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  2. Beauty (/), Confidence (/). Elegance (/), Passion (/), Community (/) MJ is a valuable embodiment of the MUO ideals!

  3. Spontaneous. Confident. Natural. No pretense. She doesn’t the fan votes to crack the Top 15!

  4. OMJ!!!!! in 5 minutes now the views is over 85k. Her fans and HATERS are really eyeing on her. hahahahahha wohooooo!!!!!

  5. MJ’s interview is over 83k now. yay!!! Keep ’em (haters) coming! hahaha

  6. @manuel… you Hunk of a Latino you!
    I know your mad, but I promise that this “bottom boy” will never sleep with your father again. It’s you that I love my precious amorito!


  7. I super love her speaking voice.

    I guess that is just the one of the many reasons why she is very endearing. And that mega-watt smile.

  8. @Mrs_PAINhour 🙂 Bakit isinama mo ako sa iyong listahan? I only speak not so positive words (expressed my doubts about her standing out from international beauties) about #OH…MJ when she departed to USA. Pagkalapag niya sa Miami, she have proven me wrong right away. She’s been shining eversince, she’s one of the brightest star right now in the UNIVERSE 🙂 Talagang pawing-pawi na ang duda ko sa kanya, isa na kong mananampalataya 🙂

    I suggest you’ll update the list with different groups (True Bashers/Haters (include MANUEL here), Converted (include me here) and Loyal followers.

  9. Trash talking is part of the game. I’m not saying I condone it, it’s just the reality. Even in boxing or in basketball…all 3 bs that Filipinos are passionate about. The problem is, as much as we try to be at our best behavior (most of us), fact is, we don’t even know each other so we can’t really call out these people. Yes, we are passionate supporters sometimes to a fault.

    If some parties claim that MJ is being rightfully bashed due to the ill manners of those who participated in the Q&A sessions, I’d say that her supporters greatly OUTNUMBER her bashers.

    At the end of the day all that will matter is MJ’s impact…with all this hoopla going on…I’d say she’s really making a HUGE IMPACT….

    Besides…I don’t think fan behavior is part of the criteria…so CHILL!

    Support kung support! Bash ng bash hanggang masatisfy ka kaka bash kung ikakakaganda ba ng buhay mo yan eh…

    • This! The fans’ behavior and ill manner shouldn’t reflect on MJ’s character nor the entire Filipino people. They are as should be a reflection of the individual’s character and upbringing. After all, there is such a thing as personal responsibility and one can only do so much. I believe in karma – do unto other others what you want done to you. Bashing or hate is part of the game but you can choose not to engage in it. #MUQ&A

    • Laila, my dear… I love u but i beg to differ. I feel that bashing & trash talking is cheap, maleducated & inconsiderate way of dealing with people & situations. If this ingrained in our culture, then what a shame!

      I don’t have respect for people who resort to trash talking & bashing. Oh well, aq lng nman to so who cares about my respect? I say we can leave it to that. One trash talks = i dont respect. How i wish though that this equation is not replicated or multiplied. But sadly, given d pinoy’s global notoriety for bashing & trash talking, i’m afraid it is.

      MJ showed so much class in her fb interview. She’s a very good example to follow.

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    • @Hunk yun na ba yun? isang oras lang ba? Powta ang galing nya mag maneobra ng sagot…BET NA BET NA BET!!!!!!!!!!

  11. She nailed the Q&A portion. Very confident and smart! Pwedeng pwede na sa Q&A Finals kung pasok siya sa top 5.

  12. Amazing ung chat ni MJ sa MU website…2hours pa lang 18K na ung likes…and still counting.

  13. Okay, first of all, I would just like to clarify to whoever is misinformed, I am NOT an MJ hater. I am now an MJ believer and I support her 100%. I was lost but now I’m found.

    Anywho, to more pressing matters. I was not aware na meron palang live QA for the contestants. So I was really confused when I was reading some of the comments here because hindi ko alam na meron palang issue. And when I found out what that issue was, I was really disappointed. I was disappointed because once again those certain people are making our country look bad. 😦 Its okay to voice our opinions and express our distaste for some of the other contestants. Pero sana, wag namang bastusin ang pagkatao ng mga ibang contestant. Its a whole another level of kabastusan. Very personal and ill mannered. So embarrassing that people would go out of their way and put that much effort into something thats supposed to be fun and entertaining.

