29 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: 2012 Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner-up Ali Forbes

  1. Kng di ba naman gago tong BPCI at si SMA, di sana ng nag pasa ng application si ALI Forbes sinabihan nalang siya agad na magkakaron ng issue if itutuloy niya ang pagsali ulet. Di sana di na nasaktan yung bata ta mapahiya na kng yung iba nga nakapasok na alam naman natin na mas okay pa siya don at mas deserving pa niya eh nakapasok. Ganyan ba talaga ang BPCI mag trato ng alumnos nila? Infact mga nag panel sa screening nagtaka na di pumasok si ALI Forbes… Meron pa nga isang Judges na nagsabi na isa si ALI sa top Rank sa list niya. Basura tong palakad ng BPCI talaga! Nakakaloka ka SMA parang di tama ang ginagawa mo sa tao. Di ako ganun ka fan ni ALI pero satingin ko lang talaga dapat kasama siya sa official candidates. Dyusko kng yung iba nga nakapasok kahit alam naman natin na pangpadami lang sila.

  2. Of course I am not sure, but my instinct tells me that her exclusion would be due to her runner-u win at Miss Grand International. Though she was a Binibini, if she did not win runner-up honors at MGI, she could have been iincluded in Binibining Pilipinas 2015. Just a thought.

  3. Ouch… Ali love, maybe one reason you didn’t make the cut is the selection committee viewed your rendition of “Going out of My Head.” Sorry, but that was tough to watch.

    Good luck in life!

  4. well, she had her moment..she represented Ph. In an international pageant and was a runner up. Sana makuntento ka na dun girl.

  5. I am sure na-pulitika itong si Ali. I can’t find any reasons why she was not included. She was a 2nd runner up in 2012. Height i think is not an issue she was a previous contestant.

  6. SIr N, im just baffled as everone else aboutAli’s exclusion in this year’s roster.
    Sir N, maiba naman ako, why is Bb Pilipinas holding thier pageant a bit earlier this year? Suddenly, there was a mad rush for the screenings and the coronation night is held a month earlier? What gives? Bakit napaaga yata this year?

  7. What happened? Where did she go wrong?
    What are the reasons why she failed to make the cut? Is the privileged to know why?
    Sometimes you wonder, specially for a candidate who has the caliber, why was her dream cut short.

    Unfortunately for the public/general masses, it will remain unknown.
    Politics? Dislikes from inside powers? Injustice? Sabotage?

    Indeed heartbreaking for her and her fans. Stand tall, young lady. Remain proud. Chin up.
    Better opportunities and greener pastures await when dust settles. Best wishes to you.

    • I dunno. Some say it is because of her height; while others say it is because of her affiliation with her TV show that was aired on GMA7. Weird… if these 65 ladies were supposedly pre-screened, then why did they have Ali move on to the next phase of the screening process if there were already issues that will warrant a disqualification since the very beginning?

  8. Ninang, why is it that you don’t have any opinionated reason on her exclusion?
    Playing safe?

  9. Dear Ali,

    You are so beautiful lady. Thank you for representing the Philippines in Ms. Grand International and Making us proud. We are very greatful on that.

    But I believe that the BCPI did the right descision. Give others the time shine. We need a fresh new queen. You already have proven your worth. Mabuhay ka and more power to you! ❤️❤️❤️

    Pageant Fanatic

    • Like all others wanting to try the nth time, she tried her luck. She may have represented the Philippines in a minor pageant, but I believe her ultimate goal is to win one of those elusive Bb. Pilipinas major crowns.

      The prestige and honours, opportunities and excitement brought by winning a Bb. Pilipinas crown is incomparable to other Philippine pageants.

    • @goodboyinlab, “Give others the time shine. We need a fresh new queen.” talaga lol, parang magulo, puro repeaters nga halos nakapasa eh.

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