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  1. Everything about MJ screams Miss Universe. I haven’t felt this confident since Megan Young’s victory. I’m confident of her placement. Makapasok lang sa Top 16 and everything will sail smoothly to our 3rd crown.

  2. T5 Predictions:

    63rd MU – Philippines
    1st Runner Up – Thailand
    2nd Runner Up – Colombia/Venezuela
    3rd Runner Up – Colombia/Spain
    4th Runner Up – Dom. Rep/Serbia/Ukraine/Greece/Jamaica

  3. itong group na ito ang weakest pero malay natin, ang lebanon ay peg ni charlene gonzales.

    • Articulate, polished, and cohesive — She’s come a long way from the BBP web interviews.

      Excellent job!

      • Thanks franco for sharing this video.. OMG from this video I can say MJ will go far . More prayers to MJ. Never felt this before ,with venus, shamcey, janine, and ara they did our country proud. But for MJ 3rd crown for the PHILIPPINES. She is destine to be MISS UNIVERSE 2014.

      • Thanks Franco for sharing this video. OMG MJ blew me away . I played several times and this is it. MJ for the PHILIPPINES 3rd CROWN. Never felt this before from our previous delegates. Calling all Filipinos here in the PHILIPPINES and Filipino Community all over the World lets pray for MJ . This fight is for the PHILIPPINES not only MJs fight. Lets do EDSA REVOLUTION FOR MJ and for OUR COUNTRY.

      • Chard, the only reservation I had about her was speaking skills. This interview vanquished that fear and I now believe she has a very strong chance to win.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m never a fan but I must say this web interview shows a very articulate MJ who has learned to relax, express rather than impress, and be sincere without making any effort at all. I think she is at peace with whatever God has designed for her in the Miss Universe pageant and it shows everyday through photos, interaction with the people around her, and videos such as this. She is a winner in my book with or without crown. I’ll be rooting for you MJ in Doral, one among the many Filipinos who will take this fight with and for you. Snd I hope the crown is yours, and ours on Jan. 25. Brava!

  4. marami ang nalulungkot sa mga ginagawa ng iba. Parang nahihiya na ako magdasal sa KANYA na manalo si MJ baka sogutin pa NIYA ako. Anong nangyari sa ibang mga kababayan mo, they are blocking the way to MJ’s success. Sana yung mga taong naghihila ni MJ pababa ay sila yung unang matuwa pag hindi nakuha ni Mj ang korona. Hindi na rin ako taas noo humarap sa mga colleagues ko na ibang lahi. Nakakasakit mang isipin pero nangyari na eh. May lamat na.

    • Move on…damage has been done…no need to exacerbate the situation by wining over and over again. Move on! Stop perpetuating negativity by carrying it out in your every post. Spread positivity instead!

    • I truly believe that this is just a hump on the road, sort of speak. I am very positive that MJ is fine and IS and WILL continue to do great in Doral. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished so far since she arrived. Just amazing grace, poise and confidence but staying very humble in everything that she does. I honestly feel that she is showing all non Filipinos what a Filipina is capable of and what we truly are as a people — that not all Filipinos are negative and have this annoying crab mentality. We cannot make everybody happy, whether they are Filipino or not. Unfortunately, there are always people that will try to bring another person down, no matter what nationality you are. That’s just the way life is. I will say, I still have my head held up high, I am proud to be a Filipino living in the US. It is sad that for some of us, negativity brings us down so hard..Stay positive guys, with this attitude and sincere prayers, MJ will do us proud! Remember that…MJ needs our positive support, now more than ever :).

  5. MJ simply knows how to project and exude charm and sexiness all the time.
    Just amazing !
    Thank you MJ for doing your best !
    The reward will come soon.
    Thank you for giving it your all to represent our country.
    Maraming salamat ♥♥♥ 🙂

  6. Mareng Jacko, nagpahula ako kay Mang Lando, papasok ka raw sa Taft 5.
    But it’s up to how on how you’ll ace the question and answer portion.
    Payo ko lang Mars, kuda lang to the level na hindi na makakuda ng other four finalists.

  7. Random questions peeps…what happen to sash factor? I cannot get on–my screen says site not found?

    Did I miss something?

    • Sash is moving to new servers to accommodate more traffic. They should be back online soon :).

    • sash factor made a status on their Facebook page about this. I can’t exactly recall what the issue was, (I think it’s some technical difficulty) but it is being fixed and will be working properly soon.