  14. This is for all you irrational, rabid MJ fans.

    Hasn’t it ever occurred to you guys that your rude and volatile remarks to MJ’s critics make you look worse than those critics themselves?

    Whether it’s constructive criticism or mean old bashing, your knee-jerk reaction is to resort to name-calling. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    You can defend MJ without losing your cool and sounding like uneducated, hypersensitive brats.

    Take a page from MJ’s book. Do you see her fighting back? No, she ignores the trolls. Why can’t you do the same for your idol’s sake?

    Pageant fans of other nationalities have been talking about the Filipino fan base in a negative way — that we are taking this pageant thing way too seriously, we make fun of other candidates but can’t stand it when our own is made fun of, we flood forums with gutter language, we can’t conduct ourselves in a classy manner, and we are incapable of respecting other people’s opinions.

    Ask yourselves: “Would MJ be proud of what I’m about to post?’ ; “Have I been too arrogant in defending her?” ; and last but not the least, “Is it worth losing my manners to try to prove a point?”

  15. Majority of ladies did well. But these 5 were I like the most so far.

    Philippines – very mature and professional. She exudes credibility with the way she speaks.
    Venezuela – she is mesmerizing. Her expressions is just perfect. If to others her weight matters, none to me. She is just simply adorable.
    Serbia – very funny and likable. She is someone whom you want to be around.
    Jamaica – very cool and very radiant. Her type of beauty is not the typical “girly”. She kinda have a strong features but is balanced with her elegance.
    Russia – she is very classy yet I still see a down to earth person. I like her too.

  16. Wow tbh, that interview was a tearjerker. Her facial expressions were appropriate, her enunciation is crystal clear. She spoke from the heart. Her usage of words were spot on. She was not trying hard to be someone, she’s being herself. I was impressed by her delivery because it was fluid. Overall, she exceeded my expectation. This video is a result of her hard work and determination. Now i am confident with her Q and A portion.

  17. She’s not ugly..but she’s not beautiful either. She has a common face for me ( in my own opinion) she is not suitable for the MU. I don’t know what it is, but this girl is lack of something, she doesn’t transmit anything. I think a pageant girl, specially for Mis Universe has to have the WOW factor, something that take your breath away and MJ is just a common girl. And reading all the replies here I have to say that I’m sorry if Filipinos take my opinion as an offense or way personal, but I want to make clear here that as a viewer I have the right to submit my point of view, either is agreed or disagreed by Filipinos or her Fans. Philippines in the past edition has sent very beautiful delegates, I don’t know what happened this year, but if this girl is called in the top 16, I will say that she’s lucky….But I don’t see her with the crown…sorry fellas…

    • @Manuel, tell us then who are you rooting for? Give us five names and we will give our opinion if you have indeed an eye for a beauty!

      • @Lea…yes it was me in you tube
        @ Benji

        My Top Five are:

        Winner: Miss USA
        1st runner up: Miss Venezuela
        2nd runner up: Miss Ecuador
        3rd runner up: Miss India
        4th runner up: Miss Ukraine

        This might change after the preliminaries (Jan 21st) which I will post my last TOP 5 ….

      • @Manuel. Indeed, beauty is on the eyes of the beholder. I respect your 5 chosen beauties. But first, whether they have that “WOW” factor?…I’m sorry…they all have NONE. Based on their headshots on the MU pages, I can run through it without being awed and stunned by a single beauty you have mentioned.

        Miss USA is a poor copycat of Olivia Culpo…it will take you a third look before you remember her face. In motion, she is likewise not registering well.

        Miss Venezuela does not measure up to the HYPE that Telemundo wants us to believe…she has lost her pizzaz…she has let go of her élan…what remains is her uber vivaciousness which has bordered to being FAKE.

        Miss Ecuador is a better choice…she has angles that are captivating…she might have a wow factor, but not a big WOW.

        Miss India has a distinctive Indian beauty better than the previous years…but she does not have the elegance of Susmita Sen. Her facial features are quite awesome, but only to the point of me saying: well…ummm…okay!

        Miss Ukraine? Now, she doesn’t register in my mind at all!

