30 comments on “Live Streaming of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant Preliminaries

  1. meron ph bang live streaming ang preliminary competition if tehy have what site pls response… thanks…

  2. Nakita nyo ba rumored gown ni columbia at philippines? Sa prelim daw yata yon, mas maganda pa ung kay columbia, ung kay mj same style last time na nanalo sya sa bbp last year, kulay white nga lang o silver, mala ariela arida ang dating ng gown, mula taas hanggang dulo, Tsk tsk,

    • MJ must’ve worn this dress to support her friend Patricia Ejercitado who was also wearing the same dress during the BBP announcement of official candidates… Ang layo na ni MJ, naiisip pa nya ang mga bagay na yun?!

  3. Oh and Norms, I actually thought it was the Miss Universe Facebook page that will host the Q&A event. I don’t follow HJ Blog but I am almost sure I read this news from the MU Facebook page. I may be wrong though. Lol

  4. Speaking of popularity… Norms, or anyone, can you confirm if the news through
    the grapevine is true: that Miss Universe will forgo fan-voting this year and instead give the “slot” to the Best National Costume winner? The skipping of fanvote part is a probability, but the NatCos bit is something I cannot fathom.

    • Yes, they decided to skip the fan vote. As for the NatCos, it is perhaps to give back to the countries which really take pains in coming up with outstanding pieces.

  5. Good point kuya Norms, it seems they are banking on the most popular candidates to attract even more viewers.

    I wonder though if other candidates besides Venezuela, Myanmar, and Philippines would be given a LIVE Q&A event too. If not, I wonder what other candidates would feel about the seeming special attention given to the 3 girls, including our very own Miss Philippines.

    What do you think?

    • Its 13 hours difference bet. Eastern Standard Time and Philippine Time because of the Day Light Saving Time. If MJ’s live Q&A is 10am EST in Doral in Manila its around 11pm I guess.
      I so excited with MJ, I hope she will do well with her Q&A. For far so good PHILIPPINES is on TOP.

    • Its 13 hours difference between Eastern Standard Time and Philippine time because of the Day Light Saving Time. If Mj’s live Q&A on January 14, 10 am in Doral in Manila its around 11 pm January 14.

      • Jj january 22 yan sa pinas if im not mistaken mga 8am o 9 am sa pinas, then sa finals 25 sa US night at 26 sa pinas morning time, correct me if im wrong tito norms,
        By the way tito norms nareceive mo po ba ung gmail ko about sa latest SS photoshoot picture ni MJ she wore pink SS with flowers, si fadil berisha po kaya nag picture non? I dont know how to post pics here kaya email ko nalang po sayo tito norms.

      • @jeff I think its not the fadil photoshoot. Remember Mj’s hair during that shoot?! Yung uber curls na hair? Her hair on that SS you are talking about is not that uber curly eh. Maybe its not. But I am not sure though.

      • I think that’s not a Fadil SS shot. Hindi ganyan ang swimsuit ng MU. Sa Pinas pa ata na pictorial yan ni MJ.

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