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  1. So first of all, this shot is amazing. Despite what you professional critics say, this was a GLAM shot. Miss Universe has been identified as the pageant that leans more towards high fashion. In the modelling world, ALL PICTURES are edited.

    I don’t think they changed anything with her body though. What they did is blur out specific lines which may have distorted her body however her angles in this picture are on point. Precisely what photographers encourage on photo shoots. The photo has been exposed enough to hide away any evident blemish or flaw. These tools are what glamorous shots are all about. Taking the normal and recreating what they envision as if it were a blank canvas.

    That pose alone is already a magazine shot which is appealing and marketable. It may not co exist with what pageant extremists inherently agree with but what it lacks can still determine MJ’s ability to perform and stretch further then most. No pun intended.

    If she is entering a business that requires a lot of photographs to be taken of her then get used to it because she will be seen everywhere and the MJ you all know and love will propel further, universally so to speak.

    Just be proud that our candidate is considered as one of the top favorites and stop being so damn critical. She is trying to make all of you proud and yet she is being badgered constantly about her performance. IE shoes, pictures, hair and what not.

    Do your best MJ. That’s all we ask. Difference between constructive criticism is if it isn’t helpful then it isn’t useful. If it is insulting then ignore it. Do what you feel is right. =)

  2. Wala namang masama kung pinotoshopped ang picture na to ni mj.. at kung may gumawa man kay mj at maganda naman ang kinalabasan nagpapatunay lamg ito na pinapaboran ng mga taong nasa likod nito ang ating kandidata dapat matuwa tau dun… yung ibang nagreact san ba kau naapektuhan dun sa gumanda lalo c mj gusto nyo ba pinapangit cya..? Utak talangka talaga kau… mga padala kau ng mga kapitbahay.. mamatay kau sa ingit dahil top one jan c mj.. wehhhh

    • Carlo with all due respect, i think most of the readers are totally missing the point. If you look at the comments closely, put all personal feelings aside, stop being selective in reading, look at the scenario in a totally objective manner and most importantly try not to be overly passionate and sensitive, you would notice that the comments of a few netizens are actually to point out the fault of the organizers on how they want women to be percieved. The intensions of but a few are to raise social awareness about how to empower women and not to put a certain candidate down. Pageants are about celebrating the beauty and youth of a woman and using it as tools for change. Needless to say, this is bigger than any of us, heck this is even bigger than MJ herself and i am sure she would blatantly agree to that,unless she is that stuck up and would say that no, this is her show. But i digress. Point is, changing a person’s appearance just so she can fit a certain mould is most certainly sending a wrong message to every girl who looks up to these ladies as heroes. I say look at the bigger picture. It isnt always about MJ. And stop using the word BASHING so loosely like it is the generic term for all satisfactory comments because sad truth is, unfavorable comments are legitimate constructive criticisms where as brainless name calling is a classic example of bashing.

  3. Lololol… you sound like a lonely and confused transvestite who lives out her fantasies through beauty queens. It’s only a pageant. For your sake, I hope MJ wins… if she doesn’t?

  4. Na photoshop naman halos lahat ng pics…

    Sinadya for sure baguhin na halata yung kay MJ and Venezuela para siguro pag usapan. Hindi nanan kailangan ni Mj… Ms. Philippines looks a lot better in person!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. My thoughts:

    Australia – Brooke Burns. Too baywatch
    Brazil – Ximena is that you?
    Spain – Miss Universe or RuPaul’s drag race?
    Russia – Hawt!
    Germany – holy sh*t she’s gorgeous!
    Venezuela – cute. next?
    Colombia – this is disappointing. Photo doesnt give her beauty justice.
    Panama -you guys didnt say Tyra was a candidate?
    SA – are they sabotaging her? Pretty girl, bad photo
    Jamaica – it takes a strong woman to rock a short do. Love this girl!
    DR – you again? did i just comment on Migbelis? Oh wait no, totally different person. Next?
    USA – oh Nia nia nia…
    India – still cant decide if i like this or not
    Indonesia – Riyo my riyo. Did you just get resurrected?
    Myanmar – Zzzzzz
    Thailand – i choose not to comment
    Singapore – more darling mooooore
    Malaysia – hey girl! Instagram much?