        You are lucky if Miss USA and Miss Ecuador can join MJ in the top 5.

      • @manuel

        Aaaaaah ok. I thought you were just a pro-hispanic/anti-Filipino critic.

        I appreciate your top five being that four you listed are in my top ten. I totally ‘disagree’ with your take of MJ however. We’ll see come the 25th.


      • LMFAO….

        I just want to say that I had a blast pissing off all those FAGGOTS pinoy boys with my comments and my obnoxious conversation about Miss Universe in this site… Really???..Did you Really believe me???..LOL…HA, HA, HA, HA….Why??..Well, everytime that someone like BENJI, SALUDA CHANG OR MARION JESSU reply to my post, I can imagine a BOTTOM BOY Flamboyant Queer with his hair dyed with peroxide and his ugly face sitting in her laptop typing and fighting for her MJ, what stupid FAGGOTS are those one that believe and follow this MATERIAL and superficial contest, HA, HA,HA..I can’t stop laughing….I can imagine all these people defending someone that don’t even care about them, You think that your delegate is thinking about you???…Nope..!!!..She’s thinking about the money, the fame and all the trips, she’s thinking to live in New York City ( where I Live ) and enjoying my city..!!!..and do the winner will share with you what she earned????….JA!!!!..NOPE!!!!…Don’t even think about it..All of you are a BUNCH of UGLY FAGGOT that dressed wanted to be a woman and think that they are beautiful, please gimme a break…………..ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……There are most import things in this world to be worried about instead of a empty-brain contest…LOL..!!!..Goodbye Losers, and please keep fighting for your favorite delegates, and do me a favor, don’t forget to post in you tube your FACE REACTIONS when your delegate is no called in..LOL!!!!!!!!

      • @Manuel
        This is just for fun.
        It’s like playing computer games.
        If you take seriously with their comments, then, you’re one of them.
        Look, being fanatic happened every corner in this world.
        I want this blog to grow.
        I’m sure Sir Norman welcomes all nationalities in his blog.
        Interacting with different race help us to grow.
        Good Morning from UAE.

      • Manuel, Manuel…not a single iota, not an ounce of your description has captured a bit of me – physically, psychologically, mentally! I am not a BOTTOM…I am not Queer..not a single strand of my hair is dyed…am no Faggot…and surely, I am not Stupid. You have not even pissed me off, because I am sure that your statement about MJ has no credence at all…you are just one of the sour-grapping basher who could not accept his own ugliness! Ha-ha…

        One thing I am sure of: You cannot make a sound analysis and cannot at all arrive at a believable conclusion! You are simply a KSP who tries to throw his “obese weight” around and tries to intimidate others. Unfortunately, you’ve got posters like me who can point out your being a scum in the alleys of dirty New York — struggling to be accepted by peers, humiliated because of your ugly and smelly countenance, discriminated!

        If ever I have this loyalty and undying support about MJ — it is because I have seen how she has been an inspiration to my “kababayan” Down South…how she is touching lives by her genuine regards to others…how she makes life beautiful and lovely to those who are moved and touched by her determination and passion. We are not after any material rewards we can share from her winnings. She is in fact already a BIG WINNER and you – a PITIFUL LOSER!

      • Manuel!

        Mi Amor! You don’t have to embarrass me in public after our evening of passion. FIRST, I didn’t mean to scream out your brother’s name -Hugo- okay?
        SECOND, I’m sorry for injuring your neck. I didn’t mean to pull your hair so far back that your head was snapping back and forth.. and
        THIRD, please understand that last night was my first time being “your top-man” from behind and enjoyed you being my human saddle! Get well soon. I miss you.

        Please forgive me! L 😀 L

      • Lol… natawa ako how Manuel described how some of us look like… kung alam lang nya… I know 4 of u regulars and I know that we are far from the stereotype that he’s describing… I think Manuel was describing himself… d ko ma get over… I can’t stop laughing!!!!!! ROFL!!! 😀

    • Kung magdadala ka lng ng negative vibes dito and atmosphere….pwes!! Wag ka dito…if ur not filipino then go out to this blog!!! Ur giving negative vibes here….tsupe!! Tsupe!!

