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  1. Dont you know na may close affiliation ang trump org at ang russian american chamber of SF. Asides from that, may properties si donald trump na binili ng russians na part of the said chamber. With that said, could DT have a say kung bkit napasama sa list si MJ?

  2. Well, hello, Nancy Sinatra! But even with those boots, I’m still rootin’ for you MJ!

  3. Ang daming bitter. Akala mo kung sinong magaganda at magagaling. Ilublob nyo kaya sa isang sakong asin yang mga pagmumukha nyo mga Hamog na bakla, napakaalat kasi ng personality nyo.

    • Lol! Hahaha tel me nalang anu ba meron don sa scandal na yon at tinawag nyang scandal ?

  4. aba mare Mrs_spainhour, class daw sabi ni maryjacko?ginawang school ang blog ni tito norms…hahahaha tama ka mare kasi wala lang masabi sa pang itaas ni MJ kaya kawawang sapatos na naman nakita nila..hahahaha…hatred nga ba mars? cla yata ang punong puno ng hatred,,may masabi lang kay QUEEN MJ eh..hahahaha di lang nila matanggap mare na talagang kabogera at maganda ang reyna natin!!!!!

  5. I personally don’t have a problem with MJ’s outfit BUT even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.. you can’t deny the fact that MJ carried those boots and dress well.. In fact, she stood out from the rest of candidates.. The other girls wore solid black and white ensembles. And MJ wore a sparkly dress to differentiate herself from them! Bravo MJ!

  6. Ayesss… salamat at dumadami na ang kakampi na ipinagtatangol c mj … its nice to see people defending mj and stating te real fact.. whatever outfit mj is wearing wheathe you found it very in appropriate with the occation but still you cant denytge fact that she stood well amd she brought pride to the country as our representative.. the fact tha shes been invited with tat red carpet its enought reason for us to celerate and be happy for what mj has achieved so far… and ive said t before and ill say it once more weather you lije it or not mj will gonna bring home the crown…. goww mj

  7. Having personally hand picked and be a guest of the Russian American business group is highly commendable. Considering she’s the only ” outsider” speaks for itself.

    The former USSR States (now independent countries) for unknown reasons to us chose MJ to be part of their meeting session.

    We can debate about the boots, the hair, the outfit, it just doesn’t serve any purpose
    why spend time, energy focusing on those trivial things.

    What’s important, and we should all be happy and proud of, is that this opportunity is a big plus in terms of exposure, visibility, and presence of our beautiful delegate in different activities.

    • Narrow minded people talk about what they only visibly see on the outside, and not the real purpose and reasons for the presence of such. They don’t see the value, the significance and it’s role in creating an impact on any given opportunity or situation. Judging a book by its cover just doesn’t make any sense.

  8. What a privilege! And she looks good too. The big picture here is that she spoke in front of a large crowd. That’s a test of public speaking skills. Remember the Oxford debate?

    The boots are on trend. She again stood out by wearing it. I’ve said before that these sponsor events have tiny statistical impact to pageant winners. She could have worn flats and it would still be fine.

  9. Mrs. Spainhour, I think you should look up the meaning of dumb. You’ll find that it aptly suits you better than anyone in this forum. I suggest you take up remedial classes on vocabulary… And yes on manners too. πŸ™‚

  10. While I’m not fond of MJ’s outfit or shoes, she still stood out in a very good way. Just like our past four BbPU queens, MJ wears and works whatever outfit she is given and not the other way around. It’s a shame really that at times our queens have to overcome some questionable wardrobe given to them. That said, kudos to MJ for fighting on, keeping her focus, drawing on her inner strength, and giving us all hope that a long desired wish might come true.

  11. Aw sad. and there i thought i’d be the dumbest of the dumb. I dont know about you MissDemeanor but dont you think it is a bit insulting that we are considered but second and third best? But sarcasm aside, i feel bad for MJ. Yes she has (and actually claimed) that she has the best fans when the actions of but a few are giving her fandom a bad name. Mrs_spainhour stop embarassing yourself, heck stop embarassing Miss Lastimosa. She thinks highly of her supporters and it’s just plain sad. MissDemeanor (dear you need to change your name my dyslexia is making it hard for me to spell it) is right. GET A LIFE.

    • Hahaha. Well said my dear. It’s such a shame that some inferior life forms are ruining the chance of the very candidate they’ve blindly put on the pedestal. I won’t name names anymore. It ‘s pretty obvious who those guys are as they perfectly fit in the crude and crass category.