    • Philippines – wish i had that kind of flexibility. All she needs now is a champagne glass and this photo can break the internet.

  6. It really is hard to judge a candidate by her glamshot alone. Arida’s official Ice Princess shot from last year totally kicks ass and puts Isler’s to shame but the latter finished first. Hmmm too soon to predict a winner, let’s see what happens on the 25th. But i have to say Germany was a big surprise though.

  7. Dahil mahal na mahal ko si Mrs. Spainhour, I will provide my service; free of charge.

    Alin sa katawan ni MJ ang photoshopped para sa ‘Fadil Shot’ na ito?

    1. NECK- I wanna say it was done to elongate it but it’s not just the reason. See those dark and light shades on her neck? The darker one is the outline of her real neck. But, the editor might have found the curve not appealing so he blurred it to achieve a straight and longer neck.

    2. LEGS- Of course to took thinner. It could have been unnoticeable if not for the error on her left leg. I tried to compare her legs on candid shots and seriously, I could even accuse it as not her own legs. It’s too slim. MJ’s legs have obvious muscles.

    3. WAISTLINE, ARMPIT, HIPS- Observe the inconsistency of the lighting. Again, this was done to portray the anorexic look which is so marketable out there. SUPERFICIAL.

    4. FACE- LEFT CHEEK. ‘Nuff said. (Apparently, her cheeks did not ride Yamamay’s anorexic brand)

    As I’ve said, I don’t like this photo because this is not MJ. This image is not beautiful and superficial. I even have this feeling that this was not how MJ really posed but that’s too hard too explain. I want MJ to win. But, unlike some of you guys, I’m not blind.


    • Joshuaisnotmyname, you sir should take your meds, your ADHD is on overdrive. But all jokes aside, you have a keen eye for detail kudos my dear. Wouldnt’ve seen the things you noticed considering i am ADHD aswell. So you really think the back arch isnt legit? And here i thought it was so i signed up for yoga just so i can be that flexible. Lol

      • Nope. At least hindi ganyan sa personal. Just look at the back part of the bra (is that what you call it?) , walang lines na may tinamaang skin, taba, or muscles yung bra kahit nag over extend siya. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I suck at spotting the difference so i’ll take your word for it dear. But yeah i do have to agree, photoshop ruins the authenticity of a photo. Gone are the days when candidates are judged by thier beauty alone. Nowadays everything’s enhanced. I dont like her but her photo’s way better than that of Miss Malaysia’s. Instagram much?

      • wala kang pakels maryjacko kung e inject ko ang gamot kay joshuaisnotmyname…hahahaha i don’t need ur honest opinion..just want to kill you both,,tama si mareng Mrs_spainhour, dapat sa morgue kayung dalwa dalhin kasi mga kepalo kayo…hahahaha nakakatawa!!!! kahit magsama pa kayung dalwa i don’t care!!!!! hanggang satsat lang naman kayu!!!! hahahaha kahit tumambling pa kayu si mareng MJ ay dyosa pa rin at kahit anung butaktak nyu eh sya ang nagdadala ng bandila ng bansang kinabibilangan ninyo!!!!!..hahahahahahaha….bitter CRABS!!!!! i dont care about grammar, anyway this is normans blog and not a grammar school, okay??????hahahahahaha////LOL!!!!

      • eh di magturo kayu dito ng grammar…. mas maganda yun, matututo kami ng mga korek terms sa mga matatalinong katulad nyu!!!!!! hahahaha…….cumlaude kasi kayu ng mga epal!!!! hahahaha,,,grammar grammar grammar!!!!! hahahaaha…walang pakialam ang mga supporters ni MJ sa grammar….hahahahaha…..

      • There is such a thing as science you know. You cant just make stuff up because it’s MJALLTHEWAY. Hate to break it to you, MJALLTHEWAY cant solve the world’s problems and MJALLTHEWAY most certainly will not enhance your english proficiency. Try to focus on stuff that actually matter. Like you said, this is Norman’s blog and we can certainly post our two cents worth. If our ideals dont coincide with what you stand for then i dont think there’s hardly anyyhing wrong with that. This is a blog with information being sent out to every pageant fan, not the MJLASTIMOSA fans club. If you want everyone to agree with you then go make a group in facebook or something so that you and the rest of the fandom can oogle over her photos.