    • Hoy Manuel…baklang Hamog. Wala kang puwang dito sa lupa, lalo na dito sa blog nato. Para kang pinaglihi sa apdo. Ampait cguro ng buhay mo. Magbigti kana habang maaga pa. Ulol!

    • Cge na nga ateng pansinin na kita “panis”!!! Isa kang kapita pitagang “TUNGA” after jan 25 bumalik ka dito welcome ka namin ng bongga! Ok

    • Whatever Manuel! You’re nothing but a Debbie Downer! Don’t you fucking dare rain on our parade. Wow factor? are u fucking kidding me? WOW factor is not about cookie cutter bubbly girlie type which definitely resonates on your typical top 5 candidates. Seriously Miss USA? She’s like Miss USA 2012 2.0, which we were robbed by the way thanks to judges who were smoking crack during the pageant.If thats a wow factor for you then we can just clone every rep to look and act liker her! Miss Venezuela obviously is bubbly cuz she’s so young, she’s 19. I couldnt even remember Miss Ecaudor, thats wow factor? someone i had a hard time remembering? and Miss India, yes she has fierce face but she’s more Elite model than pageant model which I would assume u would know the difference.
      Yes you betta say sorry cuz you’re a bully! If you’re here to really critique our rep you should critique her with substance, WOW factor? are u serious? if she aint got wow factor than how come many people cheer for her in Doral which is predominantly Latin community? For the record, Molly was one of the judges when she was picked as our representative, no one knows better a candidate with wow factor than the winner herself! It’s sad for someone who (I’m assuming coming from the first world) comes to this blog and bully our candidate, spreading vile shit just so you can disagree with many people who adored her. Im not sure how yo mama taught you but if ya got nothing nice to say Shut yo pie hole and eat that crap yoself!

    • I’m an MJ supporter and your opinion doesn’t hurt me because we have different analysis.
      It’s not yet clear who the winner is.
      But MJ always surprise me.
      I predicted that she will win Bb. Pilipinas-Universe.
      We might be surprised with the winner in the finals but MJ has a big chance to win.
      Good luck to MJ and your Miss USA.

    • @Mrs_spainhour…Mare wag ma stress masyado….MAY LABAN TAYO! After ng Q & A nya…mangyari na mangyari pero hindi airhead itong nilalaban natin.

  18. ang timid ni ms. thailand. cute din. migbelis ang fun talaga pero na notice nyo ang sikip sa kanya ng blazer nya?

  19. Truth be told, hirap siya magsalita with her veneers. Parang her lips are pulled to their limits.

  20. SYET!!!!! MJ I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Relaxed! Magaling Magaling!!!!
    I lhoooove the war torn province card!!!!!!
    OOO Fans kame talaga!!!!!!

    Guys!!!!! This is it!!!!!!

  21. Okay, so this got my attention guys. Miss Ecuador’s English is impeccable! Wasn’t expecting that at all! This competition is always surprising hahaha

      • It’s also likely she has become a U.S. citizen having grown up Puerto Rico and Kansas. I’m impressed with Alejandra… totally!

    • Yeahh! She speaks good english. Someone to keep an eye on. I hope that she lands a spot in the top 5.

    • Good for Miss Ecuador! According to the 2010 Census, of the four major ethnic groups in the U.S. (white, African American, Hispanic and Asian) the Hispanics ranked the lowest in completing requirements for a high school diploma, even worse %-wise when obtaining a bachelors degree, and are horrendously dismal in % when completing post graduate studies. It is a major major achievement for a Latina to obtain a 4 year degree.

      An on going joke in the U.S.
      QUESTION: What do you call a Hispanic with a university diploma?
      ANSWER: A fairy tale!

      Fantastic to see Alejandra break that negative and sad stereotype.

      • P.S. Filipinos, by themselves, scored well above the U.S
        national average in ALL 3 categories. As an Asian group (together with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Vietnamese) the numbers soar even higher!

  22. One word: “WINNER”!
    The Girl on Fire itong babeng to. Sabagay sobrang prepared na si MJ, alam na niya paano laruin ang baraha sa beauty pageant. Kaya nga lagi ko sinasabing ito na ang huling ALAS ni Madame Stella.

