24 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2015: Counting Heads

  1. How true are the rumours that Samantha Balbin might he disqualified because of her scantily-clad photos all over a men’s blog?

  2. I am liking Ria’s look sa pics. very exotic, mahinhin pero angat ang ganda. kailangang i train at proper styling sa mga binibinis lalo na si Pia if she wants to win this time. for Janicel, she looked ninang-ish dun sa pink dress pic niya. but she’s still one of my faves together with Hannah, Pia and Ria.

  3. Maybe one day you can do a post about “RL”? I don’t know much about him and his team. I’d really like to know how he recruits the girls he trains. I like his eye for beauty even though none of his girls have won…yet. Last year I really really liked Aiza Faeldonia. Too bad she didn’t even enter the semis. Then , of course, Pat Ejercitado is a beauty! So are Angelique, Pauline, Ria, Bence, Renee and Maria Mustonen!

    I wonder what you think is lacking in his training? Or is it mostly politics? What are your thoughts, Norman?

  4. This could be my entry for Sir Norman’s Prediction Game 😉

    BbP. Universe 2015: Hannah Ruth Sison
    BbP. International 2015: Kylie Verzosa
    BbP. Intercontinental 2015: Pia Pia Wurtzbach
    BbP. Supranational 2015: Janicel Lubina
    BbP. Tourism Queen International 2015: Liezel Ramos
    1st RU: Alaiza Malinao
    2nd RU: Princess Camu

  5. MU-Janicel Lubina
    MI- Teresita Sen Marquez
    Intercon- Hannah Ruth Sison
    Supra- Patricia Lae Ejercitado
    MTQI- Kymverlin Suiza

    1st Runner-up Aliza Malinao (MU2015/16)
    2nd Runner-up Kylie Versoza (MI2015)

  6. I like this girl. I hope her camp takes care of her well. Sometimes Jonas’ taste is questionable. Ayaw ko masayang beauty ng batang ‘to. #ChristiLynnMcGarry

  7. My bets:


    Kylie Verzosa
    Teresita Sen Marquez
    Christi Lynn McGarry
    Alaiza Flor Malinao
    Ann Lorraine Colis
    Enrica Roxiele Guieb

    From Kagandahang Flores:

    Janicel Lubina
    Anja-Vanessa Peter
    Ina Dominica Guerrero
    Annabel Christine Tia
    Nancy Lee Leonard
    Mia Alysson Hernandez Howell

    From R-L Angels:

    Renee Soraya Hassani

  8. I see 17 girls in d A&Q photo above, including Bianca Guidotti, probably lending support.

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