    • mareng Mrs_spainhour, I would volunteer to bring joshuaisnotmyname in the mental hospital. free of charged. i will inject him an anti adhd antidote!!!! sumusubra nato eh…sa ka epalan!!!!!

      • This comment is extremely offensive. First, ADHD medications are taken per ora and not injected. Go back to school and do your homework. Furthermore, ADHD is a hyperkinetic disorder which may be similar to a neurodevelopmentalpsych disorder but is not enough to send you to a psyche ward. It can be controlled by medication, but you know what meds cant help? Stupidity. Less tongue lashing and more reading. It’ll help you loads.

      • maryjacko, pakibilang nga ng grammar erros ni lianneloka sa statement niyang: “mareng Mrs_spainhour, I would volunteer to bring joshuaisnotmyname in the mental hospital. free of charged. i will inject him an anti adhd antidote!!!! sumusubra nato ehโ€ฆsa ka epalan!!!!!”

        ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Joshuaisnotmyname, let’s look for a store that’ll give our friend here a grammar lesson FREE OF CHARGED.

  8. Pope Francis on freedom of expression..” “Everyone has not only the freedom and the right but the obligation to say what he thinks for the common good … we have the right to have this freedom openly without OFFENDING… In freedom of expression there are LIMITS.”

    maybe the admin can delete comments (foul words) that are not worth to be read.

    • mareng Mrs_spainhour, alam mo na kung sino ang mga iyan…hahahaha…si miss grammar…hahahaha,,,sa subrang katalinuhan parang baliw na ang peg!!!! makapanlait akala mo eh kaganda!!! di sana sila na lang nag compete sa MU….hahahaha….

  9. MJ topped all the glam shots I’ve seen so far ! Somewhat reminds me of Ara’s glamshot in 2013 – very sexy ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. just wishing and praying the philippines will get the crown this time.. the bashers will finally be silent.. you can do it mj!

  11. I love MJ’s photo (THE CURVES!) but I think, it was photoshopped badly.

    I love India’s photo too.

    I love Netherland’s photo. Those eyes!

    Turkey’s photo reminds me of Ariella’s last year. Hehehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Photoshopping is supposed to improve on the original photograph. So it;s badly photoshopped because it did not improve on MJ’s image. Her face and body can stand on their own without the aid of Photoshop. Mrs. Spainhour, not everyone who doesn’t gush over MJ’s picture is a basher. So let others say their piece, it’s called freedom of expression. Don’t feel compelled to defend your idol at every turn. KNow the difference between bashing and constructive criticism. When you insult others, it reflects on you, not on them.

  12. http://www.voy.com/13953/

    Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Universe Philippines 2014, t the VIP Red Carpet Reception presented by the Russian American Chamber of South Florida on Friday, January 16th at Trump National Doral Miami. The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSEยฎ Pageant contestants are touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the DIC Crown in Doral-Miami, Florida. Tune in to the NBC telecast at 8:00 PM ET on January 25, 2015 live from the FIU Arena to see who will be crowned the 63rd Miss Universe. HO/Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP


  13. …pose of mj is a statement…there somethng n her post na pagpnagsama mo sia sa group ng pics ng iba…sia agad mapapansin mo coz of the curves..

  14. Guys as pageantasia said pang playboy daw ang glamshot ni mj, tirahin nyo yang page nya, hahahhah napaka insecure talaga, liar, titigila na daw sa pang ba bush pero tinutuloy pa din, tsk tsk, sang planeta ba galing yung admin na yon, daming alam. Hahahha

  15. For those who overly criticize MJ’s glamour shot in this post, I do understand at palalagpasin KO yan…. There will always be bashers and haters as Mars Dawn says when it comes to our reps, but the REAL DEAL here is seeing this reps in MOTION…… And when MJ does this yamamay swimwear in motion…..nganga LAHAT ng kasabay……
    Sige nga, kaya mo bang sumabay kay MJ?๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿท๐ŸŽ€

    • nakakatuwa si Australia parang gulat na gulat. Austria very natural lang I love her

  16. I’m not a fan of this glamour shot. I would have preferred MJ to be in a more relaxed pose. But it’s just a picture and what’s more important is her performance in the upcoming interview and preliminaries. I have no doubt that she’ll wow us and the judges.