    As of now ito ang top list ko:

    1. Philippines =)
    2. Venezuela
    3. Serbia
    4. Spain
    5. Jamaica



    • The reason why lots of pageant fans all over the world is bashing her It is because filipino fans are very disrespectful…yes they just want to support their candidate but they must also know their limitations..commenting in every photo the word “philippines” even if she’s not there. They might say “other fans do it also”. That’s the problem..you know that its not right and yet you still do the same thing. Im just expressing my honest opinion…i know i will get a lot of hate comments but that will not hurt me at all. I appreciate your opinion. My only advice: be humble filipinos.

      • Ha ha ha. …
        Bullseye. …
        Don’t mind these donkeys. ..
        Not all filipino fans do that.
        They represent few rotten fruits in a hundred basket of fruits.
        We need ur opinion here.
        Sir Norman welcomes you with open arms.
        Enjoy with the donkeys.

  23. So natural and articulate. Nadistract lang ako sa part ng buhok nya sa likod na parang nakaangat.

  24. ultimate fantard! bobo agad pero pag kyo ng critic sa ibang candidates ok lang? kalokang frog!

  25. Is is only me or what? These past days, I have been feeling the same enthusiasm, excitement, confidence and joy which I last felt during those days of following Megan Young in her quest to winning the MW crown. Seeing the determination, passion, sincere smiles, animated moves and authenticity of MJ brings me hope, pride and assurance that MJ will hit it BIG in MU Finals just as Megan hit it Huge on Miss World stage. I keep my prayers, though, for the very Best that MJ is still capable of surprising us!

    • hmmm you know bea and megan’s crowning as PH bets has the same factor with MJ. so you’re feeling has a basis. there is this nod factor.

    • Day Benj, di ra ikaw ang dunay pagbati nga dako ang atong paglaum sa atong manok. Naghilom-hilom ra ko diri ug nagbantay pirmi sa mga hinawayon. Magpadayon lang ta sa atong pag-ampo nga unta igasa na kay MJ ang dugay na natong gihinam-hinam nga korona. Bason pod lamang ug donggon sa Kahitas-an ang atong mga pangamoyo.

      • Jing, bitaw no, murag hilom man ka niining mga taknaa? Hinuon, nasayod ko nga naa ra ka diha na sa kanunay nangamuyo nga mulampos intawon ug makadaug si Inday MJ sa gidamgo nato na kadaugan. Dako ang pagtotoo nako nga sa iyang mga paningkamot ug sa atong pakig-usa, mahitabo ang usa ka malipayon nga paghuman!

  26. Tito norms nakita mo ba ung post ni demonyong pageantsia about sa sinasabe nyang sex scandals ni mj, deleted na daw ang post pero may pinoy na nag screenshot bago madelete, sa music video ba yon or a movie? Sobra talaga paninira ng pageantasia, i remember their post stop na nila ang war pero nagstart na namn sya, un siguro ang plan ung ipost ang scandal pics ni mj, and omg meron namn taga indonesia na nag link ng scandals ni elvira with a politician.

  27. Meanwhile, commenting on MJ’s makeup, can she try just for once the no-makeup, fresh bare-faced look? I really, really like her makeup on Aquino and Abunda’s latest interview.

    In my opinion really, MJ is a lot, lot prettier without makeup. Recalling our past representatives I’d say Janine Tugonon was the one who had the most perfect makeup during the day of the pageant itself.

    Ara Arida was way too harsh, concealing and changing her really pretty face. I was just very happy she let her straight raven tresses down.

    Shamcey Supsup’s hair didn’t make it for me. During the prelimaries she wore her hair straight and she looked an absolute winner. With her curls on the pageant night she still was pretty, but it was not her best. I really thought that if she only let her straight her down she could have stolen Angola’s high-bunned elegance. Can you imagine if Angola didn’t put her hair on a bun? That could have hidden her sparks.

    These little things actually make a lot of difference.

    • This is a pageant and not a day at the grocery store. MU is a tv show so you must entertain and look your best. Even men need to put make up if they’re going to be on tv.

      • You did not get the point. I did not say she should be completely without makeup, but more like use earthy tones the way she did during an interview with Mr. Abunda.

        Try watching Miss Angola and Miss Mexico’s videos and observe their choice of hues.

