27 comments on “Namrata Neesha Murjani: Half-Filipino, Half-Indian, All Cebuana

  1. I’m definitely rooting for this girl. She’s beautiful, intelligent and her strong passion and determination to achieve her goals never changed. She’s glowing with so much confidence too. But the best thing about her is that she has a good heart. We need a beauty like her to represent our country. 😀

  2. go neesha! for sure she’ll do good and hopefully
    be crowned as bb. Pilipinas 2015 🙂

  3. I met her 2 years ago in Cebu, I was one of the panelist for school of medicine incoming proper medicine student, she was on her premed who happens to guide us for where to go for the said interview…..
    Very exotic and very helpful, puwedeng puwede…. Good luck Namrata🐷🎀🐷

  4. To Mename: Be careful with your words! Why are you so consumed with hatred for a single person? You don’t know her at all. Neesha is natural, a good-natured person and a college graduate. She finished Biology in the prestigious Cebu Doctors’ University. I know her since birth and she is none of those things you mention. Please look in the mirror and know thyself. Pit Senyor. May the good Lord bless and keep you Mename!

  5. omg…those shoes (first photo) are soooo ugly. it is very very obvious anybody who wears it is desperately trying soooo hard to look tall.

  6. definitely stunning beauty! stands out among the rest, my bet for bb.pilipinas 2015.

  7. stunning beauty! the next binibining pilipinas 2015:) go girl! proud cebuana!

  8. Ito ung nagpa surgery +attitude+poor communication= backstage…of all ms. Cebu winner siya ang pinaka ewan…backstage nga to sa miss mandaue…

    • Hey! She never underwent any type of surgery. Maybe youre implying to different person. Watch out your words men. Who the heck are you to say na may attitude siya? Do you personally know her? Maybe got backstaged on ms.mandaue but you cant deny that she uplifted herself through miss cebu. And so as you know amongst all ms cebu, siya ang pinakadedicated. So research before you say something uneducated.

    • Be careful with what you say “mename” . How dare you say nag pa surgery.? Oh common
      Kung may proof ka come to the open. I challenge you !!! And if you’re talking about attitude , why don’t you look at yourself first? She is raised by her parents with good moral values. How about you ? It seems you don’t even know that word exist. You better go back to school !

    • Kung makapagsalita ka alyas “mename ” parang my personal grudge ka sa kanya. Ano bang atraso niya sa iyo ? Curios lang ako kasi walang desente at matinong tao ang mag comment ng ganyan ka bastos. Wala ka atang breeding at walang pinag aralan. You only shows na envious ka sa narating niya. Ikaw ang bobo,tarantado at walang takot sa Diyos. Remember, what goes around comes around. Now Kung hindi mo alam ang meaning nito, just google it. Okey ? God bless you alyas mename.

    • Kulera#kulumber#Waray upay#Bastos#animalKa mename. U r worst then Doggie

    • I hope you learned your lesson mename. If you have nothing good to say then SHUT UP especially if you dont personally know the person youre commenting on. You were never given any right to JUDGE a person. Basin nya makaila nya kag DEFAMATION,bai!. So shut up! Clearly, youre trying to degrade her through false information. Funny of you, trying hard ra kaayo ka.

  9. Imho, she’s a beauty queen counterpart of lani misalucha. Her styling reminds of the said diva esp on the 3rd photo (whole body shot in white dress)

  10. Maiba naman, tito norman tuloy pa ba ang giyera kay mamang pulis sa mister international, kailan po ang send off nya?

  11. As a former Miss Cebu, she’ll most likely make it — I think they almost always make the cut. But honestly I just don’t see her snagging one of the crowns.

  12. She may have a heart of pure gold and wits to match Miriam Santiago, but my god, she has that irritating goody-two-shoes smile and look that’s so annoying!

  13. is it just me or para siyang pinaghalong angelee (MEP2013) and Parul Shah? she has a great background ha. let’s see kung hanggang saan siya mapapadpad 🙂

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