    • This is silly. Trying to get through to Mrs_spainhour and her compatriots is like desperately trying to converse with a one year old who barely speaks human.

  12. You sound like you’re full of hatred in your life mrs. Spainhour. You probably had a bad childhood. Life is good you know. I suggest you get a life. And please do me a favor, try to enrich your vocabulary. It might help you realize that there are a lot more sensical words out there you can use other than your crass expression – f%ck off.

    • I dont think MissDemeanor cant take the heat. She just decided that her 9-5 is way more important than trying to make delusional individuals blinded by hate see clearly. Most of us actually have a life outside this made up world of anonymity, unlike you.

    • Wait…di ba nag-catwalk workshop chever si mars elvira kay aling ines?! Sa ibig sabihin wit bet ni manay ines yung trinabaho nyang kandidata?!


      • may chismax pa nga na may intimate photo si Elvira and Abraham Samad politiko ng Indonesia.

    • ah okay. malaya naman siya mamili ng gusto niyang candidate. sige lang bigay lang ang hilig!

  13. hahaha tama Mrs_spainhour,nakakakulo ng dugo…may pa grammar pang nalalaman,,anu akala nila sa normans blog school for grammar?hahahaha…

    • mareng Mrs_spainhour, ayan na naman ang miss grammar at ngayon dictionary…hahahaha kakatawa,. yabang ah!!!!! hatred daw? eh sino ba nagpopost ng negative comments?hahahaha….anu tong normans blog? grammar school?

  14. Hayyy mars clang tatlo ang recepient ng 12 inhes na karayum na ibinabad ko ng langis sa mahabang panahon.. pag tutusukin ko yang ,mga daliri nila para d na cla makapanlait kay mj…pati mga singit ng mga mahaderang yAn tutusukin ko ng bongang bonga a ng madala… gow mj we love u…

  15. Tigilan nyo na ang boots ni mj wala cyan malay… c mj ay may pamahiin ayun sa hula maswerte daw cya daw cya pag nagsuot daw cya ng boots na itim o dava nagkatotoo at ng speech pa cya ava bonga… e yung mga fasionista nyong bets asan cla ayun nasa pansitan… sa ayaw nyo at sa gusto nyo nakalaan na ang korona kay mj sa 25.. ang pinaglalabanan nalang nila ay 1st at second runner up..mga kapwa pilipino ang nagbabash kay mj kakaiba naman ata yun..yag ang kabahan natin xa ibang lahi may mga utak talangka talaga… ganun pa man hindi naman kau makaka apekto kay mj dahil focus cya at handa cyang sungkitin ang korona.., at wag kayo magtaka yang boots na yan ay gagamitin ni mj sa long gownsa semi finals mamatay kau s ingit dahil mangunguna s ranking c mj at dun sa tumuligsa sa boots ni mjwag kau mag alala maylisencya an takong nun ang komontra hagapasin ko ng 12inchesna tako g ng boots ni mj… gowww mi

  16. Good luck Mj. Pero throw the boots away. Donate it to charity or paki-habol sa charity auction. You will be Miss Universe (pero sana hindi Second Runner Up)

  17. hindi ko alam kung ano ang una kong kaiinisan, yung shoes ni Queen MJ or yung suot ni lithuania. LOL

  18. Mj, for the love of God please ditch those boots, they make your legs look shorter!

  19. To MJ’s concerned stylists and advisers,

    I recalled Shamcey Supsup’s hair during the rehearsals, and I think this also suits MJ better than the curls she used to do. The curls draw away attention to her really beautiful face. This might be a simple thing but it can break or make her.

    Anyway, the Filipinos are known for our straight raven hair. Just adding a bit of volume to it would be fine. Please somebody tell MJ to get rid of the curls. On the preliminary, I hope she won’t curl her hair so we can judge, same goes with the makeup. If light makeup and the straight natural hair won’t work, then she can do away with what she’s accustomed to perhaps.

    Please watch Shamcey’s video here:

    What do you think guys? Any helpful opinions?

    • This was Shamcey’s hair undone during the rehearsals onstage. I’d like to see MJ try this, only with subtle volume/loose curls at the ends…

    • Can’t impose whatever worked with Ara back then to MJ. Both are two different personalities.
      MJ I believe has some natural curled hair due to her mixed ancestry. MJs hair just perfect. Don’t fix anything that’s not broken.

      • Shamcey’s I meant. Or to any of the past 4 Philippine runner up placers.