        I like MJ’s makeup on her latest photo for the Q and A. She should get rid of thick black eyeliners. Just a thin line would be fine.

  28. MJ’s vibe is likeable. Very happy that she no longer stammers in her speech 🙂

    Being impartial I also watched other delegates’ videos. I really like:

    1. Jamaica – super chic. Precisely embodies her Reggae-loving country. Top five material.
    2. Venezuela – no doubt whatever people say, Venezuelan women are the most confident and energetic, as once again proven by Migbelis.
    3. Serbia – fun-loving, humorous personality that you won’t expect on an extremely pretty face.
    4. Ukraine – another fun-loving personality. She’s a ballroom dancer and that was why during the salsa-dance videos your eyes will be drawn to her because she sways really well.
    5. Mexico – humble, good-natured beauty.
    6. Russia – surprisingly this delegate is actually one of the smartest and classiest of them all yet spoke very humbly. Something I was not expecting because of her sharp physical features. I heard she has a degree in Math and Physics.
    7. Thailand – soft-spoken, humble, very feminine.
    8. Indonesia – energetic and likeable personality.

    And of course, my favourites, this time lol:

    9. Spain – so queenly without exerting an effort. She can put on the heaviest make up and still look good. Be bare-faced and still look extremely pretty. Laid-back husky voice that I really like haha

    10. Philippines! – humility, sincerity, and pride rolled seamlessly into one. Even if she mentioned having three scholarships she did not sound like a braggart at all (unlike her “brightest star in the universe” response that probably just caught her off-guard). You can see she wasn’t in any way “trying-hard” to be liked, but did her best to answer the questions. And I adore how she used the word “heart beat” in reference to her fans.

    Having watched the videos I’ll have to say my tentative top 5 picks are:

    1. Philippines
    2. Jamaica
    3. Spain
    4. Venezuela
    5. Serbia

  29. sorry to disappoint you but I’m not a basher of mj. If I can remember it correctly only once did I make a criticism and that’s about her styling. If there’s one thing I really want to bash its your head mrs spainhour! Please leave this blog! no one really cares about your nonsensical comments! youre just making this blog cheap especially with your username! leave now!!

    • Pati ako idadawit mo pa dyan, tahimik ako sa mga shows ko, naghahanap lang ako ng mga potential stars na pwede ko icast sa mga movies at teleserye. Gusto mo icast kita sa remake ng movie na Kanto Girl.

    • korek! agree ako jan syo @markish, sya kaya ang hindi maktanggap ng criticism, eh hindi yata nya alam ang ibig sabhin ng salitang bash, hahahaha.

  30. @Mrs. welga ako sa iyo pag sinali mo aketch. Alam mo naman na noong 2011 pa silang dalawa ni Shamcey ang betsina ko. Warlalo aketch nong 2012 na hindi siya ang nanalo kaya vendicated ako ng nagwin siya noong 2014. Bakit converted ang Basil na yan? Mortal ko yang kaaway. Chozzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. di po ba pwede maasar sa outfit? pag nag comment sa outfit bobo agad? pag nag comment sa outfit di naman to nakapoint sa candidate but the stylist (bbpil) who provided it.

    • relevant pa din maam. kasi part sa packaging. pero buti na lang nauna to. kasi way much better na yung choices ng clothes nya. imbyerna lang ito yung nasa vid.

  32. She did great. She’s very natural, poised and articulate. She has no problem expressing herself. Miss Universe organization will be proud to have her as their queen. Kudos!

  33. How about the category FRENEMY? I’ll be there. A true constructive criticism critic.

    • To be a scholar doesn’t mean you’re already intelligent.
      Sometimes, it turned out to be a source of income coming from the gov’t and private sponsors.
      Connections plays a lot to have a scholarship.
      In short, it’s a political game to be a scholar.

  34. Good interview.
    The outfit however reminds me ng mga damit ng mga asawa ng mga Texan republican politicians.

  35. Aside from some words being redundant, this has a great content. I hope she’s capitalized more on the ‘War Zone’ by being more dramatic and “Filipino Fans’ by showing uber appreciation coz those were the money moments. But, it might not have the same heartwarming effect by doing so. Nevertheless, this is really an interview I won’t judge as staged and synthetic. Good job MJ.