  8. I have better idea guys, pag may nag bash sa kay mj bukas, defend natin. How do u know those bashers are Pinoy? They could pretend that they’re filipinos and guys it’s an online interview expect the crazy shit that goes online same if u have a blog, join a chat room, open a social media accounts. It’s all the same thing it comes with haters. Haters going to hate no matter what. If u read reddit interviews so many bashers. If u only read madonna’s live reddit interview ang daming bash but like madonna being a true queen ignored all! MJ is also a queen and will and should do the same as what the queen of pop did

    • it is best to just IGNORE the hateful comments. Fighting fire with fire is never a great idea. Let us show our support by leaving lovely comments and questions in the live Q&A tomorrow. MJ doesn’t have to answer every question. She can filter out the stupid, annoying, obscure questions and just answer the good ones.

      • Nice idea!! We will support u on that…abangan ang mga mambabash….at idefend natin cya…i hope aware si dyosa sa mga bashers….nahiya din ako sa mga online interbiews nila migbelis and myanmar….

  9. I may have reacted a little over the line but this behaviour simply can’t progress any further. It has to end now. We all want the best for MJ. but we have to know our boundaries. Let’s support our delegate without speaking ill of other candidates — know what’s morally acceptable and what is not..

    I hope this is a wakeup call for all of us..

    • I’m a sole believer that being too positive is just as unhealthy as being too negative. I like to balance the two out lol.

  10. Why can’t some of us just keep our negative comments to our selves. I have been living in the states for 30 years. And I can tell you this. Americans don’t care if you speak grammatically incorrect, what is important, that we tried and continue to try to speak the language better. Bashing begets another bashing. Don’t be surprised if MJ gets bashed tomorrow. There are some of us that are ill mannered and educated. So sad!

  11. Top 5 Predictions:

    63rd MU – Philippines
    1st Runner Up – Thailand
    2nd Runner Up – Colombia/Venezuela
    3rd Runner Up – Venezuela/USA
    4th Runner – Up – Dominican Rep./Costa Rica/Serbia/Jamaica/Ukraine

    I’ll finalize my final set of prediction by next week. The last time I almost hit 5 birds was way back 2012, 4/5.

  12. i have just been on facebook and read a lot of comments from other filipinos… parang ang yabang na dating natin dahil ang daming pilipino na nag babash ng ibang candidata na kesyo daw hindi natin kelangan ng interpreter at fluent tayo sa english… ang problema pa english english sila pero wrong grammar naman. Parang nabastos pa si Myanmar at Venezuela dahil sa mga taonong at comments na natangap nila during their interview… sana naman pagsabihan natin iyong mga hindi maruning rumiespeto at mayayabang dahil at the end of the day buong Pilipinas ma iistereotype in a negative way.

    • Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to control these ill-mannered Filipinos. Education is at the top of all priorities in all households but unfortunately again, there are so many mal-educated Filipinos.

      No wonder our country struggles so hard to progress economically. We demand for a clean and disciplined government but we lack the discipline among ourselves.

      Long way to go for us, for our country. Marami pa tayong kakaining bigas para matuto ang mga bastos na yan kung ano ang tama sa mali. Shameful!

      Matuto na tayo. Sana wala nalang ganitong mga Live Q&As in the future. Kung meron man, wag na bigyan ng access ang mga bastos. But then how will we know? They are everywhere. A disease in our society.

      Gah! Enough said.

  13. 3 means 2nd RU?! As expected, mj’s much cliched curves got lost in translation beside towering beauties. Peace.

      • Un na lang kc ang wala pa tau..last year i rooted for ariella to get the 2nd RU placement. But then she duplicated shamcey’s. nakuha na ni venus ang 4thRU at ni janine ang 1stRU. Sna makumpleto na natin this year. If not the crown itself. Bka un nga ang meaning..for the 3rd MU crown. Lol.

    • Number “3” is Dwayne Wade’s number. The Point/Shooting Guard for the Miami Heat. So ya, that’s a great number!

  14. nakakulo ng dugo ung mga ibang pinoy… ang bastos.. During Venezuela’s and Myanmar’s live Q&A, kung ano ano pinagtatanong ng mga ibang pinoy. prang walang pinag-aralan.. “If you die tomorrow, Why not now?” That was directed to Myanmar.. the guy said it was a joke but that’s not appropriate for the situation… completely unacceptable! and then other pinoys were attacking Venezuela, asking her why can’t she learn english, or why can’t she just use google translate… those are such absurd questions… It’s disgusting to see our fellow filipinos act this way… We’re just putting our country’s name down with that kind of attitude… we should know the appropriate time to fool around and when we should behave ourselves..

    tapos bukas kung nabastos si MJ sa interview niya. magagalit kayo.. like wtf. hypocrite lang. BE PREPARED to see nasty questions like “bakit mukha kang kabayo?” or “bakit ang laki ng ngipin mo?” (i’ll just use tagalog, just incase may nababasa jan na hater ni MJ… )

    • I kinda agree with you. They should have just shut up or asked a decent question. That is one thing some of us Pinoys must learn. We can not say rude things all the time against the other girls. No wonder why they also do that to MJ.