      • I believe so, there isn’t a cookie-cutter-one-style-fits-all method. I just remembered Shamcey when I look at MJ’s hair. As they sort of resemble each other facially. And recalling Shamcey’s hair on the finals’ night, she did not look her best. I was just hoping this won’t happen to MJ, judging how she styles her hair.

    • Shamcey has naturaly thick wispy hair that also looks great with thick soft curls. Meanwhile, MJ’s hair needs volume with thick soft curls to create the same effect. πŸ˜€

    • Thank you for your inputs. Seems that not a lot agree with what I am proposing…

      But what do you think about the comparisons:

      This is her current signature hair:

      This is what I am proposing:


      Less volume on top, and then loose curls at the end.

      If she opts for volume on top, I think this suits her as well:

      Parting the hair in the middle also doesn’t make her look at her best. Of course that is not to say she isn’t pretty with that. Just that it isn’t her best in my opinion.

      • I like your proposing dude, specially ung hairstyle nya sa red gown nya, sided ang hate at long hair with a curl at the end,

      • i agree with the suggestion.. i hope somebody can bring bring this to her consideration

    • My opinion, big hair (curls, waves, etc.) are much better for the pageant stage. Everything else looks, well, flat literally.

      The only ones who can get away with straight hair or a bun are those with really chiseled features, and/or, exquisite beauty,

      In all fairness, MJ’s look is best accentuated by more dramatic hair. It creates a whole effect, movement. It’s an extension of her pasarela.

      I actually think the middle part makes her younger and sexier. The side part tended to date her. However, I think for finals night she will be rocking something very close to Shamcey’s final night hair.

  20. On the one hand, Ms. Lithuania’s outfit was a disaster. I never thought pin cushions can be used as a head accessory. Times have really changed..haist! πŸ™‚

  21. $#@!&* boots yan! Ang hilig nya mag boots… hindi naman bagay. Badtrip na nga ako dun sa recycled boots na suot nya nung send-off ngayon inulit nanaman nya… Buti nalang talaga nabawi sa ganda ng katawan at mukha kahit parang naputol ang hindi naman kahabaang legs…

    But still it is a great honor to be invited to the very discriminate russians. And based on my experience, they love it here in the islands during Christmas season due to the warm and sunny weather. πŸ˜€

    MJ Lastimosa FOR THE WIN!!! πŸ˜€

  22. I like MJ’s hair like this better than the curls. I think soft curls suits her better. Just a bit of volume. I’ve seen a recent photo of hers with delegates, I think during the rehearsals with almost no makeup and her hair isn’t done. She looks tons better! Let your natural beauty shine girl! Lavit!

      • Was surprised to see this pic taken from a low angle revealing mj’s panga, the invariable MU winner requirement.. I had to double chk the sash as i initially thot it was ximena. Gosh.

  23. Pwedeng investments dahil may potential na major trading partner ng Russia ang Pilipinas. Puro tadtad ng sanction gawa ng West sa Russia. Oo nga pala host country pala tayo ng APEC 2015 so si Putin punta ng Pilipinas.
    Because of Ara Arida umariba sa Russia, no doubt gustong-gusto siguro ng mga taga Russia ang representative ng Pilipinas. Pwede naman mga Latina lalo na si Venezuela, si China (allied) or any ex-Soviet state/countries, BUT the privilege na binigay kay MJ malaking factor na yan para makilala pa lalo ng taga Russia ang Pilipinas. Just enjoy and chill!
    Pang VIP Red Carpet beauty pala si MJ, the rest shoooonga!

    • btw… maybe she’s preparing/ready to become the new MU Ambassador of Beauty. Nangangamoy korona na =)

    • Yung nag thumbs down “EPAL”… walang bilib sa candidate natin! Pasalamat pa tayo at nakasama sa VIP Red Carpet. Siguro alagad kayo ng Santolan?! mga shooonga JEALOUS HELL!
      @Mrs_spainhour – I agree ako dyan….. Sa tingin ko rin magaling na speaker si MJ kaya napa-WOW mga Russian. Tumatagal stand out sa lahat ng candidate.
      Di ko alam parang nawala yung spark ni Russia.