  17. on the positive side, this shoot really accentuated her curves. She looks taller too because of that over-extended neck.

  18. Oh my, what’s going on people? I have nothing against supporting our bet hardcore but giving out expletives surely brings us nowhere but down.

    Please lang. Kung may nagsasabi ng hinde nyo gusto, before you even think of pressing the keyboard, think! Take deep breaths. Take a walk outside and cool down instead of blowing up for all the world and Sir Norman’s followers to see and read.

    MJ is fighting for that Miss Universe crown; trying to show the world the best in us Filipinos. But what are we trying to do? You hardcore fans? Your choice of words surely brings not just our bet down, but also the whole country down down down.

    Tsk tsk tsk… Palms on my face. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Huh? i don’t think there was anything wrong from what I said if you were referring to my comment about MJ’s glam shot. The problem with people is that they’re so hooked up with MJ that they tend to lose the objectivity. Lahat gusto nyo maganda sasabihin about MJ. The last time I checked we still live in a democratic country and expressing one’s own opinion is part and parcel of it. This is not character assassination mind you. I love MJ because I also am a Filipino – I would be super happy if she wins. But we have to remember that this is a competition. People will have different perspective about the candidates. Let’s just respect that.

      • Sad & embarrassing indeed. Haisst, hope more & more Filipinos will be more conscious of their behavior both offline & online. Dumarami ang haters natin both online & offline. Wag nman, very unfair sa matitino at nagpapakatinong noypi.

      • Mrs. Spainhour – don’t get me wrong. I like hearing all the good things about our candidate but we also have to be open and objective about what needs to be improved.

    • I’m guilty…so sorry will not happen to again. I just couldn’t control it earlier with the badger.

      Again guys and Manong Norms I am sorry for acting low and no class. Di na mauulit

      • Thank you Pageant Fanatic for acknowledging and owning up to your shortcoming; and for apologizing even if you didn’t have to. It takes a great deal of wisdom and courage to admit our mistakes and try to change and become better.

        The other one seems to have not read and understood what I meant with my comment and is still enjoying typing out expletives with asterisks. I had high respect for this hardcore fan of Mj; trying to defend Mj here and there in previous threads.

        But the behaviour shown today was just totally disappointing and disgusting.

        No, I wasn’t referring to you MissDemeanor. Your comment was fine.

        It’s you Mrs Spainhour. Gather your wits por favor before you totally destroy the reputation of Mj’s fans and the reputation of the whole country. Enough said.

    • Miss Universe – Jamaica
      1st runner-up -.India
      2nd runner-up – Philippines
      If the Philippines does not win it will be because of the loud minority of on-line fans that are too overzealous, obnoxious, and intolerant. Pinoy pageant fans now have a negative reputation. Sorry. I’m really > ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Justgrc, & my respect for those mexicans tumbled down after that.

        Some examples are not to be followed.

      • @Mrs_Spainhour

        The Philippines is a free and democratic country and this blog exemplifies that notion. I also know and work with Filipino-born people who are outstanding both in speech and in character who never use profanity. You are shameful.

      • That’s what i said. Lastimosa losing will be due to the brash actions of the fans. What they did to Myanmar during the online interview was mean, rude and demeaning.

  19. Not liking the pic. Meju stiff nga. Pero meju kahawig nya yung mu na puerto rican na si zuleyka

  20. Her pose is great but it was really stiff from the neck up. It felt like she was being strangled. You can see that from her expression. Too bad. She could have smiled a little and that could have spelled the difference.

  21. Hindi halata ang mga stretchmarks ni Bumbay dito.
    Bigmelis Large Castellanos nailed the photoshopping.


  23. Medyo photoshopped nga un left leg ni MJ below her hand but then the pose! She nailed it! Sana maayos un pagka edit. Other than MJ, I find in the running are Jamaica, Germany, India and Colombia. Feel ko parang naubusan na ng oras kasi mas maganda pa rin na may props. Kaya un ibang candidates sa poolside at fountain na lang.