      • parang tanga lang ung mga pinoy na yun… nakakahiya talaga.. minamaliit ang ibang contestang… pag hindi nanalo si MJ! im blaming the ill-mannered pinoys that constantly bashed other candidates. makosensya sna sila sa ping-gagawa nila.. hindi nila alam, nakakasakit na pala sila ng tao…

      • si MJ todo effort para manalo. tapos ung mga ibang pinoy panay lait ng ibang candidate.. sinasabotahe lang chanca ni MJ… jusko sakit sa ulo. putek

      • @Joy Ganyan talaga ang iba sa atin. Imbes na i-angat na lang si MJ through positive ways, mas pinipili ng iba na i-pull down ang mga kalaban sa pagbibigay ng mga ganyang kumento. Sa tingin ba nila, natutulungan nila si MJ sa ginagawa nila? Para sa akin, hindi.

        I hope prepared si MJ makatanggap ng mga puna/bash sa kanya kapag siya naman ang sumalang sa Q&A sa Facebook at sana hindi ito maka-apekto sa kanya.

      • It’s stupid and childish! MJ has been avoiding social media para hindi makasira ng aura.. Bukas maghaharap na sila. ay nako, i hope she can keep her fighting spirit up.

      • Oh yes, Joy & BS. You both nailed it on the head. Why do others feel the need to bring other delegates down just to make MJ look better — she does not need that kind of tactic because she will do well on her own merit. Nakakainis talaga! It just makes all of us look bad… and as much as we don’t think it, these negative attitude that fellow Filipinos display will also make MJ look bad. Baka makarma si MJ.

      • Calma lang ate Joy,

        Kaya ni MJ yan wag ka mag alala…
        Aminin na natin na karamihan sa pageant fans ay sanay sa panlalait dahil sila mismo ay lumaking nilait ng mga kapwa nila… Gustuhin ko man baguhin ang kulturang Pilipino e mahihirapan tayo… Tayong dalawa mismo ay nakapanlait na sa ibang contestants sa blog na ito.. ganun talaga!.. Ang gagawin ni MJ bukas ay magiging ehemplo sa ating kapwa Pilipino na maging mabait at matalino sa mga taong tumutuligsa sa atin.

      • @Closer2Fame I know.. I just don’t have the patience for immature people. I’m not saying i’m perfect cause I have had my moments… but as much as possible, I try to avoid insulting other people.. but it is what it is.. nobody’s perfect ika nga.

    • right? I wouldn’t even be surprised if makakaapekto tong kababuyan ng ibang pinoy sa chance ni MJ na manalo… If I was the head of the MU organization, obviously I’d want the winner to be likeable and adored by many.. baka hindi na ibigay ni Trump satin ang corona due to our bad image caused by the immature filipino fans..

      and one thing i’m scare of is MJ being booed during the finals.. In 2007, USA was booed by the Latinos in the audience.. what makes u think na hindi gagawin ng mga latinos sa miami yan..

      • instead of thinking negative joy, just pray. not all Filipinos are bad. same with latinos. hindi lahat masamang tao. kakitiran na ng utak yan kapag generalized lahat dahil nilait siya ng isang ganun a ng lahi di naman ibig sabihin lahat galit sa kanya. okay? kalma lang. huwag isipin ang negative dahil hindi ganyan magsalita.

      • i just wanted to point out this unacceptable behaviour of our fellow filipinos cause it honestly needs to stop.I did say “mga ibang pinoy” i wasn’t implying na all filipinos are bad people. and I apologize for generalizing the Latinos. But Indeed I will pray for MJ. I always have ever since she left the Philippines..

    • Be kind. You can never go wrong with kindness – Mrs. Victoria Young. Hindi ba nila naalala ang sinabi nito na itinuro niya sa anak niyang si Megan? Napanood natin at paulit-ulit na pinapanood ang Miss World 2013 pageant, wala ba tayong natutunan sa pagkapanalo ng Pilipinas? Hindi bagahi ng kultura natin ang pagiging mayabang at bastos, ang mga asal na yan ang wala sa mga tunay na Filipino.

      • I agree… ako mismo nakakalimutan ko yan in the spirit of fun which is no excuse… Because of this conversation, I was reminded of how our MJ Lastimosa won my heart because she is one of nicest person I have ever met. She inspires me to become just like her even though I sometimes forget.

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