  24. But let’s give it to her. She got invited to a VIP event sponsored by the very discriminating Russians. That’s an achievement in itself. Forget about the shoes…i mean boots. πŸ™‚

    • Thats precisely the point whatever mj is wearing she certainly carry it with class and elegance.. naku finally may masasampolan na talaga ng 12 inches kong karayum at yung itim na manok na pinahuli ko galing sa bundok ay magagamit ko na sa wakas… wait ko lang umalis si pope… cge lang laitin nyo ang ng laitin c mj alam nyo na pag kaalis ni pope papnta oalang cya ng airport uumpisahan ko kaagad ang ritual… tusukin ko kaya mga daliri nyo tingnan ko lang kung makkapindot pa kaya kayo … cge lang bash pa sa queen mj ko more…

      • Your comment is funny. Yung mga member nga ng USSR di naka boots. πŸ˜€

    • Para makabawi naman ako kay Mrs. Spainhour, gusto ko tong photo ni MJ na to. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  25. May mag a ICE SKATING sa MOA. Haha.

    Quota na ako ngayong araw. KTHNXBYE. πŸ˜€

    • Ayyy, now q lang napansin ang shoes! Omj, mamumura aq ni mareng Mrs Spainhour nito, pero d q talaga kinakaya. Ayoko na lng idescribe.

      • HAHAHAHAHA. Ako na lang ang sasalo ng galit niya para sa’yo. Quiet ka na lang. Baka ma high blood pa siya sa’yo. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • I must agree. Those shoes don’t go well with her dress. Not to mention she looked shorter. Those look more like boots to me. Hehe

    • Ice skating or dominatrix? Haha didnt notice it until now. You so need to be my new bff joshuaisnotmyname. Lol

      • LOL. Huwag natin masyadong inisin si Mrs. Spainhour. Kinakabahan na yan for January 26. πŸ˜€

      • I dont think we’re pushing her buttons. We are just a bunch of people with strong opinions about almost everything. Ha ha ha then again banter isnt for everyone so..

      • Mrs_spainhour you need a new comeback. “shut the f*ck up b*tch” is getting really old. Oh and you know who else is old? MJ.

      • Ang kulit mo, di ko na nga pinansin yung una moong comment about January 26. Nasa Pilipinas kasi ako. πŸ˜€

      • Cant argue with that. I believe creativity is sorely lacking from where you’re currently at. So i guess we would have to settle with unimaginative resurgence that belong in the 80s like those hideous shoes MJ’s wearing, and pedestrian retort that gets old by the day like who? Oh yeah. MJ.

    • @mrs spainhour… dont worry gurl ako na bahla sa mga padala ng mga lapitbahay… wag magpaka stress sa mga walang magawa at d matangap na c mj ang mag uuwi ng korona… wait lang cla makaalis c pope cla ang ma bunbwena mano ng 12 inches na karayum… gowww teh relax k lang umataki na naman pag ka inskta ng mga yan… gow mj gudluck…

    • mareng Mrs_spainhour,,excited naku sa pagkakarayom ni mareng carlo…hahahaha mga putakte at alimango dapat talaga pinapatikim ng ritual…hahahaha…ako na ang susunod na gagawa niyan…very common yan dito sa amin….hahahaha…
      e note nyu yan missdemeanor,joshuaisnotmyname at maryjacko…..hahahahaha

  26. Taray talaga! Like the dress, hair and make-up! Kagandahang freshness! The booties, personally, i’d switch to something else though.

  27. Kalurky ang sho-es ni Imji. Ilang pulgada kaya yan? Winner na winner talaga ang aking diyosa.

  28. I am not sure about Kazakhstan’s pageant history, but it’s really great that a country that women from Islamic countries are finally given their share of the spotlight. It makes me proud of my heritage.

    • Erratum:I am not sure about Kazakhstan’s pageant history, but it’s really great that women from Islamic countries are finally given their share of the spotlight. It makes me proud of my heritage

  29. MJ is the clear standout in the group shot as expected! She effortlessly outshone even Yulia whose luster has apparently and consistently gone downhill.

      • Friend, may political at military issues ang Russia at Ukraine of late, so I guess they deemed it safer not to invite d Ukrainian rep. Remember Russia & Ukraine are accusing each other of shooting down an ill-fated MH plane.

      • Friend aj, thanks for the insight. Kaya ko lang naman natanong is because Ukraine is mentioned in the event announcement. Apparently she was invited but maybe she declined for the same reason you gave.

  30. I don’t want to assume anything from this invitation extended to MJ. I’m just thankful for d privilege that MJ was given.

  31. Baka may “crush” kay MJ ang anak ng ambassador NG Russia?……. Ek Lang, …. LolπŸ·πŸŽ€πŸ·

  32. Wow, nag speech pa sya, sana ok namn ang ang pagsasalita nya. San may video.

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