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