    • true! pabor sa ilaw kay india. medyo over the top o pilit yun kay mj…@ms_spainTURD

      • Belo get a life you little piece of shit!! Lick shit that’s what you are. Hater!

    • Hey, Mrs. Spainhour, itanong mo muna kung sino talaga ang nanalo ng Bb. Pilipinas sa mga associates ng SGV. HAHAHAHA.


  24. Shet. Here comes my unpopular opinion. MJ’s pose is painful to look at; lalo na’t inedit yung likod niya. Mukha siyang nauutot na natatae. Basta super photoshopped ang photo na to. Same with Venezuela. Some of these photos are very superficial. I am so disappointed with Miss Universe. Sobrang maling example sa mga kabataan at sa inyo.

    Zoom in the left leg of MJ near her hand, pati yung leeg niya! JUSKOPO!

    • mango kaw abi…natural gna photoshopped gd ang pictures ka tanan nga kandidata!!! ga hinangag kw joshuaisnotmyname ukon bangag kw????? kadto to sa impyerno!!!!! kahuruya kaw!!! naturingan ka pa naman nga pinoy pero batasan mo daw la kinares sa mga sibuyas!!!!!

    • Her pose is great but it was really stiff from the neck up. It felt like she was being strangled. You can see that from her expression. Too bad. She could have smiled a little and that could have spelled the difference.

    • Grabeh ka nman josh. It’s not bad nman, but i would expect MJ’s pose here from Ms India, & vice versa. But i still consider this pose classy. I agree with u though that Ms India did well here, too.

      • Im looking at it kasi on a consumer’s perspective. Responsible portrayal of beauty is something I try to uphold in my line of work. This MJ pose will be a hit. If MJ wins Miss Universe, this pose will be a standard along with how thin she looks. And kids would look in front of a mirror seeing a real image and get disappointed. They would try to achieve this superficial image by diet or whatever. IT’s not cool, you know.

    • It’s the Fadil signature. He looks painful poses. Don’t blame the model. Have you seen videos of past shoots, they literally position the ladies.

    • Not sure if your unnecessary and excessive use of expletives is a schtick meant to poke fun at rabid, intolerant fans, or if you’re actually one of them…

      Because it really seems like the latter, I hope you change that attitude. Of course we all want to support MJ, but our opinion of her and her performance may not be the same as others’ opinion. Not all criticism is a form of “bashing.” I hope you realize that you’re being way too intolerant and that your behavior is really quite embarrassing. It’s that behavior that gives Filipino fans a bad name.

  25. MJ’s picture — KA-BOOM!!! Other pictures are beautiful, some even great BUT none come close to MJ’s. There are many similar/same poses. None like our MJ’s, not even close. She’s making us all stand a little taller and more proud – of her, of our country with each appearance, each picture of her. Thank you MJ for fighting for us and for not giving up, ever!

  26. Migbelis said they can’t take pics and videos while in rehearsal but she still did it. Choreographers do not want to leak production numbers.

    Philippines followed rules — see her here.

    • Migbelis, Miss Serbia and MJ seem to be BFFs.
      Mukha nga yatang isasalin na ni Gabriela ang korona kay MJ gaya ng pagsalin nila sa Pinas sa Miss Earth !
      I like that idea ! Gut feel tells me that it’s gonna happen on Jan 25 ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. woah mj is really working that camera! this is booty toochin to the next level wishing now Tyra banks is one of the judges! I can hear her already this girl is on fire!!

  28. #OH…MJ, Sooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooot, oozing with sex appeal ๐Ÿ™‚ Very interesting pose but, I liked it.

    Here are my top Fadil Glamshots in order:
    Dominican Republic
    Great Britain
    Slovak Republic

    • the glam shots of MJ only shows that she is on fire and fierce. Hindi Pa tweetams, pa cute and pa demure. Di ba pang MU talaga? Bakit yung iba nag comments na para daw cover photo sa isang playboy mag. Palibhasa…………

    • sorry Fernando, my post is not suppose to be the reply from your comments. sorry po

      • hey Joyful, No probs..whatsoever!…Lol. I’m just very happy for MJ and most Filipino fans are too, it seems.
        It’s obvious that she is being singled out by the MUO. She’s got the STARS on her side I believe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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