    • Given a limited time to expound her answer, MJ has heart-warmingly expressed her points. No need to do a mellow-drama explanation on a sensitive topic such as war else she will be branching-out her answers and be out-of-focus. By stating an “over-appreciation” her presentation will appear as leg-pulling and will come out as less sincere!

      • Again, I’m pleased with her interview. I was just thinking that it had a lot of potentials. On TV, there is always a need for exaggerating things. 😀 But, I really think the war zone topic was a goldmine and if exploited properly could be worth a fortune. Again, that’s just me and my instinct.

      • Well, Im not MJ’s fan so it is sorta my job to say things fans won’t even think of mentioning. Plus, I noticed the word SCHOLARSHIP was not in plural form. 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed with her performance. I’m just bored so I’m dissecting this nice short interview. 😀

      • Ang sensitive mo masyado. Haha. Ang layo pa nga ng January 26 nagkakaganyan ka na.

      • Joshua, I was not a big fan of MJ ever but I give credit where it is due. My doubt about her was speaking skills due to what I saw in the BBP web interview. She has come a long way but I am not expecting her to be 100% perfect. This interview exceeds what Arida, Supsup, Janine, and Venus did.

      • Franco, I’m also impressed by the interview and her recent appearances. If she wins, I’m gonna be happy for her. 🙂

      • Yes, she exceed what the 4 girls did. Janine comes next then Supsup, Venus, and Arida. It’s also due to the better production quality of this year’s videos. More specific questions and not those stupid act like a chicken questions.

    • If she studied in a state university, that’s one. Then, if she applied for CHED Scholarship, that’s two. The third could be the mayor, congressman or governor’s scholarship. You have me in your list? Awwww. Thanks! 😀

    • I dunno. I never applied for a scholarship except when I was on Dean’s List. And sometimes, I would forfeit it. Matulog ka nga, baka sakaling mawala yang kacheapan at pagiging jejemon mo. 😀

    • @Joshuaisnotmyname

      Oh please… English is her 3rd or 4th language to learn if she also speaks Arabic aside from Tagalog and Visayan… cut her some slack… the small grammatical errors are what makes her interview sincere and genuine. 🙂

    • I like Migbelis’ interview. But, I noticed that it had an advertisement prior to the interview itself.

      “Santa Bárbara Airlines C.A, doing business as SBA Airlines and formerly as Santa Bárbara Airlines prior to 2008, is an airline with its headquarters on the third floor of the Edificio Tokay in Caracas, Venezuela.” Wikipedia

  36. OMG MJ blew me away . I played several times and this is it. MJ for the PHILIPPINES 3rd CROWN. Never felt this before from our previous delegates. Calling all Filipinos here in the PHILIPPINES and Filipino Community all over the World lets pray for MJ . This fight is for the PHILIPPINES not only MJs fight. Lets do EDSA REVOLUTION FOR MJ and for OUR COUNTRY.

  37. Ok I already saw the VIDEO for more than 20 times and yet I still find it so refreshing and heart warming!!! I want to see more of her interviews!!!
    I wish I could be there at Miami right now to witness the crowning of the 3rd Miss Universe from the Philippines!!! She is trully an inspiration! 😀

    WE LOVE YOU MJ!!! 😀

  38. MJ is really humble. She gives back all the glory to her fans. And you are the heartbeat of our souls, MJ!

  39. I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE HER!!!


    With that initial interview she already slayed the whole competition!!!!

    63’rd MISS UNIVERSE!!!! 😀


  40. Awwwww… That was indeed very sweet and touching of MJ to acknowledge us, her fans, for all our support.. Maraming salamat MJ for doing our country proud !
    You are indeed our pride and inspiration. We love you ♥♥♥

  41. I’m touched by giving importance SA pageant fans…… More so the Filipino Pageant fans!!!
    The best fans evarrrrrr……. Thank you MJ🎀❤️🎀

  42. A pleasure indeed! Articulate, polished, and cohesive.

    My fear of her speaking skills has been vanquished. Excellent job!

    • Check out Indonesia’s web interview too. Dejavu 1994 MU.

      High tide, low tide!!!

    • For those open minded enough to check other interviews, these girls are bubbling even without a strong sash – dark horses to keep tabs on.


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